Tattooed Girl Anna Bell Peaks in 9 Videos

Now this is something that you don’t see in your daily porn dose! Get ready for your world to be rocked, Anna Bell is here bringing some news! And I don’t mean some materialistic, crude, trash, but something that’s important to our beloved porn industry.

And there’s not a bigger deed than bringing joy to fellow viewers, and as a porn star, it’s a honor to have loyal fans, even if it means having only enough for you to count on fingers. That’s Anna Bell’s brand! You may have not heard about her yet, but it’s your loss my buddies, turn off your regular Lisa Anns, Kendra Lusts, Shyla Stylez, and open a aspiring, fresh page of your porn life with Anna Bell!

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She comes from Chatsworth, California, need I say more? California chicks are like from another planet when they crack open a warm one! She was born on 26th of July, 1981 with the given name April Gallagher. Honestly, she really comes up to her name by her looks.

I’m not sure why I have this prejudice. Possibly because of Ninja Turtles and their friend April who was a red hair, but Anna’s purple haired, so I see no connections here. Why’d you think that it’s even related, pft, when did I make sense, guys?

Anna Bell Peaks in the Early Days

She was raised and lived in Chatsworth until she finished college, graduating as an accountant. In order to pay her college debts, she began to build something she’ll never regret! She began doing camshows where she was introduced to the baby steps of the real porn industry.

Anna Bell Peaks has a growing number of followers on her Twitter with regular updates, go ahead and become a part of the fun

Anna Bell was occupied with the camshows until she ultimately realized that she’s ready for a huge leap, entering the porn industry at the age of 34, in 2015. She was immediately considered as a MILF, which will later be a great benefit for her, just like it did. MILFs always prosper maximally and the fastest!

An Amazing Body Full of Tattoos

Neverheless, she’s a Pink/Purple haired beauty, with a face of a erotic magazine cover! White teeth, nice and soft lips, and a big smile, and she can ride anything in her life! RIDE ON, to be precise.

Naughty America described her body type as slender, but I’d say she’s more of an athletic build. Maybe it’s an illusion I get because of her massive fake tits 32G’s, so her body looks tiny compared to that pair!

Anna Bell Peaks is here on AVN with a long awaited interview! Click here to check it out

Plus her ass isn’t for disposal although it’s small, it’s cute as fuck! Literally. From the age of 18 she started collecting cool tattoos on her body, and I think she has about a 30 separated tattoos! Keep in mind that even the tiniest are counted in, which are a part of bigger grafitti. Her body is precious as a comic book in each way you put in perspective!

Awards for Being Inked

This 5’6 tall dynamite was nominated over 20 times through the period of incomplete 3 years! She won 5 Inked awards, 2 in 2015 and 3 in 2016. The rest are AVN, XBIZ, SpankBank and NightMoves nominations.

Words cannot describe how much Anna Bell is crafted to be a perfect fit for a porn star, so I’ll throw in a bunch of pictures and 9 links of her best scenes, so I think you’ll get at least a solid picture of her, if not the greatest! Sex Top Lists proudly presents:

9. Bangbros – Anna Bell Peaks Is A Freak

Oh boy do the Bangbros love freak shows like this! They eat girls like Anna Bell for breakfast! “You’re telling us that there are more girls just like her?” This follow-up question is in place, and in my defense I say that it’s a figure of speech. Anna Bell is one and only and you know it! And Bangbros even know it as well.

That’s why they like riding Anna Bell, because she’s a fearless, determined warrior… for the dick! This update was published on December 2016, just another one that took bite of the Bangbros’ dust. She came in there to make a mess, to dominate and perform like a diva!

She started rubbing her clit, wearing those long schoolgirl socks that go up to the knees, a small top and her regular short pink hair was there were it belongs. These ingredients create a perfect compound that’s addressed to as Anna Bell! It’s pure chemistry between the Bros and Anna, so why not experiment the reaction?!

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She dangerously rubbed that pussy risking to lit it up, however, luckily a Bro was there at the right place at the right time to extinguish that fire! Another hazard was born when she used her tits like a tinder-utility, putting that thick cock between those giants and tittyfucking until she desires. One threat after another – choking hazard!

