Best Actresses in Playboy

These women are some of the most famous women on the planet. They’re known for their roles in movies and TV shows, but that’s not all.

They’re also known for posing in Playboy, dressed in nothing but their own beauty. They’re known for their ability to impress men all over the world with their beauty and talent to adapt to different roles.

Whether we’re talking about the 50’s sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, the 70’s Farrah Fawcett or the 90’s Pamela Anderson, they all impressed men all over their world with their sex appeal.

Although in our days, it’s a lot easier to pose as sexy, it’s become a lot more difficult to be considered a sex symbol. Nowadays, you have to come up with something new, something that not everyone does.

Posing for Playboy as a nude model would be one thing. This is considered art, by many people in the world. Art that combines sex and passion to result a delight for the sight.

Throughout the years Playboy has attracted a lot of different artists and women, from all over the world. Singers, models, sports idols, it girls and last but not least actresses.

Perhaps the most important category because everyone watches movies, everyone knows them and they all came to love them, one way or another.

Pamela Anderson

Cover Model: 10.1989, 02.1991, 07.1992, 08.1993, 11.1994, 01.1996, 09.1997, 06.1998, 02.1999, 07.2001, 05.2004, 01.2007, 01.2011.

Centerfold Model: 02.1990.

Pictorials: 07.1992, 11.1994, 01.1996, 09.1997, 02.1999, 07.2001, 05.2004, 01.2007, 01.2011.

Pamela Anderson is an actress with both Canadian as well as American citizenship. Although she’s best known as an actress, she also did modeling, producing and writing.

She was first discovered at a football match in Canada, when a live video of her wearing a tight t-shirt was shown on the big video screen. This has led to her first appearance in Playboy’s October issue as the cover girl.

Following that moment, she decided to take matters into her own hands and move to LA to pursue her career as a model. Pamela has posed for Playboy for a whopping number of 11 Cover Photos (1 extra issues with either Pamela or Jenny McCarthy), 9 Pictorials and 1 time as a Centerfold Model.

Pamela Anderson still is the number ONE model in Playboy in terms of numerous appearances.

For her first two appearances in Playboy, she still had natural breasts. After these two photo shoots, she decided to “enhance” her physical appearance.

Pamela did not do only modelling, but she got into acting as well. Her first major role and one of her defining ones was in Baywatch as C.J. Parker which she played from 1992 to 1998:

Next on her list of major roles was that of the main character in V.I.P., the role of being Valery Irons.

She didn’t escape the sex tape controversy either. A sex tape containing Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s honeymoon celebration was stolen from their home in 1995 and made her the talk of the internet:

Then after the initial scandal with the Tommy Lee sex tape, another one was supposed to appear on the internet. One before the marriage with Tommy Lee. A sex tape with a musician Bret Michaels. A cut version of merely 60 seconds made waves on the internet and its frames appeared in the Penthouse magazine:

Many might mistake Bret Michaels in this sex tape with Kid Rock. They look a lot like each other, true, but he’s not in that sex tape. Pamela dated Kid Rock after she was done with both Bret Michaels and Tommy Lee.

Pamela is an Anti-Fur activist as well as a convinced vegetarian and she also attends marathons.

List of Movies and TV Shows with Pamela Anderson

Married with Children 1990 as YvetteCharles in Charge 1990 as ChrisThe Taking of Beverly Hills 1991 as Cheerleader
Married People 1991 as TerriTop of the Head 1991 as RomonaMarried with Children 1991 as Cashew
Home Improvement 1991-1993, 1997 as LisaDays of our Lives 1992 as CindyBaywatch 1992-1997 as C.J. Parker
Snapdragon 1993 as FelicityRaw Justice 1994 as SarahBaywatch: Forbidden Paradise 1995 as C.J. Parker
Naked Souls  1996 as BrittBarb Wire 1996 as Barb WireThe Nanny 1997 as Heather Biblow
V.I.P 1998-2002 as Valerie IronsFuturama 1999 as DixieScooby Doo 2002 as Herself
King of the Hill 2002 as CyndiLess than Perfect 2003 as Vicki DevorskiBaywatch: Hawaiian Wedding 2003 as C.J. Parker
Scary Movie 3 2003 as BeccaPauly Shore is Dead 2003 as HerselfStripperella 2003-2004 as Stripperella
8 Simple Rules 2005 as CherylNo Rules 2005 as HerselfStacked 2005-2006 as Skyler Dayton
Borat 2006 as HerselfSuperhero Movie 2008 as Invisible GirlBlonde and Blonder 2008 as Dee Twiddle
Costa Rican Summer 2010 as HerselfHollywood & Wine 2010 as Jennifer MaryThe Commuter 2010 as Female Guest in Hotel
Package Deal 2013 as Dr. Sydney ForbesJackhammer 2014 as GroupieUnity 2014 as Narrator

Sharon Stone

Cover Model: 07.1990, 12.1992.

