Vienna Sex Club Overview 2019 – The Top 3 Places

With 2019 slowly but surely coming to an end, we thought this would be the perfect time to look back at the year and create a best Vienna Sex Club list that clients like to visit in the city right now.

As most of you probably know, there are a plethora of different clubs, studios, laufhauses and saunaclubs to choose from in Wien. However, making the right choice when it comes to actually choosing the place can mean the difference between a bad and an amazing experience.

In this post, you can read more about which Vienna sex clubs we consider to the best right now and probably the year to come too. If you’re interested, go ahead and continue reading the post now!

Sexclub Maxim Wien

As expected, Maxim is still going strong at the end of 2019 too with a big and strong lineup of girls. According to our personal experiences, as well as online reviews, business is as good around the Christmas time as it is all round the year; maybe even better.

Many clients can be seen in the Vienna brothel and girls are often booked solid throughout the night, so reserving a lady is advised beforehand if you have a particular girl in mind. Like always, pretty girls and high quality services are expected in this sex club.

Maxim Wien - Vienna sex club overview

Not much has changed since we last reviewed this bordell, except the smoking ban that affects every brothel in Vienna. Clients can no longer smoke inside the bar, which is overall considered a good thing for everyone involved. Those who wish to have a smoke while they are visiting the club can go outside and have a cigarette in front of the club.

On the upside, this new law has seemingly eradicated smoke and the bad smell that goes with smoking in the club. We see this as a complete win and nobody should have a huge problem with it.

If you wish to learn more about this Vienna sex club, go ahead and take a closer look at the Maxim Wien official website now!

Sex Club and Night Club Maxim Wien

Kärntner Str. 61, 1010 Vienna, Austria

+43 699 17172031

Babylon Wien

Although some people say Babylon Wien’s golden times are over, we still consider it to be among the best Vienna sex clubs that can be visited, even if the prices here are on a higher level.

Visitors of this club have to keep in mind that they are going to face higher prices than anywhere else in Vienna, but this has always been the same and Babylon has successfully stayed in the business. With the higher price, clients can also expect better food than in Viennese FKKs and an overall good looking likeup of ladies; although we would not say that Babylon has the best looking girls at the moment.

The service level is also on a higher level and people who visit Babylon can expect great services from the girls, similarly to Maxim Wien.

Babylon Wien - Vienna sex club overview

The smoking ban has affected Babylon too, but at this time we are not sure what kind of a solution the team behind the Vienna sex club has figured out for their clients. Most likely, the same situation is present here like in Maxim, as in clients have to go outside the club if they wish to have a smoke while they are visiting.

You can read more about this Vienna sex club by visiting the Babylon Wien website now!

Goldentime Vienna

Saunaclub Goldentime is still considered to be the superior FKK in Vienna when compared to the other similar establishment, Funpalast. In 2019, Goldentime has been as successful as it was before, but there were a few changes throughout the year.

For example, the prices in Goldentime Vienna have gone up a little bit a few months ago. If you want to read about the new prices in Goldentime, go ahead and click on the link and read the article. All things considered, the price increase hasn’t changed much in the saunaclub and mostly everything stayed the same.

Goldentime Wien - Vienna sex club overview

When it comes to the smoking ban in Vienna, Goldentime’s management has tried to make a solution for smokers by putting up a tent in the garden of the saunaclub where clients and girls can go and have a cigarette.

The problem with this is that the tent has no ventilation system installed, so the girls’ hair has more of a smokey smell now than before. In our opinion, this is considered to be a good solution to allow people to smoke, but we are not yet sure about it.

As soon as we get new information, we will let our readers know about it. Until then, check out the Goldentime Vienna website for more information now!

Conclusion – Vienna sex club overview

These are some of the best Vienna sex clubs that you can visit right now. Not a lot has changed in these places since our last report about them, but with 2019 coming to an end, we wanted to give our readers a complete list of the best places to visit when in Wien.

Choosing any of the above mentioned Vienna sex clubs should result in a memorable and enjoyable experience. Of course, this solely depends on the girl you choose, but these are the places that are known to constantly be a good time for clients. If you wish to read more about the clubs we have written about in this article, be sure to read the following publication too: Top 5 Puff Wien to Have Safe Sex

If you would rather read about something else, take a look at any of these related articles that we have previously published on Sextoplists now!

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