6 Toplist Famous Sex Tapes

Man and woman in their bed having sex

Every porn enthusiast out there has dreamed about the day when he could actually see his favorite movie stars or celebrities naked.

These days have come. And it appears that they never want to leave. From the recent Fappening to every Sex Tape scandal that has been going on for years now.

The Fappening (check it out here) is one of the biggest hacks that has happened recently. Several pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and other female celebrities were stolen from them and released to the general public.

No one knows for sure who or how they did this. While we do not approve at all with how these photos were obtained, we can’t help it, we are pretty thankful for the chance to see Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton naked among others celebrities.

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The curious thing is that these sex tapes, just like nude photos, keep popping up. Whether it’s a marketing campaign of these celebrities or it’s a simple revenge of a lover, we really don’t care. We get to see them being naked and having fun.

Most of these sex tapes look a lot like amateur porn that can be found on almost every porn site (more details about the best porn sites but with one small difference.

We actually wrote a great toplist about the best porn sites that you can check out HERE

They’re more than amateur porn because our favorite celebrities are the main stars. Hope you will enjoy these sex videos as much as we did.

Sex Tape of Farrah Abraham

The first celebrity sex tape on our list goes to Farrah Abraham, the teen reality TV star. She released (or leaked) the video of her having unprotected anal sex with James Deen the famous porn star. The video has been sold to the Vivid porn network and is available to be watched on the network’s website, as well as Pornhub. Check out the Farrah Abraham Full Sex Tape here:

If you’re interested in learning more about Farrah Teen Mom Sex Tape and exactly who Farrah Abraham is, be sure to read the entire post that we have published about this celebrity and her leaked sex tape by clicking on the following link: Farrah Abraham Full Sex Tape

Sex Tape of Paris Hilton

Next on our list is obviously Paris Hilton and her sex tape. Called “1 Night in Paris”, the video dates from 2001. However, it was released to the public in 2004.

Paris Hilton before her sex tape was leaked

The sex tape scandal blew up right before Paris’ debut on the TV show “The Simple Life” alongisde Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie. Although the whole thing gave Paris a career-boost, it was not the one she was hoping of having.

The tape showed Paris and Nick Solomon having sex, under the green light of the nightvision camera. There are scenes with the lights turned on too. Soon after the whole scandal, Rick took the sex video to the next level, and together with RedlightdistrictVideo released the tape as a standalone porn movie called “1 Night in Paris”.

Here is the interview with Paris Hilton by the Daily Mail where she admits that her sex tape was indeed devastating

All that has happened in that period of time has shattered Paris’ confidence in men, making it hard for her to really trust someone else than herself.

And although the scandal happened about 10 years ago, it still comes back sometimes to haunt Paris’ memory and reputation:

This was not everything Paris shot that night. There are other sex videos that she made on her cell phone. Although nothing as explicit as “1 Night in Paris”, these videos showed a Paris naked in the bath tub or on the kitchen table, auditioning.

Sex Tape of Montana Fishburne

Montana Fishburne, the daughter of the famed and respected American actor is back with another sex tape! In this porn movie, she shows us that she isn’t daddy’s good girl by taking some hardcore anal pounding. This is actually Montana’s second feature length release with Vivid Entertainment. In an interview, Montana Fishburne stated that she made the sex tape because she saw how famous Kim Kardashian became after her private video got leaked.

Laurence Fishburne, the father of the porn star cut all tied with Montana after he found out about his daughter’s career choices. Montana said that she thought her father would accept her choice over time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Montana Fishburne's images before her sex tape was leaked to the Internet

Montana’s first sex tape is called “Montana Fishburne: An A-List Daughter Makes her XXX Debut” and it was released back in 2010. The hour-long movie featured Montana being fucked in a shopping mall and a hotel room. Heck, she even sucks a guy off in a car!

If you’re interested in reading about Montana Fishburne’s filmography, be sure to check on her IMDb page!

