Petite Teen Holly Hendrix in 8 Scenes

Check this early bird out! She’s as fresh as a pornstar can be (it isn’t actually, even some ’99 can be become pornstars this year, but figuratively speaking she is, don’t be a hater) born on 20th of April, 1997 in Indiana. I hate long paranthesis explainations, the false ones preferablly.

Her finely tonned skin is the result of having a father which is a native of Guyana, a country at the northernmost end of South American mainlands. So to say she has some sleek genes, is an understatement! While she was still very young, she moved to Georgia where she finally settled and started a normal, non-nomadic life.

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She attempted to enroll to a college there at age of eighteen, but some divine forces stopped her from making a mistake, leading to the real thing – the porn industry! 2015 was her official debut year, and until this day, she starred in sixty huge titles, registered in the Adult Film Database.

(FFF) A Fast Fun Fact, though very obvious, thus stupid: Out of curiosity, her last stage name is Hendrix, reffering to the famous guitar player, however, Jimmy and Holly are of no family relations, duh. But, if you try hard enough to make yourself believe that she is, her porn videos would be a lot more interesting…

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Holly’s good looks explained in details. Holly is the atypical typical, ludicrous girl with short hair who just wants to have fun! I honestly think that girls with short hairs, exactly like Holly’s, tend to glide on the cock better, striving for it hungrily. That’s a statistical fact, de facto! She’s only 4’10 (147 cm) tall, so petite is exclusively made for her!

To make matters a lot more personal, Holly reminds me of my ex-girl. This may sound like some plain ol’ white lie, but it isn’t. However, no, she doesn’t remind me of her because she takes mad cock of other guys, but it’s more because she resembles her. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, ey?

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I just wanted to say how much Holly is beautiful and MARIA PLEASE COME BACK! What the frick was that? Mildly stepped hair brunette, with eyelines of a model, nose of a sweetheart and the mouth of a whore! What a wild combination!

It’s funny to say that her body is an athletic type, because it’s so small that it just can’t be anything else, honestly. But she really is hot and good-looking! She is grade A… tits. Her tits are AA measurements, implying that they’re big only seen by a magnifier. But they are perky, which is also hot.

Her ass looks like the plum emoji which is trending now, and I say that it’s identical! A nice, tight, medium ass she has! A medium objectively, not judging proportionally to her body. A medium ass is huge on that small of a body!

Awards and What We Expect from Holly Hendrix

Holly’s one dangerously, steaming, red-hot babe, and she got the recognition to a success. In 2016 and in 2017, she got nominated about fifteen times. She won the 2016 Best Anal Awards by Inked, two AVN awards in 2017, a Spank Bank award, a Spank Bank Technical, a XRCO Award – all in 2017.

It’s an impressive achievement of a low-ager, she’s possibly the most successful youngling by far. And she’s only 20! A long, thriving porn career awaits her! Jump in the future-train with us, because we’ve got a mindracking 8 of Holly’s best scenes that are visionary! Sex Top Lists brings to you:

8. Bangbros – Holly Hendrix Brings Her 18 Year Old Ass For A Good Time

Do I actually need to say more? The Bangbros put all of my lifelong thoughts into one nebulous sentence, which happens to be a title of their nice vid. Holly’s the next best thing since piss porn… Wait, hold the phone. Ahem, what I meant to say was, Holly’s the next best thing since VR porn, and I’ll tell the whole world that I love Holly.

She’s the bomb! The Bangbros go their filthy fingers on her first, so I concede the degustation to them. She’s a Latina for them and there’s no alternative, when she flaunts that ass infront of the camera, we drool all over our keyboards while the Bangbros’ jaws drop to the pool tiles!

She doesn’t even need underwear when she’s already wearing a nice yellow top to cover those teeny tits! But her ass is from another dimension! Such a fine curvy, apples are envious of her! Apple bottom, get it? Unfortunately she wore a string of a thong, which she has been sticking to the bro’s face and rubbing her smooth as all over him!

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He got mad so he picked her up like she’s a feather and bringed her inside for a deep inspection. She got fucked hard in the pussy, but it seems like she barely felt anything! No emotions, what a cold girl. There were some sexy moans, but just not that convincing.

