Athletic Babe Heather Vahn in 6 Porn Scenes

This girl has an atypical name, and boy she sure does break the likely monotonous and predictable porn star assortment. She was born in September 26, 1988 in La Mirada, a city in California with a small population of about 50,000 (small compared to other cities in CA) and just one of all those people, had to be Heather Vahn.

What are the odds, you tell me? It says in her bio that she’s a Caucasian woman, however, when I take a good gaze upon her face, I can tell that she definitely had someone in her family who has Asian descent. Her brows are a bit longer (extending to the width of her head), following up her stretched, but not that squinted eyes black as all our destinies.

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Too much of a comparison ain’t it? She stands at 5’3, which is around 160cm, so I think that she fits in the petite category easily, if you ask me. Most of all because she is very cute due to her a bit stubby figure. She rocks that athletic body so hard, a nice pair of fake medium tits decorate her frontal part. Some say that her 34B’s aren’t fake.

Maybe she got her some implants recently, I don’t know. But since we’re optimists, I’ll underline that they’re natural. See what I did here, magic! Just to draw some more attention to her tits, because I don’t want them girls to get neglected of their inconspicious physics. Her tits are mere perfection!

They look so juicy and so attractive that you want to get back being a baby and suck them milks all out! Very fertile, mm-hmm! Heather’s ass is made for hardcore fucking, plus it’s so small, that any dick size would seem bigger than it actually is. Yay! Oh yeah, I forgot to say that the first thing you’ll notice on her face is the bull piercing around her nostrils.

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You know, bulls wear that to look tougher. Not that they solely inteded to have it, but they were, indeed, forced to do it. All in all, Heather Vahn is quite a cutie, she’s far from being mediocre, but the means used to judge her can be rigorous. She’s a softie in the porn industry, but her sex scenes are very,

I don’t know, out of the ordinary. You’ll have to witness yourself. That’s why we made this Top 6 list of Heather’s best sex scenes! I guarantee you’ll find your personal favorite among this 6, because we’re Sex Top Lists, we never let you guys down!

6. 21 Sextury – Freudian Slip

Wow, oh wow, the nostalgia! I could’ve sworn to the holy spirits that whenever I review porn stars, that something’s missing. I didn’t know if it was a trip or a subconscious sign, but now I’ve realized. 21 Sextury hadn’t been on our reviews for ages, but it was one of the first sites we bookmarked as our common source. Then the difficult Bangbros period came in, they reigned, and all other good porn empires have fallen under their longswords! Just like I told you, none of Heather’s videos aren’t some usual/classical porn videos with a shitty script.

The chefs from 21 Sextury know how to spice things up a bit, adding some always welcomed fetish aside. Heather uses her feet in sexual activity just as good as any other limb, and Ryan Driller was the lucky guy who could take that in his advantage. He got his lenghty cock chewed like bubble gum by this slutty freak. All what’s left of his cock are slices of minced meat covered in drool! She almost swallowed his whole dick, so it’s safe for us to label her as a deep throater, maybe even crown her!

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Other than footsies, footjobs and foot fetishes, of course there were those scenes on which every guy gets a pants-ripping boner! She climbed that dick and declared it her own territory when Ryan took his wand to far. Heather glides on it so softly and in rhytm just because she has quality spit which she previously left on Ryan’s victimized dick! A 9/10 for this scene, simplicity plus extravagance!


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5. Naughty America – Naughty Rich Girls with Chad White

God – fricking – dammit! I finally got it! Heather Vahn = Suzan Majer. One of the girls from Desperate Housewives! What do you mean what the fuck is that? You haven’t watched it? Well, damn, maybe I’m just effeminate or gay. Yeah. Slam on me because I know Hollywood better than anyone.Nevertheless, those of you who found this quite surprising and entertaining, read the rest. Heather really resembles Suzan so bad, that it just boosted the rating of this scene for 300%!

Now it’s like watching leaked pornos of celebrities. Well, in the other hand, Heather Vahn is also a celebrity, but not famous as Suzan. Okay, let’s be honest, not even Suzan is THAT well-known. Come to think of it, this is the Naughty Rich Girls fantasy on Naughty America, they kinda set it all up to be meaningfull. And those who read between the lines can be hornier than ever when they find out that Suzan’s twin is getting fucked by Chad White!

