Cherie DeVille in the Latest Mommy’s Girl Episode

Boy, did we fix a hella of a treat for you to devour today! I told you that attaining Sex Top Lists on the usual basis will make your life longer, and Cherie DeVille is one of the reason why. Cherie DeVille was born on August 30th, 1978 in North Carolina. Durham was the birthplace, however, she was raised in Washington DC to parents of French-Canadian descent.


In her earlier childhood, she was a nurtured young girl taken places where average kids cannot thread on because they cannot afford it, and later as an adult, she worked as a physiotherapist, then mixed it with erotic modeling and finally – porn industry as the designated destination.

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She was a latecomer, joined on November 2012, when she was immediately grouped into MILF, due to her incredible physique. Extended to a 1.62m reach, weighing 55kg where probably a third of her total weight is stored in her 34D boobs. For 6 incomplete years, she did over 500 scenes, and this very scene we’re informing you of is the newest incoming!

Winning MILF of the year award for the second consecutive year, this is an honorary scene shot in Montreal, featuring 3 lesbians, our girl Cherie DeVille, Scarlett Sage and Ivy Wolfe, three wild blondes passionately fucking each other, mostly thanks to Cherie who established pretty good lesbian legacy during her early porn career years, and so Scarlett and Ivy want to learn from the best cougar in town!

Stills by Alan, the director of this mini-movie, talked about the scene that he made on the GirlsWay grounds, his deployment where GirlsWay reigns. His laudable speech about the girls just boosted our tempers about it, and we hardly wait to see what good-looking is cooking in this mere scene!

Alan told that he couldn’t find better individuals than these three gals, saying that Cherie’s performances are simply incredible, Scarlett is communicative and fun to work with, and Ivy, who’s a rookie, it’s just her second performance and it’s promising that they’re building an unassailable long-term relationship with her. These aren’t his words directly, I paraphrased it in order too look more professional, but Alan made sure to keep it plain forward.

Lesbian porn always awakened unique thrills in our system, especially when the female-strictly cast features girls that fit the role casually so that it doesn’t seem like the girl is forced to eat pussy if she doesn’t want it at all!

That’s why these three lunatic blondes are stunningly beautiful, plus they know the business. All the credits go to GirlsWay for making it happen, they’re the reason and the stronghold of lesbian porn, probably the archive of best lesbian videos in the world!

Mommy’s Girl – Spitting Image, the Last Episode

Of course, it is related to step-family porn, that’s proven to be the best one for today, best-selling on the current market us humans are holding, unfortunately. Ivy is momma Cherie’s lovely stepdaughter, who is just over-adventurous sometimes, trying to experiment any cause given to her!

Ivy has visible affection towards Cherie, seen from an airplane going to Viet Cong how transparent it is. She was showing the dress to her uninterested sexy mom, yielding efforts that wind up unattained. Poor Ivy goes to Scarlett to complain about her stepmom, who allegedly married her dad when she was so young. She basically is her real mom, how she explains it.

Without no positive outcome, and no luck, there’s nothing that can compel Cherrie to notice Ivy these days, but Scarlett has a plan. Nevertheless, she’ll slide into her bed while she’s sleeping with the blindfold to surprise-scissor her, and when she makes her hot enough, she’ll Tag Your It – Ivy to enter the brawl.

Of course, Scarlett will put back Cherie’s blindfold so that she cannot differ anybody who’s teasing and toying her pussy, but eventually, when the passed the climax stage, Cherie was speechless to see these two mischevious girls in bed with her! Find out more in the link below!


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The 5 Most Popular Girlsway Videos with Cherie DeVille

5. GirlsWay – You Tricked Me

Go Shawty it’s your B-Day!!! I hear unnecessary whining about a natural reaction to a sweet booty, overhearing Samantha Rone talking on the phone to her friend Tara. She was apparently at her stepmom’s house for the weekend, and Tara was the vent to escape from the reality which is that Cherie has a crush on her own stepdaughter.

As living proof was the last dinner they had, when Cherie glided her fancy heels on Samantha’s smooth skin, following an awkward stare with spoon grabbing and licking like it’s dick (for normal girls, since Cherie is a hardcore lesbian). It was a gesture-proposition type of agreement, and Samantha was reluctant at first.

Any other time is a hard time living with her stepmom, and after she was finished talking to her girlfriend, going by the fridge to fix a meal or snatch a milk bottle to pour all over her sexy body, either way, it’s highly advisable. Cherie came in from her behind and slapped that booty like it’s her territory, which totally frightened poor Samantha!

One day, Cherie left blankets of paper with writings on it, that’s used as a direction guide where Samantha needs to go to receive her prize, which Cherie vouched that she got for her. It was red lingerie with luxurious appealing red heels to match the outfit, and a blindfold with an arm-restraining rug to keep Samantha glued to her spot before Cherie slowly approaches her to do strange things… Stay tuned.


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4. GirlsWay – Seducing Your Friends

eems like I really craved for Cherie’s roles as a comforting stepmom that keeps soothing all her sinful children over and over again. The plot is similar to the last one, however, it’s Taylor Whyte who is having issues with her relationship with men recently. She started slamming on her cheating boyfriend apparently.

