Top 10 Videos of Lyra Law

Wheter you’re a conservative, liberal, this or that guy, your civic duty or even duty as a human being is to respect the Lyra Law! Like it or not, you’ve got to live by some principles, and you’re a lucky man if the legislative body is Lyra Law’s!

Nice parallel I created here, I had to come together things so that it’s accessible for anyone! Especially with those that are great at misconceiving the context, just like Lyra Law’s last stage name is! But yet, it’s just for the funsies, and it kinda makes sense.

Sometimes addressed as Lyra Louvel, which is possibly her real name, or the closest to it, she got into the porn industry just 2 years ago, so this is only her sophomore year. Lyra’s birthdate is on 30th of December, 1992, so she was already a cooked chicken when she came into the game!

A nice biography of Lyra Law is available on AVN, go ahead and read more about the pornstar there

Maybe it’s better that way because, for a short period of time, she performed in 44 huge porn titles which is a great achievement! For an urban girl like her, who came from Los Angeles, probably isn’t that of a big deal.

She was born in a conservative, yet a religious family. See, my wordplay paid off eventually, our exhibited model Lyra Law is conservative herself! She respects her name!  These people with such perspective can turn out to be the most ill-minded, however not as a disease, yet in a twisted fashion. For an example, prior to porn, she was a BDSM model and performed dominatrix on a usual basis.

If you’re bored at work but still don’t want to risk it, follow Lyra’s instagram┬áprofile for NSFW content! Juicy, but with no pussy!

Those not so straight-lined days were used to her advantage, she had predispositions once joining the industry over other porn stars for that specific category of porn, so they chose her before any girl else! It was a pretty easy start then, she got used to it long ago, and the Halo effect was crucial (most of the time it can be wrong in the end, but not in this case), people began having an affection for her as porn star since day one!

Once Lyra proved herself well enough, she could’ve performed in any other porn niche/category she chose from the appointed! There’s a huge pile of non-BDSM related titles to pick from today! Of 120 titles in total, that’s a decent number!

There is something wicked about her looks

It’s something that makes her special for fetish movies! She’s just as blonde as the next girl, has green eyes, a pretty face, and a body just like a normal human being.

From the porn star aspects, she’s got Small Tits, 32B’s bra cup size, an average built overall on a 5’7 (170 cm) height. Girls with similar appearances tend to have a Bubble butt, and that’s the sole savior of such babes! Lyra’s THAT girl, and her ass pulls the notion of her being a porn star generally! Otherwise, we wouldn’t differ her from a regular girl you bypass on the streets!

Lyra Law has almost 150k followers on her Twitter, start following and enjoy the regular updates about her videos

Anywhich, Lyra just recently became quite popular, receiving a bunch of AVN, Spank Bank, and a single XBIZ Award. 8 nominations this year 2017! Let’s engage in an in-depth study why did she got so popular these months, so I present to you this top 10 list of her porn videos, ranging from her debut to the latest!

10. Reality Junkies – Piano? Play With Us!

It came in like ordered, Couples Seeking Teens #20! First time ever for consecutive articles to have a consecutive sequel of a movie! The drink’s on me! They keep getting better and better with each one, and this time it’s Tommy Gunn and his precious wife Portia Harlow in a search for spices they can use in bed!

Primarily, that wasn’t the case, they just wanted to learn to play the piano together, looking for piano teachers in the newspaper, those that are available for home tuition. Lyra Law was the matching one, so they called her in! I didn’t know that news had pictures of the one’s advertising, or maybe they knew that she’s one hottie judging by her style of advertisement!

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Oh, you haven’t heard about the plot twist? Well, yeah, Tommy and Portia don’t own a piano in the first place! So, they wrongfully interpreted a “piano teacher”. Her finger skills were used for another job, that has something to do with hands. So-called, handjob.

It’s pretty common that if a person knows how to play one instrument, it’s likely that he knows, or has the sense how to play multiple instruments! Just like Lyra, other than composing art on strings, she’s able to do so on wind instruments just as much! She specialized in – Tommy’s very own Cock! But, she’s not a waste for Portia’s Pussy too!