On March 25, 2018 another sex tape with Montana Fishburne was released by Vivid Entertainment, with the title “Hardcore Backdoor Montana Fishburne – The Lost Tapes”. This one features Montana in a hotel room getting her asshole violated. This feature length movie shows us exactly how sex hungry this bad girl really is and how much she loves getting fucked in the ass. Throughout the over hour-long sex tape, she begs for more and seems to enjoy every second of the filming.

We truly got an upcoming star on our hand and I’m sure we are going to hear more about Montana Fishburne in the nearby future. Go ahead and check out this up-and-coming porn actress’ full movie over on the Vivid Entertainment website.

Click here to watch the full sex tape of Montana Fishburne on Vivid!

Tonya Harding’s wedding sex video

Tonya Harding, the famous American figure skater has a sex tape too. It’s called Tonya and Jeff’s Wedding Night mostly because she was wearing a wedding dress, which she quickly disposed of:

Read more about this beautiful and well-known figure skater HERE

The Whack Heard Round the World

Jeff was Tonya’s husband at that time, Jeff Gillooly. They married when she was only 19, in 1990 and divorced 4 years later. The biggest scandal Tonya was involved in, wasn’t the sex tape one, but the fact that her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, and other men conspired to broke the leg of Nancy Kerrigan, one of Tonya’s rivals.

They didn’t manage to break her leg but bruised it instead. The injury got Nancy disqualified and led to Tonya’s winning the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championship.

Click here to read the whole story about the 1994 U.S. Championship!

Kerrigan gained considerable fame beyond the skating world when, on January 6, 1994, she was clubbed in the right knee with a police baton by Shane Stant after a practice session at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, an assault planned by rival Tonya Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and co-conspirator Shawn Eckardt. The incident became known as “The Whack Heard Round the World”. (Wikipedia)

The attackers of Nancy Kerrigan were apprehended by the police and spent time in prison for their actions. To this day, Tonya claims she had no idea of her ex-husband’s plan to take Nancy Kerrigan out of the competition.

Tonya Harding Collage, where she was famous already before leaking her sex tape, Tonya and Jeff's Wedding Night

While we do appreciate Tonya’s figure skating achievements, we appreciate even more that she left us with a sex video to remember her better.

Sex Tape of Jennifer Lopez

Everyone knows who Jennifer Lopez is and what she’s most famous for: apart from her music and acting, her ass is her strongest feature. This and her beauty that doesn’t seem to fade with age.

And according to her former husband, Ojani Noa, there is a sex tape of JLo. And not the sex tape we are used to, but an eleven-hour-long footage of the both of them.

Jennifer fought him hard in numerous lawsuits, but Ojani outsmarted her. She sold the footage to his girlfriend and producer Claudia Vasquez, who was determined to turn it into a motion picture.

To this day we haven’t seen this movie, but we can’t wait for it.

Jennifer Lopez is the most successful woman in Hollywood according to this interview by Stylist

Jennifer Lopez almost naked, where she showed definitely less that on her sex tape

Sex Tape of Katie Price

First known to people as the topless girl on Page 3 of “The Sun”, Katie Price became widely known to everyone for her gigantic breasts and her sex tape with Dane Bowers in 1999.

After her first surgery to enhance her already big breasts at 19 years old (something Viennese sexworkers did as well in From Natural Tits to Silicone), she didn’t stop there. Katie takes great pride in her breasts and wanted to make them even bigger. Of course, she had other surgeries too: for lips, hips and nose.

In this interview by Metro, Katie Price talks about how glamour modeling helped her overcome certain traumas in her life, check it out

Jordan was initially her model name, because, in her opinion, it sounded better than Katie Price. Coincidentally, it was around the same time she acted as F1 Jordan’s Team Mascot. She was their mascot for four years, time she spent well grabbing a lot of attention towards herself and her huge breasts.

Katie is aware that she’s constantly compared with Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, celebrities that Katie highly admires in her industry.

You can find them in our SexToplist Best Celebrities to pose for Playboy article in the Actresses category.

