The Best Evil Angel Videos of Lexington Steele


I would have never ever predicted that one day I’m going to tribute some time to write about the greatness that is – Lexington Steele! It’s an honor to take his name from the tongue because he is a monumental character for the entire porn industry!

Matter of fact, he’s undoubtedly the best black male performer of all time, and you know very well how heavy that sounds when you have in mind the high-level competition on the ‘BLACK’ market! Lex is our savior from the white charlatans at Evil Angel that think they own some kind of a right or privileged, not noticing that they’re getting their butt kicked by Lex!


Just kidding, everyone in the director’s roster at Evil Angel has or had an important role of influencing the game for a broad difference, and Lexington is just one of them and albeit, my favorite of them all, that’s why I picked him first!

Arbitrarily, what age would you give this smooth black fella? 30? 35? 40 top? Nah, he was born on November 28th, 1969, meaning that he’s turning 49 by the end of this year, believe it or not! In fact, he’s so fabulous, that he just had to be born in Atlantic City, New Jersey! He’s the owner and director of two enterprises, Mercenary Motion Pictures and Black Viking Pictures.

Not only he’s the Black Bastard, a strong, walloping animal, but he’s also quite bright in the head, he finished Syracuse University in 1993, a double degree in History and African-American studies! Take on that, haters!

In his early years of starting a career, he was a trainee in stockbroking. Once he got licensed to work as a broker, he moved to a full-investment bank that operated in the World Trade Center, infamous for the September 11, 2001, attack, on which Steele commented that he would’ve been there if he continued his job as stockbroker! Talk about destiny, huh!

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He was doing great as a broker, however, he told that his rich life was nowhere near commensurate with the digits he earned. That’s why he wanted to permute to another industry, this time, without making any mistake! He already adapted the name Steele, and he came across Lexington thanks to the Lexington avenues in NYC.

He had feuded over his ex-fiance Vanessa Blue, courts and trials were cased because of that relationship, but he finally settled for Savana Styles in 2016. That’s his love life in a nutshell. He started directing in 2008, and that’s when his life as king began, fucking every top-shelf girl in the industry, via invite!

The 100kg, 1.8 ogre appearance isn’t thinking about retiring, my opinion that, judging by his size and strength, he can film with the same quality for another 10 years minimum. He’s just a beast, simple as that. He ain’t the first male to win AVN Male Performer of the Year title for nothing, winning it THREE TIMES!

Sex Top Lists got fired up and ready to go, we chose our top 6, courtesy of Lexington’s Steele and friends’ scenes, all-time greatest, some would say! Careful with that giant black cock, boys!

6. Anal Buffet 9, Scene 3

Another devilish scene from Evil Angel, obviously, and what other fine specimen is up for the experiment, except the bungholes of sexy girls, that actually clean their arses before the show, just to put on display the spotless, impeccable and squeaky canals their asses possess! Ava Devine and Roxy Raye are in, what appears to be a lesbian scene at first if you would extract the rest of the film.

They start talking dirty with the cameraman, who probably is the director Jay Sin, yep, Lexington is an honorable guest of his show, isn’t affiliated with the outcome Jay Sin’s mind evaluated to express to the public. The trailer is running some sexy music that’s actually playback, and in the first grasp, nothing can be heard what are they talking about, neither when they’re liquidating their stouts from their ass.

But thankfully, the medal was given to Lex, because once he arrived, you can hear his masculine roars when he’s eating pussy of two girls, AT THE SAME TIME! They had the preparation phase, in the beginning, throwing transparent balls of obscure origin into their rectums, then popping them back out, kinda resembling artillery units in the army, where there are a loader, an aimer and the pipe of the utility that fires the deadly grenade!

Is it just me, or did the resolution turn into 1920×1080 in order to catch Lex’s entire dick with one lens? It’s absurd how long and thick that dick is! When he plugged it in Ava’s ass, I thought he was going to rip that circle into two parts, so to say, two U’s! However, these girls probably went to butt practice preceding this large event occurrence, so that they don’t get harmed while taking Lex’s legendary monster cock!


5. The Lexecutioner 2

For the second time in a row, Lexington Steele gathered his powers to create another episode of the brutal series named ‘The Lexecutioner‘! Like the title suggests, it’s all about fatality and brutality, and nothing additional to that. It’s all there is, less talk and more fuck, All-Anal scenes that feature brave babes that heard of Lexington’s almighty sword, but are foolish enough to challenge it while the camera is rolling!

A public embarrassment! It’s distinctively larger than their ass sizes, and unless they’ve got a flexible skin, man, are they done for it! Lylith LaVey was the next victim, however, her sturdiness and ruthlessness shocked me how long-lasting it was, there was a point in time when I thought that commander Lexington Steele will go down as a bust when his monster gets tamed by Lylith’s ass. Fortunately, he remained undisputed!

Lylith is a plausible contortionist, some would say because she performed any type of gimmick possible with her body, full body stretches, extends, reaches, aerobic twirls, all that done while she was wearing high heels and tight clothes! Exploding like a psalm, her twat and round ass barely established a cock farm to inhabit Lex’s giant rooster!

However, it didn’t seem like Lylith was horny enough because while she was rammed, she secretly masturbated while Lex’s attention was drawn by how well he’s going to pound that pussy to a shelter! She’s been completely outstretched, and as a finishing result, she got warm jizz the way she wanted and deserved, compliments to the chef Steele!


