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Keisha Grey busty brunette pornstar

Babes from Florida are actually more eager to become porn stars than the rest of the world. I’ve lost count already on how many girls we’ve reviewed that are from Tampa, especially from other parts of Florida, US! Keisha Grey is one of those girls which you see in those American movies, partying on the long Florida beaches while wearing sexy bikinis and having huge asses and stuff.

Keisha is pretty young, she was born on June 9th, 1994 and will turn 23 this year. Her natural hair color is brown, however, she shaded her hair blonde afterward. On numerous of scenes, she’s been seen with different hair colors such as black, orange-y, hazelnut, etc.

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She’s a petite babe, standing at 5’3 (160 cm), has a nicely defined face (meaning beautiful), and her body is top class! Her tits are natural which is the most important thing plus it’s medium sized, not to say perfectly sized! Her bottom follows up her front, and it certainly does! Her ass is a jaw-dropping bubble butt, not too big and not too small either! Perfect. Let’s just stay with perfect.

Keisha Grey on Naughty America

Her parents gave her genes of Spanish and Irish descent, eventually resulting in a perfect babe! They say that destiny exists and Keisha probably warrants it because, taking back time when she was only 16, she claims that she had only one boyfriend with whom she had sexual intercourse before getting into the porn business.

Which means she wasn’t even interested, nor it was promising for her to become a porn star one day. However, she also claimed that she liked pornography, and yet we can extract another conclusion – she watched porn when she was under 18! Gotcha!

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Am I a detective or what? But, I draw back my accusation, I don’t want Keisha any trouble because of me! And, lucky for us, she picked porn! Before 2013, the year when she filmed her first adult movie, she worked as a waitress at a cafe and pizza parlor.

She signed a contract in December 2013 with Motley Models and it was almost 2014 when she filmed. On the exact year, she already received an award and a nomination which we will discuss later. In 2016, she was placed on “The Dirty Dozen” CNBC list.

Fast Fun Fact: Keisha Grey got her last name from the stage name of her favorite porn star, Sasha Grey, duh (it’s not only her fav) and Keisha was just a plain nickname she got in high school.

And now, the awards and nominations section:

2014 – NightMoves: Best New Starlet (WON), Best Body (NOMINATION)

2015 – AVN: Best New Starlet, Best Oral Sex Scene, and 2 other nominations

XBIZ: Best New Starlet, Best Scene – Non-Feature Release nominations

XRCO: New Starlet and Cream Dream nominations

NightMoves: Best Boobs nomination

2016 – AVN: Best Group Sex Scene (WON), Female Performer of the Year, Best Anal Sex Scene and 3 other nominations

XBIZ: Female Performer of the Year nomination

XRCO: Orgasmic Analist nomination
Up until 2016, Keisha Grey has starred in 201 porn movies.

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9. Evil Angel – Girl Train #04

If you’ve watched the sick movie Human Centipede, you probably know what’s going on here! A full girl cast, however, this scene is narrowed down to only 3: Our girl Keisha Grey, Dana DeArmond, and Jenna Ashley. The rest of the scenes have Karlee Grey but not to get confused with beautiful Keisha! On this scene, Keisha goes for a check-up to 2 of her nurses in some kind of a huge tent or something.

She has dressed adequately in sexy lingerie so that it will be easy for Dana and Jenna to take off her sexy panties that show too much of her ass, and check up the same thing! They’re looking at her pussy and a-hole to see how silky and smooth it is.

The three then lay down in doggie positions and start to connect their mouths and lips with each other’s asses, like the previously mentioned Human Centipede. It’s awesome when you have a mutual checking with your nurses since it makes the job easier, hornier and sexier!

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8. My Friend’s Hot Girl with Johnny Castle

We’re back with our hero Johnny Castle, and once again he’s being a good friend! Keisha’s boyfriend wanted to distance himself from her, explaining that she’s too much intrusive and clingy. Like a burdock. It became the way he wanted and Keisha was depressed! Her friend Johnny Castle sensed that she’s feeling kind of down, so he offered her to work with him as his assistant!

ASSistant more to say. He wants to consolidate her because of her boyfriend, telling his intentions to Keisha with common sense and that he wanted her to come to relieve him from stress which he got from work. Keisha was happy to comply and she even wore sexy lingerie for Johnny. It’s a black bra with dark red thong/boxers which are tucked in her round ass!

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The thongs bring out her huge ass by 200% and Johnny is well aware of that. He found himself in a perfect situation, leading to a perfect opportunity which he immediately executed and used, starting with a great blowjob. Keisha is one good fuck!

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7. We Live Together – Crushing on Jenna

It’s been a while since we had some BDSM or bondage and here we go! It was about time! I love how Reality Kings reviewed this tandem generally, describing the lesbian action as “nuclear”. Very creative! Join Jenna, Keisha, and Dani for this 3 girl slavery action like walking your dog in the park! Only the dog is Jenna. I couldn’t imagine a cleaner scene than this.

Smooth girly skin, highest of ’em heels, leathery “outfits” that show it all, a wide place/mansion plus they’re taking it to the second floor, slowly and steadily for Jenna to point out her curvy ass! Now be a good girl and listen: Your mind must be screaming for pussy. You need to start fingering, licking and scissoring. Or you’ll be taken back to the dog pound, Jenna! Good girl! Yes, yes, lick it up real good!

