Whitney Wright is April’s Twistys Treat of the Month


My addiction to dispersing myself across various porn networks is immense, the only addiction which might have a good outcome as a result. Precisely, I’ve been looking up Porn Stars of the Month selected by porn networks and now we are going to take a look at April’s best porn star Whitney Wright selected by Twistys.


Just like Whitney Wright’s award, her performances lately have been astounding. There are great videos from March as well, while the award is ‘Twisty’s Treat of the Month – April’ and not March. So, I think things are clear now. Whitney Wright is literally a treat of the month for both March and April!

Flashback alert: Whitney Wright was born on September 20th, 1991 in Oklahoma City of a family of Welsh and Native American descent. She learned nursing and pharmacy technician studies, but she took all fours in the air and quickly switched to stripping. It lasted for 10 months before she made another huge leap in her career.

In 2016, 25 years of age, is when her porn acting career began! Her first scene was for FTV Girls with whom she traveled in over 15 countries over the world. 2018 will be marked as her revelation year, she received over a dozen of rewards, winning a few Spank Bank awards.

Next time she got in for a photo shoot with Twistys, they delivered pink roses to her along with a spa gift certificate, and a bathrobe with an imprinted writing of her name made of pink glitter!

Twistys – Shopaholic with Chanel Preston

We have a throwback for you to the first scene she made with Twisty’s, co-starring Chanel Preston who played the role as her stepmom. Whitney ran errands for her, including shopping and being a snob for her mom, dragging tons of shopping bags like a rich bitch.

The indulged daughter didn’t know better, she used Chanel’s credit card to buy expensive dresses for her own well-being. As a punishment, Whitney prescribed a runway show privately for her mom, to expose of the dresses that she bought and in the end, giving away her body for Chanel to use!

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Whitney’s poor pussy was rubbed and completely demolished! Chanel you merciless cougar! Check out this crazy lesbian scene in HD by clicking the link below


With a 97% star rating, Jon Stone, the PR manager of Twisty’s said that he’s thrilled to have a beautiful girl as Whitney is for their Treat of the Month. He admitted that she’s new and all, however, she quickly embedded herself into the industry and she’s one of the hottest new stars around!

As a cherry on top of our wonderful story, Whitney belauded Twisty’s and Mindgeek for having her, giving her great opportunities to develop her character in the porn industry. But wait, there’s more! We will reward YOU with 6 other scenes of Whitney Wright spread out the whole competitive market of the porn industry!  Sex Top Lists loves you, you remember that! TOPLIST AHEAD

6. Naughty America – I Have A Wife with Johnny Castle

It wasn’t just Twisty’s that got the privilege to host high-rating Whitney Wright, but the national porn treasure of America as well! Naughty America plunged the bravest warrior of them all directly to the heart of the beast, ushering Johnny Castle to the clutches of Whitney! However, it’s Johnny’s unparalleled fault, he got deceived by the beauty and got the booty!

He was seeking for help to Whitney so that the pair makes and bakes a perfect cake for Johnny’s anniversary with his wife! Things got messy pretty much of all the flour and difficult needs they pursued as ingredients for the cake. First off, they elegantly poured flour over the crafting table for their art and voila, Johnny momentarily got a boner!

She thought that dick is just too much of a topping for the cake, so she hopped on that floury grainy sensation, towed that huge ass lifting it up for Johnny to catch feelings for it, of course, excluding the feelings of remorse when he moves that thong to reveal the pussy! Can’t deny that it was grotesque and an abnormal interest from Johnny, but that’s just his unfiltered emotions towards Whitney!

Whitney gives Johnny her ass and pussy as the secret ingredients, emphasizing the cake’s gender! She deep throated that cock while her butt was all powdery from the counter like she’s doughy uncooked pizza! How will Johnny explain to his wife that he got LAID for their anniversary WITHOUT HER?


5. Fantasy Massage – My School Crush

Remember the phased adrenaline rush you got from your school crush every time he or she walks in your vicinity? Well, Whitney doesn’t necessarily have to remember, because Logan Paul just walked into her parlor of all people and she literally got a stroke! It was reciprocal love and Logan was the first to relay that he’s her childhood crush.

Whitney lowers him down by saying that it’s all gone and what they’ll be doing now is strictly professional. Butterfly killer, but rules are rules. They got upstairs and she told him to strip to his boxers while she changes to her bathing suit. He obeys her command but he couldn’t resist to peep and admire her smoking hot body!

Once she got back, his dick was out and it seems like he didn’t have any boxers underneath his pants, to begin with! Logan’s tolerable mind frame is forgiven, so they went to take a shower. While she cleansed his ripped body, she noticed that his dick was inches away from her face and that made her so uncomfortable that they proceeded to the inflatable mattress.

That’s when things began to be greasy and oily, as she pops out her tits and starts jacking him off like it’s part of the massage. Okay, let that be a plain lie, but a blowjob definitely isn’t part of the agenda! Afterward, she climbs on that dick and they frictionlessly fuck hard like in the good old days! The Fantasy Massage scene winds up with a creampie, but for the good time’s sake, right?!