Katie’s sex tape was stolen from the apartment she shared with Dane Bowers in 1999. The video shows scenes with a Katie who knows how to have fun and enjoy sex.

Apart from the normal fucking and sucking that we can see in a regular amateur sex video, Katie also uses a vibrator to increase her pleasure even more. Last and not least, lots of scenes of her beautiful giant breasts in the sex tape:

After the sex tape scandal, she found out that Dane Bowers was cheating on her, so she broke up with him.

In 2004, Katie participated in “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”, a reality TV Show where the contestants lived in a jungle, with some luxuries at their disposal. There, she met Peter Andre, whom she married about one year later. Their marriage didn’t last long, only 4 years.

Katie’s currently married to Kieran Hayler, body builder and stripper. After delivering her fifth child in 2014, she stated that she wants a big family, of at least seven children.

Katie Price Naked Collage

Leighton Meester’s unseen Sex Video

Leighton Meester is most known for her role as Blair Waldorf in teen drama series Gossip Girl, which ran for 6 seasons 2007-2012.

In this Harper’s Bazaar interview, Leighton Meester talks about Gossip Girl, Fashion and Sex Tapes as well, click on the link and start reading.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Leighton tried her luck as a singer a couple of years back. This is the video she’s featured in, ironically about good girls going bad:

Leighton’s sex video is the most curious out of all sex tapes out there. Because she wasn’t looking for fame, like anybody else. Her sex tape isn’t even on the net, only some pictures of her naked. The tape is from 2009 and is rumored to contain some foot action.

All in all, she’s a good girl and she wouldn’t succumb to things like sex tapes for fame, she didn’t need it. If and when we’ll come across her video, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, enjoy some photos from the sex tape:

Scenes from Leighton Meester's Sex Tape

Sex Tape of Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila’s story is a fascinating one. She started off as a nude model for Playboy, being noticed at 19 years old in a Mall. She accepted to model nude for Playboy and became Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the week in April 22, 2002. It didn’t take long until she became the first Asian Cyber Girl of the Month for Playboy.

After this, she posed for a couple of different men’s magazines covers such as Penthouse and Maxim UK.

In the meanwhile, she gained notoriety and her MySpace page was the most accessed ever for an artist in 2006. 31.5 million views were the count of users that accessed her profile and listened to her music.

There is a great interview with Tila Tequila by Autostraddle that you should definitely check out, click on the link and start reading

She became the most successful artist on Myspace and she got a show on MTV called “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila”. The show aired in 2007 and featured 16 straight men and 16 gay women who fought their way to get a chance to be with Tila Tequila.

A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila became a highly popular show and you can read everything about it in this Wiki article

After claiming she’s straight, then lesbian, she finally decided: she’s apparently bisexual, hence the show with equal numbers of straight men and gay women. Here is Tila’s famous sex tape, where she has lots of fun with two other girls:

Tila’s lesbian sex video is not even her first. The first sex tape with her was shot at around 2003 and it was stolen from her laptop in 2010, according to Tila herself. Few years later, in 2013, the same porn company that released her lesbian sex tape announced that they will release another video, this time with a man:

All in all, Tila loves attention and will most likely do anything to receive it. We can’t wait what she can pull out of her hat next, gangbang perhaps? Fingers crossed.

Check out other celebrities (actresses, singers, athletes and models) that posed for Playboy in our SexToplist Best Celebrities to pose for Playboy article

Sex Tape of Chloë Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny giving blowjob in artistic movie

Chloë is an American actress known for her roles in American Psycho, Zodiac and the HBO Series, Big Love. However, she’s also known for one of the most controversial movie scenes, an uncensored scene of her giving a blowjob in “The Brown Bunny” movie.

Chloe Sevigny naked photo shoot, before her leaked sex tape was widely-known

You can find all the details about the film Brown Bunny on this IMDB page

Released in 2003, “The Brown Bunny” was a movie directed by Vincent Gallo. He also played the main role. The movie was released at the Cannes Film Festival and it caused quite a stir among movie enthusiasts and critics.

