Top 8 Videos With Anissa Kate

Oh la la! Anissa Kate, s’il vous plait! Covér your tits, oui, oui! Europe is the factory of babes. It would be just sad if beautiful girls like Anissa didn’t choose this particular career. At least a top model! Annisa is just gorgeous, a darn beauty! No wonder they say that France has the most beautiful girls. The average French female looks like Anissa, hehe. But put all these women together, they still wouldn’t add up to Anissa’s glory, fame, and style.

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Anissa Kate was born in Lyon, France on May 7th, 1989. Besides filming adult movies, she directed some too! These chicks are independent and determined, I don’t know about you. Watch out, famous directors, we’ve got a Tricolore on the loose, she’s able to do anything with her super powers.

Anissa Kate Naughty America Porn Star

She made her debut performance in September 2011, in Ultimate French Girls 3. She’s smart and sexy, and I love her scenes where she smiles, it goes along well with her nice eyeliner and brows. She has the “charming, sexy look”. Just look at her face on Naughty America. A black-haired girl with big tits that are 100% real is something that passes with guys by default, no matter what else good or bad things a girl has.

Trust me. Her nipples are a size of a post stamp. With her darker tan and a brighter tits tips, she looks like milk chocolate. Meaning, sweet. I’m not glad that NA has put her body type as average because her divine body is everything but average!

Every cloth fits great on her, and even when everything is stripped off of her, she’s still a hottie. Standing at 5’4, her feather-like appearance implies some great skills in bed! A sex bomb that’s ticking to 0 as we speak.

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She isn’t even 30 but uses this absolutely right time in her life in the best way possible, because she ain’t getting any younger. Be grateful for the past porn stars, praise the current ones, and pray for new ones that will make a blow to our little porn world!

I’m enchanted by this wizard-ess. But let’s not get too carried away. Let’s talk about her statistics so far, such as awards and nominations:

2013 – Nominations: Best Group Sex Scene, Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production and Female Foreign Performer of the Year by AVN, Best Scene – Gonzo/Non-Feature Release, Foreign Female Performer of the Year by XBIZ

2014 –  Won: Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production, Female Foreign Performer of the Year by AVN,  Best Scene – All-Girl by XBIZ

Nominated: Foreign Female Performer of the Year, and 3 more

2015 – Won: Female Foreign Performer of the Year by AVN

Nominated: 2 AVN, and Foreign Female Performer of the Year by XBIZ

There is a pretty nice list on where you can check out all her awards and nominations

 My thoughts are that the 2013 Performer of the Year award is snatched away from her without a good reason, because, really, is there a totally foreign performer like Anissa, but better? Please. I’m trying to think of a name which could beat her anytime.

Even her worst scenes are better than 90% of scenes played by almost strangers out there! I think that you shouldn’t even call them bad scenes! But, who cares, they don’t ask me. It’s good that they at least gave her the award in 2014 and 2015. XBIZ, I’ve got my eyes on you! So we reviewed some of her best videos:

8. My Wife’s Hot Friend with Karlo Karrera

Anissa is amazed by the body of her friend’s husband and she just can’t help herself but start girl- jacking off. Or fingering, whatever. It was totally obvious, which was probably intended on purpose, so that ripped and toned Karlo can notice her quickly.

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When he finally caught’s his eye on her, he immediately wanted her to taste his body first-hand. What’s a better sample of his body than a pendant hanging on his pants! Anissa is not afraid to put it everywhere so that she can have the full experience of the expertise gustation! Like wine tasting, there’s no difference here!

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7. Tonight’s Girlfriend Classic with Daniel Hunter

Daniel Hunter the businessman is back on track with his serious work and this time he’s visiting France. When he is through all the hard things that make his day busy, all that’s left for him at those spare hours is to have a little bit of fun and relax.

And he’s thinking about French girls, Anissa Kate, specifically. He heard about her, and he decides to give her a call, but he feels shy about it because it’s a different country and he doesn’t really know the ways and the practice here in France. Anissa made him feel differently compared to the other girls he used to fuck and he just can’t calmly bring her back to his place where he’s staying.

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It doesn’t take him long to clear out the fear, so he dials her and ta-da: Anissa arrived! Now he finally found peace meeting her at last. At least for a moment there was peace but then it all turned out to a hot sex with a French girl who screams with an accent!

I love these series of Tonight’s Girlfriend Classic, it isn’t bulging and it always has a nice story behind it!

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6. Mr. Anal – Beautiful Latina Fucked in the Ass

I think I’m into something good. Now look at her: I think that Anissa really is a black magician! Every time she shows her round ass, it’s like she casts a spell on us, and we are hypnotized. Just look right here at this scene. It’s all about her ass and I just can’t seem to look away while I stare like an innocent lamb at her huge, round ass.

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Especially while the Bangbros are inspecting her ass, searching for a bump on her crack, and they don’t seem to find anything. Her ass is smooth sailing. Makes you wanna slap every possible atom of her ass with your dick. See what I’m telling you? It’s just outstanding. I’d bury my dick inside and leave it there.

