Top 8 Johnny Castle Scenes on Naughty America

The time has finally come! We’ve got nowhere else to run anymore, destiny overtook us and now it’s her turn to shuffle the cards, so that we can play our positions correctly. Sex Top Lists now induced a male actor, aftermath resulting to the end times, so to say, females have been an endless number of times on Sex Top, and we actually never got the opportunity to review male porn stars in our institute of porn guidance!


Precious rocks were dug down profoundly in the dirt of prejudice, and since it’s 2018, no one will mind that a male is featured in a porn top list. And not any male, it’s Johnny Castle, our beloved actor whose priceless grimaces literally give out a depiction of his humorous character! Plus, he’s ripped as fuck, that he’s kinda cool when he fucks bitches and makes all kinds of facial expressions like he’s lifting weights!

Honestly, I mentioned him a lot in my previous articles and elevated him to the heavens with my kind of appraisal, he deserved to be booked in our honorable articles! Since he’s the gunner in this game, it’s going to be a different criteria conducted through the scenes, I carefully selected 8 girls that fitted the puzzle the greatest, so it’s not about the mere girl, it’s about how she goes along with Johnny Castle.

Now, a little more of his bio. The real Johnny Castle, the only one commonly accepted as genuine, he was born on January 31st, 1980 in Pennsylvania. There’s not much info about him in person, but what we do know that he was 25 years old when he started doing porn, that was back in 2005. He went by the name of Antonia Lorca, believe it or not.

He probably changed it to Johnny Castle due to Naughty America‘s patriotic overviews of porn, so he was compelled to a name change, since Antonio seems a bit Spanish! He’s not that tall as he looks, only 5’11, but his bulky muscles give him few inches of height. He was never a flashy type of guy, however he left remarks all over the industry.

Just two years after he made a debut, he was labeled as a Man of the Year, on the front cover of Men magazine. He won an AVN award in 2012, Fanny award in 2013 and a XRCO award in 2014. That’s it. He’s not that interesting since he’s an antisocial introvert, he’s here just to fuck bitches and leave. What a nifty guy! I wanna present you his shows now, time is running out, you missed on this gold since birth! Sex Top Lists proudly displays:

8. American Daydreams with Aubrey Sinclair

Since he’s de facto the truest populace of North America ground, he has to go down essentially as the official trademark of Naughty America enterprise. Things would’ve been much different without him, it’s tough to imagine Naughty America without his prominent presence, where ever he stomps and treads, grass doesn’t grow there anymore!

Nobody is capable of following the path of this great and stay low key at the end of the day, he’s not flashy as Evil Angel’s Italian stallions or black Lexes or other mentionable guys in their roster. Johnny is a discrete hero, and he flew by to save the day of our poor Aubrey Sinclair. This scene was published on May 10, 2017, and it’s a spitting image of today’s youthful populace.

Anyway, Johnny’s stepdaughter Aubrey is consecutively connecting days of loafing around the house all day, the school’s out of the picture and she’s just lying around the couch doing nothing, not a job neither a source of income to support that kind of irresponsible bratty behavior! Johnny is a patron father figure and he’s reminding her boringly that she is jobless, constantly nagging about her repellent attitude.

Before he disowned her, she falls fast asleep on the couch, daydreaming about she finally shut her stepdad’s Johnny’s yapping mouth, once she montaged herself on his dick so that he’s breathless, working and twerking on that dick just to draw his attention from the bad things.

She sucked him off, blowjobs stepdaughter’s normally apply to their stepdad’s and she eventually let him came inside so that she uses this act to fend herself later of being a lazy sack! However, she wakes up from that vivid dream just to be sure that she’s still unemployed! Talk about feeding the GDP of the USA!


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7. Naughty Office with Jill Kassidy

We’ve got a scene full of panting at the office, like the co-workers of Johnny are up for a Fitnessgram Pacer Test, and not for everyday typing and calculating on the computer! He pours novelty in the simplistic lives of his friends, as he’s like a walking soap opera! Now, he’s the man in charge, and since he’s a control freak that wants to keep things spotless, he doesn’t tolerate misbehavior, certainly not Jill’s mindless acts! Out with it girl!

Nevertheless, Jill Kassidy worked hard as an intern this week, and it finally came to a close, ending the last day Friday so that she may go home and rest for the best! However, her stress level was sky high during the entire week because she had a lot of pages to cover, some horny hours have just struck her when she was about to go home!

