6Toplist Brand New Girls in Vienna

New girl in town

On any given week, dozens of new girls come to Vienna to work as sexworkers in sexclubs, studios or even on the street. Many punters are looking for exactly this, a “new girl”, an amateur so to say.

They want fresh blood for reasons that we will discuss another time, in another article. However, the fact is that very often girls that are advertised as new are not new at all. The word “new” or “brand new” is used in order to attract those very guys that want to meet these inexperienced girls. This is why we have decided to provide you with the list that has only New Girls in Vienna. The girls that we haven’t seen anywhere else, and as it can be seen from the abundance of articles, we took our time with Vienna’s nightlife.

However, due to our extensive knowledge, we’ll also do a list that is meant to open your eyes to false advertisements, Sex Toplist Not so Brand New Girls.

1. Lolita from Maxim Wien

Lolita is a gorgeous 19 years old Romanian beauty. She has a super slender body and her hair is long, black and curly just like a Greek goddess. Her small tits are fitting for her hot slim body.

Her full lips are completed by white perfect teeth and a cute warm smile. She’s a very polite girl and shows great promise as a sexworker, although she’s still struggling a bit communication wise and needs to learn English and German better. Lolita is number 1 on our list because she really is new, young, gorgeous and she works in a place that is recommended, Sex Nightclub Maxim Wien.

Maxim takes great pride in their girls and international reputation, therefore wouldn’t advertise a girl as new if she really wasn’t new. The solid reputation that Maxim has is a great factor for bringing in new girls.

They treat all their girls with respect and they really know how to make newcomers feel comfortable, by not pushing them too much (whether it is sex without condom or practices that they don’t want to do) and by offering them safety and a great environment to work in.

Lolita from Maxim Wien1

2. Mia from Studio Engerthstraße 108, 1020 Vienna

Similar to Lolita, she works in a solid place. Sex Studio Engerthstraße, the former SexyHexi Studio which is known as one of the best if not the best sex studio in Vienna.Seeing that she is already 21 years old indicates a chance of her not being a real newcomer but if she really is the first time in Vienna in this job, then we can let that one go.

Also, as mentioned before, this studio has a solid reputation even though that since they branched out and opened a second studio in the 3rd district there have been some mixed reviews. But that can happen and since every place suffers from the one or the other bad review sometimes this group remains one that we can recommend

New Girl Mia

3. Roxi from SexyHexi studio Landstraßer Gürtel 35, 1030 Vienna

Roxi is a 20 year old girl from Slovakia. Her choice as the first place to work in is the SexyHexi studio, a great studio for that matter. Because this is one of the best studios in Vienna, we trust the fact that she’s new in this business.

Her reviews say that she’s pretty and new but at the same time not experienced and calm, maybe a bit too quiet. She has time to improve her service. All in all, this is enough to put her on our list.

Roxi New girl of SexyHexi

4. Mimi from Studio Vivenotgasse 33, 1120 Vienna

Studio Vivenotgasse is a marginal choice and not a studio that we would normally recommend.

Mimi is indeed new but we’re not sure if we can truly recommend going to a girl like her. There’s a reason as to why she doesn’t smile in her photos. Her teeth are a disaster and communication isn’t her strong suit, she doesn’t know English or German that much.

However, she is new so she earned herself a place on our list, but not recommended. She also offers sex without condom, a service which no newcomer should ever do and usually doesn’t do by choice.

On the upside: Studio Vivenotgasse is also the place where Nina works, a pornstar lookalike on our Sex Toplist of Porn Doppelgängers in Vienna.

New Girl Mimi

5. Anita from Johnstraße 16, 1150 Vienna

Anita is a very skinny girl, new to Vienna. She’s quite pretty but with no experience and it seems like she’s not really in this job with her heart.

It’s a good thing that she’s trying to prevail in an AO Studio but offering only sex with condoms. We admire that, but on the other hand, it’s a hard thing to do.

She’s definitely new, but her reviews were not very enthusiastic. One more thing, looking at her profile and her service listing, she does it all: 69, cum in mouth, deep throat. Things that usually are an indicator that she’s not a new girl. But if she’s really new then she has been encouraged to offer that, to offer service that a newcomer should definitely stay clear of, for the moment at least.

Seeing as how skinny Anita is, she would definitely fit on our Sex Toplist Skinniest Sexworking Girls in Vienna, but we wrote it prior to discovering her.

New Girl Anita

6. Roxi from studio Jurekgasse 7, 1150 Vienna

Studio Jurekgasse 7 is a bad studio, close to Äußere Mariahilferstraße. This studio always has young girls and always offers sex without condom. A very shabby place indeed.

However, Roxi is a new girl and she looks good. A gypsy girl with an almost perfect body. We feel sorry for her that she ended up in that dump. Seeing as how she just started off her career as a sexworker we keep our fingers crossed that she’ll find a better place to work soon, when she’s not that new anymore.

Roxi is a very polite and clean girl. She definitely deserves a better place where she could display her body and skills even more.

Roxi New girl

It’s always hard to keep track in Vienna on which girl is truly new to the business and which isn’t. In that aspect, we recommend Maxim, Goldentime and Fun Palast. These three locations are doing a great job in attracting new girls on a regular basis.

However, Maxim holds the upper hand between these 3 because their new girls are clearly visible on their website. On the other hand, GT and FP girls do not advertise so it’s very hard to keep track and you never know how long they’ll stay.

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