The 12 Best Videos of Brunette Teen Kimmy Granger

Kimmy Granger brunette teen

Here we have an all natural brunette doll with a petite figure and a pair of big round eyes. She makes amazing teen scenes and people love her adorable face.

Kimmy Granger was in the porn business for only two years yet she managed to gather an army of fans within the first year of her performance. She started performing when she was 20 years old and has been going hard at it ever since. She was born on May 17, 1995, in San Diego, California where she went to school and grew up. Also worked as a cocktail waitress before moving towards a much sexier career.

Kimmy Granger teen Reality Kings pornstar

Things started out with her meeting a friend who was working as a stripper and she decided to join her and show that beautiful body to the audience. It was working well for her and she made plenty of money but wanted to make more, so she decided to go into the porn industry. Since then, she always keeps an image of her horny fans in her mind which makes her want to make every scene as good as possible. Because of this, she is rapidly gaining popularity and more guys come to love her performance.

She worked with big companies such as Nubiles Porn, Team Skeet, 3rd Degree, Hustler, Mofos,  Reality Kings and New Sensations. This has paved her way towards fame and fortune, making her well known among porn fans.

She has some pretty sexy bodily features. Her height is 155cm and she has 45 kilograms of weight which makes that wonderful petite body you see. Her 32A size boobs are the perfect size for fitting a hand and are completely natural as well. Long brown hair crowns her and those big brown eyes just melt guys away at a single glance.

Kimmy Granger managed to make herself a great portfolio over the few years she has been in the adult industry and took part in an incredible number of videos. Here are some of her best works and the most honorable mentions.

12. Naughty Weddings with Dillion Harper and Tyler Nixon

Kimmy Granger has teamed up with her sexy big titted girlfriend Dillion Harper and they intend to enjoy some pretty dirty action tonight. They welcome Tyler Nixon, a guy who is more than happy to enjoy a date with these two teen hotties.

There was a wild wedding today and the two of them found themselves arguing over some cupcakes and Tyler Nixon had to step in to stop it. Things got quite out of hand because both of them get turned on from a good argument so those wedding dresses just flew off, revealing a pair of amazing natural breasts.

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Both of them look incredible in their nice stockings and especially with their tops stripped off. Those bouncing natural tits. What better way to celebrate the wedding than with an all out three way bang with two wonderful girls. Both of them are craving for Tyler Nixon’s massive penis and would do all kinds of dirty deeds for him.

The guy doesn’t resist and enjoys the opportunity to have two sizzling hot babes pleasing him. Their nice round booty gets pounded soon enough and they add to each other’s pleasure with using their mouths. It was a sizzling hot threeway bang, one that’s worth checking out at NaughtyAmerica without doubt.

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11. Boffing The Babysitter #21

Sexy blondie Kimmy Granger has spent her entire afternoon babysitting and she has done a great job. But she couldn’t wait for daddy, Barett Blade to return home. She was daydreaming about her and always wanted to catch his attention.

Berett Blade came in the door after a long day of work, seeing that the babysitter kept her kid safe. Kimmy decided to make a move and try to make Berett be her daddy for the night. She would do anything for that, even the dirtiest things.

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She started by touching him on the chest then slowly slipping her hand down between his legs, grabbing hold of his big cock. She had Berett’s cock in her mouth soon enough. Things took off to a great start and Kimmy finally got what she wanted, her daddy banging on her sweet teen pussy. Some loud screams followed as this kinky teen wanted more and more.

Kimmy wants her daddy to do dirtier things to her and to stuff her with his big meaty cock and Kimmy always gets what she wants. She was the sexiest and sluttiest teen in this video and went all out. You can see the rest of this hot stuff by following the link we provided.

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10. Sweet And Slutty

Sassy Kimmy Granger is easing into the scene with a bit of dirty talk. She talks about her sex life and the all the naughty things she likes to do. She has shared that she really likes more mature and even married men and would love to have one pound her pussy

Lucky for her Mr. Pete arrives to save the day. She shows her all natural body to him and he’s very impressed by all the sizzling hot stuff he sees. He doesn’t hesitate and goes straight to wrecking Kimmy’s tiny asshole.

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She enjoys as Mr. Pete pounds her in doggy style and stretches her tiny holes to the max. But Kimmy wants more and she demands Mr. Pete to give her his dirty load and show her a good time. Mr. Pete fingers her pussy until she has a soaking orgasm and screams out loud. Kimmy surely likes it hardcore and enjoys every bit of having that wet pussy pounded so hard.

Kimmy went exceptionally hard today and helped Kevin Moore direct an awesome video with her shocking performance. You can check it out by clicking on the link we provided!

