Teen Blondie Naomi Woods in 6 Scenes


How indulging it is to switch back to good ol’ reviews about porn stars. There’s never enough porn stars, so neither are there enough reviews, respectively. Every year has to be rife with new porn stars, who are probably going to be on Sex Top Lists 2 years later, when they build out a substruction to their name.

Those kind of porn stars are favorable for our articles, because famous porn stars have already been glorified enough for who knows how many times, whilst these younger babes don’t have an opportunity to bring out of all the main stream commotion. Naomi Woods isn’t that unheard of, she has just bursted this year!

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She is a blondy born on June 1st 1996 and her green eyes could be lethal, guys. These two eyeballs seem like they’re imaginary, drawn for a main character of a fairy tale. It’s deadly when she gazes upon you, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with her.

Plus, when she smiles for the camera, your heart starts pounding like you’re getting ready for your first date of your lifetime. Until it gets ruined by a BBC, a lenght of a C you’ll never have! You’d be intimidated even more, especially when she raises her eyebrows when the pain is unbareable, with the entry of the same C in her cave underneath her navel.

Since we’re talking about her body, she’s 5’5 tall, which is quite small (around 165 cm), so she belongs to the petite category, subcategory – blonde hottie! She’s good-looking, has really prolific hips that are able to mingle like Shakira’s hips, which allegedly, don’t lie.

Naomi Woods had a great photoshoot with Penthouse magazine! Click here to check it out

By the way, Naomi’s skin looks so smooth, I believe ice skates wouldn’t bulge for an inch if you’d hypothetically try gliding. And by ice skating I mean sliding your dick on her skin. I just tried to be more universal. When she has a dress covering her sexy body, you would think that this girl is flat as a wooden plank, however, down there she’s holding two 32B’s, and you simply cannot say that they’re small.

I mean, they are smaller, but still there is content in them. But, Naomi’s real speciality, is her God-given bubble ass, which is tight and teeny, but it’s slapable as fuck! When she’s promoting her behind, it makes you wanna stick your dick in it rent-free for a whole month.

Oh yeah, did I say she’s from Florida? Fast Fun Fact which hasn’t been in our article for a solid amount of time: Naomi Woods is her pseudonym, if you haven’t figured it out! Her real name is Elissa Alexis, and Elissa joined the porn industry in 2015.

On Instagram, she goes by the name “lisapoolza” and uploads lots of hot pictures! Click here to visit her profile

Just the next year she was nominated for 5 Spank Bank Awards, and this year, like I mentioned before, she started blooming like a sunflower in autumn. AVN Awards nominated her for the Hottest Debutante, a Fan Prize, then Spank Bank threw in a pair of nominations and finally winning their 3rd, Technical award, Most Innocent Looking Sex Fiend.

Come to think of it, she really does look like she’s innocent, but beneath that mask hides a devious demon! That’s about it from the introduction to this beauty, off we go for the action scenes – things that actually count! 6 of her best porn scenes found online, right here on Sex Top Lists! It’s a blessing to see these stunts performed by this dick-starving queen!

6. Bangbros – A Birthday To Remember!

Like in some random famous rapper’s song, “Go Shorty, it’s your birthday!”, or, your owner’s birthday anywhich. In this luckers case, expecting to get a surprise from your girl Naomi when you get back home, will probably melt your brain because you can’t expect a surprise!

See what I did there? Pay attention! Anyways, we’re celebrating a Bang brothers birthday in a classic Bangbros ambience, spacious and modern-looking house, of course, loaded with at least 1 hot chick inside and a Bangbro, if he’s desired. Today is one of their days, so he is.

His girlfriend got him the small like-onion sweet, which crusts crumbles like styrofoam when you eat it. And yeah, she stuck one candle in it to formalize the B-day. Other than that, she added a nice touch to it… literally touch…ed his heart by singing him the birthday song!

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You perverted creeps! What did you possibly think she touched? His dick? For heaven’s sake… That’s after the formality! She gifted him her pussy to crush it like he never did before! She was all yells and moans when he pentrated inside, she had to embrace her legs around his to refrain from his impact!

It’s POV style, so your granted one huge cock for the scene, at least for your virtual birthday! I wouldn’t complain. VR Naomi Woods is still Naomi Woods! Honestly, the scene isn’t anything bombastic, camera experience is almost like it’s fixed motionless.
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5. Reality Kings – Cock Swap

Just another day in the life of two lovebirds living together, Seth Gamble and Naomi Woods wake up in their double bed ready for just another working week and things that go along with it. Seth is comfortable in his black underwear and his girlfriend ain’t a slacker as well, wearing only her pink undies, disregarding the usage of a bra, because it’s healthier for her dangling tits. Seth is trying to slip underneath, however there was no time for both of them.

