Sexworking Nationalities in Vienna

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    Sexworking Nationalities in Vienna
    1. Romanian
    2. Hungarian
    3. Russian
    4. Bulgarian
    5. Slovakian
    6. Polish

    Vienna’s current situation regarding the pay sex scene is pretty good, with an array of sex working girls from various countries that we’ll list today. However, due to European regulations and Austria’s take and interpretation on them only European citizens or people with permanent VISA are allowed to work as sex workers.

    What is missing from Vienna’s sex scene and why?

    Of course, a perfect scenery for Vienna’s pay sex scene would be the mix of all nationalities from all of Europe and even the world. However, this isn’t possible at the moment, either because of European regulations that prevent beautiful girls from former USSR countries to work here or because of the overwhelming number of Romanian girls currently working in Vienna.

    Of course, there are other nationalities that would be highly appreciated in Austria’s sex scene. Especially Asian girls, or girls with Asian features. Unfortunately, because of the reasons mentioned above, girls from Asian countries aren’t allowed to work as prostitutes in Vienna, therefore Austria and its guests have to make due with one or the other girl with Asian features.

    While most girls in this pay sex scene would like to be in high paying countries or cities, such as England, Dubai, Monaco and others, there are girls that choose Vienna and stay faithful to it. They choose Vienna for its financial stability and the resemblance to their hometown or country.