6Toplist Not so Brand New Girls in Vienna

It’s hard to keep track with Vienna’s pay sex scene. Especially if “New” girls keep popping up every week now. The tricky thing is that some of the “new” girls aren’t that new to Vienna’s sexworking business at all.

Some of these girls were on a break and just returned to Vienna, while others simply advertised themselves as “new” without thinking of the consequences.

The average punter might fall into their “trap”. That’s why we’re here for, to open your eyes and make you realize which girl is actually “new” and which isn’t.

Our previous article, Sex Toplist Brand New Girls in Vienna will let you know which the newest girls in Vienna’s sexworking business are.

1. Donna from Juchgasse 36a, 1030 Vienna

Donna’s been here for at least a year. That’s not new at all. And not only that her ad is falsely promoting her as being new, her text indicates that she’s a girl that really enjoys her job and would give great service. That couldn’t possibly be further away from the truth.

She’s known for her bad service and for being unfriendly with her clients. She usually works in Juchgasse 36a which probably is a place befitting her

Juchgasse 36a is a studio featured in our Sex Toplist Worst Studios in Vienna

The only thing Donna has going for her is the fact that she’s pretty. Apart from that she’s most likely not the cleanest and hygienic person. Something was off when we met her, but hard to say because the actual act never started.
She is a definite no go!

Donna Juchgasse36a

2. Naomi in Schröttergasse 44, 1100 Vienna

Naomi advertised and worked in this studio at least 1 year back, perhaps 2. She was gone for a while though, but she’s back again and this is maybe her 3rd or 4th return. She is in no case “Brand new”.

Schröttergasse is a location that actually brings new girls every now and then. Often from Hungary, young and slender girls. Also, the service is often mediocre and not that friendly. The studio is quite ok.

And lately there were many good reviews about her in Erotikforum, which we are a bit skeptical about. It might just be a phase but we’ll continue to keep a close look.


3. Gina from Small Neugasse 18, 1040 Vienna

She’s not new. She used to work in one of the studios in Nordwestbahstraße 1 or 2 years ago.

Also, she worked in pretty much the same group of studios as where Donna did, Juchgasse 36a and Neulerchenfelderstraße 91 studios that are connected.

The photos of her and all the other girls from these studios make them look a bit better than they actually are.

Although her reviews are a bit better than Donna’s, she’s not really recommended as those studios are simply all a nightmare. The girls there really seem to not be on their own free will, or so we got the feeling sometimes.

Gina from Small Neugasse

4.Natasha from Simply Top, Mellergasse 22, 1230 Vienna

She’s the perfect example of a girl that is not new. Not to mention the fact that she’s not a girl, she’s a full grown woman at the age of 39. Of course she might try her luck at this age, however we have our doubts that she’s truly new.

It’s a rare thing in this business, deciding to start as a sexworker at that age. Not to say that being old means that she’s bad, we simply doubt that she’s brand new. At least she worked in this area somewhere else.

The studio is a reputable one, although it has seen better days. 7 or 10 years ago it was the most recommended studio, back when Janette worked there.

Janette is on the top of our sex toplist of Girls We Lost and Wish to Come Back list.[/imp]

Natasha from Simply Top

5. Mischelle from Sissy-Salon Wien, Fröbelgasse 41a, 1160 Vienna

This girl is not new at all. Not only that, but her photos are fake. In reality, she’s not attractive at all. Sissy-salon is known as being a big faker studio.

We listed it on our Sex Toplist Escort Websites with Fake Photos and Mischelle is no different than Tiffany or Evelin.

We do not recommend this girl or the studio on that matter.

Mischelle from Sissy-Salon Wien

6. Zsanett from Neulerchenfelderstraße 91, 1160 Vienna

We’ve known Zsanett for quite a while now. She’s been in Vienna for 1-2 years with pauses in between. She has gone and returned at least 2 or 3 times already. That doesn’t make her new

She’s with the Neulerchenfelderstraße 91, the same group that advertises their girls as new when in fact they aren’t. That’s their Modus Operandi and completely wrong from our perspective.

Although she has a pretty face and a decent body, that doesn’t excuse the fact that she falsely advertises herself as new.


7. Julia from Studio La Chica, Penzingerstraße 95, 1140 Vienna

Studio La Chica belongs to Studio Relaxe. Both of these studios attract a lot of new girls. So in this aspect, Julia was indeed new at some point in time. However, these 2 studios keep the “NEW” label for years which is not ok.

In fact, they are really lacking lately and the girls they bring as of late are not that nice anymore. 2 or 3 years ago they were the leaders in “New Girls”, but that ship has sailed mostly because the girls in their studios must make AO to make good money.

The pressure of offering AO sex in these studios to make more cash was too big that even girls who were against it eventually caved in and offered it anyways. We’ve seen this countless of times in many different places so we feel it’s a rule by now.

Julia from Studio La Chica

8. Larissa from Goldschlagstraße 125, 1150 Vienna.

This girl will surely make fellow punters laugh at the sight of her ad. She claims she’s brand new in Vienna whereas she must have been here for almost 3 years now.


That’s the problem with many ads, they don’t have a background story. No one tells you or checks if the girl is really new or whatever she claims to be in her ad. It is possible to check reviews of these girls on Erotikforum, but that’s a difficult thing to do for newcomers for example.

That’s exactly why we at Sex Toplist are making these articles, because we know more than the average punter and want to share our knowledge with you.

So far we’ve covered a lot of hot topics in Vienna’s pay sex scene that no one will tell you about:

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