What about you? I can’t be the only one here! And I probably won’t, because the Bangbros did it first! Fucking luckers!

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5. Big Naturals – Breast Buddies

Anissa combos with her hot friend Alia Janine, and the two are preparing a birthday cake for their upcoming friend’s birthday at Anissa’s place. The birthday boy Ramon wouldn’t even foresee what’s coming up on his birthday because it won’t be only the sweet cake!

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While the girls were still making the cake, not even bakin’, whipped cream was the final touch which they just couldn’t make without having a little fun with it. They start to play with the white cream, spreading it all over each other. They bring out their concealed lethal weapons – the jugs, and start putting some cream on their bouncy tits!

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It had “fun” written all over it! Until Ramon came in prematurely. They didn’t want to make it awkward, so they aimed their weapons at Ramon’s face, slapping him with their heavenlike melons! Abruptly, Ramon’s cock pops out and now it really looks like a proper celebration for a birthday! Happy birthday, Ramon!

The Kings are back on their throne!

Anissa Kate Reality Kings Threesome

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4. BigTitsRoundAsses – Beautiful Big Tits on this Euro Girl are Perfect

Anissa Kate is posing on camera with a sweet background opposite to her face! Woo, this could be a title here! We have a guy right here from Bangbros who had a dream to fuck a porn star since he was an arrogant teenage boy! The day has finally come, and so did he! Anissa Kate was on the menu as the main meal, and it took her some time to prepare for this grand ceremony!

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First, the camera filmed her, solely. She was taking off her clothes one by one, until she reached her delicious parts, leaving only her black and sexy undies. She showed around her puss puss, but kept it on, nevertheless. I had to mention the background of hers because it makes such a good lighting that you can see her tits perfectly, plus her round fertile hips.

When she was butt-ass naked, our previously praised friend here passed her a sexy netlike outfit, pink colored, to make the fuck colorful, not monotonous. The outfit’s purpose wasn’t that long, or prove me wrong, but I guess it does exist only to rip it off and fuck Anissa.. Which the guy pretty much did. Anyways, the scene is ultra hot. You absolutely have to watch it. This goes to my top 100 list of best scenes ever!

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3. Daring Sex – Stay With Me Scene #01

The Netherland’s Daring is a quality DVD, which you have to add to your secret porn collection. Yes, I know that you have one, and yes, I know that you don’t have the DVD now, it’s 2017, you have it all on your OneDrive and Cloud and all that shit. This movie can fit into a Romantic/Classy genre, however, the sex scenes don’t allow it to be rated like that, isn’t that so?

With Anissa Kate, Stella Cox, Karlie Simone, Lexi Lou and Sabrina Jay, you’re destined not to be bored! I don’t know how much can I tell you about this DVD and not get sued or something like that, so I’ll be very superficial, and leave it up to you whether you decide to buy and watch this.

I won’t tell you any easter eggs about it, but I just know that it’s worth watching! I was privileged to watch some inserts of the film and I’m fascinated! I’m a passion sex – kind of a guy, so maybe it’s because of that. Already told you more than I should! Bye-bye now!

2. Mike’s Apartment – Kinky Kate

The Kings send off Anissa to the el famoso Mike’s Apartment, and she was already there before you even know it. They came to the crib to collect the rent, plus to check out how’s Anissa hanging in there. It seems that she really likes the place. She opened the door in her sexy tank top (kinda), which was so light, that you could see through it, revealing her giant boobs!

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She was taking a shower and suddenly got interrupted in her actions. While she was cleaning her body, the boys had the permission to film her a bit posing for the camera and putting her enormous breasts against the shower glass! So damn sexy!

Her ass and titties look squeaky clean, so I’m absolutely sure that even ice doesn’t have that small friction like Anissa’s wide and big ass does! Anyways, she’s a bit hungry – for cock. And if a cock she wants, a cock she’ll get! No more no less than a thick Reality King‘s cock!

Anissa Kate Reality Kings Scene

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1. Evil Angel – RAW #10 Scene 3

We’re back again with Manual Ferrara, now as a porn photographer (like he wasn’t the last time), covering a shooting with curvy Anissa Kate, big bootied and also big titted babe! He makes some circles around her for us viewers to check her out more, until she drops on his bed ready to be penetrated by her countryman’s massive cock!

This is kind of funny. I mean, it’s an American porn studio, filming with American cameras and all that, but the “cast” is fully foreign! Now you see what France has done to the porn world, but without it who knows where would we, ordinary mortals be.

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Probably watching Lisa Ann or something, like, for the millionth time. So, anyways, these are the RAW movies directed and starred by Manuel Ferrara, and this time we got a homogeneous sort from our very own continent, Europe! I now know where to go for my next vacation, France isn’t very far!

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If you think I had suddenly stopped reviewing these article in the middle of the core of the plot, you must be crazy. And I must be even crazier then, but this is all you get my friends!

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