Top 10 Richest Pornstars in the World

Richest Pornstars Ever

The porn industry has become huge worldwide and there are millions of actresses who try their best to become famous. Seeing how some of the highest earning actresses make so much money, they also try their luck, but unfortunately, many of them do not have what it takes.

In order to become a professional adult actress, these girls need to have a certain mindset and they need to enjoy having sex, as this is what they are going to do for a living. In today’s list, you will see who some of the most paid adult actresses are and you will also learn why this is the case.

As there are so many different genres of porn, there will be entries that only fall into one category, but there are also going to be some who have tried out many types of porn movies, techniques and scenes throughout their career.

10. Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz was born in Ukraine, but at the age of 7, she and her family moved to Canada, where she grew up. Before she started acting in adult movies, Nikki was trying to make a living by working in strip clubs. Once she started her acting career, suddenly movie contracts and a variety of different scenes became available.

Not only that she is a professional in her field, but she is also a funny and entertaining person when she is not in a sex scene. Currently, there are hundreds of scenes and movies that you can enjoy from her and the list gets bigger every day.

Her bra size is 34DD and she has a gorgeous body that men from all around the world dream about. You can see her in all sorts of different scenes, such as interracial, gangbang, shower scenes and she loves to do scenes with her fellow porn actresses as well.

Net worth: $1 000 000

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9. Tori Black

This 27-year-old brunette from the United States has made a name for herself in the porn industry back in 2007 at the age of 18. Since then, Tori has starred in a plethora of amazing movies and scenes and she was also nominated for over 50 awards over the years, from which she has won 22. She won the “AVN Female Performer of the Year Award” two times back-to-back in 2010 and 2011. This has never been recorded in history before and this is why so many people adore her.

Her arsenal contains many types of scenes and she has also starred in a variety of fetish porn as well. Currently, she is the mother of two children and she is taking a break from the porn industry.

Net worth: $1 500 000

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8. Asa Akira

When it comes to Asian fetish, Asa Akira is the go-to person for millions of people around the globe. She was born in Manhattan, to Japanese parents and she started her career as a dominatrix at the age of 19. Since then, there have been numerous entries to her list of movies and scenes and she has never looked back.

Regardless of what type of porn you like to watch, you can surely find something that you will like about Asa Akira, as she has a magnificent body paired with an impressive talent when it comes to porn movies. She has worked with almost all famous production companies and her scenes consist of girl-on-girl, interracial, deepthroat, anal, as well as a variety of other, more bizarre scenes.

Net Worth: $1 800 000

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7. Gianna Michaels

If you like busty girls, Gianna is an amazing pick for you! Not only that she has huge breasts, but as you can see from her porn movies, she is a little bit crazy as well. This is a great thing, especially when you are watching one of her movies. Not only that she loves to have sex, but she also makes a lot of money from it.

She started out as a model, and then she started doing nude modeling, which led to starring in pornographic movies. Since then, she has made hundreds of movies and even more scenes. She has starred in many types of scenes and you can find all of them on the internet by simply searching for it.

Gianna has received many awards, such as the “Best On-Screen Chemistry” in 2006, “Unsung Starlet of the Year” in 2008 and “Best Three-Way Sex Scene” in 2011, which she received for her scene with Sophie Dee & Justin Long.

Net worth: $2 000 000

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6. Lisa Ann

You like older women with amazing breasts, Lisa Ann will surely spark your interest. She is considered a MILF by many, even though she does not have any children. She also has a plethora of scenes and movies to her name and she has starred in all sorts of movies.

One of her main roles was parodying the former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin in 6 different movies. This was largely due to the fact that so many people saw the resemblance and they wanted more!

Net worth: $2 000 000

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5. Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey has starred in many types of movies and scenes, but she might be mostly known for her skills when it comes to deepthroating. She has shown the world how it’s done and she has made a name for herself with this skill.

You can find a variety of different scenes where she deepthroats a guy and in each of them, she is resilient and she loves it. You can see that she enjoys being dominated and forced to gag, as most of her scenes consist of this.

Sasha has a nice body with smaller breasts, but she is still adored by millions of fans from around the Globe.

Net worth: $3 000 000

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4. Bree Olson

This 29 years old, cute girl from Texas has truly made an impact on the porn industry with her contribution. Bree has starred in almost 500 adult movies and scenes, while she has also made a few appearances in mainstream media. For example, she played a babysitter in the TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and a few music videos as well.

She also received various awards for her roles and there are all sorts of movies and scenes that you can watch from her.

Net worth: $5 000 000

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3. Jesse Jane

Jesse Jane is a magnificently looking blonde and she has many videos that we can watch to this day. Her movies cover various fetishes and this is exactly why she has been nominated for so many awards; from which she has also won many.

She is still acting today and there are new movies and scenes coming out starring her. Jesse also has her own website, where you can see many videos and pictures, and you can also choose to purchase the fleshlight which represents her mouth, vagina or asshole.

Net worth: $8 000 000

2. Tera Patrick

Tera started out as a teenage model, but soon she was introduced to the porn industry. She is currently one of the highest paid porn actresses and there is a good reason behind this. Not only that she looks amazing, but she also has her very own production company as well.

You can find all sorts of movies starring her and regardless of what you like; you are going to enjoy watching her scenes. If you search for Tera on the internet, you will see threesomes, blowjob scenes as well as a variety of retro movies.

Net worth: $15 000 000

1. Jenna Jameson

Just like many other pornographic actresses, Jenna Jameson started out as a stripper and model, but her achievements can hardly be compared to other actresses. The reason behind this is that she became famous thanks to the scenes and movies that define the porn that we watch today. She made her first full-length movie in 1993. Currently, she guests stars in TV shows, such as Sons of Anarchy. And she is also the sexy girl in Eminem’s Superman video clip.

Unfortunately, in 2008 Jenna Jameson has retired from the porn industry, but you are still able to see her in one of her webcam shows.

Net worth: $30 000 000

There you have it, a list of the most popular and the richest female pornographic actresses around the world. If you crave to see more of them, be sure to look around the internet, as you can find amazing content for free. Regardless of who you choose, you will be more than happy with the final outcome.

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