Nicolette Shea is the next Jenna Jameson


Some may consider it as a bold statement, but it’s not. Nicolette IS THE NEXT BEST THING, and many of the renown porn magazines already approved this. It ain’t all spotless you know, may my title be a bit clickbait-y, because Nicolette subjectively deems herself to become the next sexy Jenna Jameson.


Nicolette is six feet tall, is quite thick and an intimidating presence in the porn league, however, she may sound too cocky at the start. She’s been into the similar business working as a model since 2011, she even acquired Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month on that October. Just in 2017, she was inducted into the narrow-list of porn stars, and that was a vague step-in because she is 32-years-old, a bit beyond her prime time.

Born on November 18th, 1986 in Las Vegas, she has clearly been listed into the MILF category. Recently, at the 2018 Brazzers awards, she snatched a groundbreaking number of 5 awards, one of which was the prize for her most-viewed scene.

Most of the previously mentioned magazines and blogs doubt of the cause which makes Shea famous in the first place. Since petite girls are the standard today in the porn industry, it’s understandable that most magazines doubted the award. Shea is a total contra to it – she’s thick, tall and reminds of those sleek busty princesses who’ve been popular in the past.

Shea is the ‘wish we could turn back time to the good ol’ days’ type of girl. Her 34F tits embrace the top of the line in womanhood for sure, but it depends on what the public wants to see. For just one year, she’s been very successful and she’s still very promising.

Starting from dancing at a few of US countries and later being recognized and closely-connected to Playboy via her friend, she found herself fortunate to be labeled as Playboy Cyber Girl. She told AVN that she especially loves the circa time from 1997 to 2002 of Playboy before reconfiguration, those Playboy girls at that period were astonishing!

She closely resembles Jenna Jameson and she’s definitely a THICK BEAUTY! Shea acquired the porn humor and is quite crew-friendly. Shea’s always a joy to work with as a co-star! Like she’s been in the business for decades! Her jaw-dropping sex appeal is at the mere beginning, and we hardly wait for the final product!

For now, we made a laidback top 6 list of Shea’s best ever scenes over the past year, and don’t worry, there were plenty to choose from despite the small period of time! Sex Top Lists is proud to present:

6. Brazzers – Parent Teacher Cumference

Dearest readers I forgot to note to you that it’s a Brazzers exclusive article and toplist, so don’t expect from me to step out of my constraints given by the Brazzers scenarios which are pretty transparent and way too obvious, just going down to fucking. What I like to point out about Brazzers is the useful add-on below the video.

The add-on features triggering shortcuts that direct you to the segment of the video which spells the sex position, and the situation by-and-large, for an example: ’00:42 – Missionary’ or ‘2:32 Gagging’ and what not. Gleaming but brief detail, however its extremely useful if you want to jump right into the action!

Nevertheless, to our battle stations, buckle up! Nicolette Shea and Ariella Ferrera are raising a son, and they’re hardly maintaining the tough life of an unusual marriage like theirs! Nicolette roles the housewife while Ariela is the financial director of the household, and together they’re facing difficulties with their son’s teacher Johnny. He arranged a private meeting with the pair, however, Ariella left a terrible impression by arriving late from work.

Nicolette manages to keep Mr. Johnny out of the school system by hitting on him. However, Ariella as well wanted to taste some cock which made her spouse jealous making her realize that she’s in need of dick after all. They can either sit there and pout or storm Johnny’s cock out and fuck him brainless! Guess what they chose!


5. Brazzers – Not My Brothers Keeper

Luck alert! Top 5 categories that have lately struck diamonds on demand and expanded like it’s candy on December 31st! What is wrong with you people? Wasn’t my boring ass plea understood? There’s so much more to porn than just some defenseless guy spectating, accepting the situation!

Nicolette is an ungrateful brat that’s packed with charisma (and tits) that you simply cannot retain mad at her. She’s blessed to have a husband who’s looking out for anything, throws stuff to the trash bin, washes the dishes, sweet talks to her, gifts her, does his and her chores, but that’s not simply enough. He hasn’t got a wild side.

He doesn’t get turned on when she’s in her lingerie and she cannot conduct her fantasies anywhere. One day, her husband stumbled on his brother Danny D and he’s home visiting and once he firmly gripped his brother’s wife he squeezed her ass so that we can see his lust for that nice big booty!

That night Nicolette was horny as fuck, but her man was asleep long time ago, so she went aimlessly to the bathroom when Danny left his room at the same time. Everybody knows that he’s got a big dick, and Nicolette has a big wish to circumvent her troubles, so Danny nailed her all night long while his brother was probably dreaming of soda pop! Classic American drama!


4. Brazzers – ZZ SneakShot Superstars

The senseless drama continues and it’s reaching for excellence! First world problems at its finest! Anyway, ZZ Sneakshots‘ popular account was Nicolette’s, she’s been atop of that throne claiming the top views for quite a time, her seductiveness, sexiness, submissiveness was at an envious level!