That couldn’t have gone unnoticed, bypassing her stepmom’s ears and eyes, as the caring mother overheard the bullish talk (read – not bullsh*t!) and goes to her room to cool the tense situation! They’re the house they took residence of seems like a fortress to me more than a place for two to stay!

Nevertheless, Cherie goes to her room when they just finished phoning, and devastated Taylor was standing there looking all disappointed in the male species, so Cherie ambushed her to strengthen that immense general opinion – stereotype about men. However, Taylor wasn’t the flower in the relationship in the first place, because she didn’t give her boyfriend any sex at all, which caught the eye of Cherie like a thorn.

The hot mature Cherie explained that she cannot keep a guy at this day and age she currently has, it’s impossible, so Cherie tries to talk sense into her, but actions are a better proof than that. So, they took a seat on the comfy bed, with questions like ‘When is the last time you got an orgasm?’ and intimate queries like that, and eventually, Cherrie demonstrated to her daughter to show her how it’s done!


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3. GirlsWay – The Birds and The Bees

Why am I pretending to be unaware of the fact that I chose these videos and all of them feature Cherie as God’s mother, no, not Godmother! I haven’t thought about it much sincerely, so we’ll keep the fashion of putting the GirlsWay title before the porn title, like a sign of paying respect, that’s all.

Anyway, we’ve been enclosed information about how Cherrie is struggling with her stepdaughter because they fell distant too much that it’s hard to have a normal conversation with her on a basis. Households share the same problem, but not Alli Rae because her father doesn’t even think about ‘The Talk’ with his daughter!

That’s why Cherie wanted to consult a friend, while she was observing Allie Rae by the pool from afar, where she cannot see her. She wanted to take responsibility as a mother to finally talk to her about it, so she joins her by the pool. Allie gladly and welcomely greets her mother to join, and they stooped into real talk.

Cherie tried her best not to be relentless as she speaks, however, she did learn from Allie that’s she’s lesbian (just like her, subliminally) and there’s no reason to hide it from anybody. She starts taking off her stepdaughter’s bikini to prove her that everything is okay with it, and the rest is history. Find out more by clicking on the link and watching the trailer!


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2. GirlsWay – It’s Stuck

How on Earth can you live by the normal standards, when you’ve got a mom as whack as Cherie DeVille is? What you think about the cause, Megan Rain, if that’s your real name at all?! Nonetheless, she was peacefully studying in her room, reading and learning about the most unimportant things in the world that’s completely different to the practise and all, classic bullshit that we learn in college that’s applicable, when all of a sudden this happened –

Cherie screamed ‘Megan’ like her arms were chopped off by a serial killer, and Megan viciously rushed into her room to help her, first aid, when she stumbled to her stepmom sitting on the bed with her sexy yellowish lingerie on, and Megan turned all ears to listen to her genius mom of what just happened. Apparently, she’s got a pipeline problem, and we aren’t talking about regular plumbing!

In fact, she was masturbating with a giant dildo, and she oddly tightened and squeezed her insides which stuck the utility inside. You know the drill, Megan, it’s time to become a crane a stick it out of her sexy stepmom’s vagina! Now, this is when things really commenced, shit got down, and it got heavy to interpret.

Megan sliced her entire palm inside her stepmom’s pussy, and Cherie felt pleasure rather than pain, and Megan was just rummaging through her pussy like it’s a drawer until she palpated the dildo, and she barely succeeded in unjamming it.

But damn, I think I can fit my entire head in that pussy, almost like I can experience rebirth from DeVille’s vagina, and that’d be a good thing since it would make me her stepson, and you know what privileges stepfamilies tend to have nowadays! Especially at Cherie’s house of rules!


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1. GirlsWay – Two Moms are Better Than One, Part Two

Before you think of Cherie in doubles, no she didn’t clone herself to make a number one scene on Sex Top Lists, because it’s not the only way of reaching the top spot on our top-shelf porn guidance and reviews. But it was quite close to it since Angela Sommers is also a great booty of a MILF! See the further thread about her. Wow, I’m becoming a bot, bit by bit, maybe I’m replaced by an AI!

Anyway, Angela dropped by to thank Uma Jolie‘s stepmom how well she cares about her stepdaughter by helping her out with the obligations. It was a farce about beach and dipping in the ocean or sea, however, it turned to a greater problem, with a snap of a finger! You just see Angela storming out from the bedroom to the living room, with Uma and Cherie following her footsteps butt-ass naked to elaborate the elaborate situation she just saw!

It’s not what she thinks it is, Cherie was only teaching Uma about masturbating, as a nice round of class before going for a swim. Angela was both furious and shocked, settling on the couch with her hands on her face! It was a disgrace, but they managed to talk sense to her because it wasn’t how it looked like, it was only a simple pinch of practice and demonstration!

She bought the cheap story you call a vague mist, and they somehow got under her skin and made her take off her clothes, and right after that was finished, the 3 got into a sticky threesome where they connected via pussies and tongue-licks, and it seems like Uma fucked both her stepmom and biological mother! I told you porn is slowly accepting the imposed, first-family sex! It’s just about to establish and embed into our brains!


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