Top 10 Videos of Anya Olsen


old on tight to your ground, because Anya Olsen is a dangerously fast transporter! She’s not stopping for sh*t, so when we’re spending time with this girl, don’t catch yourself twisting your brain out of wonders that she produces! You’ll know what I’m talking about later, just tune in and follow me!


There’s nothing for me to say extraordinary, Anya Olsen is nuclear! Just as much she is efficient, she’s deadly to the other extreme with the same intensity! Here’s the nasty part when I told you about, leaving you bewildered until you comprehend it.

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Anya Olsen, specifically, it smells like a Scandinavian name, the letter “O” having 2 dots beyond, pronounced as an unarticulated attempt to puke out something greasy you just ate! I mean, that’s the way you’re supposed to say her last name, but maybe I’m just wrong and I know nothing about ethnicity!

The other side of the cup is, she has a mixture of German and Irish descent, probably each coming from her parents respectively. You can see the ancestry in her eyes and most on her face, women from those areas have things in common and Anya does as well. But wait just a moment, that’s not all. Anya Olsen is a born Newyorker, on September 27th, 1994.

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Who’s fucking who here in the end? Is she getting fucked or are we getting feasted on? All I know is that this girl is more than special! Long, curly brown hair, face from the covers, brows and eye-lines of a dreamer, blue iris(h) that just look into your soul every time she smiles for the camera!

The transporter is also a transformer, when she uses the randomizer on her hair, she can go from a plain brunette to a slutty blonde named Barbara! For a girl of 5’4, she’s got a big appetite for dick! Petite isn’t her body type solely, her tits are small and her ass is… well, call it an apple bottom, however judging by dimensions, it ain’t too large!

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Since we’re talking about large, Anya grew up in a family with 3 brothers and a sister, so inequality was written way before her conception. At age of five she moved to Kansas from New York, growing up there until 13. Speculations also told that she lost her virginity at that age and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to discuss it. I don’t wanna suffer some legal consequences!

She was a problematic girl, she went to a sorority dorm in a female school, where she ultimately got kicked out from because they caught her having sex multiple times! She ended up as a bartender, just before she decided to tread on thorns where no one wouldn’t dare! Welcome to the porn industry, Anya Olsen. Red carpet awaits your feet after that sick path.

Yeah, feet, yum… Alright, onto the top 10 list of Anya’s top videos! Sex Top Lists exclusively delivers, with all heart, to you!

10. Bangbros – Stretching Anya Olsen’s Pussy


rom her debut year of 2015, she’s made a great progress for less than a year! Bangbros acknowledged her existence and immediately expressed their opportunistic view of people! Inviting Anya over will surely raise their popularity, because she’s multi-national, a fit for numerous categories in porn, and that equals to – profit! Whether monetary or fame-wise.

Anyhow, Bangbros aren’t evil like the new stockbroker websites that arose in meantime, pleading some hard-to-believe, prospered occurrences that happened once in who knows how many people. I’m not a lobbyist, nor an anti-lobbyist for these, I used them myself, however, I’m just being honest. I’m your best friend on the internet, so why wouldn’t you believe me?

Nevertheless, back to Anya. LA is notorious for the mischevious ghoul levitating beyond the city, a specter spectating the poor people’s souls that are into sex exchange! The suckers like Mike Adriano… wait, Mike Adriano? On the Bangbros? What’s this, a cross-over episode? Is he part of the Bangbros community? What a damn legend.

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Anyways, he’s under contract by the Bros, so he’s probably forced to cruise around Los Angeles to pick-up Anya Olsen in his fancy car. They were somewhere what seems to be the suburbs of the great metropolis, and he accomplished his first objective, now, his goal is to reach the Bangbros HQ to film some nasty hardcore porn with her!

Anya couldn’t cope with her sexual needs, so she just had to start sucking Mike’s dick in his car, until they arrived home, when the real party started! Mike was rolling and recording all the time, while Anya was relaxed like they’re having a private session, without anyone knowing! The damn whore got her pussy outspread like the plague!