Her inpatient boyfriend was waiting for her at home for a long and hardcore fuck session, however, she’s thinking to start without him, dropping everything and starting to masturbate at her desk! Johnny sniffs out the danger and comes to her, catching her right in the act! He pretends like nothing happened, contrary to the expected reaction, he congratulated her for a successful week and the ultimate graduation!

But he secretly wanted to place his cock in a young pussy that just got engaged in work straight outta college! She read through his intentions, and she figured why would she take dick from her boss – that’s her ticket for a safe and secure, long-term job! And that’s the point of our pointless lives in this modern-day world, so let her have it, Johnny boy, fuck that youngling’s pussy and teach her what a real man’s cock looks and smells like!


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6. Diary of a Nanny with Liza Rowe

Seems like Johnny struggles with the same things on a continuous basis! The poor guy just cannot take a break from human disobedience, especially female stubbornness and ignorance, which is more common to young girls that he keeps employing at his place! Next time, he should start thinking about middle-aged MILFs, they’re easier to maintain when middle age crisis shocks the ground underneath!

Nonetheless, Liza Rowe had it coming, the lesson which she had to learn, because she was hired to nanny the fuck out of Johnny’s kid, but she appeared in his house like a slut rather than a benevolent nanny that’s squared up for the kid exclusively, not seeking for sugar daddies like the plausible one she locked on as target!

Her nice round ass was all up for grabs because she turned to work in denim shorts that squeezed her ass through, too much transparency on one girl! He lost his mind out there stranded, started yelling at her and threatened her to fire her immediately, expelling her and exuding from his place. However, he was a bit of a hypocrite!

Just as she pointed her out, he went back to her for the same thing – her nice, irresistible ass! She scored, that’s what she wanted in the first place I’m 100% sure, and all that blunting blurt and cussing and anger, converted to rough heavenly sex with a young sexy nanny like Liza Lowe, ending with a hot blast on her face, handmade white material – semen dripping on the floor from her beautiful tits that fell victim as well!


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5. My Wife’s Hot Friend with Kortney Kane

What a nice brown ambiance, such soothing for the eyes, like a cream that heals any wound on a surface it’s rubbed on! Must be Kortney Kane, who matched her lingerie with her friend’s sweet house! She’s not a chubby pudding construct of a human being like the girls we just had, she’s a tight snake-skinned sex bomb!

Kortney Kane is taking advantage of her friend’s house, using it as a brothel where she’s the owner and the sex worker, the dream job of any hooker! She got permission from her kind girlfriend even though Kortney is a sexy ass that might get the attention of her muscular husband Johnny Castle!

They literally gave her space to fuck for free, no rent for her, since she had a plethora guys in their house with special permits, and each and every one got the chance to smash her gorgeous pink pussy and later on cum inside her like they’re trying to impregnate her, so that they have healthy and beautiful offspring, since the future mom will be Kortney!

Everything is slowly making Johnny Castle jealous, so he had to turn up to her with his problem, and while his wife was away, Kortney and Johnny used his free time so that he exposes his well-endowed cock and fucks the brains out of Kortney’s promiscuous skull! No one will ever know, he’s just a serial number for Kortney’s massive streak! He isn’t concerned, he is JOHNNY CASTLE, though!


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4. I Have a Wife with Noelle Easton

Again with the nonsense! Johnny repeatedly gets the wrong girls to babysit his children, and on second thought, he doesn’t even look like a father to me, plus I had never seen the kids on Naughty America’s scene! Probably because of legal issues, sincerely. Anyway, you put it, he is not as convincing as a hiring, concerned father!

So the story goes similar to the other, already known stories from before. But this time, it’s the pale white chick Noelle Easton, that’s feeling slutty recently, and she’s thinking about swinging at the club for the night, looking like a bombshell which any terrorist would equip to his waist and blast everything up in the air!

Since he’s being a drag, insisting that Noelle doesn’t go to the club in the evening, so that she keeps focus on work, since he needs her sober and cocked as a weapon. He’s not convincing not even now, because his ulterior motive was to keep Noelle for himself so that no other guy can fuck her pussy to rip it into pieces!

