Belle Knox is the New Intern at PornHub

Knox, Knox, Knoxing on heavens door! Look who it is! A college girl straight out of Duke University, a reputable college in the United States, with costly annual tuition rates, which forced Miriam Weeks (her real name) to do sex exchange labor amid pornography. Former 18-year-old offended the college institutions by telling that her work is just an indication of the high rates to get a degree in the US.

She had to go to class and simultaneously film porn scenes, and it’s been unnoticed since 2013 when she made her debut, all until 2014 when she had to take a break where college was sanctioned in that act. While she was studying at Duke, a boy found out about her out-of-school activities and exposed her to his fraternity brothers. She appealed to him first to stay silent on it, however, he couldn’t keep quiet and one day later, Belle Knox became popular at school all of a sudden.


She used the pseudonym of Aurora to protect her porn identity, but series of harassing came after that evilish stunt from her colleague. Institutions and magazines advocated Belle Knox, implying that everybody’s talking about a college girl doing porn, while not mentioning the fact that the guy who exposed her is a porn consumer, and loads of criticism came from and for the crowd.

Of course, it grabbed the attention of almighty PornHub, who knew exactly what to do with the poor babe that’s been slammed and rammed from everywhere, not only physically but mentally. Immediately after, adult-related companies called her into work for them, seemingly looking like a marketing stunt from the beginning.

PornHub on the other hand told Belle to quit the book reading in North Carolina and move to Montreal, PornHub’s headquarters to become their new intern. Their move just ignited her popularity and blasted it off even further into the sky! She became an internet celebrity for a small period of time and gained experience as a social media marketer after her porn career has crashed due to the exposal.

Many of her fellow colleagues spoke about her using negative connotation, explaining that she’s a rude girl that doesn’t respect the people surrounding her in the industry. She allegedly placed a heavy burden on them, because she praised PornHub for increasing sales for networks, while insiders do believe that it’s quite the opposite – it increases piracy and illegal obfuscation of author’s rights.

Belle publicly spoke for Vice and told them that she sealed the deal at PornHub by noticing that she’s their number one model, so she came into contact with them with the intention of promoting them, however, they had different things in mind with her – to improve at many aspects and become their honorable intern for the summer!

She could even use the internship title to her advantage to promote her upcoming sex toy line on the road to become a valuable businesswoman. Belle preserved PornHub‘s reputation by shielding them in the dialogue, told how she earns a nice monthly salary, and how all the digits go to the account of Duke University, which she owes $60 thousand dollars for the year. She’s got no to little external financial aid, so you could definitely say that’s shes way more than a self-made porn star and an educated individual!

Sex Top Lists gathered 6 of Belle’s most noteworthy scenes of her career during her college days and beyond, so let’s see if you’d keep quiet that your colleague is a famous porn star!

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6. Bangbros – Duke student Belle Knox has the tightest pussy

She was 19 back then, and Bangbros couldn’t have cared less for her age. All they wanted to know is how deep is her love, and by the love, they probably refer to her pussy, and they came to a conclusion that a majority of students at renowned faculties have the tightest pussies all-around. However, her mouth tells a different story, because they managed to stick in an 8 to 9-inch dick if my eye measuring is correct.

Nothing could stop Bangbros from separating her pussy hoods like Moses did to the Red Sea two millenniums ago. I have to add that Belle looked pretty shy on this scene, not sure if the drama possibly happened in the vicinity of the date this was published, May 13th, 2014. I forgot to mention that Belle is a womanhood activist and you just witnessed the treatment she gets as a girl.

Bangbros haven’t scrupled to blast the truth in her face, and by that I mean it equivocally, saying that the only way of shutting this girl’s pie hole is to stick a huge cock in it because it’s HARD to yap while your mouth is crammed!

They literally mocked feminism and got away with it, regardless of Belle’s mentionable work in and out of college referring to the cause. Well, I guess they wouldn’t be Bangbros if they weren’t as ruthless!


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5. Nubile Films – Tip of the Tongue

Mentionable NBA players come out red hot from Duke University, but they haven’t probably had porn on the border of their mind’s sanity like Belle Knox did, because she was determined to get that dough and use sex exchange as the means of production of that same dough. The players thought basketball was the safest and most generous choice, after all.

Nubiles Film hardly waited to grasp Belle Knox up as she came flying in the porn industry as a wonder that struck everyone, and we didn’t even know what hit us! I think that her shining period collides with Mia Khalifa‘s who probably stole her spotlight in the meanwhile. Without Mia, Belle would have been the globetrotter of today.

It isn’t a hypothesis, it’s the closest to the truth if you put it into perspective. Nevertheless, Belle wasn’t showing that she was battered due to the fact of being completely humiliated at first, but as it turns out, besides that it all ended up well career-wise, she became a GOAT of cock-stroking, because she just sucked off and jacked off a guy until he eventually reached the jizz stadium, cumming on her face and on her puffy nipples so heatedly!