Lyra has been double-crossed, but she got the hang of it! A threesome is her domain as well!

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9. Evil Angel – Femdom Queen Sodomized

Tight Anal Sluts, the courtesy of Mike Adriano is just as yucky and greasy as his next directed porn movie! The differences are in shades, one’s more than disgusting than the other, the other is more of a porn than a mutant giving birth to some random shit!

You see Mike with gloves and you immediately think to yourself, what’s his next evil scheme that he is plotting! With high hopes that he won’t pull the most disgusting stunt in the business, and it keeps repeating with each movie I watch!

For the full list of Mike’s singlehanded accomplishments, Adult Film Database is the most reliable source! Check Mike’s profile out on AFD.

He’s just that type of guy that amazes you with every advent her partakes! His helper this time was Lyra Law, he couldn’t pull off any of these Anal tricks without her! So, huge thanks for this teen!

You can see what she dealt with in her past life, full-time femdom slash dominatrix, so Mike’s production was like bread on butter to her! She likes doing nasty things and has a fetish for those! Ass-rimming and boy do I mean that it’s both-sided! She’s the provider, and has been provided reciprocally by Mike!

That wasn’t just enough, so she had to put a clit-stimulator/vibrator as bonus climax factors! Mike will research your ass now, dear, stand clear!

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8. Girls Way – Dirty Britches

At first ball this looked like a normal, non-adult movie about horseriding, racing and animal themed film in general, made by National Geographic. Serena Blair isn’t focused on her main goal of mastering horseback riding techniques, because in a stable next to hers, she spotted a blonde rival, looking sharp!

She seemed more determined than our heroine, however, she’s not hostile! Instead, she approaches Serena’s stable, introducing herself as Lyra Law, a hot, sweaty and glistering blonde!

Serena fell in love from the moment she laid her eyes on Lyra! The blonde bombshell grabbed a seat beside her and told her that she’s new to horseback riding. She got to know the situation, admitting that Serena must know the rules since she’s got the horseriders hat, you know, a long and curved at the end hat.

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Lyra cynically asks her for a specific rule and that is – is staring okay. Serena was a bit confused but hadn’t had much time spent in that land, because Lyra explained that she has seen her peep! Serena felt a bit bad, but Lyra followed up with a kiss, to make her discomfort go away!

A rollercoaster of emotions for Lyra, but her most recent dream come true and it didn’t have anything to do with horses! I think??????


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7. Team Skeet – Hippies Do It Better

Too much has passed since we hadn’t had some capital spin in our cycle! Team Skeet’s Ike was cruising down a deserted road, not a soul nearby, so he was fearless of thinking that he’ll hit somebody, stepping on that gas pedal more.

He spotted something shining in the distance, a figure holding a sign as he supposed. As he came closer, details loaded and he recognized a cute blonde with round lens sunglasses, throwing peace signs consisted of the point and middle finger.

She held a cardboard box that said: “Peace + Love – Anything Helps”. Ike couldn’t resist to pull up and ask what’s up, but probably because he was more lonely than interested. He lets her get inside under “LOVE” conditions, so they got from a small talk to a more serious talk about sex, and money of course!

The hippie knew what made the world go ’round, and that surely wasn’t weed and grass as greens only! He bought her ass for a stack of 20 dollar bills, and in return, she started deepthroating that dick in his car, later fucked outdoors in the middle of nowhere, and ultimately in his house, where he sprayed hot jizz all over her teen face! Job well done, filthy whore!


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6. Reality Kings – She Cheers For Big Dick

I haven’t been brought up to a group of people, to be more precise, girls, that have more whore ambitions than whores themselves! That very group is a college cheerleading one, where a dare can declare your faith!

Lyra and two of her co-leaders were talking about dares in a topic of stripping down a softball players’ towel to reveal his dick! Lyra volunteered in that dare, head into the men’s locker room and took off key player Sean Lawless’ towel!

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Just as she thought she did it, she saw the size on that dick and simply couldn’t resist to suck it dry! It had a massive presence, a full-length and a tip she just wanted to flavor! Sean was far away from being Lawless because he had Law on him!