4. Lex Turns Evil

Would you believe it? After all the struggles against his foes, Lexington went down as a villain in the end, and remember, this was shot in 2013! This is the last vivid memory of the old Lexington Steele, before the AVN Conference in Las Vegas, where he pledged and shared his life story with us, that were hungry of more details about his cool lifestyle!

Anyways, this what we’re talking about! It’s Lex’s exclusive scene that he directed, that’s visible from an airplane, since his guests are Chanel Preston and Anikka Albrite, who still were at an incline of their career’s when knowing of today, all thanks to this shiny baldy for making them true stars after a course of his dick getting stuck in their tight pussies!

At first, he was busy eating two asses at once, and you know damn right how much meat Chanel and Anikka have in their buttocks, that poor Lex had to force himself to eat it all up so that it doesn’t rot. After the meal, he’s the host now for dinner, where his specialty ‘HALF-METER SAUSAGE’ is served exclusively to girls only.

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Chanel and Anikka were fascinated by the size, and they tried every possible pose with it that actually won’t make them bleed of pain, because his unlimited dimension in the dick, limited their movement so that they don’t get their internal organs injured by the log he’s constantly ramming inside them! At the end of the day, the world has been saved, as Lexington fired at will from his squirt-gun, aiming directly at these two sluts faces! Cum-thirsty, jizz-dripping, ball-dropping whores!


3. Babysit My Ass 03

Friend Joey Silvera insisted to take over the director’s spot so that Lex can take a break from this scene, and he’s more than just the protagonist in Joey’s movie Babysit my Ass! Yet another interracial scenes that keep repeating, only with different characters, expels young Italian’s Valentina Nappi‘s pussy, by sending out the butcher from the big league – Lex Steele!

The comely beauty was so happy that she had to say it, and she flaunted that ass in front of the camera, bootylicious, mimicking the futuristic look of the fruit-emoji that’s used to represent a butt now. Yes, they acquired those arcs and trigonometry from Valentina Nappi’s irregularly round ass!

The sugarplum has such a sweet accent, that I feel sorry for her on Lex’ behalf since she’s been massacred by the brutally large cock, getting a dick in two holes almost at once, because Lex is just that big! He executed numerous Evil rituals he acquired the same year this was published, 2013, and Valentina couldn’t have a better time than with her new favorite black dude!

Not only that Lex is charismatic, but his dick compels girls to blow his job, deepthroat his giant sword in an attempt to not damage her larynx and organs lower than that, like a circus freak! I can tell that none of the girls succeeded in eating more than a third of his cock! Damn, if he ever named his penis ‘Overkill’ that’d be the utmost fitting name for anything ever in this world from the dawn of the ages. Period.


2. Lex Is Up Her Ass

I may inflict too much demeanor by expressing my feelings about Lex’s cock, but that’s jealousy talking, and I’m proud to be jealous of this superhero we address him as Lexington Steele! It couldn’t be a better icon than him! His next victims were Maddy O’Reilly and Jodi Taylor, and I’m not sure whether it’s due to the lights but Maddy’s hair is red, right? She’s a redhead, right???

But damn, she’s so beautiful! Not only that, her holey pluckish pink fishnet uncovered her entire ass so that we drool over our keyboards in fascination over that roundness and curviness she has! That ass is in need of a duo partner since it cannot be refrained, especially left alone, intangible and inaccessible.

That’s why her black counterpart, Jodi Taylor walks in masturbating as well, and all of a sudden, the ripped guy going by the name Lexington shows up in the middle of the commotion, petting his dick, when Jodi felt the urge to walk by fours like a dog up to his Mayor to sniff that size of his balls! Maddy followed through, and both of them started gliding their tongues over his Excalibur!

The next great speculation was about allocating adequate time spent on dick split into two parts, and that calls in for the studies of economics, about equity and efficiency! That was all on-the-go, Maddy and Jodi ridden all along his dick because he just has a valuable size that cannot be replaced by anyone, so they got full-time jobs at his Dick Parlor for the rest of the scene! It’s vicious, be warned!


1. Lex’s Breast Fest

Of course, I’m going to pick the one related to tits maximally, by far! I’m a tit-guy more than ass, but when you draw the line it’s basically the same, giving a slight advantage to a pair of nice boobs since they actually are two separate beings! Sophie Dee, the black hair and Krissy Lynn the fraudulent blonde wanna-be are worshipping each other’s feminine ways because they’ve got lots of it!

Their pussies are juicy, their tits are goosebumped, locked and loaded ready to rock and roll, and they’re left to damage each other during Lex’s absence while he’s fixing views and angles with the cameraman, and when everything was found in the correct position, you see him walk by with his pants dropped as well as his giant steel balls, forcing grimaces on these girls faces!

The party is commencing, grab onto everything you can girls, and make sure it’s a hard object so that you hold on how bumpy of a ride you got yourselves into! They’re probably thankful for Lex’s firm wooden log, that later smashes and crushes the pussies and asses of these poor overachievers!

Their tits are glistering and shining like diamonds in the sky when lotion and oil were applied from Lex’s side, they had to take turns for riding horsey with Lex and they slowly reached for their orgasmic climax. I wonder, how long would’ve to take Lex to finish the job if there was only 1 girl, and not a threesome? That’s why he usually invites two over to help him with his scene, just to make sure that it’s properly long enough to make label it as a true movie! Splendid! This is pure Black Science!


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