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9. Grounded

Kimmy Granger and her kinky girlfriend Sydney Cole were hanging around and intended to sneak out of the house to have some fun downtown. They had to be really quiet because Kimmy was grounded and she didn’t want anyone around the house to know about her leave.

When they almost got out of the house, Damon Dice rushed in to catch Kimmy and tell her that she’s not going anywhere. Shocked, Kimmy tells Damon that she’ll do anything for his silence and if he lets this slip.

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Damon takes the opportunity and asks the two girls to kiss. Once it happens, Damon figures that he can take this much further and asks them to take off their top, then their pants and slowly but surely they have stripped to their panties.

Neither Damon and the girls can hold back at this point, so he throws them in bed, fingering both of their pale pink pussies. It doesn’t take long for the girls to give him the blowjob he dreamed of and things get pretty crazy from there. The three of them are about to have the most sizzling hot adventure.

Kimmy Granger in hot Nubiles threesome

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8. The After-Party

After celebrating new years eve and tearing the ouse apart, Tommy Gunn and her girlfriend Katrina Jade finally let their guests out and go home. They slam the door yet they still hear some faint splashing sounds from within the house. They figured that whoever it is, they can find their way to the door on their own.

They suddenly noticed that the noise was coming from the bathroom so they opened the door on Kimmy Granger and Marco Banderas. The two of them we’re having a sweet time with oiling and massaging each other’s body and tempted the couple to join them.

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Tommy and Katarina couldn’t resist so they threw their clothes off and let the two oil their backs up. It was a deeply sensual moment for all of them and got their fantasies working pretty quickly. After a few passionate kisses, they all rushed to the livingroom to take this moment to the next level.

Some sweet oiled cock wanking and blowjobs sure set the right mood and paved the way to an incredible foursome. Soon enough, loud sounds of pussies being pounded and loud moans followed. The four of them went all out and the two girls showed some smoking hot lesbian action and some true sex skills.

You can check this smoking hot adventure out by following the link we provided.

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7. Surrender Your Stress

Kimmy Granger is her masseur of choice and she is also the only one who she’s willing to submit to. She is eager to melt into her soft, caring hands and let all that stress go away into the nothingness. Kimmy welcomes her with open arms, confiscates her phone, then her bra and panties and orders her to lay on the massage bed and release all the stress from her.

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Things start off with Kimmy oiling Lyra’s perfect body, her amazingly round ass and she rubbed on it. Her hands slowly slip between her legs and start to finger her dripping wet pussy in a way that makes Lyra moan.

Things get dirty pretty quickly and turn into a satisfying lesbian intercourse. Nothing can hold back the burning lust these girls feel and express between each other. You can check out how Lyra’s sexy adventure went by following the link we provided.

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6. Bikes And Buttplugs

Kimmy was on the way to her girlfriend Kimber when her bike tire popped. Once she arrived she found out that Kimber wasn’t even home, so she had a talk with her brother Mick Blue.

Kimmy explained that her tire has popped and as she bends over to show it to Mick, it is visible that she didn’t have panties on and also had a butt plug between her round ass cheeks. She explains that it’s for her pleasure and decoration.

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Mick asks if he could bury his face into her sweet ass and Kimmy replies „yes of corse“. She quickly grabs hold onto Mick’s impressive cock and starts sucking on it real hard. They both get turned on very fast and its all out pussy pounding action from there. Mick sure wrecks her tiny teen pussy hard once he gets a taste of it.

Nothing can hold them back from going all out and having a real wild fuck on the street. Kimmy shakes that perfect round ass unlike ever before and really enjoys having both her wet pussy and her tiny asshole stretched at the same time. It is one of Kimmy’s hottest videos that you can check out right now by following the link we provided.

Kimmy Granger top reality kings teen

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5. 2 Chicks Same Time with Hope Howell and Logan Pierce

Hot brunette Hope Howell is hanging out with her girlfriend Kimmy Granger and her husband Logan Pierce for a movie night. They’ve spent a bit of time watching the movie but Kimmy Granger got really horny in the process and she couldn’t help but reach down to her man’s massive stiff cock and start sucking on it.

She liked that Hope was watching her do the dirty deed and was hoping that she would join in for the fun. Hope just kept watching for a few seconds with a shocked stare, but she couldn’t help herself in the sight of such a massive cock. She soon stripped her top and started sucking on Logan’s huge penis.

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Things are going well for Logan as he now has both his wife Kimmy and her sexy girlfriend sucking hard on his dick. Things eventually turn a lot dirtier as clothes start to fall off the ladies and they start to get their wet pussies pounded. Loud moans follow as the three of them have the wildest sexy adventure together.