A 10 inch cock is entering the prohibited area – mouth! She slurps up the cock like a vanilla shake and so on went the sexual activities like a chain reaction. Until the Bangbro chucked hot jizz all over Anna Bell. Underline this. ALL OVER HER. I’m serious. You need to watch this ASAP!
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8. 21 Sextury – Surprise Stripper, Part 2 Scene 1

The next best thing that happened after the Declaration of Independence in 1776 is when I fished for 21 Sextury videos back again! This video material is precious like diamond! If the stale idiom reads as the bearer of bad news, let me be the carrier of good news. Anna Bell is a squirter.

Her capabilities now are far beyond reach, and I don’t care what you guys think anymore, but she’s in my top 10. I hope I’ll force you to think the same… just because. Anyways, this is a fine addition on top of the bunch I said dearly about her, and this scene is living proof.

21 Sextury features Staci Carr as her co-girl versus a thick dick just like always. Will the girls prevail? Or will the evil villian Mr. Richard spill out his white acid over the shiny faces of these two stars?

Anna Bell was feeling generous on a holiday, so why wouldn’t she try to make her boyfriend happy and invite a pole dancer to light up the crowd while they’re staying somewhere far, in a hotel.

It turns out that this blondy is more than just a dancer, or she misunderstood the term “pole”. Or maybe Anna Bell did. It doesn’t matter, the bf is one lucky guy to have these girl eat of on his account! I wonder how his cock tastes like, because the girls were deepthorating and drooling all over it!


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7. Evil Angel – Evil Squirters 2, Scene 1

Toni Ribas isn’t in the shadows of Kevin and Mike on Evil Angel, we were just preserving him for yet what’s about to COME! Evil Squirters is his game, and he’s making a killing of it! The number two sequel is reserved for our porn queen Anna Bell! With this glorious video quality, and adding a pint of Anna, you’ll get an unforgetable porn movie!

She knows how to seduce that dirty vixen, when she looks in the camera lense through the internet and on your laptop screen, directly observing your soul with her beautiful blue eyes! This is the reason why most of us fall in love with her!

Plus she’s wearing sassy lingerie, provoking us viewers and making us damn the day we hadn’t become porn stars! We ceded our place to Mick Blue who’s got a vicious Dick Glue called his own jizz. That’s the product of having a large penis, and we wouldn’t know anything about, would be guys? “Speak for yourself, loser!”

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Okay, that’s just rude. Nevertheless, she’s spinning her pussy better than the best DJ in the world, and I can personally sign and approve this syntagm. So sue me if I’m wrong. I’m not sure if Mick’s into kinky shit like you guys are, but he’s a hydrophobe because his dick’s not made to get wet that much as Anna Bell produces!

When she’s rubbing her pussy, it’s equivalent to a leaking faucet! I cannot further conclude if it’s cum, pussy juice or squirt all over those bedsheets where Mick fucked the brains out of this girl! It’s manslaughter when Mick releases a thrust! A thrust for squirt, hehe!

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6. Naughty America – Naughty Office with Juelz Ventura and Ryan Driller

Recently I reviewed an article on a cute girl, fans will know what I’m talking about, and this fantasy, property of NA hadn’t been it. Naughty Office is one of my favorite fantasies, so scratch out my last and put this instead.

It’s just another day at the office, but if we believe in God and ourselves we’ll know that no day is alike the other. So, it’s a new topic in the business residence of Juelz Ventura, who’s having health issues.

Namely, she wants help regarding her smoking habit and that’s when Anna Bell comes in for some personal life lessons and hacks. She explains to her dear coworker that if she wants to get over smoking, she needs to find a proper replacement for it.

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And what’s a better replacement than their mutual coworker Ryan Driller’s drill of a cock! It’s a total contrast to the negative effect of cigarattes, and instead of ruining her health, she can now build on a happy and long life!

Plus, there’s a surprise waiting for both of the girls in the end! They just need to open the Pandora’s box, a.k.a. lure Ryan into their offices and onto their desks! Everything else is taken care off!
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5. Reality Kings – Peak Performance

This is one of the older scenes… Aha! I got you there! How can it be old when Anna Belle’s debut was just two years ago. Okay, put aside my foolish sallies. Keep quiet and pay attention, because Reality Kings are on the field, seeking for girls on the street to make them offer blowjobs.

