Alex Grey’s Top 8 Scenes

Step into our threshold, young lady, you’re more than welcomed tootz! Girls like Alex Grey, who are up for grabs are the best ones, at most for us, because we’re the first to claim shotgun!

She went from the far lands of… Georgia, USA! Neighborhood doll just became a porn diva, and if you’re 21 and from Fort Benning, you probably heard rumors, public notion or, maybe if you had the privilege, hung out with Alex, because she was born on April 20th, 1996.

Is it cool when you see your friend from school on Naughty America, Bangbros, Evil Angel, etc. I never had to the opportunity to experience it, neither to ask someone a question alike. Alex doesn’t have a heck of a story behind her, but she has A STORY behind her, you know, like a building floor!

It’s real too bad that there’s nothing special about her to mention, I mean, she is a nubile still in development and under maintenance. She began her career as an erotic model in 2015, involved in photo sessions with less-known organizations around 19. She quickly leaped to the bigger leagues where the previously noted porn studios are.

More details on Grey’s biography is found on this IMDB link of her profile!

First and most, she’s blonde and that’s already a drastic jumpstart over other girls. This is not an overstatement, it’s just how things globally work, these are facts! Blondes are the most adored women, then come the others, runner-ups. She’s only 5’3, around 160 cm, has a meager physical presence so to say, as she belongs to the petite category.

Following up her dimensions of a point, her tits are small, 32B’s and I probably think that she inflated that bra cup size, implying that she has weak gabarit applied to her rack! What’s the point of this girl if she’s a point itself? Well, she’s not fully tiny! Vast percent of body growing went to her bottom, and she has a great bubble booty which makes our chins drenching in saliva! Like a bubble wrap, you have the tendencies to pop her ass!

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I got the basics and principles covering the orbits of Alex Grey, all that’s left for you is these 8 videos I prepared especially for you! Well, to be honest, these are my favorites, but I initiated my cognitive objective thinking by logic and reasoning, seeing things through your skin and shoes!

The mystery behind Alex remained vague, but it’s irrelevant for what’s yet to COME! I made too many changes in the position of an object/person over time jokes. Damn motion… Number eight…

8. Evil Angel – Cute Little Rookie Ass Licker

Twenty-one years old and already a vamp! You really have to be special to acquire that of a leverage in life to be at the peak of your personality, while being exposed to a difficult set of circumstances! On top of all, she’s at Manuel Ferrara’s studio, a 40+ veteran, Italian stallion, porn icon, celebrity, legend, somewhat hero, and he spared his precious time to pluck his dick into a babe half his age!

Manuel was a long time coming (another one) even before the immaculate conception of Alex Grey. Immaculate not because she’s a taintless God creation, but because we don’t know her parents from the biography above! We will conceive her then that she’s brought by a stork. Okay? Okay.

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Nevertheless, Ferrara has a movie of his own guided directions, exclusively for cuties with giant booties and almost with girl cooties, since they’ve just opened their adult eyes and stepped into the porn game! Alex was more than ready to put on display some eye-catching gymnastics apart on Ferrara’s giant shaft used for it! She stuffed her beautiful mouth full of his cock, almost to the point it overloaded the capacity!

Luckily, Manuel has his charmers’ maneuvers, using his biggest fingers to contaminate and exacerbate the state of Alex’s already-tortured fanny! That’s how it all started and Manuel’s dick got stiffened up each second passed while he was glued to the girl! After a great fuck, Ferrara released his embryos all over her face that look like medallions, awards for a great fuck and suck!

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7. Girls Way – The Daisy Chain Scene #1

In a group of older women, or how modern-day slang would phrase this, in a group of thicc MILFs, Alex looks lit!!!! Meaning; Alex seems much older when surrounded by Alexis Fawx, Mindi Mink, and Jenna Fox! Plus, she was in a superior role of the crowd, which puts her upfront.

Mindi Mink, a sexually open-minded stepmom of Jenna Fox, has an outgoing phone call to her daughter, who’s at college. She invited Jenna to join her Daisy knitting club which is scheduled to be these days, and she unwillingly accepted.

It’s a group of sexually confused women, who aren’t oriented straight, always keen to try new things, and Jenna’s aware of it because her mom’s just like them! It consisted of the concerned two, Alexis Fawx and her stepdaughter Alex Grey!

Aleix Fawx has an amazingly interesting Twitter profile! Click here to redirect you there.

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They seemed odd to Jenna from the moment when she met with them and started knitting, and what overflowed the cup was when these far-family babes started kissing! Alex took off her panties so that she can repair them by knitting and Jenna was bewildered! Mom Alexis followed through by unleashing her big tits, and Jenna couldn’t define this non-exemplary behavior!

She tried to flee from the sexual encounter, but Alexis forestalled her as she got up, placing her between the dragon’s teeth! These tainted souls tried to devour Jenna’s innocent soul! I loved the part when Mindi deluded her daughter’s brain by explaining that it’s what mother’s and daughter’s do! Classic porn logic!

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6. Bangbros – Sexy Secretary Pays For Her Mistakes

Alex yet again has troubles with her paperwork, as she missed out on another contract. Namely, she hadn’t signed one of the bunch, and the boss doesn’t tolerate errors, especially when they’re made more than once!

She should learn from her mistakes, so that she doesn’t find herself in a discomforting situation, being scolded by her boss! She knew that her actions could lead to some possible threats being prolifed, so she begged her boss not to fire her! The beaver immediately had something dirty in mind, so instead of giving her another chance and giving her less paperwork, with an increase by paper over time, he gave her his D!

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There’s no mercy with the Bangbros, everything needs to be in place and formally fulfilled. One mistake will make tragic consequences to the company, and nobody wants that! This way, Alex will take a tour of the hidden chambers at the office, completely ulterior from the public, so that she satisfies her boss and compensates the losses!

