Top 8 Videos with Curvy Asian Sharon Lee

Picture a perfect porn star. Picture now some of her fineses being subtracted. Squint her eyes. Extend her brown hair all down to her hips. Soften up the nips. Enlarge the tits. Naturally. Make her body a bit curvy with a scent of athletic. Voila. You got Sharon Lee!

What a beauty Sharon is! What do you think where is she from? You’ve got three guesses. Let’s get oriental first. Nope, wrong answer if you said somewhere east. Nope, she isn’t from the US as well, disregard her cliche American stage name. France? How did you know?

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We’ve got a French babe born on August 2nd, 1988 that looks at least 7 years younger. Sharon performed in foreign porn industries at the start of her career just 7 years ago! What a coincidence. She looks like she’s at the start and believe me I haven’t rigged anything.

Sharon’s got a long brown hair, pretty face and a shiny smile. Her collar bones are honestly sexy because their pretty prominent. Her lazy tits fall like a water balloon and they look so juicy and delicious! 36C is more than descent of a size for a porn star, verbally categorized as a medium.

Plus their naturals. She’s got them arc curves on her hips, making a fine feminine line we guys secretly die for. Believe me, even I wasn’t aware of it, but I found some research on the nets (which is 100% trustworthy) and found this very fact. So there you go.

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For a French of Asian descent, she’s quite tall. 5’7 isn’t a height you should joke about with a porn star. She could crush your cock with her huge ass and tug your dick, ripping it off like it’s a chain of sausages. It’s a bit sad that Sharon didn’t get so much recognition, even tough she could be a top class porn star!

She’s almost 30 and it had passed 8 years since her debut. With around 26 huge porn titles in conclusion, she had and will have a solid, positive influence on the porn industry.

We hope it will remain that way! Sharon Lee’s in our top 5 Asian porn stars list! So that’s basically what you need to know about her. Every further info would be an overage, so in order to prevent it, we’ll make a transition to the top 8 best Sharon Lee scenes, exclusively listed and featured by Sex Top Lists! You gotta love it!

8. 21 Sextury – To A Happy Ending

We’re on a role with these 21 Sextury starter scenes, and they’re going pretty well! They were made for the beginning scenes so that the following ones line up in your head after a good review quite gently and clearly. Sharon Lee is a responsible massage parlor holder and she’s shining like a diamond only for her customers’ eyes, so that they get hyped up because they’re finally going to meet their dream girl!

Toby was the matching sacrifice, as he came up to her parlor and when he dropped a gaze on her beautiful figure waiting for him, he just couldn’t bare but to throw in some extra cash for a massage! Sharon’s a shy girl by default, and maybe she isn’t ready to do extra for an extra, but she’ll change her mind quickly! Toby is one desiring guy, so he’s eager to do anything for an all-around service + something out of the boundary. But he’ll lay low until Sharon’s put in fait accompli.

While he was laying on his back getting a rub, he pulled down his pants and gripped that thick cock with one hand, holding cash in the other. Sharon was about to refuse, but she relented. She gave him a blowjob he could only see in his dreams! After a good suck, his cock is ready for a fuck! He fucked that sweet pussy of Sharon’s, it turned to slutty multiple times! From “innocent” of course. That’s how her pussy appeared before, pink, soft and juicy, like in a virgin!


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7. Evil Angel – Asian Anal Addiction

Mike Adriano is the next layer of our magnum cheeseburger/sandwich of reviews and those are pickles at the bottom! Because they can sometimes be yucky! Feel the metaphor? Mike is not afraid to make Sharon’s asshole wider while trying to lick the assiness out of it! He has killer tools which might help him with it, so that he’ll see better and a bit further down her sweet ass! Yes, Mike is that gross! Later on, it’s time for some casual porn where he will get regular head from an irregular girl!

