Alexis Adams is April’s New Cherry of the Month

Time to get lectured guys! Have you heard of Cherry Pimps? Neither have I before this major event! It possibly may have slipped somewhere that someone mentions it, but I never bothered, until I saw that they pick their monthly’s favorite pornstars!


And lookie here, it was Alexis Adams! I maybe shuffled through the Web and came into contact with this site, who’ll know? It features HD porn with exclusive porn stars. Plus there is the Live Shows segment of the site, which is ultimately rare for a live show to be within a porn site. It’s plausibly more frequent on a macro level, as on a network, but this-this is incredible – and on top of that, they’re still functioning well!

Before we continue on with the story, a slight throwback on Alexis Adams. She is a curvy brunette, born on November 1992 in a city of Florida. She’s the product of the ‘Floridan epidemic’ how I like to call the mass creation of perfect 90’s girls in this region of the US.

After she finished high school – where she was a renowned cheerleader – she continued to blaze the trail of a successful young lady as a waitress, making income on her own while studying to become a nurse. The End of the World in 2012 happened there, however on a microscopic level, where Alexis waved goodbye to her old self and welcomed Playboy as her new patron!

The same year, she simultaneously entered the porn filmography directly, not through some pussy ass old shit like Playboy! Today, she has a small, but valuable award from her hosting porn site Cherry Pimps, and they speak about her vivacious appearance on Live Cam shows, that startled a wide audience!

Enough of the typical blabbering and pep talk, let’s talk about what she got from that reward. Needless to say, she got a $500 prize plus a two-day shoot with Dean Capture, who’s obliged to introduce everyone to their brand new Cherry of the Month, in an – unprecedented way.

There are 12 yearly competitors that compete in the selection of the hottest Cherry of the year. So she’s in! Cherry was thrilled to be entitled, as we could conclude from her words in an interview done with the news reporter.

She gave credit to Ryan Driller for helping her make it, because she’s been filming sensational scenes with him lately, which got her promoted! They’ve got a superb connection and they seem like two lovebirds that fuck like jackrabbits on scene!

To celebrate her new achievement, we made a top 8 list of the porn scenes of Alexis Adams that we mostly enjoyed so far. These videos surely contributed to her success, as each of them became highly popular on each of these huge networks. But enough said, let’s start with one of her Twistys scenes:

8. Twistys – Deep Inside

As I’ve seen so far, Alexis is a cleaning lady already, even though she didn’t learn to grow a nice ‘stache and neither did she left her hair to dry and die on her head completely, so a 26-year-old is cleaning the house like a French Maid of 77-years. The scene was published in 2013 if I’m in no doubt, otherwise I’d think that the dude who’s playing the electric guitar is her stepbro who got into gigs recently.

Once the dude got off the guitar and his rolling stone fantasy, he noticed that the girl who’s cleaning around his cock has the cleanest butt he ever saw, that it reflected his stoned look on his face when he caught the right moment! He started sniffing around her vicinity, finally grabbing Alexis Adams by the pussy, which stimulated her for sex, and destimulated her for sponging the floor from crust and stains!

By taking a seat, he took matters into his own hands, and yes, her nice round tits and pussy can be addressed to as Matters, so he slid underneath and got her tamed. Afterward, they laid on the shag carpeting and started fucking real hard. He definitely gave her a thorough pounding with that thick dick!


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7. MOFOS – I Know That Girl

You’d maybe be thinking that Alexis is a nature kind of a girl, meaning that she’s in love with the wilderness, the greens and I hereby declare that I didn’t imply on cash this time. On the contrary, she’s been taken camping by force and she doesn’t like it at all. The fresh air is nice and all, but once it’s filled with despicable insects, it gets dirty!

She’s been bored to death but luckily, there was a cute guy by the campsite which she couldn’t lay her eyes off, and due to her lack of sensibility and care for others defense mechanisms, she viciously approaches her pray to devour on his sweet dick! By the way, who shovels on make-up so thick for a night in a tent so much? It’s obvious that she expected an opportunity for some hot sex!