Pictorials: 07.1990.

Sharon Stone, born in 1958, is an American actress and film producer. She started as a fashion model after winning the title of Miss Crawford County.

Her first role in a movie was in a Woody Allen movie, “Stardust Memories” but nothing big. The role in “Total Recall” in 1990 with Arnold Schwarzenegger at her side gave Sharon’s acting career what she so desperately needed, a huge boost.

Here is an interview with Sharon Stone by the Independent where she talks about herself as a bookworm, check it out

She showed off all of her physical training that she did for “Total Recall” by posing nude for Playboy in 1990.

Next on her list was “Basic Instinct” in 1992 where she shot a famous scene of her crossing and uncrossing her legs without wearing any underwear. At that time she claimed she was not aware of how much it was visible and how famous she would get from this.

Visit her IMDB profile where you can find a nice list of the well-known films she was featured in

She was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe Award as the Best Actress for her role in Casino (1995). The movie was directed by Martin Scorsese and Sharon played alongside Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

She did another Playboy shoot in 1992 where she would make the front cover again.

Seems like the famous crossing legs with no panties still stirs up the public. Sharon talked with Conan O’Brien about her random meeting on the streets of Israel with a young boy wearing a t-shirt with the famous legs-crossed scene from Basic Instinct:

List of Movies and TV Shows with Sharon Stone

Stardust Memories 1980 as Pretty girl on trainLes Uns et les Autres 1981 as Girl with Glenn SeniorDeadly Blessing 1981 as Lana Marcus
Not Just Another Affair 1982 as LynetteSilver Spoons 1982 as DebbieBay City Blues 1983 as Cathy St. Marie
Remington Steele 1983 as Jillian MontagueThe New Mike Hammer 1984 as Julie ElandMagnum, P.I. 1984 as Diane Dupree
Calendar Girl Murders 1984 as Cassie BascombThe Vegas Strip War 1984 as Sarah ShipmanIrreconcilable Differences 1984 as Blake Chandler
T.J. Hooker 1985 as Dani StarrKing Solomon’s Mines 1985 as Jesse HustonMr. and Mrs. Ryan 1986 as Ashley Hamilton Ryan
Allan Quartermain and the Lost City of Gold 1986 as Jesse HustonPolice Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 1987 as Claire MattsonCold Steel 1987 as Kathy Connors
Above The Law1988 as Sara ToscaniAction Jackson1988 as Patrice DellaplaneBadlands 20051988 as Alex Neil
War and Remembrance 1988 as Janice HenryTears in the Rain 1988 as Casey CantrellBeyond the Stars 1989 as Laurie McCall
Blood and Sand 1989 as Doña SolTotal Recall 1990 as Lori QuaidHe Said, She Said 1991 as Linda Metzger
Scissors 1991 as Angie AndersonYear of the Gun 1991 as Alison KingDiary of a Hitman 1991 as Kiki
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie 1991 as Serena BlackBasic Instinct 1992 as Catherine TramellSilver 1993 as Carly Norris
Last Action Hero 1993 as Catherine TramellIntersection 1994 as Sally EastmanThe Specialist 1994 as May Munro
The quick and the Dead 1995 as Ellen “The Lady”Roseanne 1995 as Trailer Park ResidentCasino 1995 as Ginger McKenna
Diabolique 1996 as Nicole HornerLast Dance 1996 as Cindy LiggetSphere 1998 as Dr. Elizabeth Halperin
Antz 1998 as Princess BalaThe Mighty 1998 as Gwen DillonGloria 1999 as Gloria
The Muse 1999 as Sarah LittleSimpatico 1999 as Rosie CarterHappily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child 1999 as Henny Penny
Picking Up the Pieces 2000 as Candy CowleyIf These Walls Could Talk 2 2000 as FranBeautiful Joe 2000 as Alice “Hush” Mason
Harold and the Purple Crayon 2002 as NarratorCold Creek Manor 2003 as Leah TilsonThe Practice 2003 as Sheila Carlisle
A Different Loyalty 2004 as Sally CauffieldCatwoman 2004 as Laurel HedareHigglytown Heroes 2005 as Nicky–Blind Art Teacher
Kurtlar Vadisi 2005 as LisaWill & Grace 2005 as Dr. Georgia KellerBroken Flowers 2005 as Laura Daniels Miller
Alpha Dog 2006 as Olivia MazurskyBasic Instinct 2 2006 as Catherine TramellHuff 2006 as Dauri Rathburn
Bobby 2006 as Miriam EbbersWhen a Man Falls in the Forest 2007 as Karen FieldsIf I Had Known I Was a Genius 2007 as Gloria Fremont
Democrazy 2007 as Patricia HillThe Year of Getting to Know Us 2008 as Jane RocketFive Dollars a Day 2008 as Dolores Jones
Streets of Blood 2009 as Nina FerraroLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit 2010 as Jo MarloweThe Burma Conspiracy 2011 as Diane Francken
Lovelace 2013 as Dorothy BoremanGods Behaving Badly 2013 as AphroditeFading Gigolo 2013 as Dr. Parker
Love in the Big City2014 as Angela BlakeWhat About Love 2014 as Linda TarltonAttachment 2014 as High school teacher
Un ragazzo d’oro 2014 as Ludovica Stern  

