Jasmine Black

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    If you know your way around porn, you will recognize this beauty. Jasmine Black also appeared in magazines, not just XXX movies and is also an escort in Budapest but she also does city tour escort to different cities and countries so if you want to meet this lovely porn star, here’s the good news.

    Her 90DD cup size makes her a delight for men, especially the ones who prefer big busty ladies. Her boobs have, without a doubt, the best size and shape not to mention the wiggle.

    Acting career

    Her beautiful face and natural tits make her a vision among men and other porn celebrities. She is often compared to porn starlet Lisa Ann, only with natural big boobs.

    jasmine black likes deepShe initially wanted a career in acting but she finally took her friends advice and made a career in adult films. Her beautiful features and extreme curves made it easy for her to get noticed.

    This pussy has seen cocks from all over Europe and the United States, with over 150 films, this purring kitty amazed men, and women around the world.

    Her most representative movies would be “Natural Big Uns”, “Bimbo Club 3 Boobs Sex and Sun” and “Busty Adventures 15” but then again every movie would work as long as the sight is her magnificent giant rack.

    First lesbian experience

    Talking about her first lesbian experience, Jasmine was shocked initially that she liked it so much:

    I truly enjoyed the experience of being with another woman for the first time, I never thought myself to be bi or even bi-curious for that matter but it felt SOOOO right. I sometimes fantasize about who the next girl on girl scene might be with. I look to enjoy life to the fullest and not hold back on any of life’s natural pleasures and wow I even get paid for doing it.

    Getting all the attention

    She arouses with her huge tits and all the cocks turn erect at their sight. But with all her grabbing wonders getting all the attention, we don’t want to forget her smooth skin and luscious body curves. We should not underestimate her sucking skills, her forever-wet pussy and her cock-hungry asshole.

    So if you aren’t already a fan get used to her vixen eyes when she’s sucking cocks all the way to the balls and to her juicy pout that urges for dick. Also, a lot of cum is expected, otherwise it would be a shame to those divine boobs.