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9. Reality Junkies – My Brother’s Best Friend’s Got A Huge Cock!


ave I already have seen this porn? Probably something alike. Anya was out for a morning jog, and since I’m not natively an American, I keep seeing the same mountain/hill terrain on movies, especially on these adult ones. I remember one was featuring Johnny Castle back then. I’ll call it the Porn Hill. It’s clear and easy to apprehend.

Anyways, it was a long and hard run, however, it won’t be the only thing with these attributes that she has to overcome! She shelved slowly downhill out of exhaustion, only to find her brother’s best friend parking in front of the house. I’m starting to think that Anya has an affection for cars, and not for men as much as it’s logical.

Jessy Jones is looking for her brother, so she politely welcomed him in so that he can wait for him in the house until he gets back. In the meanwhile, Anya wanted to wash away the sparkling shine of sweat on her body, letting herself have a pinch of her body while no one’s watching!

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That’s when Jessy accidentally interrupted her solo performance, so she had to involve him in the act. Besides, Jessy has got a big cock, that’s what she heard, so why not try some in the bathroom?


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8. Girls Way – I Want To Stay with You


t’s one of the hardest circumstantial periods of a teen’s life, and that’s when he or she is going through their parents’ divorce! 1 out of 5 marriages end by splitting, so Anya’s that minority in the chances. She’s especially sad because the law prescribed her that she has to live with her father, what she utterly hated!

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She talked to her stepmom Reagan Foxx about it, and there’s nothing that she can do to change her official residence and belongings. Anya promises that she’ll do the chores around the house, however, Anya’s not buying it. Instead, Reagan starts to doubt if Anya’s even conscious of her acts.

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Reagan’s being a victim to Coquette! Anya tamed her stepmom quite easily with a one-two flick of a finger, a finger like a magic stick, and all that using no dick! Fuck tactical infiltrating, you can always convince your stepmom this way! These two gals started scissoring, but don’t worry they didn’t run with it! Cutting hazard – gone. Choking hazard – initiated! 69 isn’t quite a solution to it, but it will do the trick! Your wish is Reagan’s command, teeny!


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7. Fantasy Massage – The Centerpiece


antasy Massage has escalated to a home-masseuse level, and Anya is more than interested in those kinds of massage! Blair Williams is an expert at it! On top of that, she does work at the comfort of her home! Win-win situation. Anyways, Blair is married to Aaron Wilcox, so no stunt-pulling, Anya, like in the last part!

The Centerpiece was both the main decoration of the table and the centerpiece of this video as well! When Anya arrived, she asked her what is it, because it looked odd in a most sexual way, on which Blair replied like it’s nothing! Soon after, Blair is giving her a shoulder pre-massage and she had to lower her bra, revealing Anya’s tiny tits.

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Aaron watched the spectacle from the background, gently stroking his dick! They had to proceed to a new level, so he hid around the corner waiting for his next chance. The centerpiece was what Anya thought at first, and up it goes inside her pussy! Blair went to her room to grab something necessary for the massage, and she spotted her naughty hubby masturbating!

As punishment, he has to be part of the massage now, learning from them and providing them with innovations, new massage methodology, and techniques!


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6. Evil Angel – Teen Slut Tryouts, Scene #4


ow this is the Mike Adriano we know and love! He’s independent, non-affiliated, and Evil Angel – friendly! He’s the actor and director, a one-man gang, putting his chambers on display for Anya’s eyes live, and for us, registered in the archives!

Mike’s collection will forever remain incomplete, but he had this intriguing addition! He’s got some new toys, a glass, transparent bill that’s used to make a pussy wider! He inserts it inside’s Anya’s hollow pussy, and uses it as counter-scissors, repulsing to the direction from the other prong.

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Everything else was the good ol’ same, filled with drool, saliva, drenching pussy and pure POV action! Mike’s dick is the biggest we could possibly see, and I can see the pain Anya’s in when that cock keeps pounding her like a percussion! Even when Mike finishes in her mouth, dripping some on her face, he’s not finished! He grabs a glass and forces Anya to squirt in it! I heard it’s got vast nutrition values!


