Top 10 shaved Asian Pornstars

The Internet is filled with great websites that we can watch porn on. This is a great opportunity to find out what we like and what our fetishes might be. There are various categories which we can choose to view, mostly depending on our preferences.

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When it comes to Asian porn, what many people do not like is the extensive number of actresses with hairy pussies. This is a huge turn-off for many people, but thankfully there are a number of scenes as well as actresses who regularly shave their private parts so they could appeal to those who prefer a clean shaved muffin.

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This list will contain some of the most beautiful and well-received Asian pornstars that the industry has to offer. If you like Asian girls, but you do not enjoy looking at a bush; this is the list for you. Of course, each of these actresses might have a scene or two where they do not have a clean shaven pussy, but most of their scenes allow you to look at their downstairs area without having to view a lot of hair.

10. Kaiya Lynn

This 39-year-old actress has been in the porn industry for quite a while now, and she has starred in a variety of scenes and movies. Her filmography contains over 40 full-length movies and numerous scenes.

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The great thing about Kaiya Lynn is that she is not afraid of trying new things; this is exactly the reason why you are able to see her in many positions and doing various nasty things. Her pussy is almost always clean shaven and you are never going to see her with a full frontal bush. This is a very important thing for many people, and thankfully, Kaiya Lynn does not disappoint.

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For those who like to watch their favorite actresses in different positions, Kaiya Lynn is a great choice, as she has anal, deepthroat, threesome as well as many other types of scenes that you are able to enjoy. In each of her scenes, you can see how much she enjoys her job and she does everything to please her partner as well as the audience.

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9. Minami Kitagawa

Minami Kitagawa is not as well-known as other entries on this list, but regardless, she has some nice scenes that we are able to explore. She also has a couple of full-length movies as well, so you are surely able to find enough content about her to satisfy your needs.

Her measurements are 90/59/93 and she was born in 1977. You are not going to see Minami with a hairy pussy, and this is exactly why so many people love to follow and watch her. She also stars in a variety of scenes, such as POV, foursome, creampie and many others.

This very cute Asian actress is highly recommended for anybody who likes watching Asian girls having great sex, and enjoy the dirty things they do.

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8. Himena Ebihara

This lovely girl is another cute actress with a nice pussy. Regardless of how many partners she has, she always does a fantastic job. In most of her videos, she is clean shaven, but you are able to find videos where she shaves her pussy in front of the camera, or someone else does it for her.

If you enjoy these types of scenes, you are able to find many hours of entertainment by Himena Ebihara.

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You can see her in many porn movies. For example, you can watch her get teased with multiple toys, get gangbanged by a couple of guys or simply watch her masturbate. Regardless of what you like, her videos and scenes will provide the necessary pleasure.

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7. Michelle Maylene

Michelle Maylene is a petite Asian pornstar who has started her career as an erotic dancer, after which she starred in her first full-length porn movie. She’s not your typical porn actress, as she has done many other things in her life as well, such as playing a big role in TV shows and other media.

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Of course, regardless of what she has also done, she has dozens of amazing porn scenes and movies to her name, that she proudly shows off. Michelle might not have a clean shaven pussy in every single scene, but she is at least nicely trimmed in all of them.

If you like smaller girls do a bunch of wild things; this 29 years old actress is the right one for you!

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6. Aika Hoshino

Her big brown eyes and nice, natural breasts are surely going to mesmerize anyone who likes Asian girls. She likes to dress up in cute outfits, wear cat ears as well as other furry accessories, but her pussy is always nice and clean shaved.

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In the selection of scenes that Aika has to offer, you will find videos where she gets fingered, fucked and she loves to suck dick. You can also find some BDSM scenes where she is bound and forced to orgasm with the help of a variety of toys and vibrators.

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5. Jayna Oso

The 34-year-old actress from the United States is not afraid to try anything; as you can see from her arsenal of porn related videos. Not only that she has a nice and smooth pussy, but at the same time, Jayna stars in amazing scenes of all kinds.

You can see her get manhandled by two guys, in interracial scenes, she loves to deepthroat and she also has many other rough movies.

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In almost all of her videos, she takes the whole load either in her mouth or onto her face and she loves it. If you like hardcore scenes in which Asian girls are getting destroyed, this actress is surely able to bring that to the table.[jayna_asian_shaved]

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4. Ava Devine

Ava Devine is a legendary porn actress who has done numerous movies in the years that she worked in the porn industry. This 42-year-old actress from China is considered by many a MILF, even though she does not have any kids. She doesn’t even want kids, as her life has been dedicated to her work; the porn industry.

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Ava Devine is very talented at deepthroating and you can find many scenes where she shows this skill off. She also stars in many rough porn movies and scenes, and she also does all sorts of other things as well.

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She temporarily retired from the industry back in 2005 because of breast reduction surgery, but even today, her still big tits and very ferocious attitude will surprise everyone.

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3. Kaylani Lei

Even if you find a movie where she is not clean shaved, at least she is going to be trimmed nicely. This beautiful woman has over 200 movies that she partook in and she also won various awards, such as the “Best Female Performer” and “Best Cumback” award in 2008 and she was also the “Contract Starlet of the Year” in 2005.

Her career is very impressive and this is exactly why Kaylani Lei takes the third place on this list.

When she was not acting in adult movies, she hosted a radio show, aptly named “Me So Horny with Kaylani Lei”. She also guest-starred in other famous radio shows and on radio stations.

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2. Annie Cruz

This petite American porn actress is widely known for her outrageous porn scenes; for which she also received an award in 2009. Her scenes consist of anal, bondage, threesome, gangbang as well as girl-on-girl. Since she has so many movies and scenes, you might find somewhere she has some hair on her pussy, but most of the time it is only going to be a landing strip or something similar.

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When Annie Cruz doesn’t star in a porn related movie, she is a relationship adviser, dating coach as well as a web designer. She also briefly delved into boxing, but after only two wins, she retired as she feared that she might sustain injuries which may interfere with her acting career.

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1. Asa Akira

This 30-year-old beauty has taken the porn industry by storm. There are millions of fans around the world who eagerly await a new movie or scene from her. Currently, she is ranked #19 in the Pornstars Hit Rankings, and I can understand why this is the case.

Her beautiful face, magnificent eyes, and astonishingly good looking body are only a small fraction of why she is so famous. Another reason is that she has tried almost everything in her career.

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Regardless of what your fetish might be, you can find an Asa Akira scene with that particular fetish. This is one of the main reasons why she ranked as #1 on this list.[asa_shaved_asian]

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If you are looking for pornographic content of Asian girls who are clean- or partially shaved, this list should help you achieve your goal. None of the girls on this list have a full frontal bush down there, so you do not have to worry about finding that.

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