The 6 of the Hottest Newcomer Pornstars of Naughty America

Countless articles dedicated to Naughty America exceptionally have passed-by us like they never were stocking in our orbit. I just felt like something negligible kept pulling my sleeve, however, I was too blind to see who it was all this time until it hit me!

Time flew through our lives, bringing new gifts that are still keeping on giving, novelties wrapped up as a present – that was PornCodex, that diverted my attention from Naughty America and maintained it ’till I fully established valuable information on it, while NA waited for me like the wife material that you ditched a couple of years back.

Thankfully, and that’s total grace from my side, they brought me back with their hands expanded from utmost left to the utmost right and braced me like a long lost child that you also ditched, by leaving for Mexico after you realized that your pull-out game was weak as shit. Welcome back, daddy, this is Naughty America again, with some hot bitches that were induced recently in their archive of babes.

They’re reaching out for more as we speak, and they just surprise us every time with those barely legal cuties that look like they’re 27 or plus. What is it with the young adults these days? I’m seeing an age of consent law being re-regulated and lowered to a smaller age, incoming!

I’m not complaining, but that’s too constructive an information to criticise, for now, don’t want to aspire and encourage some evil state corporations to do such things, at least not in the meantime.

But I swear, if I was given the privilege to rate the babes from 1-10 like any typical scale, the reasoning would push the number off the charts that you couldn’t simply compare a girl with a proper number because it obfuscates her integrity in the whole porn industry!

The entire blame is on Naughty America for making it happen, for allocating the best girls all to themselves, so if things get out of hand, you know they’re addressing. Fire the charges, at will, soldiers! Enjoy the Sex Top List of their greasiest, sexy, new babes in the inventory!

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6. Stephanie West

I’d appreciate it if Naughty America would’ve displayed the official date she signed her first contract with them so that I get spared from the search of finding the first video a girl shot. Ok with Stephanie West, she’s joined just 6 months earlier and made 5 movies for now, so I don’t have to dig the multiple pages ranging to 10 or more and all that. The opportunity cost of it is just too high! I’m taking my talents elsewhere, where I’ll be nurtured dang it!

Anyway, Stephanie West is a loveable blondie that’s got an undefined face. Meaning, her jawlines and outlines generally aren’t prominent too much, so it seems like, with all her blankness and brightness, like she doesn’t have any darker shades on her body, no influence of sun defect!

  • Stephanie has a growing number of followers on her Twitter page, make sure to follow her for more updates

That’s pretty pale for a blonde color, but it suits her well. Especially when she reveals her 34C tits that seem like two cash bags with loads of coins in them and I surely am not talking about any crypto bitcoin fraudulent. She belongs to the starlet age group, born on April 1st, 1992, far from being an April Fools joke.

Strange that she wasn’t introduced earlier, she’s shining on-scene talent with her photogenetic appearance. You should watch all of her 5 videos, one is worth as many, especially the Christmas special with our friendly Santa Clause, that obviously likes sticking his dick where he’s not supposed to – Naughty Girls!


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5. Ashly Anderson

I thought that I ate the ‘e’ in ‘Ashley’ but it seems like every single username was taken so she had to name herself respectively to the porn world, so that she holds her unprecedented style for as long as she can, since there are probably going to be more girls that will follow her footstep once she becomes recognized when she deserves that title.

Ashly was the first chick that I thought of when I said that nowadays girls look so older than they actually are, Ashly Anderson being born on July 28, 1996. I know that the ’96 aren’t as recent as it was 10 years ago, with all the 2Pac and Biggie drama rivering-by California and eventually hitting the globe, but she’s turning 22 and that’s not that young, nor mature enough to be considered strictly as one age group.

Ashly’s the cutest brunette, and that’s all thanks to her blue eyes that snatched the title from the others and placed it into her trophy room. However, we’re not here to review souls by looking into her eyes, but what’s down under, and those are 34D’s that are perky and so firmly instilled that you could grab a roller and roll over her giant lumps and the utensil would’ve broken completely!

She’s pretty much short, 5’4, the boobs are fake to tell you the least truth, but her ass isn’t and it’s fairly round and mediumly curvy, just enough so that you fall in love with it. She currently has 2 videos at NA, the latest being not a month old. We want more from you cutie! You seem quite promising!