The final scene of the movie featured Chloë giving a full blowjob to Vincent Gallo:

Although media and critics had no mercy for Chloë after this movie, she stood by what she did and said that the movie was a piece of art and should be treated that way.

Few years after this scandal, after her agency left her as a client and no one thought she would get another role for a long time, she starred in HBO hit TV series, Big Love. There, she played the role of Nicolette Grant, the second wife of a polygamist family.

Big Love was actually a quite successful TV series! Check out all the specifics and reviews on IMDB

Sex Tape of Gina Lisa Lohfink

Gina is a German model, best known for her participation in Germany’s Next Top Model Season Three in 2008. Before entering this show, she won several beauty contests: Miss Frankfurt 2005, Miss Darmstadt 2006 and was named “Miss Supermodel” at The Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2007.

Although she left the Next Top Model show on the 12th place, she made a name for herself for her beauty and great body. Her sex tape was shot before joining the Next Top Model. The sex tape brought her and her partner in the movie, Yüksel D., an EroticLine Award for the best amateur talent.

Gina Lisa Lohfink also has a nice article about her on Wikipedia if you want to read more about her life and career

We liked what we saw in this sex video, and can’t wait for the next one:

Gina got this much attention from the media and viewers back home not just because of how good she looks, but how she was in general.

Gina Lisa Lohfink with huge tits

Her natural behavior, the fact that she can’t shut up and that she’s a fun, very open and fresh person to be around contributed more to her fame than her looks. And the fact that she’s very sexual in almost every sense.

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No wonder Jerome Boateng, currently defender for Bayern Munich, wanted to meet and talk with Gina so desperately, according to Gina herself. She also said that the two of them met at the hotel Gina was staying.

Probably the bar was not the right place for them to talk, so they moved the conversation to a more intimate place, Gina’s hotel room. Although, according to Gina, they only had a conversation. Who knows what they did? We just hope to see another sex tape with blonde model Gina.

Sex Tape of Severina Vuckovic

Severina Vuckovic, under the spotlights of a Sex Video

Severina is a Croatian pop artist, enjoying a great success in the former Yugoslavia. She’s to Croatia what Madonna is for the rest of the world. Women of all ages look up to her and admire her voice and songs:

However, when a sex tape involving her was released, things didn’t go so smooth for her. She was married at the time and the sex tape was made with somebody else. Prior to the sex video, she was a strong opposer of premarital sex.

You can read more about Severina Vuckovic, the amazing singer from Croatia in this Wiki article

After the tape’s release, many people believed that it was orchestrated. That it was all a marketing campaign, to raise attention towards her. Or so it was rumored at the time.

The truth is that her sex tape is one of the best sex videos out there. She looks like she really is enjoying herself and that all that matters for her is that moment, to release that sexual tension:

Link: www.ipadporn.com

Sex Tape of Kim Kardashian

Being so close to Paris Hilton, it didn’t take long until Kim Kardashian had her own sex tape, one that would give her a career-boost similar to Paris’.

Her sex video was from 2003, but reached surface in 2007:

In the video she’s with Ray J, her boyfriend at the moment. Kim’s filmed while giving Ray J a blowjob in the beginning of the video, with full sex scenes to follow. Also, 2007 is the same year that she would star in a soon-to-be hit TV show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian has told the Rolling Stone that she doesn’t care about the leaked sextape at all, click on the link to see the full article

With gaining so much media attention in 2007, Kim K. made the right call when she posed for Playboy, at least from our point of view.

After getting past the scandal that sex tape brought her, she became a media celebrity and known to almost everyone worldwide. She’s best known for her magnificent ass and curvy body.

Kim Kardashian images, she was well-known before her sex tape

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Soon after all the scandals were behind her, she got into a relationship Kanye West, whom she would marry in 2014. The two of them have a daughter named North West.