Noelle clarified his full motives in her head, so she was obedient to her master, but only if he substitutes the fun she’s waivered which the club produces and relocates the party at his house, and he’s the only person needed to make the party’s capacity crammed! So, he fucked her down the throat to keep her mouth shut so that his wife doesn’t find out, then he plugs her pussy with his dick so that he disallows entrance to any shady characters after his lengthy penis!


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3. My Friend’s Hot Mom with Kendra Lust

Oh boy, this was back in the day when the trademark of Naughty America, all rights reserved, performed alongside Kendra Lust! The dynamic duo from fantasies! Everybody wishes to have sexual intercourse with their partners like Kendra and Johnny, they go together like bread and butter! Look up to them in those terms, you won’t regret! And here’s why;

Compressed details about the scene: Johnny fucks the uterus off of Kendra, in short. Okay, I’ll decently elaborate the sticky situation. Here goes. So, Johnny is a bit downgraded in terms of technology, but let’s blame it on 2013, because he didn’t have a laptop of his own. He went by to his friend’s house to lend one from him, however, he wasn’t at home, but his hot mom Kendra sure was!

Jokes on the side, she was a bit on the downside, and Johnny’s compassion hit it in and hit on her, but he craved to improve Kendra’s mood, right after she explained that she and her husband are getting divorced. Johnny was in disbelief that a guy would repeal a wife as hot as Kendra is, however, he didn’t feel sorry for the guy, he wanted to claim her to himself!

He was all comforting and soothing, and she was quite flattered that someone cares about her, who else but Johnny who always had a crush on her and her nice tits, he snatches the opportunity and starts undressing her as soon as her body language gave him to do so. They make it to the bedroom from the hallway, and Johnny performed a whole lot better in his friend’s parent’s bed, however, now he’s fucking his mom which will make his friend his stepson, ultimately!


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2. My Friend’s Hot Girl with Kimmy Granger

Sniffing past the top 3, we’ll obstruct the scene with the runner-up which is the second placeholder, and that’s Kimmy Granger. Her hair is lustering and flickering as Johnny is fucking her, however, stepped hair is one of the few things I condemn! I mean, it’s not that bad, but it really doesn’t attract me so much.

However, the rest of her body compensates for that loss of demand, because she’s got a sleek booty and long legs that are prolonged even further when she rocks heels proportionate to her nice body build. Girls like Kimmy are lustful and base their decision on the current status of her mood, just like this following one.

She’s feeling a bit horny, and she’s in her house with her boyfriend and his friend Johnny, and they’re watching the game like all the classic Americans. Little does her boyfriend know, that he’s not in her mind when she’s thinking about sex, but his ripped buddy Johnny instead! She sends her poor bf to go buy them beer at the store, while she and Johnny entertain themselves while he’s gone!

  • We already reviewed this hot brunette in one of our previous posts! You can read more about Kimmy Granger’s career and check out her 12 best porn videos so far in this article

Just after a couple of minutes, he’s deepthroating his cock all the way to his balls, then Johnny starts slamming in his thighs against hers, making loud noises while they still can, because they’re placed on the clock while additionally, Kimmy is placed on a thick cock! That doesn’t work for both of them, of course, Kimmy’s hair straightened out of all the orgasmic tingling she got from Johnny Castle the sex-robot!


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1. My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend with Ava Addams

And finally, the titleholder – all props and respect to Ava Addams for making it happen! Nevertheless, Johnny’s got a dad, ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, and he doesn’t look as near as good as him, probably, judging by his girlfriend that’s into his son Johnny.

Johnny was a bad boy so he got punished by being sent to his dad’s house where there is nothing to do most of the day. Not until his fine girlfriend Ava Addams shows up for a skinny dip and sunbathe, with the curtains opened so that Johnny’s eyes can see it all! Not that he was only able to see her from afar clearly, but he got himself a scope so that he can focus on Ava’s focal points!

His room is right across the crime scene where Ava is outstripping, out stripping. He casually did it for the past few days, going free without being noticed and being expended furthermore, however, she finally reaches for her robe when he catches him peeping. She always knew that he was on the lookout, and now, when his father is finally away, he can lift his fantasies to life!

She called him into her room that’s right next to the pool chair looking through the dimmed window, and since she’s up for rough sex and she definitely can obtain it from Johnny judging by his mature looks, her pussy got wet so that his dick can penetrate her from the inside like she’s never been penetrated before! Quickly burst your love potion before your daddy comes for another barrage aiming at Ava’s prefined fanny!


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