She’s 20 and fucks like she tried all the men across the world! That’s what you call a natural skill! Not bad for the start of a career. This has to be your cult film of Holly’s so that you continue on with the rest of her scenes!
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7. Reality Junkies – Sneaky Slutty Anal

This title deserves to get acronymed! SSA! Too bad it can be only used interiorly to this article, because no other porn star is as sneaky and as slutty at the same time, plus receiving anal! Find me one if there is! And bring it to us as sacrifice! You’ll never know how’s it like to be a mom of a nymphomaniac daughter!

Dava Foxx is one with the pain… She’s concerned because her daughter Holly always tends to find her a man as quick as she can, so that she doesn’t stay dickless. Internet is the sea of men seeking babes to fuck, and she’s devoted to her search for men with dig bicks! Concentrate, guys!

Her mom had to do some “deliveries” which means she’ll be away for some time, opening up a huge opportunity for her daughter! Dava demanded her to stay put and to be on her best behavior while she’s off to the mall and she held a quick lesson to her about how she restricts her of having a guest over.

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Holly listened to her mom like innocently like a silent lamb, like Dava’s a true authority. But all the commotion and talk had a short-time influence on her, because as soon as her mom left, she told her boyfriend Pete to climb out of the bushes and come in to fuck her ass while he still can!

Mr. Pete hasn’t waited any longer in that uncomfortable nature’s way, so he got inside and ate her ass! He fucked her little tits off and while he was nutting all over her face as a nourishing cream, Dava came as well, but she did it phyiscally instead, rather than dropping on her daughter! Busted!

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6. 21 Sextury – Revenge Fucking Step Sister

I reckon it’s hard to dismount from a ride like Holly is, and Damon Dice is related to this struggles. It appears that he’s her boyfriend of the scene and Holly’s role of a good girlfriend is really going headway. I’d accept her to be my girlfriend if she pretended to be one just like this, it almost looks like it’s real feelings and sentimental values.

What am I talking about, Damon is her step-bro! Or is he? Come to think of it, is it possible for your step sibling to be your boyfriend at the same time? Guess this is one of the unexplainable lifelong questions. Holly got into a fight with her obnoxious step-sister, so a Damon flied in as a hero to save the day, and sort things out between them, starting off with Holly, well, because probably she’s hotter than her respectible other.

While they were talking on their bed, she felt a forbidden fruit kind of love, and she hasn’t done anything to keep it a secret. Instead, she unfolds the wrongfull love she felt towards her step-bro and it seems like he felt the same way. They started making out and her hand spontaneously collapsed under his pants, jerking him off as they were kissing.

She wanted to take things further so she begun to blow his thick cock and she probably loved the odd feeling of having her brother’s cock up her mouth! Especially because it’s a solid length! It’s even nicer to have your step-bro’s semen all over your face, isn’t that right, you dirty hoe?!


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5. Naughty America – Diary of a Nanny with Johnny Castle

Naughty America figured that they didn’t want to waste their time on making a porn star bio for Holly Hendrix, like they do with every single porn star that was captured by their camera. They thought it isn’t worth it, since this is the only scene she had on their site, published on April 15th, 2016.

I sometimes find myself in confusing circumstances like this, and I don’t have anything to explain the ethics of this cause. This scene is magnificent! Holly was facing the biggest fears of being a nanny, and that is to have a hot house owner! Very tricky and risky it is to have one, because it draws attention, making people non-focused on their work as a house keeper.

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Imagine your a hot girl who wants to get some extra cash doing some part-time jobs and you end up in a house doing nanny duties, while Johnny Castle conducts it all. Difficult not to be aware of it, ain’t it? Just imagine good ol’ Johnny’s precious facial expressions, which are irresistible.

You’ll momentarily tore off your dress and let him fuck you! Well, Holly was in the exact same situation, and she just couldn’t cope with it. Luckily, Johnny Castle read through her intentions, and the guy had a thing for her as well.