4. Reality Kings – Temper Tantrum

Girls found in Florida can be an enormous pain in the ass, spoiled snob brats with ill manners! Whitney got a tantrum just beside the gigantic pickup typical for America’s daily drive, she berated her driver and thought she was his boss and started thrashing the car up. That’s all to the certain point of no return when Sean just couldn’t bear to destroy her pussy as punishment!

The camera got it all on tape as proof that it’s Whitney’s tantrum that caused the commotion, and she mocked the empowering law of video material evidence by exposing her tits and bending on her knees to pop Sean’s dick out and start sucking him off to return the favor of managing things with her.

Whitney was way too hungry and that was out of the way of their route they took. Sean tried to school and scold her while she had his hot dog in her mouth, and it was hard for her to answer because her face was crammed with it! I think that Sean forgave her, condoning her wrongs for the price of one solid deep throat!

The oblivion alternated to complete sex rundown, Sean roughly discharged his white stuff on her face so that she knows better for the next time. Stay poised at all times, or you might end up as Whitney with loads of cum on her face!


3. Brazzers – Does This Make My Booty Look Big?

Whitney is one hell of a manipulating bitch! Beforehand shopping for her fashionable items, she first has to drive off the store clerk like he’s her slave or something, and that’s totally uncalled for! In the beginning, the cashiers were fighting over who’ll help with Whitney’s trouble, passing the dynamite one to another!

It was Jake Adams and he fell victim to Whitney’s irresistible teasing with her giant round booty seeking from small patches at first! It was her who was driving him all the time, he felt his heavy breathing over her curled ass and it was all fun and games until her stress level rose of all the shopping effort.

She kept asking Jake some generic questions you ask your co-existing friend that accepted to go shopping with you, not your shop attendee some naughty questions like ‘Does This Make My Booty Look Big’ while the zipper was down showing her massive buns to the poor guy. Intentional provoking is forbidden by law in some states, so she’s lucky that America doesn’t prohibit that kind of despicable behavior, playing with your shop clerk like that!

She took his hands and placed on her chest, firmly gripping her tits and then her stress level dragged her sex level upwards and seconds after she’s sucking Jake’s dick behind the changing room door! It all settled to hardcore sex and Whitney’s pussy got demolished by this aroused store clerk’s dick! He gave her hell on the floor, vaginal penetration all the way to the end, and she, at last, bought his sperm cells as her facial accessory!


2. MOFOS – Let’s Try Anal – Getting Even with Cheating Exes

I always had in mind that MOFOS Let’s Try Anal series was the most fun show of the entire MOFOS network! I was pretty excited to see that Whitney Wright also had one, so I got something going for me today! However, greater things are now in our concerns, and the story is about Whitney’s spiteful boyfriend.

The cameraman from MOFOS approached Whitney privately with a video of her boyfriend’s dick being sucked by another girl, POV perspective and that’s labeled as cheating right away! Whitney couldn’t believe that the motherfucker ruined her dignity and their loyalty to one another and she immediately wanted to take revenge!

She didn’t know that the camera is right in front of her nose until the cameraman nudged her that they could film one revenge video together! It sounded like a good idea at first, but it all fell like a tower of cards when she realized that he wouldn’t give a shit! Unless, she gives away her ass, the only thing she didn’t let him smash!

The equivocal agreement was settled and Whitney commenced the same style of filming when she was on her knees bending to suck dick! She flipped him the bird with both hands while having a cock inside her mouth! It was funny until she first felt a gigantic dick in her ass, and that’s when she realized that she’s a dick-hungry whore that likes dick being served everywhere to her body temple! Sweet revenge!


1. Evil Angel – Young Glam Whitney Loves Anal Kink

We left anal for last and the previous Anal scene simply wasn’t enough, Whitney Wright performed in another scene that is even better than the previous one. This time the amicable Whitney found a friend in Mark Wood as well as his Le Wood company that’s terrorizing young woman’s pussies and asses!

She knew that it couldn’t go down on one MOFOS cameraman, but she sought for a reasonable mature man like Mark Wood is, plus he’s married in his private life so why not? She wasn’t tripping over words in the chatter with him, because she was destined to stoop to Mark’s level, and get obliterated like a dumb whore she is!

Her ass muscles must’ve loosened up because the dick was heading in like a charm there, Mark drilled another pussy for Whitney to make her peeing more effective! This scene is strictly hardcore, with no merciful elements at all. Whitney moaned uniformly at each moment of the scene, due to the pain in the ass she got from Mark’s stiffy blicky!

It was payback time and Whitney’s karma returned fire she palmed off to numerous of men throughout this article solely, and Mark took care of her ass so that she gets every single evil deed backfiring to her ass! It was a gruesome Anal scene with deepthroating, sloppy blowjob parts, and I’m not even sure if Mark grasped her pussy anymore at all! A monstrous scenery!


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