I’m confused, but not as her girl-friend who’s been checking out on her mischief for a couple of times, until she caught her and her new guy banging in the tent, secluded from exterior tensions and pressures. The friend assures herself that’s shes got a slutty queen of a companion and just lives with the devastating fact.

Too bad she didn’t get any because there was plenty of dick for multiple girls, however, Alexis loves to take cock more than anything, she would trade bread as a strategic grocery for a night-out screwing at any given time! PRIORITIES!


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6. Fantasy Massage – My Boys Were Right

REAKING NEWS! ALEXIS ADAMS GETS OBLITERATED IN THE MIDDLE OF HER MASSAGE PARLOR! 18+, NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS! Oh wow, I just spoiled a prefined scenario at Fantasy Massage, that wouldn’t ever associate you with porn if you took the video out of context and erased the freaky watermarks in the corners.

The terrible acting would’ve given it away, Clover is responsible for it because he tried to be spontaneous as his character was bowed to remember the password for the hundreds-worth of dollars Nuru Massage treatment because it isn’t applicable for everyone! He managed to get it right, so Alexis is preparing to get her body OBLITERATED by this slick rick scumbag that just fixed an appointment for a soothing bang!

Alexis undressed her rosey silk bathrobe to reveal her cute pink underwear which she quickly stripped off as well. She showed them pointy and puffy B/C tits and Clover got a boner, patiently waiting to get escorted to the wash-up segment. She stroked his cock and kissed him on the lips, soon enough she bent over and started gargling on his balls, Clover got a bonus pair of thrusts as a sneak peek for what’s yet to happen!

It was inflatable mattress time, and she’s got that strong Nuru Oil ready to make traction less favorable and to make fewer burn impacts on Clovers ripped body! I always wondered how the mattress withstands the constant cock-bouncing! They maybe replace the mattress during cut-outs?! NO WAY!


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5. Bangbros – Some Girls Hang Out and Turn into a Lesbian Pussy Licking Party

Well, the title at least made it in a single row. It was back when Bangbros hadn’t had shit on the titles because probably a monkey was jumping up and down on their keyboards and wrote this stuff, it’s way too obvious that it isn’t a human being’s result.  However, it’s deftly woven into their character, so it fits the Bangbros energetic appeal.

The three girls including Alexis Adams, Tiffany Tyler and Mercedes Lynn just gathered up there and somehow became horny, then letting the faucet pour warm water while they add sparkling substances to make it snow in the shower!

The scene is filled with soft lesbian pussy eating, touching, tenderly kissing, here and there speaking dirty and whispering gibberish to one’s year, and it makes you go nuts! You whip your dick out and bash it and dash it onto the screen, unsuccessfully transferring yourself to another dimension – where the female populace is the only one.

Since these girls are patriarchal, the triplet used a flexible artificial dick to sit and jump on it thinking its real. And no worries, the surroundings are still in tiles, taking baths for too long may wrinkle your skin, but that’s not a concern for these lesbian ladies that crave cock but decide to rest from it, splitting them from a usual rest of the girls, comprehend?!


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4. Reality Junkies – These Breasts Work Every Time

Wow, these trailers sometimes can be quite misleading! They hinder the way point and my progress I’ve been making this time, trying to focus on the non-sexual aspects of porn and attempt to visualize outcomes that don’t relate to sex! But, I come to a halt right away, because the camera was focused on Johnny Castle‘s and Diana’s heads without us seeing the areas below their bellies.

It started like Diana looking down and making an ‘OH WOW’ grimace on her face as well as noting it loudly, and I immediately thought it was Johnny’s monster crawling from his pants, but it was a ring shown seconds after as Johnny places it on his lover’s ring-finger!

The promise ring broke like a record just minutes after as Alexis walked in to ruin their relationship with a single stunt. She was overlooking the situation like a supervisor, fuming by the window like a smoke and going in like one, especially to a non-smoker like Johnny is. Holy smokes! She shows him her nice round tits and he starts sucking on them like he’s 2-years-old that needs his mommy’s original milk!