The bastard hardly waited for something like this to happen, so that he can vent out on a cheerleader! The locker room turned into a sex chamber! The other two girls were jealous as fuck!


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5. Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend With Johnny Castle

Lyra’s a crafty, manipulative and one hot daughter of a bitch! Plus she’s got series of strokes of kleptomania which she simply could not bring down! She wants to steal money from her friend’s brother, Johnny Castle, she overheard that he’s loaded as a carrier ship!

God knows how she was able to crash inside his room, rummaging through his stuff, desperately trying to find those dollar bills! Meanwhile, Johnny came back home to see that someone’s messing with his stuff, seeing a well-known face!

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Lyra’s a quick thinker, so she masked her true intentions by playing with his emotions! She told him that she has a crush on him all this time, on which Johnny hadn’t had a doubt into believing that transparent lie.

To show how really she means it, she starts sucking his cock like she missed him! Lyra even let him cum inside her, and that’s all because of the love towards money! Lyra you greedy bitch!

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4. Twistys – Best Face Forward

Mom Knows Best is a magnificent, the best of the best of all sites of all Twistys! I like these videos because they begin normally, like any other porn or based on real-life events, and end up like a casting!

Brett Rossi is the stepmom of Lyra and Lyra’s found herself in a dilemma, she can’t seem to choose from two lingerie pieces she found for her boyfriend! Well, not for him to wear, because that would be for a different article and under observation, but for him to see his girlfriend in those!

Brett knows just right how she’ll overcome that barrier, so she forced her to go on stage with the lights on her so that she fully sees the virtues and flaws of each item! Brett admired her daughter’s body and she couldn’t hold it in, grabbing a piece of her daughter all to herself! It’s not only the boyfriend’s birthday, shorty!


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3. Pretty Dirty – The Doll House

Student Lana Adams is in a tough material-wise situation, so she wants to accept the job at the dollhouse, working for a sugar daddy named Markus Dupree. She followed the instructions on the ad, went to the address and knocked on their door.

She was welcomed by Markus’ mistress Lyra Law, that threw a piece of a paper that you call a contract. Lana wasn’t aware that she just signed a contract with the devil, having all these unearthly dolls around her! She said something bad on their account, and offended Lyra, scaring her away with fear! They’re not just dolls, dear!

[imp] Master Markus Dupree is known for stuff beyond porn! Follow him on his official Twitter page for updates! [/imp]

The next scene is how Master Markus sits on a couch, waiting for his doll-dressed girls Lyra and Lana! The newcomer started licking the other one’s pussy, because she just signed that twisted contract! Later on, Markus played with them just like they’re dolls, fucking them so hard! I have nerve-wrecking goosebumps after seeing this, it’s so fucking scary if you think about it!

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2. Sweet Heart Video – On The Rebound!

Time for some Interracial lesbian action! Yasmine De Leon is an ebony queen, just like Sweet Heart states in their description! She hired Lyra Law to keep her house or something, but restricted her from guy visits after 9 PM!

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She doesn’t have a problem with that since she’s gay, so she confessed at the beginning that she’ll easily fulfill that request. Yasmine was a bit surprised, but she understood.

Later that day, she caught Lyra crying, and it seems that the unlucky girl just broke up with girl and she’s in need for a rebound chick! Yasmine should reconsider her sexual orientation, because that not the way you kiss and finger a girl!

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1. Sweet Sinner – Cock Hungry

The narrator is kind of a spooky voyeur. He has set up 12 cameras around, creating his own network of porn, surveillance filming action 24/7! His favorite is when Melissa and Lyra team up for passionate kissing and lesbian manifesting, however, it seems that they settled for a break from all the pussy, by adding some cock to their relationship.

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Melissa’s not proficient for change, but Lyra already found her partner – Michael Vegas! They’re being filmed by this creep, who sits down and eats popcorn while they’re at it. Melissa on the other hand, found out about the cameras, and what’s left of them, you’ll never know if you don’t find out! Tune in!

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