Briana Banks And Her Top 5 Scenes

A leggy blonde babe, who has brought a lot of value to the industry and is well known around the world. Briana Banks has been in the porn industry for a while and she has shown a lot of hot her talent there since then.

Her birth name is Briana Bany and she was born on May 21, 1978, in Munich, Germany. Her mother was American and her father was German. Briana and her family moved to Britain when she was four years of age and after that, they moved to Simi Valley, California when she was seven.

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Briana Banks blonde with huge tits

She was renowned for her beauty even as she was a teenager and she soon started modeling. Brianna soon found herself on the cover of “Teen” magazine and she knew it for sure that she had an exceptional kind of beauty.

Briana and her sister moved out of their parent’s home when Briana was 16. She took care of her younger sister and took custody of her when she was 18. During that time period, Briana worked in an arts-and-crafts store and made pizzas. She also worked as a secretary in a cosmetics company and as a file clerk in an insurance company before she could start her career in the porn industry.

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In 1991 she started performing in explicit movies. She was 21 years old when she got her first role in a hardcore scene and she performed under the alias Mirage. She worked in a lot of major studios such as Adam and Eve, Elegant Angel, Metro, and Wicked. Briana has gathered most of her fame during these years and made it big.

In June 2001 issue of the “Penthouse” magazine, she was named Pet of the month. Briana has really become a legend and even had an action figure made of her. She also contributed to a book called “How to Have an XXX Life” in 2004.

This legendary porn star is beloved by many for some pretty obvious reasons. She is a classic blonde American beauty. She has a massive pair of enhanced tits that she is really proud of and her incredibly seductive stare compliments her looks all the way. It’s hard to resist this amazing blonde’s charm.

She is 175 cm tall and has weight around 50 kilograms, which adds up to all of those stunning looks that everyone comes to enjoy. There are also some neat tattoos on her body that give her a much more stylish look even when she is butt naked.

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Brianna isn’t picky when it comes to action in front of the camera. She has had a bit of everything, from lesbian to wild anal sex. She has a special way with sharing her lust and making some sizzling hot explicit art on people’s screens. She is still gaining popularity, even after being in the industry for 15 years.

Today, she is a highly experienced pro who doesn’t mess around and brings some of the most hardcore action to the table for viewers to enjoy.

Brianna has many great videos and movies to look over and below you can see some of her most recent and most honorable works.

5. The Noisy Neighbor: Part One, Scene #01

Melissa Moore was driving to Las Vegas and she had a chance to visit her hot MILf mom Reena Sky on the way. The two greet each other with some warm kisses, and some kisses turn out a bit too warm. Melissa and Reena have always had an interesting mother-daughter relationship, so this doesn’t surprise them in any way.

They went a bit further when they noticed that their noisy neighbor, Briana Banks was peeking through their window. She soon rushed through the door, threatening to expose them for the filthy things they are doing. Melissa and Reena just laugh and move a bit closer to Brianna.

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Brianna could not resist their warm touch and she soon fell prey to these horny women. Now that all three of them are in having some sizzling hot fun, they can finally get serious. Each of them strips their clothes down and go wild with eating some hot wet pussy. These wild lesbians just eat each other’s pussies dry until they hear each other moan out loud with a screaming hot orgasm.

These wild busty babes shake as they get their pussies satisfied and scream out loud in euphoria. All three of them agree that they have shared one of their hottest experienced and walk away with absolute satisfaction. You can check this video out at by clicking the button below.

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4. Savage Sodomy & Ass-To-MILF Filth

Briana Banks, a busty blonde finds that Mark Wood is a bit lonely and decides to cheer him up with a big surprise. A seductive striptease gets Mark’s fantasy moving in just the right direction. Brianna then starts to gently rub on his cock and she has it in her mouth before Mark would even notice.

The two start to show some of the hot lust they had buried inside and all their clothes hit the floor soon enough. This busty blonde bends over and has her ass ready for a hot romp. She is enjoying some serious anal pounding as Mark pounds that ass incredibly hard, stretching Brianna’s backdoor above the limits.

That bunghole can sure take a lot and Mark really abused the situation and buries his massive cock deep inside of it. It is getting more and more savage as that massive cock drills deeper inside Briana, but she seems to like it very much.

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This wild anal bang gives way to some dirty ass to mouth action, making the situation even filthier than before. The horny couple is having a great climax together and Briana even enjoys a nice facial once Mark drags his cock out.

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3. My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend with Briana Banks and Tony Martinez

Briana Banks was home with her boyfriend when the broken pipe in their kitchen started to cause some problems. Her boy went over to try and fix it but it was clear that he had no idea what he was doing. Briana asked him to call over his son, Tony Martinez to fix that pipe, so he did.

A young and hunky guy came through the door and he immediately caught Briana’s attention. Soon, she started to care more about another pipe. She wanted to see the pipe that Tony had inside his pants.

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This hot MILF soon went into full seduction mode and had a pretty easy time with getting him to the point where he cannot resist. Things started to get dirty pretty fast and the two soon found themselves in the bedroom, having a wild romp.

Brianna was riding Tony’s cock pretty hard, bouncing up and down, smashing her booty as hard as she can. Then it was time for some doggy style as well. She got that sweet big booty smashed to the max and enjoyed every bit of the action. It was sure nice to have Tony around to put his pipe in the right place.

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2. Busty blond Briana Banks get drilled with dildo

Brianna is a horny MILF with a pair of big boobs, who just loves to play around with other girls that have a passion for doing dirty deeds. Today, she has an amazing tattooed brunette who she can play with her a little.

The two get straight to the dirty business and take out their dildo. The two girls only blow a few kisses at first, but things seem to escalate as the scene progresses. Brianna would like to stick that toy into this girl’s every hole and nothing can hold her back. But this hottie has a few tricks up her sleeve as well. She intends to do the same with Brianna.

Somehow, this kinky brunette moved quicker and managed to get that dildo out of Briana’s hands and she stuck it right inside her wet pussy. Brianna didn’t mind one bit and the girl only went harder and harder on her fuck hole.

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She knew that she is doing her stuff very well, as she heard Brianna’s loud moans and felt her shake as the dildo went deeper. Brianna got her dripping wet pussy drilled to the absolute max today. She went out with a massive orgasm and enjoyed every bit of this euphoric lesbian experience.

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1. Briana Extreme

Briana interacts a lot with her fans. They can give her requests which she will choose 5 of and perform in an upcoming video. She did just that in one of her latest works, “Briana Extreme”. And as she promised, she has delivered 5 of the most requested scene and performed them perfectly, to her audience’s delight.

She has some extremely hot pussy wrecking action today. She also shared it with others, a girl and a few guys who wanted to join the action.

Extreme is the right word to define everything that is going on in this series. Briana doesn’t let her pussy rest for a moment as guys just line up to pound it in various poses and to get her to scream louder and louder. She also has a kinky girl along with her and she makes pretty sure to please her dripping wet pussy in the process.

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No one holds back in this video. Everyone must go hard and all the guys are giving it all they got. Briana was up for some serious ass rimming and pussy pounding but she faced the challenge with ease and made some crazy erotic art out of it.

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