6Toplist Escort Websites with REAL photos

With the advancement of technology, the limits of modifying photographs are almost non-existing. However, apart from photoshop or other programs designed to modify a picture, for better or for worst, there are cases where Escort Agencies in Vienna simply take photos and use them as their own.

This is rather close to fraud and they’re definitely misleading their clients. Using fake photos is a way that these sites hide the fact that they don’t have the most attractive girls on the market.

A piece of advice for most men out there seeking for an escort when in Vienna: Stick to the sites you know have REAL photos of their own girls.

Why even bother to use photoshopped or fake photos?

As we specified in details in a previous article regarding Escort websites with fake photos (read it HERE), the reasons as well as the effects of using fake photos or photoshopping them, most escort agencies from Vienna decide that it’s better to use fake photos for their girls.

With the escort clientele growing each day, they might think that using fake photos will not affect their business. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. In such a business, recurring clients are very important and highly valued by other honest Viennese escort agencies out there.

But won’t the clients refuse services from a girl they didn’t ask for?

While there may be clients experienced enough to tell the difference between what they asked for and what they got, the true question we should be asking is “How are these businesses still running”?

The truth is, there might be clients who won’t decline a “fake” girl’s services due to several reasons:

  • Shyness
  • Fear of the security guard or even driver
  • Well-mannered clients who don’t want to offend the “fake girl”
  • The offer is sometimes cheap enough and ordering from a legit site might be too expensive as well as there might not be time to order again.

But this is only a small number of the potential clients that these agencies are scaring off. Regardless of how small this number may be, it appears that these agencies are more than satisfied with it due to the fact that they keep posting fake photos or highly photoshopped ones.

If there are so many ways to manipulate a client, how are we supposed to know which agency we can trust?

Well, you can start by reading this article to the end because we will provide you with the Sex Top Escort Websites that are using REAL photos.

You can as well read our other article which can help you recognize the places that you must definitely avoid entitled Sex Toplist Escort Websites with FAKE photos.

If you are wondering what’s left to do after reading both of our articles, the answer is quite simple, take matters into your own hands. Research the girls you’re planning to book thoroughly in the forums, as well as the agency itself. In this way you can help protect yourself from “fake” girls.

Keep in mind that there are still a lot of honest Escort Agencies out there that are using real or slightly photoshopped images for their escorts. Here are the top 6 of them:

1. Escort Girls Vienna

Ok, now here is a nice looking website, with great details regarding every question a potential client might have.

The website is called Escortgirlsvienna and you can check it out HERE

Apart from their well-done website and their connection to the Stripclub and Brothel Maxim (which is one of the best and most respected sex clubs in Vienna), the fact that they have only real photos of their girls is a big plus. Not only that they are all real, but updated too.

Stripclub and Brothel Maxim also has its official site, click here to visit!

This escort agency is one of the best in Vienna thus making it on the 1st place of our Sex Toplist Escort Websites with REAL photos.

Escort Girls Wien

2. Heavens Gate

Heavens Gate takes pride in their detailed profile of the girls, as well as the fact that they all have real photos, maybe slightly photoshopped. The diversity of the girls they have to offer is quite large, from 22 year olds to matured 54 year old women.

Each girl has different prices for various services, as it can be seen from their profiles.

Go ahead and check out the escort girls at Heavens Gate by clicking here!

Heavens Gate Wien

3. Queen of Escort

A big rival of Heavens Gate, with heated discussions over the forums (even the owners exchanged a few spicy “blows” in public forums), Queen of Escort definitely has a nicely done website with a lot of details regarding the girls. Their photos are all done in the same style, slightly photoshopped but real nonetheless.

Click here to pay a visit to the website and make sure to check out the girls!

They even have categories for their “Queens”. Mother and daughter, Bizarr, Fetish and of course the Queen of the Month are a few of the perks that Queen of Escort has to offer.

Both Heavens Gate and Queen of Escort are well known for recruiting women of all ages, with a tendency for the older category of women which for an escort agency is fine of course. Many other agencies, like Escortgirlsvienna, make it their business to recruit and promote young and pretty talented ladies.

Queen of Escort Wien

4. Liebeselfen

We like their website because their color of choice is quite easy on the eyes and the variety of their girls is overwhelming. Their so-called “elves” have a lot of services to offer for the potential clients.

Visit this nicely designed website by clicking here and find out more about the girls there!

The photos of these “elves” have traces of photoshop on them, but nothing that can modify the girls very different. Their photos are real and services are quite good.

They make it on the 4th spot of our Sex Toplist Escort Websites with REAL photos.

Liebeselfen Wien

5. Sexy Angels

The Angels from this agency have their photos real but digitally enhanced for sure. Their trump card is their prices, which are very low considering the market that they are in. Even though they have some of the lowest prices out there, their services are actually quite good, considering the other sites that they are competing with in the low price sector.

Because of their low prices, the girls will try to upsell extra services. Also, some of the girls here worked at places like Maxim or Goldentime, so they have a vast experience that they can share with their clients.

Visit Sexy Angels now and let’s see if you can find your type of girl there!

All in all, their website looks nice and their girls have real photos. These reasons, among others, are what made us put them on our 5th spot of the Sex Toplist Escort Websites with REAL photos.

Sexy Angels Wien

6. Fun-girls

This is a website with a long tradition which is still run buy Austrian management. However, times have changed and because the market has a high request for Romanian girls, they’ve done the same thing as other agencies and employed mostly Romanian girls.

One good aspect about Fungirls is that they have about 95% real photos, with only a few fake ones slipping by every now and then. Perhaps they don’t know for sure that the girl sent fake images or maybe they just do this knowingly.

Click here and see what this website can offer to you!

Even though Fungirls has almost only Romanian girls working there and some of them can be found on other websites as well, they are definitely an honest website.

Fun girls Wien

The “New” escort websites scheme

Here are a couple of agencies that are producing “new” escort websites with the sole purpose of mass deceiving their clients that new websites are available on the market:

As you can see clearly, almost always the same girls. Let us explain to you what they are doing:

They are creating “new” websites but with the same girls. In this way they can charge extra for the same services from the same girl! This is definitely a problem but sadly, there is almost nothing that can be done about it, other than to avoid them.

But, more about this subject and a longer list of such websites in our next article which will have more details about how to recognize these websites and how you can avoid them properly.

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