6Toplist Worst Studios in Vienna

A bad studio (by our definition) is characterized by a couple of things: run down interior with cheap stuff and no style, mostly cheap prices but not necessarily, girls not motivated, often open 24/7 which is inhumane and never good as well as almost always AO sex possible for cheap prices.

Also, another decisive fact that determines if a studio is bad or not is their hygiene. In most of these studios the showers are bad, often placed in the kitchen. On top of this, almost no clean towels and no fresh sheets. Low prices and the possibility of having sex without a condom. These are the reasons to why they are still open.

The Sex Toplist Worst Studios in Vienna will give you information on where not to go and why:

1. Studio Ingrid

1110 Vienna, Hauffgasse 14A

  • Owner of the studio is a well-known scammer of Vienna, Lady Tatjana

The main reason to why Studio Ingrid in Hauffgasse is on the top of the list is because of the owner. Once a scammer, always a scammer. No matter how hard she may try to hide her past and change her name, she always will be known as what she is. It is best to avoid this studio as best as you can.

More details on how she used to scam her clients and what her past was like can be found on our Sex Toplist of Worst Scammers in Vienna.

2. Studio Sechshauserstraße

Sechshauserstrasse 34 1150 Wien

  • Totally run down
  • Girls here are known for very bad service

Every studio in this street has the same problem, known for their bad services and nothing else. Well, apart from their super cheap prices and sex without a condom.

Click here if you want to know more about the studio!

But, as we said in the beginning of this article, most bad studios exist only because of those two reasons.

Girl in Studio Sechshauserstraße

3. Studio Intim

1120 Vienna, Ignazgasse 42b

  • Website: http://www.studio-intim.at/studio-intim/index.html
  • Bad service
  • Luiza is known for her fake photos
We also wrote an article about the Top 6 Escort Sites with Fake Photos, click here to read it!

Luiza practically runs this place. Even though we are not sure about this, it sure seems like it. She has been in this studio for ages. It doesn’t say much about the business itself when their most known girl lies about her appearances.

Luiza Studio Intim

4. Studio Angel Heart

1120 Vienna, Ignazgasse 42D

  • The same bad service as Studio Intim
Visit the website of Studio Angel Heart here

5. Studios Nordwestbahnstraße

1020 Vienna, Nordwestbahnstraße 7-9

  • All studios are next to each other
  • All of them are bad, run down mostly
  • High prices for such low standards
  • AO always possible

The whole part of the street with these studios is called “Rote Meile” which means Red Mile.

More information about these studios available HERE

One of them has what we believe to be an electricity hazard: washing machine next to the shower.

6. Studio Neulerchenfelderstraße

1160 Vienna, Neulerchenfelder Straße 91

  • Very bad neighborhood
  • Run down
  • AO sex always available
  • 24/7 nonstop studio
  • Cheap but gross
Click here for more details about Studio Neulerchenfelderstraße!

It belongs to Studio Juchgasse 36A so the girls often rotate between these two.

Girl in Studio Neulerchenfelderstraße

7. Studio Juchgasse 36a

1030 Vienna, Juchgasse 36A

  • In the 3rd district
  • Totally run down
  • Dangerous placement of shower
  • Super cheap
  • AO possible
  • Sauna

The only asset of this place is their sauna. Even though AO sex is possible here, there are never any good reviews about it.

Relevant details about Studio Juchgasse on Kontaktbazar.at

The placement of the shower is dangerous because is it next to a kind of hole that is probably supposed to be a jacuzzi.

Girl in Studio Juchgasse 36a

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