They turned an innocent movie time into some passionate sex. They sure know how to get down when its time to get dirty. You can check this sizzling hot threesome at by following the link we provided.

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4. Morning Sex – Wake Up!

Kimmy Granger has just woken up beside her man Logan Pierce and she asked him to give her a massage. Logan always likes to rub on Kimmy’s body parts so he gladly agrees. He gives Kimmy a sensual foot massage. She is enjoying every moment of having her feet in Logan’s caring hands and she also enjoys when he suddenly starts to rub her other body parts as well.

Logan moves up to her legs and then starts to rub on her beautiful round breasts and Kimmy gets more and more turned on with each move he makes. It’s getting real sizzling hot between them and more and more fun as Logans hand moves between Kimmy’s legs.

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Her pussy is already dripping wet but Logan’s delicate fingers convince her that some hot morning sex is in order. She quickly slips out of her pajamas and starts to suck on Loan’s huge cock, returning this wonderful favor to him.

Both of them slip off of their clothes and indulge in some passionate sex. Things start out a bit slow as Logan aims to be as gentle as possible but Kimmy insists for him to go harder and harder. Loud moans follow as they work each other towards a hot orgasmic experience.

It is a sizzling hot morning for Kimmy and Logan that you can check out at, along with a lot of other videos that feature Kimmy Granger.

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3. Punished School Girl

Pale skinned teen schoolgirl Kimmy Granger just got home after a long day and her boyfriend surprised her by tying her hands and legs to their bed. Kimmy is anticipating whats about to happen next and what her horny boyfriend will do to her.

When he arrives, he slaps and fingers her wet teen pussy and makes him moan a little, then sticks it into her mouth for a lovely blowjob. Once Kimmy is turned on, he gets released and gets her wet little pussy licked clean. She always enjoys having some sweet oral sex and she is moaning out loud with every hot move her boy makes to please her. It’s getting more and more hot with every move they make.

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Kimmy chooses to stay bent over and would rather do things doggy style so she starts to bang her nice round ass against her man, enjoying as he’s large penis slips in and out of her with each rough move she makes. Nothing can hold her back from experiencing a smoking hot orgasm and she does everything in her power to have one.

This sexy skinny schoolgirl gets a pounding unlike ever before and goes all out, getting her fat pink pussy stretched to the absolute max.

Kimmy Granger sexy brunette porn star

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2. Young Tart In Tiara Royally Fucked

Shapely and athletic teen queen Kimmy Granger enters the scene in high heels which go perfectly with her long sexy legs. Her booty slips out of her short jeans pretty easily and that’s when director and horny stud Mike Adriano moves in to examine that sweet ass and have some fun with Kimmy.

She gives him a worshipful blowjob as she is very impressed with that huge cock. Mike tries to stuff that dick into her throat as deep as possible, making cute Kimmy gag a little. After a bit more trash talk it doesn’t take long for her to have it right inside her dripping wet pussy.

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Things turn into a radical pussy fucking adventure as Mike wrecks Kimmy’s pussy unlike anyone before. Yet she continues to scream out loud asking for more and more with each move Mike makes. Her loud moans make Mike want to wreck that hot pussy harder and harder. She craves to get Mike’s dirty load and won’t stop until she has it all.

It gets crazier than expected which is just how Kimmy likes it. She loves to have a bit of surprise in her sexy adventures. You can see the full story by following the link we provided.

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1. Cummy Kimmy

Kimmy Granger is a naughty teen girl who is constantly seeking to have a fresh sexy adventure. Today, she went to the cum house. She heard that there are some seriously dirty things happening there and all the girls walk away satisfied. This sounded like the perfect place for her to get that sweet wet pussy wrecked.

Luckily, she knew the password and could easily walk through the door. Once he was in, she sat down to show some of her sizzling hot masturbation skills and impress the guys there. He quickly caught Peter Green’s attention who went over there to give him a taste of his cock.

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Kimmy instantly grabbed it and did some serious lolly popping. She really wanted to have a wild fuck today, so she humped right on Peter’s massive dick and started to ride it in the cowgirl pose. Peter turned the tables with the missionary position and almost made her cum.

She then bent over to get that sweet round ass pounded in doggy style and continued until she made Peter cum on her. She was glad to wank on that cock and take a dirty load to her face. Kimmy just loves that kind of stuff.

Her adventure in the Cum House sure satisfied her and she walked away with maximum satisfaction, making an incredibly hot video. You can check it out by following the link we provided to

Kimmy Granger blowjob on Reality Kings

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