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4. Charity Crawford

I hate the dense competition between girls on Naughty America. It’s on a hidden level, but it exists. Charity just knocked Ashly from her throne in my imagination and sat down on her cute ass as replacement of the crown. Sadly, I have to re-open a tab where I found basic information about this girl since the data on Naughty America is far beyond of convincing, since she was born on January 1st, 1600.

Why did they even set their default date to the year of 1600? Why the heck do years before the first computer and the internet exist as an option to set the date? So many questions, yet so few answers. But let the US be polite and answer to you. Charity was born on November 17th, 1998, turning 20 this year.

Not sure if this is the youngest girl we ever had, but she definitely is among the top. One day, I’ll make an article on the youngest girls I ever had! But with age, they’ll get older, so in a few years don’t expect this sexy brunette on this list, since she’s going to become MILF at an alarming speed and rate!

Charity Crawford is pretty tall, 5’10 has small natural B tits, a cute ass honestly, North Carolina is a state where she was born, and her pussy is as smooth as oiled silk! You don’t get more slippery than that! With the current record of 2 videos, her surprised face surely looks legit!


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3. Moka Mora

You just sense when a girl is from South of the US, even if you aren’t natively American. No, not the Indians, but the white bastards living since the 18th century. Just kidding, Naughty America, who doesn’t love you?

Nevertheless, Moka Mora is a raw babe coming from Texas, her birth residence from July 2nd, 1992. She’s a petite young woman, standing at 5’2. With the high heels she rocks, you’d never tell that she’s short like that. Her legs scale visually 30% more than her torso and that’s sufficiently pleasurable to watch wiggle around like snakes while she gets daggered in the pussy!

Her medium sized boobs are B measures, although those nipples look like postal stamps how huge they are, so you simply cannot compare her tits and Charity’s, which have basically the same bra cup size.

Her first video was shot just a year ago, for Valentine’s day 2017, and her 4th and most recent one is about lesbians – Silicon Valley and we’re not talking about computers. That example right here was taken a month ago (from when this article was posted). The mischievous gluttony she has within is unstoppable, she just can’t get enough of that dick, and I hope that she respectively does get enough screen time so that we enjoy her immensely lust for it!


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2. Alina Lopez

It might sound Spanish, or South American, but it she isn’t. She’s just another unforgettable California Girl that’s got the origins of Hispanic descent and her tanner skin makes the black lingerie look on her like she was born with it. Like a dark angel that was thrown from hell because she was just too mischievous and devilish!

I adore her straight, long hair that’s brown but drags towards a darker shade more. Her face belongs to a fashion magazine cover, it escaped from it only just. She’s been snubbed! Her body build seems athletic to me, and there’s a chance that it’s because her hot round ass that’s not too big, but gives out the illusion of her that she’s maybe a gymnast.

Other than her bubble butt, she’s got an okay size of 5’6, so it tells you determinedly that she’s American. Her natural tits are B’s and they don’t feel like it because they’ve got the juice concentrated on the lower part of the tit which makes it feel larger in touch. Too bad I don’t feel it, but I know, simple as that.

Alina just climbed on Naughty America during January, and that was 2 times back-to-back weeks, and since then, nothing. Maybe she’s on winter vacation or something, but her September 6th, 1995 sorry ass currently is resting until she gets the compensational dick that she collected all this time! I hardly wait!


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1. Aubrey Sinclair

Hey, I heard of this one before, multiple times! Oh yeah, Johnny Castle did a show with her, they’ve been stunting together, and that’s how I remember her! This is the happiest and joyful fuckable character that won’t tire you ever! Her scenes are viciously energetic, and she screws on that dick without taking off her sight from the camera.

Her mouth is always open since that dick is stinging her tight pussy, and it’s not her fault she gets the baddest male partners, of course, including our favorable guy, Johnny Castle, who was her first of a half a dozen from Naughty America, and she did succeed, since that handsome dude shared his cock with her!

Her bubble butt was born on December 26th, 1997, and she was almost a ’98s girl, and I heard that it’s a troublesome year concerning porn stars! Girls that age begun to rot and turn to evil bitches that love screwing and performing dangerous stunts on Naughty America, just like Aubrey does!

The petite girl is only 4’11 so she looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Her 34C’s tell a different story, because if she were to smack you with those, you’d count all the stars of our viewable sky. Precious. All hail the number one, youngest porn queen until now, and until a new Top List, she’ll be on the very top!


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