SexToplist Best Celebrities to pose for Playboy

Everyone knows and loves Playboy, the global erotic phenomenon that is happening for over 50 years. They publish nude photos of young and incredibly hot newcomers and celebrities as well.

Playboy has seen celebrities grow bigger or fall down even more. It is the most successful nude magazine across the globe.

The beginnings of Playboy

Playboy started off as a men’s lifestyle magazine, with nude pictures and interviews of celebrities.

Since the first issue, the December 1953 one, Playboy has had an amazing growth both on the American scene as well as on the international one.

Men all around the world would purchase the Playboy Magazine not only for their nude pictures but for their celebrity interviews, short sex stories and fiction.

It truly was, still is and will continue to be a world phenomenon. Long before the Porn Industry would be as popular and developed as it is today, Playboy filled the minds of men of all ages with “naughty” thoughts and answers to questions regarding the female body.

Apart from its regular edition, Playboy is being published internationally as regional editions in several different countries such as: Argentina (1985–1995, 2006–), Austria (2012–), Brazil (1975–), Bulgaria (2002–), Colombia (2008–), Croatia (1997–), Czech Republic (1991–), Estonia (2007–), France (1973–), Germany (1972–), Greece (1985–), Hungary (1989–1993, 1999–), Israel (2013-), Italy (1972–2003, 2008–), Latvia (2010–), Lithuania (2008–), Macedonia (2010– ), Mexico (1976–1998, 2002–), Moldova (2012–), Mongolia (2012-), Netherlands (1983–), Philippines (2008–), Poland (1992–), Portugal (2009, 2012–), Romania (1999–), Russia (1995–), Serbia (2004–)Slovakia (1997–2002, 2005–), Slovenia (2001–), South Africa (1993–1996, 2011–2013), Spain (1978–), Thailand (2012–), Ukraine (2005–), and Venezuela (2006–).

There are also other countries where regional editions were once published, but not anymore. For example Australia, Georgia, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and others were once able to pride themselves with editions of Playboy with their own celebrities on the cover.

In 2011, due to the success of smartphones, Playboy launched a new website and application Subscribing to this website grants you access to their archive with most of their Playboy editions (some go way back to 50’s). They are available for several platforms: PC/MAC , iOS, Android, Windows 8.

Playboy recently celebrated their 60th Anniversary, with a January/February edition with a bunny Kate Moss on the cover:

Hugh Hefner and bunnies on 60th Anniversary of Playboy

In this regard we’ve decided to do a series of SexToplists in this article, as an homage for their 60th Anniversary, where we’ll point out the

to pose for Playboy.

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