Ivy Rose from Naughty America

Ivy Rose from Naughty America is one of not so many porn stars that has multiple aspects (judging by sex appeal), in which they’re in top 10, by viewer’s choice. If you ask anyone ( who knows at least something about porn), about their top 10 favorite brunette, big tits, big ass, or even overall porn stars, Ivy Rose would definitely find her place among the top.

In conclusion, from the previous sentence, we can say that Ivy Rose’s hair color is brown (brunette), and if you watched her videos you can see that she has brown eyes (congratulations if you even noted that), and that a bald pussy is always her thing.

Also, she was born in the US, she belongs to the co-ed age group, has natural tits and a piercing in her navel. That’s some of the basics you should know about her. She has a cute face, when you look a little longer, to add an extra comment.

Ivy always posts it on her Twitter when a new video comes out, click here to visit her profile

As for the sex scenes, she’s always willing to ride one of the hardest cocks, in any position given to her. I think that on her ID she has a dick between her tits like it’s something natural that goes along with her.

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Ivy Rose & JMac in My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend

My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend is proof that Ivy Rose is born for this role. It was published on the 16th of October, 2016, and it features a scene where she and JMac, who is the boyfriend of Ivy’s friend, have fun while the respective friend isn’t there! tries to seduce her friend’s boyfriend, failing at first, but once she shows him her big tits, the dude probably had to think twice, which he did and picked the right decision by banging Ivy! The scene as a plot isn’t highly rated, however, you always have Ivy that makes everything better.

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