The new accessory was a hit in the bullseye! She wore glasses with dark frames, making her more sophisticated aesthetically. After a long and hard fuck, and a bit of suck her and there to show the boss that she’ll do anything for the company, he had to erupt his giant volcano on her face and all over her glasses! Watch out, it will leave stains and that will cause employees to doubt!

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5. Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend with Bruce Venture

This sexy senorita sucks on Bruce’s natural log of XXX! Bruce is the guy that has the whitish foreskin on his penis, just below the tip. Oh, like you don’t sort male porn actors by their penis styles and kinds.

Bruce is even an actor in the so-called “entertainment industry”, just like in real life, and Alex Grey is interested in his movie projects and wants to become a part of his movies, get a role and such!

Bruce has plenty of picutres on his Instagram profile, he’s active on a daily basis. Click here to visit him

Bruce is considering her offer, however, she must show what she’s got to him because he’s no amateur! Alex has plenty of things in her bag of tricks, and Bruce will probably give her more than just a role in one of his movies, if she proves herself, maybe she’ll sit shoulder-to-shoulder next to the director’s chair!

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The way she sucked that dick and deepthroated it, leaving glaze like sugar-coating, I think that she deserves a spot on the Hollywood’s walk of fame, finding rightful places amid huge names!

Bruce sprayed her face in the end, so that money shot is the last word of the God’s – she’s in the game! And Bruce is in Alex! Hierarchy of roles!

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4. Twistys – A Treat Story Curtain Call Part 4

One more to the pure lesbian collection, this time besides Naomi Woods! Naomi is a great partner in this scene, and Twistys usually makes filming-related scenarios, where someone’s supposed to act or create art, in the end.

Fetish as an addition is a great combo because I neglected my fans that are into foot fetish, and don’t worry, stay calm because Alex is also into it, well, one way or another, is it because she didn’t have options or not, let’s not think of it that way, because she’s a girl with twisted thoughts!

69, Spanking, Pussy Licking, Fingering, altogether making a kick-ass lesbo scene of two girls! It doesn’t get any better than this, if I made a graph of the correlation between scene attractiveness or something relevant to it, and the involved categories or such, this would be maxed-out! Well, a line doesn’t have an ending point, so this must be infinitely good!

Twisty’s has got awesome offers for membership, and I suggest you find yours as soon as possible because you can’t really watch the trailer. See for yourselves, I tried to be a cheapskate and look how far you’d go!


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3. Pretty Dirty – The Neighborhood Brat: Part Two

I must admit that I haven’t foreseen what this title says so that I knew it in the introduction when talking about people who were close to Alex! Now it all came true and all thanks to Pretty Dirty! It made you think you’re Jessy Jones, living nearby Alex this foxy babe’s house, daydreaming about…

About how would it be awesome if you were given two minutes with this girl! But, greedy Jessy got more of that came from! This is a part two, so I’ll explain the story behind this sequel.

Jessy is seen in his house looking like he doesn’t know just what he saw, in the first part he went by the door of his neighbor to ask for a tool he was in need for, only to see a stepdad fucking his stepdaughter through the window!

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He barely knew them, but he thought in his head, the girl probably needs his help since something very wrong was occurring! He went to the front porch, knocked on the door with only one thing in mind: to confront Tommy and save Alex from being a victimized daughter! He’s a caring man, a true hero of the nation who just does his duty as a citizen!

Anyways, Alex opens to door to him and gladly welcomes him in. He explains the situation from his angle, and Alex was contemplating if he’s right! However, she explained back to Jessy that it’s only her stepfather, and that he’s the victim here! Alex just wants to get what she wants, and this is no exclusion! Help Tommy for the wellbeing of all the men that are getting took advantage of!

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2. All Girl Massage – Full Service Exchange

Full Service (S)Exchange is the reason why we love lesbian porn. Featuring Mia Malkova and Alex Grey. Mia Malkova is holding a serious business here, being an entrepreneur of a masseuse.

She was hanging on her laptop doing some work, fixing arrangements or things related to the massage business, she knows the best. Just to the enclosure of another work day, she encounter’s a pole dancing instructor, trying to promote herself to this branch of service industry!

Although having a hard day at work, Mia accepted Alex in her office with a bright smile on her face, really interested with the service that Alex provides! This may be a great collision/cross-over, they could create affiliations, meaning that they’re gonna have their business grow!

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Or, Mia just wants to keep it on an individual level and learn some sleek pole dancing techniques and moves! Alex asks her if she’s okay for baby steps she’ll teach her first, and that’s lap dancing!

It seems like Mia’s into her new business partner, and it’s only the beginning of a great relationship! They sit on a chair and both get eyes on Alex’s one-girl show! Mia couldn’t resist to take off Alex’s sports bra, revealing her juicy perky tits she’s now sucking on!

Even we couldn’t contain ourselves by watching, I could imagine how hard was it for Mia! You go, girls, for female emancipation you stand firm!

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1. Fantasy Massage – Compulsive Eater

The therapist just called, and it was a wake-up kind. He diagnosed Alex for an oral fixation, she replaces food instead of dick and does the same things she’ll do to a man’s wrench! The humorous part is that cadres are on the therapist and of her, and while he was elaborating his examination, she was sucking off an ice cream stick like it’s dick!

She was like, oh, impossible, and yeah, that’s porn and all. It probably came from her sexual frustrations, as she didn’t have any action recently. Her professional therapist managed to fix an appointment with Lucas Frost, a good Nuru Masseuse!

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She’ll recall the taste of a dick and no more no less than Lucas’ Frosty carrot! It’s a great disorder to eat your food like a whore, so be a whore in bed young girl, not every plain you tread on! Eat up, bunny rabbit!

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