In fact, so envious that Moriah Mills tried to snatch her glory and fame and succeeded, having over 3 million loyal followers on ZZ Sneakshot behind Nicolette’s sexy back! Nicolette was devastated because she never wanted to trail behind someone for a comforting number two, so she’s ready to do whatever she can to regain that popularity!

The social media scandal continued to outbreak relentlessly, but Nicolette’s moving idea shook the SneakShot, because she offered to her fans her resident address to find her, and the first one to knock on her door gets a night sleepover at her place! People were screaming Nicolette’s name, she probably caused car accidents around that area!

Nevertheless, she was balls deep with her mouth deepthroating that fan when Moriah came in to school that uneducated bitch, but she only caused a flawless threesome between the fans and the stars, where taken out of context, the fans are screwing with the stars! Long live the proletariat!


3. Brazzers – Don’t Bring Your Sister Around Me

Guys do know how burdened can you become in the company of your wife’s evil sister. Keiran’s the right case standing for us men and he absolutely condemns his wife’s sister while she probably feels the same way! Recently, Nicolette’s life made a U-turn and she became a foxy looking hottie, and she’s plotting revenge!

The target, logically, is Kerian and the discourse is about his presence in general. He’s just irritating. She wants to apply reverse psychology on him, playing hard to get, and he’ll wind up begging for his wife’s sister’s warm pussy! One day, he was showering when she got in with a fancy silk-made bathrobe to play with his feelings!

She got her perfectly round tits out and they could be seen from 200 miles above, and that was her agenda, to seduce him and make his jaws drop to his balls that eventually drop to the floor! Once they got engaged in fluid movement, she started sucking his cock, but didn’t let him finish after a nice prestigious blowjob with lots of deepthroats!

Keiran’s excruciating man’s pain was subdued the moment after when he finally got Nicolette’s preordered butt. He got outsmarted, still, win’s a win, he got her mood-altering beautiful ass and he’s the truest winner here. His wife, in fact, knotted the tighter ending. What a convenient idiom.


2. Brazzers – Tasting the Trophy Wife

Casey Calvert, born Floridian, 1990 is looking for a summer job to establish a safe financial flow, and she got fixed with a gig at Nicolette Shea’s mansion. It is that the pool-cleaning branch is a bit downsizing, however, desperate times call for desperate measures to be vowed, so she isn’t concerned.

Besides, Nicolette is a sweet ass, sweet-coated MILF who’s always in a great mood, greeting the people in her vicinity and giving her a great time and view when she’s collecting litter from the pool. A sight for sore eyes when she’s beside the pool tanning her tasty tits bits and spreading tan oil all over her sexy body like she’s being filmed for it!

Casey couldn’t resist her shocking, tense spirit and appearance! The job ain’t dull anymore when you can grasp Nicolette by both sides and squeeze out the artificial thickness from her giant tatas! So long has Casey waited until this moment, so many times the pool has been cleaned and nothing. But now the day has come.

Nicolette asked her pool-cleaning lady Casey Calvert to help her with her lotion. A nice massage ensues after the benevolent request, so Casey started sensually rubbing Nicolette’s stuffy and curvy body to smooth her around the edges and that turned into a lesbian fiesta quite quickly! They haven’t had all day to smooch each other’s pussies because husband Charles is on his way home and everybody knows what follows his entrance! A threesome with TWO PAIRS of tits THAT IS!


1. Brazzers – Bath Bombshell

Another scene where Bombshell addressed by the name of Nicolette was rough around the edges before stooping into contact with proper people which would make her look fantastic! And who’s at his best at doing the job, but the sex reporter who swung by to interview this lovely princess to open up a profile on her.

Hope it’s not a dossier file on a manifold because Nicolette’s tits could be used as a cold weapon which can be very dangerous! Atrocious! But nah, she wouldn’t hurt a fly because she’s too fly to bug out with creepers like reporters. The famous porn star regrets what she thought since she liked what she saw about the reporter.

Since he’s here, Nicolette figure why wouldn’t she have a little fun, plus, he brings his camera piece for a short movie, why won’t they make it a Norweigan action pack? Reporter Xander Corvus thought he was on a harmless on-duty field, he couldn’t even predict what would happen right after he talked a bit with the cutie! Prepare for a bombing headline for tomorrow fellow Xander!

He got her in the bath-tub with aqua blue soap or color or whatever the hell that was which made her warm bath entirely blue and not see-through how water regularly looks. Her tits were pointing out because the color sprouted and rooted there because it’s the sturdiest! I wonder how her pussy coped with that disective liquid, it must’ve gotten into her and gave her STDs!

But, let’s not end it like this, Xander got his penis to work without leaving no colorful marks on it because Nicolette is one clean lady, right before being a sexy ass MILF that’s always in the mood for a stiff cock!


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