Denise Richards

Cover Model: 12.2004

Pictorials: 12.2004

Denise Richards, born in 1971, is also an American actress who was also a model at one point in her life.

Her acting career is quite diverse. From movies: Wild Things, The world is not enough (Bond Girl), Love Actually and Scary Movie 3 to renowned TV series: Melrose Place, Two and a Half Men, Blue Mountain State and several guest appearances in other shows.

Women on the Fence posted a long and enjoyable interview with Denise Richards, check it out if you want to read more about the American model and actress

Denise also had her own show, on E!, called “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated”. A show about her personal life and people close to her, like her two daughters, Sam and Lola. The show ran for two seasons, from 2008 until 2009.

The marriage with Charlie Sheen brought more controversy and fame in her life. They first met in 2000, on the set of Good Advice. They started dating in 2001 and got engaged in the same year. The following year, 2002 was when they got married. They have two daughters, Sam J. and Lola Rose Sheen.

Before giving birth to their second child, in 2005, Denise filed for divorce against Charlie but they patched things up soon. 2006 was the year of their official divorce and even though they broke up in bad terms, time fixes all.

A few years later, Denise and Charlie were both getting along quite well to the point that Charlie asked her to take care of his other two kids. Denise received temporary custody of Charlie’s twin sons with Brooke Mueller, who at that point was having serious drug problems.

The Playboy photos are done five months after she gave birth. December 2004 is the month of the issue and it just shows that there are women out there that can give birth and still have the looks of a goddess.

List of Movies and TV Shows with Denise Richards

Married with Children 1991 as Girl #2Saved by the Bell 1991 as CynthiaDoogie Howser, M.D. 1991 as Alissa
Beverly Hills, 90210 1992 as Robin McGillSeinfeld 1993 as Molly DalrympleLoaded Weapon 1 1993 as Cindy
Tammy and the T-Rex 1994 as TammyLookin’ Italian 1994 as ElizabethLois and Clark 1994 as Angela
919 Fifth Avenue 1995 as Cathy DamoreP.C.H. 1995 as JessIn the Blink of an Eye 1996 as Tina Jacobs
Pier 66 1996 as ColleenMelrose Place 1996 as Brandi CarsonWeird Science 1996 as Valerie
Starship Troopers 1997 as Carmen IbanezNowhere 1997 as JanaWild Things 1998 as Kelly Lanier Van Ryan
The World is Not Enough 1999 as Dr. Christmas JonesDrop Dead Gorgeous 1999 as Rebecca Ann LeemanTail Lights Fade 1999 as Wendy
Good Advice 2001 as Cindy StyneValentine 2001 as Paige PrescottFriends 2001 as Cassie Geller
Spin City 2001 as Jennifer DuncanEmpire 2002 as TrishUndercover Brother 2002 as Penelope Snow / White She Devil
You Stupid Man 2002 as ChloeThe Third Wheel 2002 as Diana EvansScary Movie 3 2003 as Annie Logan
Love Actually 2003 as CarlaTwo and a Half Men 2003-2004 as LisaI Do (But I Don’t) 2004 as Lauren Candell
Whore 2004 as RebeccaSex, Love & Secrets 2005 as Jolene ButlerEdmond 2005 as B-girl
Blonde and Blonder 2008 as Dawn St. DomJolene 2008 as Marin LegerDenise Richards: It’s Complicated 2008-2009 as Herself
Kambakkht Ishq 2009 as HerselfDancing with the Stars 2009 as HerselfDeep in the Valley 2009 as Autumn Bliss
Finding Bliss 2010 as Bliss / LauraHarry Loves Lisa 2010 as HerselfBlue Mountain State 2010-2011 as Debra Simon
Cougars, Inc. 2011 as JudyFreeloaders 2011 as HerselfHollywood Moms’ Club 2011 as Herself
30 Rock 2012 as HerselfAnger Management 2012 as LoriKickin’ It 2012 as Leona / The Black Belt Widow
90210 2012 as Gwen ThompsonMadea’s Witness Protection 2012 as Kate NeedlemanBlue Lagoon: The Awakening 2012 as Barbara Robinson
Twisted 2013-present as Karen DesaiFatal Acquittal 2014 as Nora Grant 

