Best New Starlet Lena Paul in 8 Scenes

Well, look who appears to be hanging around all day! Lena Paul is a blonde cutie born on October 12, 1993, in Florida. She hasn’t been much known, nor discussed that much and we will be the ones to take that bait! Lena has a downward extended face and people who are good at recognizing those types of physiognomy will immediately associate with some familiarities, just like I did!

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I have a friend with an exact same face as Lena has! Because of intimacy and lots of other ration reasons, I won’t be exposing that certain friend for the sake of my proof legitimacy, so you’ll have to trust me like you always do.

Let’s get back on the track. Anyways, Lena has them big titties and they’re the two sacks which were hanging around all the time, and that answers my riddle from the very beginning! Those tits are naturals, as well. Juicy! Her ass is phat and bubbly, makes you wanna anal fuck her 24/7.

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What to be sure about Lena is that she will have stylish, matching clothes at any time. No matter the occasion of the shooting, clothes fit on her like she’s a true model! Her sexy body shape explains this phenomenon. Standing at 5’4 (162 cm), Lena’s not that of a girl to stick out from a bunch, however, when you lay your eyes only once on her… that’d be just enough.

She’s been showing off her 32F boobs to the public since last year but you can say that she’s taken a huge swing at the porn industry! She is already a Best New Starlet which is quite remarkable considering the fact that she performed only for a year!

Her list of porn movie titles is not that long yet but you can find every one of them on Lena’s IMDB profile

Throw her in a pack of wolves, she’ll get back as the pack leader! So, how does this amazing girl really seem like on her videos, you may ask. Here’s your answer. Top 8 Videos of Lena Paul:

8. Bang POV – Lena Paul Makes A Sextape

Lena came back from a power jog, finding her “babe” with his new camera. All sweaty and greasy, she was taking off her clothes while her man secretly started to record. Yeah, it was Bangbros secretly. So unobvious. Nevertheless, she took off her sporty clothes really quick and wasn’t unpleased by his act.

She was all smiles throughout the whole time until she stepped into the shower, finding him trailing her all the way! She had to comply his desperate attempts to get “under her pants” even if they were off on the filming. Later on, she turned into a porno diva, posing closely to the camera with her large ass and juicy cans!

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When she was done soaping up and cleaning, she stepped out, saw herself in the mirror and kicked out that ass from the back door for the fans, while checking herself out! When she was ready for the dick and kneeled down to suck on it, POV style!

They had to move the filming to a more comfortable room because it would’ve been enough pain for her to get that thick dick inside her solely, besides pressing herself against the cold and solid laminate flooring!

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7. My Friend’s Hot Girl with Johnny Castle

It’s party time for Lena Paul and her boyfriend, but unfortunately, her better half doesn’t want to go because he’s a party pooper! She continues the grooming even tough she will fly solo, however, their mutual friend Johnny Castle is about to pick her up and get them straight at the Mardi Gras party, where they are headed.

Johnny drops by for an exchange of sweet words, while Lena is playing dress-up by herself, and since there’s no sign of a boyfriend around, Johnny turned into a walking dick! His attire was a plain gray shirt (his guns of what he calls arms are just enough to bring – not to say, that he’s ARMED) a purple PIMP hat and beads hanging around from his neck to the ground!

Lena is ready to suck hard on his beads and we’re not talking about the pearls anymore. Her boyfriend is a real drag so she decides to fuck Johnny since he’s the one sacrificing his car, plus even going with her to the party! A nice “exchange of words” I might say.

Well, to be honest, what did the boyfriend possibly thought what would happen if he sends his babe alone? At least she can say that she hasn’t cheated on him at the party… Her parties never end and always start a bit earlier when she’s riding that dick like a cowgirl! Lucky Johnny!

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6. All Girl Massage – My Old Tutor

Apparently, Lena has a memory of an elephant and the sight of her old tutor from her elementary brought her back the memories once she laid eyes on her! Zoey was her name and teaching geometry was her game! Zoey doesn’t remember her old student, she’s just at the spa looking for a relaxing massage from her masseuse Lena Paul, not aware of her familiar-sounded name.

Lena brings it up and it instantly rang her a bell so they had a pat on the back as a sign of sisterhood! Lena was all over her fine ass when she was undressing in front of her and Zoey, well, she still looked innocent. She was very embarrassed so she quickly lays on the bed, face-on. Every second that passed by, Lena had to emphasize how much she adored Zoey’s sweet ass!

Her generic excuse was that she was tense, so Lena grabbed the opportunity to squeeze that tight ass! Later on, she moved on her lower parts, massaging her foot and embedding it on her enormous, soft breasts! Zoey was more and more comfortable with her and finally, she turned on her back, waiting for her tits to get rubbed well!

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She even did a sit-up so that Lena could go around her and massage her round boobs from the back! She spread her legs, and it looks like that Lena is also a DJ! She was spinning that pussy like David Guetta! Massage: Done, done and done! That’s how you do it properly!

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5. Monster Curves – Choose Your Poison

Monster Curves is once again gathering a blast cast, featuring Bruce Ventura and our girl Lena, of course. How could you not call her to be a guest of Monster Curves? Aw, boy if she isn’t at her sexiest now, I don’t know… That transparent red shirt or dress or whatever, more of a fishnet with tiny holes, shows off all her good parts!

Those parts jump around happily like they’re about to fall off at any moment! The extension is covering her behind but in the right hands, it will soon be just a memory since she pulls it up to display her curves we’ve all came to see. And by came I meant both ways.

When she had enough of touching herself and showing off in front of the camera – which was quite a while since she has vast aspects to investigate on her body – eventually, Bruce walks in. They start kissing and when the horny guy wanted to demolish her with his enormous dick, he rips off her shirt and her tits were happy to see clearly the broad daylight!

