Donaudreams is one of the 4 FKK Saunaclubs in Vienna at the moment.

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A few years back, Donaudreams (formerly known as DonauDolls) used to be a Saunaclub with very little success. Almost no success at all some might say, especially compared to the more professional competitors.

Reasons for their lack of success in the past

  • Low amount of girls
  • Only regular customers
  • No real international reputation, therefore almost no international clients
  • Entry fee 80€, same as in Goldentime and Fun Palast at that moment without any advantages

After a lot of struggle, in the early of 2013, the owner finally caved in and cut their entry fee into half, which resulted in 40€ as the new entry fee. Along with the reduced entry fee they also decided to go cheaper on the girl’s price for half an hour. From that point on, the girls only charged 45€ for a half an hour.

With their new price scheme, they had finally arrived at a price level which eventually might have given them the extra momentum to position themselves in a different price segment as their bigger competitors GT and FP.

The new prices did not turn the business around as much as they had hoped to.

Donaudreams Wien

The “Flatrate” sex club system

While Donaudreams were minding their own business a fairly new pay sex system by the name “flat rate sex” was making waves in Austria’s media and on the Internet.

This is what the idea of a “flat rate sex club” meant:

  • Pay a high entry fee (99€)
  • Have sex with all the girls working there
  • Eat and have soft drinks
  • Use whatever else they had to offer

The motto for such a club was “All you can fuck”.

With this article by Vice, they explained it quite well what happens in an All you can fuck brothel

A “flat rate” club like this was doomed to fail. It was hard to get the girls to agree to be part of such a club, where they would have sex 20 or 30 times a day and not be paid according to the number of sex sessions that they had.

Red Rooms Laufhauses wanted to be the first flat rate club in Vienna but failed to do so, because it was a too hot of a topic (Police and Politics heavily opposed it) and because a flat rate club was considered illegal.

The Pauschalclub system

So, on April 1st, 2014, in an attempt to “revolutionize” the pay sex market in Vienna DonauDreams introduced a new system which they referred to as “Pauschalclub”. Soon, the system known as Pauschalclub would be placed in the same drawer as the “flat rate club” the Red Rooms Laufhauses tried to promote.

With this system applied they changed their entry fee to 159€. Still, quite a lot right? But here’s how they planned it out:

  • High entry fee
  • Bracelet system (each client would receive 5 bracelets to spend: 1 for 1 girl)
  • Lots of girls to choose from
  • Massive amounts of fresh new clients
  • First ones in Vienna to do this (Pauschalclub is quite popular in Germany)

All right, so far so good.

Donaudreams Vienna

But, what went wrong with it?

  • Not enough pretty girls
  • Girls wanted extra bracelets for extra services
  • Massive and aggressive PR done for over a year, all for nothing – in fact, it has done worse for them rather than good (attracted the police’s attention)
  • Made people hungry and curious for their so-called “flat-rate clubs and tabooless girls” only to prove to be nothing but a bad deal

So, after all of this, they’re left with angry and disappointed clients and not an innovative business.

In the end of May, they went and changed again their management, reverting to the old one. They discarded the Pauschalclub system in an attempt to salvage whatever clients they might have had left.

Now, Donaudreams is a FKK Saunaclub, just like they used to be and they’re charging 70€ as the entry fee. The regular customers and fans of Donaudreams are happy to be back to the old system which they learned to love over the years.

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