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The scenario reminds me of the one in Desperate Housewives, for instance, Heather’s boyfriend is away doing serious business and he won’t be heading back home for some time, and Heather’s hungry for that dick! She immeditaly has to find one to feast on, and the coincidental by-passer was Chad White, the bellhop. When a rich girl sketches and make a plan, she’ll do anything for it to come true! Spoiled bitches! She almost tore off Chad’s cock when she pulled and tugged it, what outbursts of greed!
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4. Reality Kings – Excite Me

Wait, now I realized that I haven’t entered her debut year in the introduction. Hm, and now I realized that I don’t have a clue about it. Let Reality Kings Help. So, according to our professional analysis, she was 19 when she applied for this cast. This is when hard math equations get freaky: 1988+19 = 2007. So yep, 2007 is her debut year. If someone ever told me that I’ll be using math to review porn videos, I’d probably slap the shit out of that person. Ahem, anyways. It’s Heather’s first time being filmed during a cast and she’s kinda shy about it.

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Marco Banderas made sure she felt comfortable in that famous black leathery couch on which we nearly wrote an article about. It took part of more sex scenes than any of us combined! Heather was more and more comfortable, up to the certain point when she felt free to lift her dress and start giving us a tour of her sweet, young pussy! Marco Banderas hardly waited to dive in that vag of a virgin that when he flied one in her, ground had been shaken to it’s core.

Legend has it that there are still smaller frequencies present in the ground, influenced by Marco’s thrust! This was Heather’s first time and make it the most difficult, made intentionally so that every next scene in which she performs are pieces of cake(s)! She glided Marco’s pole that she tossed all her girlish down the drain!


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3. Sweet Heart Video – Ass-Eating Lessons

It was about time these lesbian videos showed up. I got bored from all the dicks I’ve seen in porn, intimidating me with their abnormal sizes! No homo. That’s when you know you have to cool off with multiple pussies, so that you feel like a man reborn! Heather is complaining about how her boyfriend Gabe wants to eat her asshole and how that’s gross, and as soon as her friend Perpper XO heard these ear-ripping words, she was shocked! First of all, the poor guy hasn’t done it yet, then because Heather’s excuse was like yuck, it’s a butt!

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That’s when Pepper knew that she had to advice Heather like a true friend. And by giving advice, you can subtract the advice and add giving IT TO HER! Heather’s sluttery instincts kicked in, when she was put on a test on eating her close friend’s ass! It’s a good test subject, so why not try it? Pepper probably wanted to do this her whole life, because she wasn’t nearly merciful to her unexperienced girl.

She ate both her ass and pussy like cupcake with a cherry on top, and that’s a good demonstration for Heather to look up to. Then, they try 69 to see what she comprehended as practice and voila! You’ve got yourself an ass-eating solider! Let’s just not get carried away, Heather dear, don’t accidentally switch roles with your bf, ending up to eat his ass, instead of him eating yours!

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2. Naughty America – I Have A Wife with Damon Dice

Ask Heather if she cares that you have one, Damon. Your such a newb! Thankfully, he got his subliminal message when his wifey wanted to transport a package to a friend not to far from their house. That dearly friend is Heather Vahn, and his duty was to knock on her door, leave the package and head back. Like in Call of Duty. Of course nothing went according to the mission since this is porn, because Damon entered the house and saw that there’s nobody there.

He heard someone showering, so he traced the sounds until he finally found Heather! She was in her birthday suit caressing that rocking body, while he watches gently, in order not to draw attention. Since disaster comes in chains, he yet failed again, well, at least from his wife’s perspective. He fully intended to walk in on purpose, hitting the bullseye with his on-point arrival, when Heather was hot as fuck! Yes I mean it equivocally. In which ever way you put it.

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He joined in and Heather soon felt his desires when he touched her bod with his hard cock, going down on it after a good scrub, sucking it like a porn queen! Afterwards, they reduced the water and increased the sex, fucking in the spacious shower like it was the most comfortable one in the world! I’ll give this scene a 8, heart-to-heart.
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1. Fantasy Massage – Tough Times

You know it’s about a porn star when the following is regarded as “tough times”. Ryan is a dirty capitalist pig which just got fired, resulting into a breakup with his gold-digging girlfriend, obviously. She fucked up his credit cards, but luckily, he had one in spare, so he went to the best massage parlor across town, held by Heather Vahn. He wanted to relax and take his mind off problems. Heather’s here to help you friend! It’s an Asian-themed massage, some oriental music and wall covers.

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Just for her client to feel like his soul is resting. His body started relaxing as well as soon as she got her tongue on his dick, massaging it with her teeth! Afterwards, he’s next to the bathtub where they priorly had some soft sex, and now the real deal is on! She oiled his body and started sliding on him which is relaxing just for the eyes if you ask me, and since she got the perfect opportunity, she swallowed his cock whole so that he forgets everything! Heather is such a good person!… deep throat bitch…

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