6Toplist Best Sex Catalogues

We know that sometimes it’s hard to decide on who to bang or where to do it, so we’re here to help you with this.

Here’s our 6Toplist Best Sex Catalogues that can help you in your searches.

Also, we have to give credit to what inspired us to write more about this subject. The reviews on Sex-Vienna gave us the idea to let our readers know what are the best paid as well as free sex catalogues.

Keep in mind that we separated the Guides in Best Paid and Best Free. They are all free for readers or clients. We made this distinction advertisement wise. It basically means that the paid guides are more up to date than the free ones. There may be ads on the free guides that are expired or out of date.

Best Paid Guides

1. Sexmagazin

  • Sexmagazin has both online version as well as printed one (also a very nice mobile version)
  • Valid and up to date for all of Austria (also a bit of Germany)
  • Great Layout

2. Kontaktbazar

  • Really close to number 1 on the list, Sexmagazin
  • A website that is super easy to browse
  • The absolute number 1 for Vienna ads
  • Not that great of a layout (old fashioned and unchanged for almost forever)
  • Always up to date, even more than Sexmagazin

3. Kopu

  • Far behind the Top 2 of this list
  • Nice website
  • One of the best choices for paid ads

4. Nightclubs-Austria

  • Is up to date, but not that much
  • Unchanged layout on their website for a long time

Best Free Guides

1. Hostessenindex

  • It belongs to the owners of Erotikforum
  • It was completely free for years, even though they have some paid ads recently marked as HOT that stay in a fixed position
  • The free ads can be kept on top too, if you invest some time
  • Fast and easy to make profiles
  • Good layout as well as useability for readers
  • Not always up to date because it is easy to spam

2. Erotikindex

  • It belongs to the owners of Erotikforum too
  • Totally new redesign, goes on a different route than Hostessenindex
  • It aims to become something like a list of all sexworkers and sex clubs

We list it on the 2nd place because we know the background of the EF (Erotikforum) guys and therefore can guarantee that the programming is top notch and that the whole thing is made in a professional and serious manner according to the law.

3. Booksusi

4. Tomclever

Both Booksusi and Tomclever are a good choice for variation if you find nothing for your taste on other sites. As their similar layout and the text regarding Booksusi on Tomclever suggests, they belong together. Being totally free they are both prone to spam.

Best forums

There are only two real forums to mention here. Both of them are free, even though they accept ads.

1. Erotikforum

  • Super strong traffic wise
  • Many users are very opinionated
  • Small spam
  • Very clearly structured website

Erotikforum has gotten better over the years, admins started doing their job better by taming and banning overly-opinioned users who only went off-topic. However, there are still cases when admins decide to let users fight and argue only for the sake of amusement. This annoys serious users who want to get as well as give good advices.

However, the main issue with Erotikforum is the fact that they started to get a heavy focus on sex without condom and very cheap offers. Of course, it’s normal in a time of economic crisis that everybody wants the best deals but the sexworkers are human, not products.

This is why we do not condone the tone of this forum sometimes, as well as the fact that the most celebrated girls are the cheapest and tabooless ones and not the prettiest or best.

2. Lusthaus

  • Larger focus on Germany, the Austria section is smaller (but still quite good)
  • The website’s layout and the forum engine is really hard to browse (this is why they’re still far behind EF)
  • No logic in forum thread listing, weird sections
  • Good content and traffic
  • Better reviews than EF and comments are much more to the point and on topic
  • Rewards for good reviews (Free entries in certain FKK clubs or vouchers in sex clubs)

Both forums do not condone spam and hidden advertisements or marketing. They also have clearly marked paid banners.

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