Her tits are her tools for extending his mushroomheaded cock! What’s her secret recipe?! Spit and saliva. Yep. Mike afterwards goes hard in her bum, but yet it seems so smoothly and softly. Like those japanese 1000 km/h trains entering tunnels kilometers long. I reckon the oil company makes specialities just for this guy right here, because I’ve never seen such a good lubricant than at his studio.

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It must’ve cost him a fortune, but every ounce pays off since he’s fucking Sharon fucking Lee! Pussy penetration here is strictly prohibited, except for some occasions when the quartermaster Mike determines otherwise. I like that! Asian Ass to the end! All hail those two buns!

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6. Reality Kings – World Class Pussy

If you didn’t trust me when I said Sharon’s first class, than at least trust the Reality Kings and their title conveniently titled “World Class Pussy”! Euro Sex Parties have the most sodomized porn ever! Really! Euro is like the devilish symbol for beastiality and immoral. Not that it’s bad, but contrary to what the porn is inteded for. I mean it’s superb! Sharon Lee played the bring-your-friend-to-work day, dragging her sexy black friend Luna with her.

Luna Corazon has a sleek afro and it will be great contrast to Sharon’s straight hair! They exhibited a sneak peek to lesbianism, letting pieces of themselves to their better half. Sharon and Luna started eating each other’s asses and licking tits and what not. Their pussies were soaking wet until Tony finally arrived behind the counter like a sneaky bastard. He watched the action from the sideline VIP seats prepared to jump onto the court at any time!

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When he just had enough of their body promotion, he and his stiff dick joined the party as the two girls were born ready to suck his wood! He split the time equally so that each girls get a healthy dose and amount of pure cock. When he was about to finish, he pulled a 180 and started blasting aiming at the mouths! 2 victims. Poor Sharon and Luna. I feel sorry for the girl who was on the queue since Tony hadn’t daydreamed more to grow another pair of balls and a donger! This really is world class! Professional level at the max!


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5. Naughty America – I Have A Wife with James Deen

Too bad this is the one and only scene on Naughty America and I don’t have a clue why it had to be this way. Sharon was a housekeeper this day, obeying orders of her occuring boss, James Deen. James’ got a spacious and neat house, so she does her best effort to keep it spotless. From Deen’s side, he’s not paying enough attention to details about the house, instead he’s concerned about a cause reffering to his sexual needs. He needs someone in order to vent himself, so he engages into conversation with his maid, while she was cleaning the handrail infront of him.

He provokingly starts talking about his co-worker at work who allegedly flirts with him, although he has a wife. Maid Sharon Lee was a bit confused when he started talking, because she didn’t knew where does this lead to. After some time complaining, spouting or whatever he was doing, the word “sex” suddenly came out of his mouth, and that’s when something clicked in Sharon’s mind. She was all set to give her body to her boss, even tough he’s a married man, she has to listen to his demanding voice in order to keep him happy, and keep her job!

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Just like she polished the handrail, the practice with the dick is almost the same! She now just needs to polish his filthy dick with her own mouth! I see no difference! His balls need to stay impeccable so that the wifey don’t suspect a thing!


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4. Fantasy Massage – Lending A Hand

What do you do when your boss comes to visit on how you’re keeping up the good work? We’ll see on Sharon’s example, so create your own ideas, if he hadn’t visited you yet! Anyways, the poor guy is so devoted to his massage saloon, that he took a flight lasting hours, in order to check up on his favorite masseuse, Sharon Lee! They sat down on the sofa and had a little chat, until the polite girl asked him if he wants a massage. Such compassionate. What a friend, what a employee!

To die for! Anyways, there’s no need to elaborate the whole process to your boss luckily, since he’s the conception here. He hardly waited to lay down on the massage table, since he got all numb from his flight, plus jetlag and all that. Sharon prepared the best oils and the best skills for her boss, because she needs to be on the spotlight in his eyes, to prove her worth! She starts stroking his rock hard dick and I can say that the boss is really gifted!