This pretty much sums this outstanding lesbian scene! Reality Kings were declared the best porn site and these are the arguments!!! The sexy scene was taken to the roof in terms of lesbian porn! “Nuclear” to be precise!

Lesbian action with Keisha Grey

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6. Big Mouthfuls – Hot Brunette With Natural Tits Swallows Hot Cum

Hey, what’s that hot brunette with natural tits swallowing? Hot cum. This is the best use of these obvious porn titles! Keisha’s ass looks astonishing in those tight denim shorts! You can almost see her skin through those shorts, that’s how much tight it is! Yummy jelly!!! We have a bro playing a good guy to her, making her laugh, smile – to feel comfortable to the point when he asks her to undress and show what she’s got.

When Keisha got all relaxed and comfortable, she flashes us with her bouncy tits for starters until things become really laid-off. Then she squeezes her ass with those shorts only to prove that she has some really massive buttocks! I haven’t seen such a fine ass a long time ago! Lucky for the Bangbros they’ve caught this fish.

Keisha’s performance here is amazing and judging by the video quality, it must be one of her first videos ever. I mean, that was not long ago but it isn’t that fresh. Every time she bounces on the dick, a fan’s life is saved! Simply gorgeous!

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5. Reality Junkies – Couples Seeking Teens

This is film numero 17 in the Couples Seeking Teens series. Keisha Grey came from a land far, far away as an exchange student into the hands of Mercedes and Manuel who will take care of her while she’s staying at their place, holding a roof above her head. Since it’s a completely different world around her, Keisha wants to have a fun time experimenting new things such as peeping to see what Mercedes and Manuel are doing in their sexy time.

Since discretion isn’t something which comes along with some people, Keisha quickly gets caught. However, since everybody here is a foreigner and doesn’t even know what’s happening – especially Keisha – the couple invites her to join, making it a sexy threesome! There’s nothing better than fucking a sex-seeking stranger,  everyone can then tell their stories to their compatriots! Plus there wouldn’t be any sex offenders since Keisha actually wished for a pussy and a dick!

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4. Monster Curves – Cum For Keisha

The best thing about Monster Curves is that the action always starts immediately! When you’re feeling dull and bored while browsing through various porn sites, you can always visit Monster Curves because you’ll get served with top notch scenes and quality porn stars, and it all happens through seconds! No roleplay or something to postpone your indifferent arousal when you want to make it quick but still leave it good!

Keisha is so sexy here, dressed not too flashy and Mich Blue is there to fill her bubble butt! They start kissing and grabbing in front of the bed, then Mick takes out his huge cock from his pants. Keisha suddenly starts leaning on it like she’s attached to it! Mick proceeds the quest on the bed, getting some taste of pussy he starts filling her pussy with his dick! Magnificent, yet simple.

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I love the way Keisha Grey sucks the guy’s cock. She really takes it in deep down her throat. I bet she doesn’t even eat like that. That’s called dedication, putting work above everything! A cock-hungry slut gets treated like a cock-hungry slut! Go get her Mick!!!

Keisha Grey Reality Kings Pornstar

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3. 2 Chicks Same Time with Noelle Easton and Johnny Castle

Where’s fantasy porn, there’s Naughty America. They never let you down. In this scene, Keisha is wandering ’round the house, no questioning why, walking down the kitchen only to find her man Johnny receiving a sloppy blowjob from Noelle Easton! This time Johnny is the fiend! An insidious villain! Instead of getting crazy mad and upset, Keisha got awkwardly horny, however, she has put a stop to their mischief.

They probably though she’s going to kill them but even a more confusing thing happens. She wants to join in! Both Noelle and Johnny looked bewildered and yet, how can they refuse a request from Johnny’s woman? They rush to the bed to deploy the sex organization, Johnny focused on Keisha more, in order to make it up for her. Don’t worry, she didn’t leave Noelle unattended, he gave her the D, but the I-C-K belonged to his own, better half!

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2. Ass Parade – Two Asses Are Better Than One

Keisha wants to surprise her boyfriend, blindfolding him and getting him to sit on a chair while she prepares the surprise! She thought of adding a girl to their sex life, which will later turn out to be a great idea! The camera first films Keisha’s and the mystery girl’s bubble butt, later to be revealed by me! I’ll be your Keisha and you be the guy!

Pretty gay, but who cares? When she took off the binding from his eyes, his jaw dropped to the ground! He got to fuck his girlfriend and her friend. Previously, both of them sucked his dick, but it seemed like he had no clue that it was actually a double blowjob. And then, suddenly, the magic happened. The threesome of many guys dreams! Imagine if your girlfriend called her best friend to join you two in bed! The world would be such a happier place then.

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1. Evil Angel – The Teen-Aholics #3, Scene #4

Xander Corvus’s job is to keep this teen happy and trained! Keisha’s wearing a dog collar, fishnet and heels to show off the dominance of Xander compared to his sex slave Keisha! She complies, touching and massaging her large juicy tits and then Xander walks in, all fired up because he has a teen babe to fuck her brains out!

He tears apart her pussy in a half, then the half in half and so on infinite times, leaving nothing behind him! I exaggerated here a bit but it’s a hyperbole, a stylish and a literary procedure! But at the same time I just want to put an accent on his penis size because man, he destroyed her pussy!

If you’re a teen-aholic just like Xander, then you’ll find yourself on Evil Angel jacking off at the very best teen porn stars in the industry! Just like I do! There’s nothing wrong with that, hehe… (cry, cry…)

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