She cleaned his dick and started eating those stains on her face, like a true college whore that she is! Very skillful in the handjob and blowjob genre, this girl really is special! She made the guy go ‘Ahhhh’ while she was quiet as she was when tough times has stricken down.

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4. Fantasy Massage – A Mother’s Gift

Finally, some porn that doesn’t have to involve dicks! Give her a break, fraternity supporters! Ariella Ferrara is a caring mother that wants the best for her daughter Belle, and she could use a break from all the harsh studies she devotes herself day and night, and she signs her up for a massage at Vanessa Veracruz’s comfortable massage parlor!

Recently Belle was feeling odd and distracted, because finals week were coming to a close, making her look all stiff and disturbed! Ariella knew that she hadn’t had time for a massage, so she blatantly lied to her daughter by scheduling a fake math meeting, where her massage is supposed to be!

The best spa in town has been revealed, and Ariella had to admit to her daughter that she just wanted to fork her out of bounds of the book’s vicinity, and she was outraged when she actually realized where are they located currently. However, the massage soon went underway and she couldn’t speak up about her emotions since she got relieved from the first stress as soon as Vanessa stuck her fingers in her business!

Vanessa started taking Belle’s clothes off immediately before she snaps out of the delirium, and that encouraged her mother to step in and help her daughter with her troubles and as soon as these 3 made sensual contact, Belle forgot all about her college degree and went from mad to glad!


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3. Reality Kings – Belle Bottom

Reality Kings made a porn-interview with Belle Knox, concerned about the college she enrolled and went to class, how her tuition is expensive, and all that, but they didn’t want to aggravate her poor soul of all the troublesome worldly surroundings. They actually talked about her sexual rendezvous and they revealed all of her secret fantasies.

She likes it when she nails to a guy’s soft and warm tongue with her pussy and ass, she likes pressing against her sweet booty to grind it on a swollen groins, she also talked about her classroom mischief of masturbating, and from all the hot talk, she got very wet and it seems though that she begged Chris Strokes to slam his cock into her mouth.

Chris was like ‘Well, you asked for it!’ and once she pulled down his pants her jaw let loose and she instantaneously knew what to do with it – to start blowing it like she’s a glass-maker! I didn’t know that Chris had a monster in his pants as well as a synergetic monster inside him because he spread Belle’s legs and ripped of her spandex pants just to plow her pussy with his giant mushroom-like tip!

Belle couldn’t resist to scream like a little bitch she is, so she let loose of her annoying voice while Christ couldn’t care less and harvested her pussy and refined it to a finished product! Something smells fishy…


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2. Naughty America – Naughty Bookworms with Steven St. Croix

f course that Naughty America featured her in the Naughty Bookworms fantasy, she is a naughty schoolgirl brat after all! I may not understand the United States educational system, school curriculum and all that, but I well do know my math and calculus, contrary to Belle Knox’s ignorant attitude towards numbers and algebra.

She probably has to hire a private tutor to elaborate the elaborate material of calculus, and she could’ve called me upon or invite me over to fix those gaps in her knowledge. Nevertheless, it seems like money makes the US colleges spin and not the scholarships and genius minds. She paid 60 grand for Duke to implant a brand new brain in her skull – and that’s far from possible!

Luckily, Steven St. Croix isn’t as rigorous and conservative as I am in his thoughts, so he responded to her appeal and for a bargain price, he accepted to teach her the basics of calculus at first. However, Belle actually didn’t care about math, not for a tiny bit, so a different payment method came across her mind, and their opinions aligned like starts!

She chose to blow off her calculus teacher so that she passes the subject in return, and Professor Steven hesitated at first, but he couldn’t resist the cuteness and hotness she has in combination, and he eventually dropped a huge load on Belle, the second best drop out in Belle’s life! Get it?


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1. Bangbros – Duke Celeb Belle Knox Rides 4 Dicks

Just kidding, I love you, Belle Knox. But not as much as you divide your love among 4 dicks like on this very scene, courtesy of Bangbros to expose lust and love for the dick once more. Don’t worry, it’s not a matter of gangbang, she took them once every few minutes, administering them like medicine.

Miami school bus leading to Duke isn’t as she thought what it is, and damn straight that it isn’t! It’s the Bangbus, and they’re cruising down Miami to find a random and proper cock to put her tight pussy to an enclosure once and for all. You know how the Bangbros roll, it’s all real, and the guys from the film probably consent to get their faces revealed!

I mean, would you do the same were you approached by the 2014’s second-best sensation, Belle Knox? Bangbros knows of caution and labor, so they lent the guys 4 matching condoms proportional to their dick size so that they don’t give their Duke celeb Belle STD’s, at least not before the finals commence!


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