Sex Tapes of Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, the sex symbol of the 90s, had not one, but two sex videos of herself. After being discovered at a Canadian Football match, she appeared in several Playboy issues, where she displayed her perfect body and soon to be gigantic tits.

You can find Pamela Anderson’s biography and filmography as well on her IMDB profile

Pam married Tommy Lee, drummer for Mötley Crüe, and became known for a short period of time as Pamela Anderson Lee. It was on their honeymoon when they filmed their sex tape. Although the sex video is quite long, there are only a few scenes containing sex. They basically videotape themselves being naked and having fun:

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The video was stolen from their home in 1995 and made public all over the Internet. No matter how hard Pamela tried to stop it, she couldn’t. Soon after this scandal, another sex tape emerged from the depths of Pamela’s love life.

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Pamela Anderson Collage

A sex video she did together with Bret Michaels, from Poison, before her marriage with Tommy Lee. At that moment, only a 60 seconds was available online, and Penthouse quickly took advantage and published frames of it in their magazine.

However, now there’s a full version of it on the net:

Pamela was a true sex symbol, she had it all: great pair of tits, great body, a role in Baywatch as a lifeguard, countless of naked appearances in Playboy and two sex tapes. What could we want more of her? Perhaps some more sex tapes..?

Meantime, all of Pamela’s cover photos and pictorials in Playboy will have to do. She still holds the record for the highest number of appearances in Playboy.

Sex Tape of Kristin Kreuk

You’re only strong when you’re standing behind a stable,
functioning mass! Apparently, Actress Kristin Kreuk has been accused of calling off and recruiting innocent young women to join as sex slaves as members of the Muslim sex sect. Recently, the leader of the organization was arrested, and just the day after he was brought to justice and accused of sex trafficking. Reporters have slammed Kristen for being a ‘Human Resourcing’ body in that criminal organization. She publicly denied the claims on her Twitter profile.

The cult, going by the acronym name of NXIVM, is allegedly formed back in 1998. It was recognized as a cult in 2007, and it was imposed to the light because of New York Times expose last year. She deceived the women that joined the group, convincing them to think about the group as a self-help organization where they can climb the ladder to enlightenment. The sect, with their leader Raniere also had strict requirements for women. So those who don’t meet the standards are forced to, let’s say, lose weight to meet the requirements of their boss.

You can read the New York Times article titled “Inside a Secretive Group Where Women are Branded” right here if you want to learn more about the sect

Prior to this vile news outbreak, long before it drove off to destruction, NXIVM was offering to people their section ‘Executvie Success Programs Inc’. Those were programs that teach you the philosophical and practical studies which are necessary to you if you want to acquire such skills on the road to success. People have been baited on it, enrolling to these courses and one of them was Kristen Kreuk. That’s the only thing she hasn’t denounced, she did attend those courses.

Kristin’s colleague provided support for her friend, telling that she could have never been part of the inner-circle of the NXIVM. As for the boss Raniere, he’s facing federal charges filed in Brooklyn, regardless of his public denial on his website.

Before we put Kristin into dirt, let’s summon back what we have and haven’t known about her. Kristin is from Canada, born in December 30, 1982 in Vancouver, later settling in Toronto where she currently lives. She’s mostly known for her TV series Smallville where she played Lana Lang. Second-best role in opinion was in the teen drama Edgemont, and third considerable role was in Snow White: The Fairest of them All, where she landed the main role.

You can read more about the awards, movies and bio of Kristen Kreuk on her IMDB profile

She was also in Eurotrip, which I genuinely watched, but she was cut, appearing for a couple of minutes of total screen time. She was the cheating girlfriend of the protagonist, played by Matt Damon.

The Sex Tape of Kristin Kreuk

The sensational stories patron’s – Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack co-stars of Smallville, have both been accused of recruitment, on which Kristin denied her parttake in it. However, a sex tape that has seen the light recently of her being fucked by a Muslim guy, judging by his overall appearance and hairstyle. I mean no harm to the Muslim people, but NXIVM is a sect, and this is the sneak peek into their evil dungeon.