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He touched all of her turn-on places like a aroused caveman until he gone completely mad and stripped her off entirely! Black leggings and thighs were the only ones left and he started pounding that bushy pussy with a snap of a finger.

If she hadn’t had enough of dick on this scene, I don’t know when will she. She even deep throated his cock whenever she could find a free time gap since her pussy was getting tormented unstoppably! When Bruce finally reached his sky-high limit, he pulled out his wand and threw hot jizz directly at Lena’s face! Quite a hardcore scene!

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4. Evil Angel – Voluptuous Lena’s Post-Fuck Squirt

If you want a straight, curly bush, Lena is your key girl! She isn’t afraid to show her giant mole below her right shoulder, neither her freckled ass! What’s important that the ass is a work of God, so it deserves God-like eating! And where is such a God, you ask? It’s simple – Mike Adriano – the nubile crusher.

I’ve said it before and I say it again, Mike is the grand test which every fresh porn star has to take in order to prove her worth. The guy doesn’t have a pinch of mercy, nor he’s interested in who he is banging, all he needs is his giant dick and a nice piece of ass to try some! He’s aware of Lena’s attributes but he doesn’t believe in it until he experiences her.

Her bush isn’t a problem for Mike’s lawn-mowing tongue! Plus he’s a secondary boob guy and he likes his tits with natural lubricants, a.k.a. spit/saliva! Lena spits on her tits and Mike digs in, simple as that! After he’s done messing with her, it was time to pop his dick out and let Lena do the rest. He tortures his dick with her giant tattas, making out with him as she handles his dick.

While her mouth is still intact and clean, then it’s cock throat sweeping. Lena has one abyss of a deepthroat, and her larynx is deep as her pussy. It seems that Mike really had fun with this slut and she looks happy as well, after the good fuck session.

Her pussy, as a sign of appreciation, squirts in joy, mixes the vag fluid with lots of other questionable substances. After all is settled, in conclusion – Lena REALLY knows how to ride a thick dick!

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3. Big Tits Round Asses – Lena Paul Has The Plumber Clean Her Pipes

Of course she had him! The plumber is, the one and only, Tyler Nixon! His curly hair, thin beard, and a sexy jawline. He’s knocking on Heaven’s door and guess who opened it! He was looking for Mr. Paul, assuming that it’s Lena’s dad who was away. He ordered a plumber, his daughter opened the door so she let him in, and the hard-worker jumped down to business.

He started kneeling below the sink straight ahead to check for problems. Lena was supervising the whole situation pretty smartly and being a vixen that she is, she enlarges that hanging cleavage for Tyler to notice. He’s quite a guy who knows his craft so he was like “so I guess you don’t have a leak”, on what she responds that “something else needs a little fixing”.

He goes from behind, grabbing those neat round tits, throbbing them like drums and eating the nip like it’s a dessert. It turns out that Lena is a good plumber, licking Tyler’s rock hard and stiff pipe to glide things a bit. When the masks were finally off, they started screwing like a real couple so he shoved his cock between her massive boobs.

Just as legendary individuals did in history, claiming their territory or symbolizing victory! His cock was victorious amongst her huge ass, which also got a dose of dick for the entire month! Guess she won’t be needing a plumber anytime soon…

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2. My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend with Ryan Driller

Girls love to shop for lingerie and this is also scientifically proven. Lena, just like the stereotype of girls, also likes it and she’s about to drop by her friend’s place to pick her up so that they can go together to the salon and boutique. She was utterly devastated because her friend wasn’t at home but fortunately, her hot boyfriend Ryan answered the door and he told her that his girlfriend is away on duty.

Lena takes out her phone and calls her to get back ASAP, and while they wait, Ryan and she will shoot some pools. Ryan’s a pro at that because he knows how to handle his stick to flush the balls down the hole! Oh, how much I like ambiguous porn meanings. It’s 50% of porn videos charm. The game is commencing and they put the triangle to gather the balls, to break the rack.

While Ryan was fixing them on point, instead of looking at his rack of balls, he’s staring at the rack of melons – of Lena’s. It was so obvious that he had to think of an excuse quickly and he admitted through his teeth that Lena’s cans blow his mind and he will be pleased if she lets him blow his load on her!

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Of course, that second part is made-up by me, but I did it as a prolific description of the sexual tension in the air, at that very moment! It turns out that Ryan will be striking those balls, hole-in-one, with his giant stick, which doesn’t need chalk to get it in. Hm, I must have mixed sports a bit. Doesn’t matter, good thing that Ryan did, because he took a huge swing grinding on that ass!

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1. Big Naturals – Lusty Lena

Let’s end this with a classic Big Naturals of Reality Kings, where Lena belongs. She introduces herself to us like we didn’t know who is in possession of those goofy basketballs. Good thing she moves on straight to the point, sucking on her nipples (yeah, she’s capable of doing that to herself – and I mean both of those delicious tits), while Brick was in Danger, watching her without sharing the piece of that cake!

The horny guy hardly waited to appear on the flashy camera and he felt that she’s in need of a dick! Rest of the porn reminds me of those vintage classics – well at least the trailer – because some sweet porn music was playing in the background, oddly fitting with Brick’s tempo of putting it in Lena’s vag!

She was both happy and sweaty while receiving cock between her tits and later in her huge gaping hole, it almost looked like she oiled her pussy herself! Almost! This porn is so neat that the sweat itself serves like a referral to a good porn. Because you just know she purely and 100% naturally grinded on that dick of Brick’s!

I guess his dick is dangerously bricky, a cock so hard motherfuckers wanna find him because he’s beating around Lena’s bush all day!

Lena Paul hairy reality kings hardcore porn

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