The 6 Most Popular Videos Of Allie Haze

An incredibly cute 5’7″ tall brunette teen who has done some outrageously sexy deeds during her career. She was born on May 1978, in California with Brittany Sturtevant as her name. She grew up in a small Country town in SanBernardio and started her modeling career as a kid. As she grew, she did many stage performances in theater and she participated in beauty pageants too.

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Allie Haze brunette porn star

Continuing beauty driven work, she established herself as a nude model in the adult entertainment industry. At the age of 22, she started to perform in hardcore movies. She launched her porn career in 2009 and signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment (a large company based on adult entertainment) in 2011.

Today she is 29 years old and still continues to blow her audience away with all of her amazing performances. She took part in the Star Wars series and in the Dark Knight film. Her career seems to rocket to the top as she has got the AVN award for the most outrageous sex scene. She also got the XRCO Award that goes to a New Starlet.

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She has been such a great success for obvious reasons, as she looks amazing and she’s into all sorts of crazy action that a normal person wouldn’t even come up with.

Allie is considered a tall girl with a 170 cm height. Her weight is 57 kg, including that massive bubble booty that everyone is so crazy about. She works that ass in every scene she takes part in and it’s hard to get bored of. It bounces up and down beautifully as she has an incredibly wild ride on her partners. She kept it in shape for 7 years straight and it still manages to stand out in the crowd.

This girl hustles pretty hard to stay on top of her game and she manages to do so in her own special way. She somehow knows what guys want and gives it to them each time while she makes sure to keep their adventure sizzling hot. Challenges are always welcome for Allie as she doesn’t shy away from even the most massive cocks. She has done a lot of interracial scenes and they have stretched her pink teen pussy above the limit each time.

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She always manages to seduce the one she wants with her brown eyed seductive stare and by revealing her sweet pair of small tits. Nothing can hold her back from taking her career straight to the top. In 2016, she continues to develop her career further with taking part in major movies.

She is playing a big role in the upcoming Dark Knight movie and she will probably nail it like she always does. Or maybe she will be the one who is going to be nailed! You’ll just have to watch the movie to find out.

If you are interested in Allie’s work, you can visit Vivid Entertainments website to watch almost all of her videos. She took part in many other movies as well. We have listed some of the most honorable mentions that you can check out by clicking the button provided below each of them.

6. Perv City University Anal Majors

College years can be pretty wild for students sexual lives. Allie Haze, Chanel Preston, and Mike Adrian offer a great example for this with one of the wildest anal threesomes in history. The two girls get down and plenty dirty with a guy they see fit for stretching their asses.

There is no shortage of dirty action. They start their threeway adventure out with some sizzling hot oral sex to spice things up the right way. Allie and Chanel do some crazy cock gobbling and overwhelm Adriano with sexual pleasure. His massive cock goes down their throat and they gag a lot on it before making things more serious.

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They soon elevate things into something much more as they get straight down to some wild pussy pounding and anal sex. The girls just love to play around with Adriano’s massive boner and try it out in every way possible. This threeway session is all about stretching the limits and making their craziest sexual fantasies come true.

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5. Young Freaks #03, Scene #01

Allie Haze is a cute teen doll who is into trying new and naughty things. She is easily seduced by Jon Jon, a black guy with a cock that’s big as a tower. The naughty girl is shocked by the sheer size of that massive stiffy and she can barely hold it in her hands.

Allie has always been a fan of the size and she seems really eager to have a wild romp with this man. She seeks a challenge, so she is definitely ready to wrestle that massive cock in her own way. Things get pretty wild pretty darn fast and Allie soon finds Jon Jon’s massive cock buried inside her pink pussy.

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Jon Jon isn’t a guy who goes easy on her girls, so he gives it all he’s got and Allie’s wet pussy gets stretched out way beyond the limits. This girl really seems determined to see this massive chocolate cock cum as hard as possible. She works her body in an irresistible way and succeeds through every phase of pleasing Jon.

All this becomes an explosive interracial experience that this young teen enjoys to the fullest. Jon Jon is pleased as well. You can check this wild adventure out by clicking the link below.

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4. Sweet Ass on This White Girl

Those who have a passion for ass will love this video. Bang bros have come up with yet another banging video that features Allie Haze. Today she went up to a guy’s mansion to have some sizzling hot fun and oh boy did she have some. She starts out by showing off some of her curves, but the guy’s attention is drawn towards that massive bubble booty she has packed in those pants.

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The camera shows around that amazing round ass and things get intense pretty quickly. That big booty just shakes when it gets slapped, which makes it hard to resist. The guy can not hold back so she strips Allie from her pants and gets to work as quickly as possible. They have cameras from all angles and make sure to catch every bit of the action. You can see everything up close and personal. Every detail of Allie’s fine ass can be seen shaking.

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This wild ass pounding adventure has become an amazing piece of work. Allie got her holes pounded and stretched to the max with each move her man made. It was one of her wildest pussy wrecking adventures and she had a ton of fun with it. It has since then appealed to a wide audience who enjoyed seeing that massive round ass shaking like crazy.

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3. Star Wars XXX, a Porn Parody

Somewhere in the galaxy, far far away, there were some horny people who sought to express their freedom in sexuality and to have the biggest romp the galaxy has ever seen!

The world famous Star Wars finally has its own XXX parody and it is both hilarious and sexy. The force is strong within the pornstars taking part in it. Here, everyone would rather fuck each other’s brains out than fight with lightsabers. This crazy space adventure takes you on a trip with all the Star Wars characters you have come to know if you watched the original movie.

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It is full of action, drama and a lot of twists but you can rest assured that it has more than a few happy endings to go around. Even Chewbacca has a bang. Characters fuck dirty all over the galaxy and enjoy some pretty wild sexual adventures.

Lust is the force which drives all the Jedi’s to battle as they progress to face off with Darth Vader, the head of the empire.

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2. I Have a Wife with Allie Haze and Ryan Mclane

Allie Haze has always had a thing for her boss, but she couldn’t make a move on him in the office and the guy has a wife too. But Allie doesn’t mind and she is a tricky girl who likes to make the first move.

Since it is weekend and she is at home with Ryan Mclane, technically he isn’t her boss for two days. He wouldn’t break a policy by banging her booty. Once Ryan gets a load of Allie’s big sweet ass, he can not resist her. Allie goes down on him fast before he changes his mind and he doesn’t even think about it from there.

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Things get crazy pretty fast and Ryan is intensely pounding sweet Allie’s ass on the couch. He doesn’t seem to have enough and Alley is enjoying herself as it is. This wild pussy wrecking action takes them both to the top, expressing some burning lust and all of their sexual desires.

This has been yet another fine work in Allie’s portfolio and it brought her to even more fame. She sure knows how to put on a great show with that amazing body.

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1. Closet Capers 2

The video starts out with an unknown cameraman hiding in a closet and recording everything that is happening in the room. A guy enters the scene and he soon has Allie Haze entering after him. The two talk a little and things suddenly get pretty hot.

Allie gets all of her clothes taken off and enjoys some lustful fun with her boy, who strips each of her clothes down.  She soon grabs hold of his cock and starts to suck on it intensely, making sure that his stiffy is hard enough for a wild ride.

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Allie soon humps on his boy’s cock and begins to bang him intensely. She works that booty pretty hard, bouncing it up and down as she makes sure to see her boy cum today.

All the while, our cameraman is hiding in the closet, recording every single detail there is to see. Allie doesn’t have much of an idea about what’s happening behind her but that’s good.  It leaves her a lot of room to freely express her high-pitched lust to the max.

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