Krisitin is clearly seen getting her pussy wrecked by this Muslim who literally had hair all over his body, including his entire arm from shoulder to the tip of his fingers. He wore a condom, and it seemed that Kristin enjoyed him embarking her pussy as he slowly bends towards her for a kiss. Talk about branding women! This is a total enlightenment, don’t you think? Using women as sex slaves and objects to fulfill your selfish desires truly disappoints people of dignity, of this mankind we know of today. Dear Krisitin, you don’t need a cock up your vagina to reach for the heavens, sincerely, Sex Top Lists.

Image from Kristin Kreuk Sex Tape

Click Here to Watch the Full Sex Tape of Kristin Kreuk

The sex tape lasts about one minute, then it shows some comedic dancing of a group of people which is commonly used in internet memes. I suggest you watch it and face the latest outbursts of inhumane disgust. Experience blissful shine-through on Sex Top Lists, but about your sexual urges, not some kind of a Zen deception that lifts your soul or something like that. Sex isn’t rocket science, you know.

Sex Tape of Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden, the singer who took everyone by surprise when, at the age of 16, married actor Doug Hutchinson (50 at the time) may now be involved in another scandal, one of bigger proportions.

Courtney Stodden on a hot picture before her sex tape was leaked

If Doug Hutchinson (check him out on IMDB) doesn’t ring a bell, then the weird roles he played definitely will: Percy Wetmore in “The Green Mile”, James “Looney Bin Jim” Russoti in “Punisher: War Zone” and other smaller roles.

The unique footages

It appears that there’s indeed a sex tape of Courtney pleasuring herself (although we wished for Hutchinson to make an appearance too) and according to Vivid Entertainment’s founder, Steven Hirsch, the tape is one of the most unique footages he has ever seen and that Courtney looks amazing in it (those DD cup boobs must look great !).

We’re talking about a sex-tape rumor which TMZ spread a couple of days ago, click on the link and check it out

However, it might take some time until the sex tape can be legally distributed for the general public (since Courtney herself has to sign it off) so until then we can make due with her nude pics from all over the internet.

Being in an odd marriage

We truly hope that this new scandal won’t affect the Stodden-Hutchinson marriage, which already has problems of its own. According to Hutchinson, this marriage really shook his life – agent quitting, family disowning him and death threats from disappointed fans.

It seemed like the only person defending this odd marriage was Stodden’s mother who said that Doug was treating Courtney with kindness and love.

You can find footage of the married couple when they appeared (back in 2012) in the VH1 reality TV series “Couples Therapy”, searching for ways to fix their issues with the age difference in their marriage.

Although the couple went through a rough patch in November 2013 and took some time apart to solve their issues, August 2014 saw them reconciling with plans to renew their vows.

There is a whole article about the two of them renewing their wedding vows by the Daily Mail, check it out

We’ll keep you updated with whether the Courtney Stodden sex tape is available for the public or not so stay tuned!

Sex Tape of Miley Cyrus

We’ve seen Miley transform from the sweet Hannah Montana super-star to the wild and “<em>don’t give a crap about anything</em>” Miley Cyrus (highly resembling with a pornstar’s attitude) we have now. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

There have been a lot of rumors recently regarding Miley Cyrus’ sex life. However, with all the spotlights right on top of Miley, it’s easy to see why so many sex tapes or photos get leaked all over the Internet, even though most of the videos are fake or done by look-a-likes.

Sex Tape with the Schwarzenegger-Cyrus former-couple

Back in January, there were some news sites which claimed that Miley is filming all of her sex life with Patrick Schwarzenegger, her boyfriend at the time. Of course, nothing reached the surface because they are apparently deleting every video after watching it once.

Patrick is actually the son of the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger! To read more about Patrick, visit this Wikipedia article!

The two thought of having a purely sexual relationship, broke up after some scandalous spring break photos of Patrick and another girl reached the media’s surface.

Miley, whose balls were you wrecking after all?