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5. Naughty America – My Girl Loves Anal with Tyler Nixon


ow! Is this a modern day article or what? Everything you can see on the whole internet, fit in one puny porn industry, just a segment of the whole wide web globally! Anya Olsen and Tyler Nixon are a happy couple, and the key to a successful relationship is humor, respect and befriended behavior!

Anya was one with the first strike, applying whip cream on Tyler’s palm while he was asleep, then proceeding to tickle his nose, making him scratch the discomfort away. It’s the oldest prank in the book, so he just slaps himself with some white tasty cream! Get original, girl!

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As sweet revenge, Tyler’s gonna do something that can easily go wrong! When asked to bring a glass of water, Tyler filled Anya’s cup with perfume! Anya was “this” close to death when she, fortunately, realized that something’s reeking badly!

It’s an unforgivable stunt, however, she will forgive him. Under one condition: he needs to induce some anal sex with her in order to get those chemicals reacting! A fair compensation, don’t you think?


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4. Twistys – Cool Down With My Cunt


classic porn screenplay, but we’ll discharge that off false complaints in the beginning. Anya’s in the living hell of summer, the middle of it and her AC just broke! She knows that Donnie is a technician and he can help her with the troublesome technology, so she phones him if he’s not busy to come over and take a look.

I’m not sure what does Anya mean by AC, but I’m most definitely sure that the “C” stands for cock! Donnie visited, and he jumped to work to see if he can help. It’s a typical American backyard, with a back door with stairs, where Anya sat and overlooked the situation. She got hot, and no, I don’t mean temperature-wise.

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She started fingering herself by only watching Donnie and his muscular self in a tank top, fixing the AC, and Donnie as a bit confused when he sighted her. Target locked-on, and know the Condition was really substituted by Cock! Sex won’t surely cool you off, my dear Anya! Especially this, rough one with Donnie’s big hammer!


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3. Team Skeet – Extra Small Escort


uan is our everyday creep, just like us, and he’s in search for an escort that will soothe his horny desires! After a while, he found a perfect match! A small escort named Anya Olsen, while she was still 5’2, weighing like a feather.

He hits her up, and she’s on her way! She had a number of things going through her head, while walking on the sidewalk, entering the elevator, elevating in the elevator, stopping with the elevator and so on. Until Juan opened her door, she saw with what she’ll be dealing with within the next couple of hours.

The trenchcoat she was wearing is a fashion no-no, plus why the hell did she dressed like that when the chances of rain were to a mere zero? Ah, I won’t be a fashion judge too now, but at least I have a pinch of fashion essence!

Anyways, she took it off, so the day has been saved by Juan! Fashion companies should award him big-time!


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2. Reality Kings – Grip The Tip


he Cum Fiesta guy expected a slow run for a day, until his breakfast was disturbed by a knock on the door. It was Anya Olsen, and the bro almost gaggled! Head straight to business, love, you are sweet and all, but he doesn’t have all day, even though it’s only morning.

She’s well aware what the password is, unveiling her super small, but juicy tits! Later, she got filmed along by many angles, so that we don’t miss out on vital things! She was busy spreading her pussy on her own, because she’s instructed that a cock they’ll swing on her won’t be a joke!

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Once she laid her eyes on it, her arm and mouth followed up, and a snap of a finger later, she’s sucking that dick, deepthroating and doing all kinds of wrong things with it! Anya got fucked hard, being at the receiving end of that slinger! Her pussy got ripped off, so she had to locate herself in the bathroom to relocate it back to its proper destination! More dick confirmed!


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1. Nubiles Porn – My Play Toy


figured how porn studios love to maximize brightness and the lights of the scene, especially when a teen pale and white like this steps up. She’s happier than ever because she’ll get her long-awaited cock!

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The scene is getting brighter and brighter, up to a point of no return, literally, just after the final COME, it’s like we’ve reached the heavens by watching Nubiles Porn. Who knows, maybe we did, so what’s left to do now? More Nubiles? You got it!


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