Amazon and Microsoft Prostitution Scandal

A recent investigation in Seattle revealed that Amazon, Microsoft and other tech companies’ employees have been actively using an online prostitution network. Apparently, this prostitution network has also been illegally trafficking girls from Asian countries. Further investigation will follow, which could have a devastating impact on these tech giants’ PR image.

Seattle police investigation against tech companies

The Seattle police has an ongoing investigation against a few Seattle-based tech companies. The investigation started back in 2015 in order to prevent the usage of online review boards where clients would exchange information about the prostitutes. Police made 18 arrests after their investigation. Even some highly ranked Amazon and Microsoft directors were arrested in the Amazon and Microsoft prostitution scandal.

Apparently, the police has recently uncovered hundreds of emails between the dealers and the employees. According to our sources, the clients had to use their work email accounts to verify that they’re not secret agents. The evidence shows that the employees of these tech companies have been in contact with the prostitution network and the human traffickers for years.

Online prostitution in Seattle

According to a recent study, the sex industry in Seattle is the fastest growing in the USA. Online prostitution in the area has doubled between 2005 and 2012.

This rapid increase in online prostitution can also be closely related to the increased number of tech companies appearing, such as Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Oracle and other local businesses. Some brothels and sex clubs even advertise their close proximity to these large technology companies.

microsoft seattle headquarters

Microsoft and Amazon’s response to the online prostitution scandal

Both Microsoft and Amazon released official statements to Newsweek about the recent discovery.

Microsoft stated that they have been cooperative with law enforcement and other agencies battling sex trafficking and that they have their own volunteers combating the issue too. The spokesperson also said that a tiny fraction of their 125,000 employees does not reflect or present their company as a whole. Microsoft stated that they are taking action against the employees that were associated with the online prostitution network.

Amazon also responded by saying that their Owner’s Manual prohibits any sex buying activities in Amazon’s workplace or any other work-related setting. They also said that they are taking legal action against employees that have used company funds or resources to engage in criminal conduct.

This probably isn’t the end of the Amazon and Microsoft prostitution scandal and we will keep our readers updated on the situation as anything new happens.


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