6Toplist Best FKK Saunaclubs in Vienna

It’s time to present you with our 6Toplist Best FKK Saunaclubs that can be found in Vienna. There are four of them at the moment, so we did our best to show you a little of each one’s advantages and disadvantages.

1. Goldentime

Goldentime, the top of our list, and here’s why:

  • Entry fee is 90€
  • The inside might be small, but it’s eye-friendly and effective in it’s own way (it makes it easier to find all the girls that you are looking for)
  • 60-80 girls daily, naked most of the time, except Mondays when it’s usually Lingerie Day
  • About 20 rooms (they are pretty basic and smallish; the downside is that there are no doors, only a curtain to cover the entry)
  • Show stage with a pole, even though it’s used on special occasions only
  • Small pool outside in a nice garden
  • Decent buffet
  • Always clean
  • Their parties are very entertaining, with a reduced entry fee of 60€ or less

So, all in all Goldentime provides the most girls, the prettiest girls and is the place to go to if you are looking for a classic FKK Saunaclub experience. Also, they were the first FKK Saunaclub in Austria.

Visit Goldentime now and take your tour by clicking this link!

2. Fun Palast

Fun Palast, our 2nd place on the 6Toplist of Best FKK Saunaclubs in Vienna,

  • Entry fee of 80
  • Large club, with a high accent on dark colors..
  • About 50 or 70 girls (a little less attractive on average) with no dress-code
  • Bar, dining area, stage with a dancing pole, and finally a beach area.
  • About 25 rooms at the disposal of clients
  • Gym area (where there is a mattress to have sex on)
  • Outside garden is decent, no pool but with a ping pong table and a chess board.
  • The food is not quite as good as in GT
  • Good party deal (half an hour of sex is included in the entry fee)

You can find the Fun Palast official website HERE

The best thing about Fun Palast is their parties. Their parties are cheaper than the ones Goldentime throw, with a 90€ entry fee which includes sex.

To read the complete review about Fun Palast and Goldentime, take a break and read it HERE on!

Funpalast Wien

3. Fresh Saunaclub

Fresh Saunaclub is the newest FKK Saunaclub in Vienna.

Here’s what they have available for you:

  • The entry fee is 80€ (way too high for what they have to offer)
  • Nice interieur, with a combination of blue carpet and white furniture (It resembles a little bit Maxim)
  • Only 1 sauna cabin, with a weird positioning in the middle of the guest room
  • 15 Rooms available
  • Not so many girls to choose from (12-15), in comparison to other FKK Saunaclubs in Vienna
  • A small terrace newly opened now in the summer time
  • Food is pretty good

They have the advantage of a fresher type of Saunaclub over FunPalast and Goldentime because they opened their doors to clients in September 2013. This also explains why their rooms are all nice and look better than in the other two Saunaclubs.

Interested in the girls there? You can check them out by clicking this link!

Even though they are a new club, they barely survive the competition that is Goldentime and Funpalast. They even resort to things like reducing their entry fees from time to time (In our opinion 80€ is already too much for what they have to offer) to attract more clients.

All in all, their business is still holding and they are a decent FKK Saunaclub. However, compared to GT or FP, they have a lot of work to do.

Fresh Saunaclub Wien

4. Donaudreams

After going through all sorts of troubles, with heavy management changes and even name changes, Donaudreams (formerly known as DonauDolls) made it on the last spot of our 6Toplist of Best FKK Saunaclubs in Vienna.

This is what they’re offering for their clients:

  • 70€ as the entry fee
  • Decent interieur, nothing fancy, red and black furniture
  • Big nice garden in the summer, with a pool
  • 5-15 maximum girls available
  • Simple rooms

They don’t seem to offer that much, compared to GT or FP, but keep in mind that they’re practically under a new management, which is actually the old one. They went through some drastic changes in the last year, and even tried a new system called Pauschalclub.

Head over to their official site and check out the club yourself. Click here to visit the site!

However, this didn’t last long and they’re currently back to their old management trying to fix whatever problems they had so far. (Here is an article about Donaudreams.)

Donaudreams Saunaclub Wien

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