Nothing better than mutual love, especially when it’s about to outburst on that comfy matress! After she’s done with his big thing (initiated love), she’ll be off to work, but first Johnny’s long cock needs to be off with cum on her face!
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4. Evil Angel – Holly’s Squirt-Gushing Anal Threesome

Qualities of a good porn movie maker/director are reflected when he’s both of a actor and a director of his own creation! Toni Ribas is the man in here then! I loved the finesse at the beginning of the video, where they had her seated on the chair while she was advertising this scene adding that she never worked with Ramon Nomar before.

How thoughtful of them to make her hold an emotional speech. Then the speech quickly turns its tables and it’s all of a sudden some dirty talk while she’s rubbing her pussy whole, provoking you to get off your mind! After she says what she was obliged to, and after you fall in love, you get a bit scarred when she starts flipping her ass, posing infront of the camera so seductively, like a true vamp that she is! You think she’s ready for the cock, Toni?

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Bring in Ramon, she’s dead meat! Being beat! She sucks Ramon nice and smoothly, arousing herself bit by bit so that she can release questionable liquids from her pussy later! Ramon knows her G-spot, so he starts inserting those fingers in like he’s trying to get back to a uterus so that he can experience his birth again!

Holly was screaming on how much that was satisfying to her, and even more than just satisfying! Her mind was blown due to the frequency Ramon established, so she squirted all over the place! The camera, Ramon, and even she herself was soaking wet, that her water percentage in her body definitely declined to 30%! A critical level if you ask me! Finish her off Ramon!

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3. Reality Kings – Poolside MILF

Tyler Nixon is yet again the examplary boyfriend and he’s at Holly’s crib studying together with his beloved girlfriend. At one point, he spots someone on the poolside, getting ready to bathe in the pool. He gets distracted because it was Holly’s hot mom parading with her goddess body!

To worsen things up, he gets horny and couldn’t think of anything else than going between Holly’s sexy legs! She tells him that it’s impossible for him to pass his tests if he keeps getting distracted by sundries, even though Holly’s pussy is way far from being just a sundry!

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Tyler had to cool down his desires, so he went inside to grab a glass of water in the kitchen, but little did he know that he was followed by Isis. She flashed him her tits, and he loved it! She grabs his shirt by the collar and says to him that she wants his cock! She started testing her deep throat with it, but she had to abort because Holly was incoming!

Smart-ass Tyler covered her head with his shirt while Isis couldn’t lay off from his cock, and obviously Holly was shocked seeing her step mom sucking her boyfriend’s swing! Now Holly became more eager than ever to fuck Tyler, ditching her studies and sharing a cock with her mom! Tyler was one lucky guy because he got to fuck a step mom and her daughter at the same time! School stuff done on velvet!


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2. Bskow – Ass vs Pussy, Scene 3

Charles Dera is tempted wheter he’s prone to a pussy more than an ass, and vice versa. Holly was starting down her window, contemplating about life and existentatial things, so she got horny from it, somehow, but she really did. A touch of thyself is always favorable, so she put herself to sleep of all the self-pleasure she encountered.

She couldnt’ remember a thing when she was waken up by Charles, and she wondered why she was naked this whole time, leaving herself completely bewildered. Charles was a savior from her bad day-dreams, and while she was still at it along the way, she decided to award him with her ass.

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Charles sticked his finger up hers, to release the tension before he penetrates in! I’m quite impressed how a easily a cock slides in her DM’s… in… her pussy, almost smoother than the regular pussy popping! Pussy, the most greasiest and the utterly slippery thing on a woman’s body! These millenial kids have upgraded to such sex machines with unlimited powers! There’s not a bigger slut than Holly!

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1. Bangbros – 18 Year Old Holly Hendrix Gets Demolished!

Think of a better title next time Bangbros, you’re getting dull with these. Yes, she’s 18 and yes, you’re the best porn studio for young pussy tours and reviews! Don’t have to boast around with it! Just like Holly does with her ass. Jmac is twice as tall and as big as her, so she expected a lengthy one from him, so she got what she asked for!

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Jmac hardly waited to bump into that ass, throwing her all over him on a standstill, like she’s an object of some sort! She’s just that lightweight! He ripped her tight yoga pants and demolished that pussy, just like the Bangbros pledged to us. By the way, Jmac’s dick is the size of Holly’s entire head! How intimidating it must’ve been for her. Poor thang.
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