Diana was away doing her 9 to 5 job when Alexis walked in with a better story to tell to Johnny, besides, she’s got bigger tits than his stumpy girlfriend/fiancee! Johnny hadn’t kept shit from his words he promised to people, but it was all repaid right there, once Alexis jumped on his cock!


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3. Nubiles-Porn – Perfect Pair

Kate England and Alexis Adams are prone to be dangerous when put together, kinda like when an atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen collide to form carbon-dioxide which is razing our forests and surroundings, making cities clusters of smoke bombs! Yep, they’re just so deadly, evoking global warming!

They couldn’t handle to handle with each other, grabbling their tits, measuring and squaring up with a light rivalry on who’s hotter. But that’s irrelevant now when they’re making love! Kate England surely has smaller tits than our squishy Alexis’s, but we’ll insist that Jessy will be the judge of that!

Hardly waiting for his appearance, the girls welcomed their man greeting him by their encouraging smiles, that is probably the incentive for Jessy to light them up with his monster cock! Alexis is yet again feeling patriarchal, as well as Kate is, and they’re tampering and indulging Jessy her with a double sloppy blowjob that involved their tits, as a warm-up. What follows is an amazing threesome scene!

Next up is straight tag-teaming on who’ll ride the choo-choo train next, and equity was quite sturdy within them, spreading communism on that dick like it’s a feudal property, sharing it like the owner isn’t named Jessy! Silly girls! Without him, you wouldn’t get that hot jizz on your whorish-looking fronts!


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2. Reality Kings – Bottoms Up

Hmm, this must’ve been at Sex Top Lists grounds already. Recently, if you prefer. Because only the freshest articles are involved in the prioritizing trends that we flow with. Probably because Mick Blue, because his performance on Reality Kings truly is flawless, without any competition which would wipe out his enormous legacy and positive influence he’s done to the industry!

Alexis looked like a princess, even though she wasn’t as flamboyant as one, but the flowers she crowned on her head, the casual grey shirt and a stylish red boxer made her appear 5 times more gorgeous than she would’ve been in anything else! Props for the costume arranger!

Not only that it’s a grey shirt, it’s a one-piece suit that reminds of bathing everyday equipment, because the single string is on her pussy that works as panties, and I’m just pondering about who’d hinder her pussy like that if it wasn’t for a porn star. Nevertheless, she stuck her tits out, pulled the string aside and started solo performing, just to tease the dick off Mick Blue!

When Mick arrived with his dick, she drooled all over her nice clothes because Mick’s dick is quite thick! She spread her pussy in the preparation phase so that he can fire at will, mercilessly! Apparently, it was a bathing suit because they were tidying for the beach, and Mick was late as fuck, but he got right on time for the fuck in the first place!


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1. Naughty America – My Naughty Massage with Seth Gamble

At last but not least, to top it all off, a spontaneous hybrid of Naughty America‘s fantasies and dreamy massages that have come to reality in an utmost impossible way! This versus Fantasy Massage, of course, the massage is twice as better, however, I didn’t come here to learn to defiblirate people with rubbing down their muscles, we’re here for the bamboozles!

Alexis Adams in Ultra HD looks incredible, it’s like the high-quality video resolution is the reason why her tits look enormous on Naughty America, since they’re in the fewness of networks who give a darn about equipping the camera crew with the proper gadgets, reciprocal to the exclusive porn stars that go by the typical day at NA!

This time, Alexis is the one seeking for a good massage, she wants to be relieved all the stress she collected during the tough week at being the bossy bitch in scenes that worships the cock so much that it’s like it’s part of it! So, speaking of rest and relaxation, she could use a masseuse as handsome as Seth! Dare not to try this guy’s well-hung buddy?

Nah, she won’t pass hardcore pussy cramming for anything! They did it on the massage table and I’m pretty bewildered, such a small size surface to contain such handsomeness and a smoking hot babe whose tits are glistering out of the secret oil NA’s officially using, despite Fantasy Massage‘s original concept of the Nuru Cream! Take that!

NA took over the game simply by placing their pawn Seth to get that queen off the board of chess! Chess-mate, and regular mate, actually! A scene to flash your eyes with! 10/10 would recommend to you, props NA.


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