One of Miley’s most recent music videos, Wrecking Ball, raised a lot of eyebrows with her controversial way of expressing her feelings and sexuality. A lot of parodies went viral at that time, but nothing surpassing the limit which Miley herself has set.

However, words of a trailer for the porn parody “Molly’s Wrecking Ballz” has made its way on the Internet. Some porn sites like Devil’s Film are hosting this movie or its trailer under the title of “Miley Cyrus Sex Tape”, thus making everyone confused.

“Molly’s Wrecking Ballz” features a Miley Cyrus lookalike, Miley May or Miley Mae (follow her on Twitter), alongside other “celebrity lookalikes” such as Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Liam Hemsworth and Robin Thicke. The movie looks promising from its trailer, allowing our fantasies to be played with, giving us the “sex-tape” that Miley hasn’t (so far!).

Click Here to Watch the Full Movie!

They look pretty similar, right? The DVD description is quite clever and funny at the same time, representing most of the Miley’s recent scandals:

“She came in like a wrecking ball and went out like daddy’s hit single! Meet Molly, America’s favorite stoner who’s begging for you to bone her!”.

They end with a nice little advice for her fans all over the world:

“Just make sure you don’t touch that wrecking ball after she’s done with it!”.

Click here and check out the IMDB profile of Miley May with her most popular porn titles!

For those dedicated Miley Cyrus fans, there’s still hope for you! While you might not get satisfied with a pornstar lookalike, Miley is surprising us on a daily basis with her sexy photos on Facebook (check them out HERE), Twitter and other such sites.

Perhaps it won’t be long until an original sex video with Miley Cyrus will be available for the public. All we can do is wait…

Sex Tape of Katy Perry

Most of us know her for her voice, and some of us follow her unique fashion sense. The crankiest audience like to bring out the way she was before she became famous. But why should we dwell in the past? There`s nothing in there that can compare to the Katy of today and unlike some of her celebrity friends, she has never taken a step down on the ladder of success and fame.

To say “it`s always the quiet ones” would be quite an understatement in her case. It might come as a surprise to you, that Katy Perry belongs to a devoutly religious family. It hasn`t always been about kissing girls, Vegas and whipped cream-spraying bras and truth to be told we can`t imagine her being ordinary. Luckily we don`t even have to! Ever since she “rose to power” with the fabulously rebellious song “I kissed a girl“, we have watched her develop into the award-winning machine that she is today.

But wait, there’s more!

Feminists might stone us to death, if we praise her only for her appearance but now seriously, look at her! How could you resist not to take a peak and more importantly, why would you even want to do that? Maxim`s hottest female celebrity doesn`t let herself be tempted into bad looks. And even 5 years after having been awarded this title, she`s still a sight to see for men`s eyes and a model for the women to aspire to.

Katy Perry half-naked, before her sex tape was leaked

Now we get to the key question that all fans want an answer to. Is there a Katy Perry sex tape? Unfortunately the answer is a negative one. Of course we can search for things like “Katy Perry sex tape”, “Katy Perry leaked nudes”, “Katy Perry sex video”, but the ugly truth remain the same. At most, porn websites have a video collage of her pictures which can be obtained easily from any fan website.

Not all that glitters is Katy Perry!

As we are well aware, everything can be duplicated nowadays, including celebrities. Some website take advantage of that fact and they lure you in with a simple Katy Perry look-a-like and probably the most successful in playing this role is the British model Rosie Jones, who is able to trick even some of Katy`s most devoted fans.

You can check out Rosie Jones on Twitter, she has plenty of photos available there.

Is it such a condemnable thing to pass someone as Katy in a sex video? That`s for you to decide. But keep in mind that in the absence of the real deal, we will have to settle down to these imagination-teasing compensations.

Who can we blame for, for the absence of a sex tape? Maybe she doesn`t need such a fame booster or perhaps at fault is her divorce from Russell Brand, who once jokingly said “We’ll do a sex tape! Give them what they want!” There are always all sorts of speculations and even rumors about a fifteen minute long video of Katy in the bathtub, but until we’ve seen it, fans will probably remain skeptical about this topic.