Kelly Brook

Cover Model: 09.2010

Pictorials: 09.2010

Kelly Brook is an English actress and model. Born in 1979, she started her modelling career at the age of 16 after winning a beauty competition.

She is known not only for her beauty, but her magnificent curves as well. A nice well-rounded ass as well as a pair of gigantic boobs are characteristics that define Kelly Brook.

Check out this interview by The Guardian where Kelly Brook talks a lot about her career and thoughts about modelin

In her acting career, she was in several movies and TV shows:

List of Movies and TV shows with Kelly Brook

Fist of Fun 1995 as SallyThe Big Breakfast 1999 as HerselfSorted 2000 as Sarah
Ripper 2001 as Marisa TavaresThe (Mis)Adventures of Fiona Plum 2001 as Fiona PlumSmallville 2002 as Victoria Hardwick
Absolon 2003 as ClaireThe Italian Job 2003 as Lyle’s GirlfriendSchool for Seduction 2004 as Sophia Rosselini
Romy and Michele: In the Beginning 2005 as Linda FashiobellaDeuce Bigalow: European Gigolo2005 as Beautiful Woman in PaintingSurvival Island 2005 as Jennifer
House of 9 2005 as LeaIn the Mood 2006 as EvaAgatha Christie’s Marple 2006 as Elsie Holland
Fishtales 2007 as NeriedHotel Babylon 2007 as Lady Catherine StanwoodMoving Wallpaper 2009 as Kelly Brook
Britain’s Got Talent 2009 as JudgePiranha 3D 2010 as Danni ArslowRemoval 2010 as Kirby
Skins 2011 as JemimaKeith Lemon: The Film 2012 as HerselfLemon La Vida Loca 2012 as Herself
Métal Hurlant Chronicles 2012 as Skarr, JenCelebrity Juice 2012-2013 as HerselfNTSF:SD:SUV:: 2013 as Anna
Trollied 2013 as Herself  

Kim Basinger

Cover Model: 02.1983, 09.1987

Pictorials: 02.1983, 01.1988

Kim Basinger is also an American actress that once was a model. She was born in December 1953.

Throughout her acting career, she starred in Never Say Never Again (1983) as a Bond Girl, Batman (1989) as Vicky Vale and other several other movies.

However, her most important role was for the movie that brought her an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress is L.A Confidential (1997). The movie had a total of 9 other nominees and won only 2, but keep in mind that it came out in the same year as Titanic did.

The striptease scene in “9 ½ Weeks”, where she starred alongside Mickey Rourke, was one of the best scenes with Kim. It was a memorable hot scene and the song is iconic:

Kim Basinger posed for Playboy in 1983 to promote her new role as a Bond Girl in Never Say Never Again.