For their reciprocal offer back, of course. At first, she felt like a whore being offered some money on the street to give a good suck, but when the Kings threw some extra cash, then we’re talking business!

They got her where they wanted, so in the comfort on one of their many studios, they start filming and also witnessing the skills on that deep of a throat!

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Does that girl have a hidden nose somewhere, or does she breathe at all? She hadn’t grasped for air from the moment she encountered the dick! Call the medic, she’s choking on this thing!


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4. Bangbros – Anna Bell Peaks Throws Fan A Bone

I admire so much these titles that I’m starting to worship them, making my own shrine in my closet tributed to their headings. I want to see the guy who’s coming up with this. It’s a great chance that it’s the same guy COMING UP ON THIS (*pointing at Anna Bell Peaks)! Enough of the coming jokes, they’re getting boring.

Finally my comprehension got to it’s beta regime and I consider Anna Belle as a whore, not my virtual girlfriend. The Bangbro’s were fishing for fans on the sandy beaches of beautiful US, with their pet Anna, stumbling onto a humble and modest dude who had been taken to bed to his favorite porn star.

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The poor guy felt a bit shy and ashamed being exposed to the judgemental cameras of Bangbros, so his dick softened, and Anna’s lust for cock became hardened. She immediately called for an urgent cock to slither down her throat, and she got what she deserved.

Throughout the time she got fucked, she yelled that it’s the cock she wanted like a pure whore. It probably sounds stupid when I dumb it down for you guys, but that’s what she was screaming, besides moaning like the sluttiest slut there is on this world! I’d fuck this girl without thinking, she’s a filthy whore and I spit right at her face!
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3. Evil Angel – Whores Ink #3, Scene 1

Okay, okay… I’m chilling the fuck out. I swear, I had to take a minute break before continuing this review because Anna Bell got me outta hand and I felt quite angry. I’m good now. But see? See how she realeases hate and anger in a guy, no wonder she’s a brutal, top class porn star!

Congratulations, Anna. I still feel sorry for the ditched guy, but I’ll get over it. … right now, because everything is in the hands of Jessy Jones! He’ll gift her the gift that she truly deserves! She got his fat cock up her pussy and he’s slapping that ass so miraculously, plus he started choking her with her own bra!

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This guy is speaking my language! It seems like this sack of sodomy enjoys every way of penetration in her pussy, so it’s just feeding her empty soul with more demonic rituals!

Jessy Jones the prophet is barely fighting this evil spirit, but the almighty sword that he’s wielding will take on any whore on which he swings it infront of! You go Jessy, fuck that bitch’s pussy off! It started leaking, maybe it’s a sign that it’s vulnarable now!

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2. Naughty America – Dirty Wives Club with Johnny Castle

This modern type of marriage shit is the answer! Anna Belle’s husband is outta town for a relatively long time, and her poor pussy isn’t going to get cock which it needs daily! Luckily, Anna and her husband have a unique bondage and extreme dual agreements that she can sleep with any other man she wants, if she desires.

Especially when her hardworking husband is away! They were talking on the phone when they had phone sex, talking dirty and such, everything leading to the final and intended exclaimaition, that Anna’s going to fuck a lucky gentleman, right infront of the camera for her spouse.

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The fortunate guy was Johnny Castle, who gladly accepted his role, pleasing the miserable cuckold! The hotwiffing begun when Johnny rattles one thick down her throat, and with the buzzer he drains one in her pussy! Or should I say contra-drains it, because this girl is leaking more than celebrities nudes!
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1. Reality Kings – Naughty Treat

This is some out-of-this-world crazy type of shit, where Anna’s wearing a geeky intergalactic superhero outfit. She proposed her body to her man after his hard day at work, and since they’re both into comic books and those variety of stuff, she tied herself on the bed waiting like a slave for the lucker!

With her legs and arms tied all separatedly, there was a huge gap on her groin area so that he has a safe path to the entrance. Good thing she had a eye mask on, because I think that I never wouldrecognize her!

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Alex Davis did what he instincts told him to do, and as a villian, he destroyed that conceited heroine and he took off her mask when he had enough of her, so he had to drop his load to reveal her true identity! A surface hot scene, I’d rated 9/10!


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