Can we still see her naked?

Partially yes. While she`s not on the cover of Playboy (like other celebrities), this goddess-like sex symbol is renowned for her unconventional, uninhibited clothing style. Her most striking asset? Her cleavage, obviously. And she is giving us plenty occasions to decide whether they are real or fake: photo spreads, magazine covers, her fantastic videos. The opportunity is right in front of our eyes, we just have to take it.

As an extra tease, we will bring to you attention her philanthropic work. In 2008, Katy had a mold made of her God-given 32D breasts in order to raise money for breast cancer research. The final sculpture (you can see it here) was painted by artist Jim McHugh and was later on auctioned off for $3500. Was the price right or not? That`s probably of little importance right now. Being able to touch Katy Perry? Now that`s priceless. Bet you wish you were that lucky artist spreading and shaping clay on her torso.

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Sex Tape of Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford is an American model and actor, known for being a Ralph Lauren Polo model. In the spring of 2012, rumors of a sex tape with him came to the attention of mass media. To this day, his tape isn’t available online.

Tyson Beckford befoe his sex tape was leaked

The sex video was 45 minutes long and it featured a single Tyson, pleasuring himself while chatting with a female model. He’s not proud of his tape, claiming that everyone does this and his sex video is nothing special.

Check out this Q&A with Tyson Beckford by Las Vegas Magazine if you want to know more.

Be it as it may, a sex video of Tyson working only on himself would surely please lots of women out there. If and when we’ll get our hands on his tape, we’ll let you know right away.

For the meanwhile, here is a sex scene with Tyson Beckford from the movie Addicted:

Sex Tape of Jimi Hendrix

The Jimi Hendrix threesome Sex Video

Hard to believe, but Jimi Hendrix really had a sex tape. Many fans and fellow lovers of music couldn’t believe it, they said it was all a sham and an attention campaign from Vivid, Adult Entertaining Company.

Jimi Hendrix before his sex video scandal

He’s featured on their website, under celebrities: http://www.vivid.com/celebs/jimi-hendrix/, right next to Tila Tequila and Kim Kardashian, a place where no artist and legend like Hendrix should be.

Sex Tape of Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell’s Sex Video with a Playboy model

Yes, Colin Farrell had a sex tape. And a sex tape scandal if you weren’t
aware of it.The sex video dates from 2003, but was released a couple of years later, and it showed Colin having fun with his girlfriend at the time, Nicole Narain.

Colin Farrell before his sex tape was leaked

After the initial release of the sex tape, Colin thought that Nicole Narain, Playboy model, would try and damage his career by releasing the tape. Talking things through helped them reach the conclusion that neither of them is responsible for the release and that it would be best to work together to stop its spread over the Internet.

Colin Farrell talked about the sex tape and his regret about it in this Huffington Post article, check it out.

However, too little too late because it can still be found online:

Apparently, Nicole Narain was having a sex addiction issue, because she appeared on The Joy Behar Show to discuss this problem.

Colin was also having addictions, but another kind. Drug addiction, recreational drugs and painkillers to be more precise. He went to a rehab center and seems to have put this problem behind him.

Sex Tape of Rob Lowe

Sex Videos of Rob Lowe’s threesomes

The controversy of having a sex tape didn’t avoid Rob Lowe either. His video is one that most men would take pride with, although it heavily damaged his career.

The video was initially with him having sex with two young women, one of 16 years old and the other being 22 years old.

Being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, everything was good and no laws were broken (age of consent is above 16 years old there). However, being with such young girls certainly didn’t do good for Rob’s career.

This sex tape is from 1998 and seems like it can’t be found online. If we get our hands on it, then we’ll let you know.

However, there was another part of the video, filmed in a Paris. Rob and a friend of his, Justin Moritt were having a good time with a model called Jennifer in a hotel room. Seems like the threesome is the way Rob rolls:

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