List of Movies with Kim Basinger

Gemini Man 1976 as SheilaCharlie’s Angels 1976 as Linda OliverMcMillan & Wife 1977 as Janet Carney
The Six Million Dollar Man 1977 as Lorrain StengerDog and Cat 1977 as Officer J.Z. KaneThe Ghost of Flight 401 1978 as Prissy Frasier
Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold 1978 as Katie McEveraVega$ 1978 as Allison JordenFrom Here to Eternity 1979-1980 as Lorene Rogers
Hard Country 1981 as JodieKilljoy 1981 as Laury MedfordMother Lode 1982 as Andrea Spalding
Never Say Never Again 1983 as Domino PetachiThe Man Who Loved Women 1983 as Louise CarrThe Natural 1984 as Memo Paris
Fool For Love 1985 as May9 ½ Weeks 1986 as ElizabethNo Mercy 1986 as Michele Duval
Blind Date 1987 as Nadia GatesNadine 1987 as Nadine HightowerMy Stepmother Is an Alien 1988 as Celeste Martin
Batman 1989 as Vicki ValeThe Marrying Man 1991 as Vicki AndersonFinal Analysis 1992 as Heather Evans
Cool World 1992 as Holli WouldThe Real McCoy 1993 as Karen McCoyWayne’s World 2 1993 as Honey Horné
The Getaway 1994 as Carol McCoyReady To Wear 1994 as Kitty PotterL.A. Confidential 1997 as Lynn Bracken
I Dreamed of Africa 2000 as Kuki GallmannBless the Child 2000 as Maggie O’Connor8 Mile 2002 as Stephanie Smith
People I Know 2002 as Victoria GrayThe Door in the Floor 2004 as Marion ColeElvis Has Left the Building 2004 as Harmony Jones
Cellular 2004 as Jessica MartinThe Sentinel 2006 as 1st Lady Sarah BallentineThe Mermaid Chair 2006 as Jessie Sullivan
Even Money 2006 as Carol CarverWhile She Was Out 2008 as Della MyersThe Informers 2008 as Laura Sloan
The Burning Plain 2008 as GinaCharlie St. Cloud 2010 as Claire St. CloudBlack November 2012 as Kristy
Third Person 2013 as ElaineGrudge Match 2013 as Sally Rose 

Lindsay Lohan

Cover Model: 01-02.2012 Double Issue

Pictorials: 01-02.2012 Double Issue

Lindsay Lohan was born in 1986 and started her career as an actress really early in her life.

Her first role was in Another World, a soap opera, at the age of 10. A year later, she appeared in Parent Trap. Seeing how she was so young yet all her movies were hits in the box office, she starred in Freaky Friday (2003), then in Mean Girls (2004).

She already started to be a Role Model for young girls all over the world. Next on her list was Herbie: Fully Loaded, another Disney production and box office success as well.

She did other movies until around the year 2010 when drug issues started to appear. She began to have drug abuse problems and sought counseling in therapy. Her public image suffered a lot from this, she fell down her pedestal of an American Icon for young girls and began to be the model of “how you shouldn’t be”.

The shoot in Playboy was inspired by the first issue of Playboy which featured Marilyn Monroe. The Lohan Jan/Feb 2012 issue was a tribute to Marilyn and done in a similar fashion to pin-up modeling.

List of Movies and TV shows with Lindsay Lohan

Another World 1996-1997 as Alexandra FowlerThe Parent Trap 1998 as Hallie Parker and Annie JamesLife-Size 2000 as Casey Stuart
Bette 2000 as Rose MidlerGet a Clue 2002 as Alexandra “Lexy” GoldFreaky Friday 2003 as Anna/Tess Coleman
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen 2004 as Mary Elizabeth SteppeMean Girls 2004 as Cady HeronSaturday Night Live 2004-2012 as Herself or Host in 5 Episodes
King of the Hill 2004 as Jenny MedinaThat 70’s Show 2004-06 as Danielle and HerselfHerbie: Fully Loaded 2005 as Maggie Peyton
A Prairie Home Companion 2006 as Lola JohnsonJust My Luck 2006 as Ashley AlbrightBobby 2006 as Diane Howser
Friendly Fire 2006 as The GirlfriendThe Holiday 2006 as HerselfChapter 27 2007 as Jude Hanson
Georgia Rule 2007 as Rachel WilcoxI Know Who Killed Me 2007 as Aubrey Flemming/Dakota MossUgly Betty 2008 as Kimmie “Kim” Keegan
Living Lohan 2008 as HerselfProject Runway 2009 as Herself, Guest JudgeLabor Pains 2009 as Thea Clayhill
Teenage Paparazzo 2010 as HerselfLindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey 2010 as HerselfDouble Exposure 2010 as Herself
Machete 2010 as April BoothGlee 2012 as Lindsay LohanLove, Marilyn 2012 as Herself
Liz & Dick 2012 as Elizabeth TaylorMillion Dollar Decorators 2013 as HerselfAnger Management 2013 as Lindsay Lohan
Oprah’s Next Chapter 2013 as HerselfEastbound & Down 2013 as Adult Shayna PowersInappropriate Comedy 2013 as Marilyn
Scary Movie 52013 as Lindsay LohanThe Bing Ring 2013 as HerselfThe Canyons 2013 as Tara
Lindsay 2014 as HerselfFunny or Die’s Billy on the Street 2014 as Herself2 Broke Girls 2014 as Claire Guiness

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