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No wonder he wanted to invest in this variety of a massage parlor! She sucked his dick for more than 10 minutes, plus the 69, I think she reached her limit for the month of getting dick in her mouth! She’s not that of a deepthroater, but when she puts it in her mouth it seems like the guy has connected with the heavens! The boss had the unique oil himself, so he spanked it on her face so she could easily collect it and swallow! What a reciprocal bond between a boss and his employee! Magnificent!

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3. 21 Sextreme – Exotic Fuckslut

What’s this, you may ask? Another 21, but this time Sextreme? Watch and learn, newbie. This is how you BDSM. All you need is two ropes, certainly bad lightning, a spooky background and a creepy atmosphere! Of course, a Sharon Lee is in account. She’s a sex slave to this shady guy we won’t name, because we’ll ruin all the fun and the essence of BDSM! We know that he’s a handsome guy with power tools he’ll use against Sharon unless we keep quiet.

He’ll use them anyway you put it, sincerely. A nightstick of some sort, is used to pummel down her horny pussy and scare away her hormones which tell her it’s sexy to do this kinky stuff! The owner squeezes her pussy with one hand and starts hitting it with the other! Later, he uses a device specially made for pussy extermination and Sharon seems to love it, awkwardly. She’s got her hands tied up to the ceiling, but when the guy came up, he bent her tits so that he could tie them up as well!

Just to be safe not to fall off! He grasped her head and pulled it down, so she could suck his dick. She knew the procedure so she bent her spine so that the owner could have a good, safe swing at her ass! Is it creepy enough that I call him owner? Evil Angel oughtta sign me up for some BDSM commentating right now!


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2. Reality Kings – Nailed Your Husband

Sharon always plays a role of a mistreated individual. She does pedicures at people’s homes, and this time it’s the Choky Ice’s residence, but the client is his bitch wife. She forced him to open the door once the bell rang, and Choky was left speechless when he saw how much the girl that does his wife’s pedicure is hot!

She entered the property, greeted the couple and started doing her business, as the wife was arrogant in every circumstance. She sipped wine as she put the sleep mask to cover her precious eyes. Reaching out Sharon with her legs, she slowly entered hibernation mode.

Sharon couldn’t help not noticing that the wife’s husband Choky can’t get his eyes off her, so she starts seducing him, while she still has the opportunity. Choky still couldn’t believe his eyes, and as addition to it, Sharon starts doing naughty stuff.

I think that the dude probably though he was hallucinating. She provokingly did the “come here and rub my pussy gesture” and he obeyed her like a sheep! Thankfully, his wife had earphones, so it was soundproof!

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He was in his bathrobe, so he easily slithered in his cock into her mouth, and since she stopped nurturing her legs, the wife was concerned! She continued her work but quickly after returned to Choky! Choky layed a cock in her ass as Sharon tried to do his wife’s nails!

In the end, when he was cumming on her face, the wife got the mask off her and I haven’t seen a priceless face like this in a long time! Plus this matching sarcastic title… Reality Kings, this scene deserves a 10/10! A must-watch by definition!


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1. Evil Angel – Rocco’s World Asian Attack Scene #3

Rocco sometimes gets his dick hard only on certain stuff just like this for an example, Asians! And nothing else can make his giant tool stand up! Sharon Lee, Miyuki and Rocco Siffredi are a team with strange accents and it’s all because Rocco told them to speak so unnaturally and funny, actually. It almost looked like some porn parody! Sharon spoke with a mixture of French/Chinese accent that the outcome was disastrous…ly hilarious!

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I couldn’t help but laugh in the beginning, but what’s after is pure porn! They were located on a lake somewhere in the nowhere. While Rocco was looking down on the water, the two girls took their chance and threw him off the pontoon, and that’s their final warning getting sliced! It’s punishment time! Now they have to cope with Rocco’s soaked cock, but I don’t think that these girls have a problem with it! Dirty sluts ate that dick, and since they were insatiable, the dick found it’s path to their anal canals! Serves them right!

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