So instead, he now tried to slip in for a ride to work from his girlfriend. Since Naomi was really in a hurry and hadn’t had a single second to spare, she told him to ask her step mom. Seth unwillingly grabbed his phone to call her, fortunately walking into her dressing up.

He immediately switched the utility of his phone from “communicating” to “porn recording”! Step mom Nina Elle caught him after a good while, he had all the time of the world to capture the phenomenon without interuption. Stunned by his actions, she called him in to see what did he get.

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She then realized that his boner was rock hard, so Nina couldn’t resist to drop down on her knees and put it in her deep throat while he still had underwear on him. They placed themselves on the bed for a better feel, and so Nina started riding her step daughter’s BF.

Until Naomi unexpectedly came back to find them screwing! Not long has taken Nina to explain what’s going on, nor the explanation is relevent, Naomi’s bubble butt just jumped into action, so they had a nice step family threesome!


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4. Bangbros – The New Hot Girl In Porn

This scenario is practially the same as the previously reviewed. There are a few twists here where the other one turned, so I am a little over dramatic sometimes, but its essence is the same. The difference is that it’s third person view filming and that a birthday isn’t the case now.

Bangbros are just having another fresh meat sent out for atesting, and it’s no more no less than tasty Naomi Wood’s meat! They’re always welcoming to any girl hanging around their studio, however, they had to be a bit strict on Naomi, because she’s pretending to be more of a bad girl than she really is! That’s why she’ll get the PUNISHMENT!

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The Bangbros want to teach this naughty girl a lesson by demolising her pussy, and they start it off while she’s bent over the sofa getting cock inside while she’s on the verge of pouring tears out of her eyes. And that’s only the beginning!

They’re gonna torture her deep throat to see if it is really that deep, which means she’ll get her whole palatal area covered with dick! Choking hazard! Later on, when her pussy rests from the first swing, it will get even more hardcore, so in order to prevent her from doing an ear-ripping scream, they put her panties in her mouth to squeeze her teeth like a man! I feel very sorry for the girl, but my penis remains rock hard cause of it. Damn Bangbros…
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3. Nubiles Porn – Do Your Homework

Naomi had a pile of homework to do, and by pile I mean she was reading a single book which I bet it’s related to history, but nevermind. She got distracted by her phone and all the things you can do with it, duh, and proceeds hanging on social media.

Remarkable time well spent. Luckily, Marcus London catches her screwing around with that thingy, so he immediately subtracted the “around” in the phrase “screwing around”. The authoritarian guy got her up and started spanking her to make the naughty come off.

He flips up her skirt and almost does a wedgie to her pussy by pulling the string of her thong. Did I mention she was in her (sexy) school uniform? Marcus is keen to teach the girl a lesson for being lazy, so she had to do as he demanded, dropping down on her knees to suck his cock.

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Poor girl, that clearly was the last thing she wanted in her mouth! The slutty schoolgirl was sat on the table while Marcus was spinning her record, finally entering his VIP – Very Important Penis – inside her warm tunnel.

The guy seemingly never stopped thrusting in, until he finally dropped a hot load on her stomach, and if it weren’t for that, this naughty girl would be still keen to continue learning her lesson. Dirty whore!


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2. Naughty America – My Sister’s Hot Friend with Levi Cash

It must be very exciting to be a brother of a hot sister in America. Don’t get me wrong, being a brother of a hot sister only means that the sister has a bunch of hot girl friends, which is a man’s dream by default! It means that these girls are going to stick around for some time, maybe spending some of it in their mutual home, and so on.

However, Levi Cash didn’t had a clue on what’s going on. He just arrived home when he caught his sister’s friend Naomi Woods sneaking around their house, searching for a sheet of answers related to the next test his sister’s has to take. He was totally left bewildered when walking in on her.

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Naomi quickly reacted, telling him to keep quiet to his sister, and in return he’ll get some from Naomi. Yep, you read it right. Not SOMETHING, he will get SOME from Naomi! Some, if not most of her sweet and juicy pussy! This is a entirely new conception of the silent treatment!
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1. Reality Kings – Cock Cuddler

I think this was one of petite Naomi’s first videos, albeit an introduction to porn. The Reality Kings were amongst the first ones to get to meet her, asking her what’s her most favorite thing, asking about her age and such common things that you ask a person you just met. Of course she answered to the first question with cock.

And of course the Reality Kings responded with an equivalently strong force. The barely legal girl, at age 18, moved from Nebraska to scalding Miami in search for a thick cock, and whaddaya now, she found it! They let her know what will be the next thing happening to her, and she was fully aware of it.

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Chris Strokes joined in the scene finally, after being a narrative voice in the beginning. After some touching and softcore pleasuring, Naomi took off his pants and her jaw instantly dropped to the floor when she took a glance of that monster! She hardly waited to put it down her deep throat, so she didn’t wait any longer!

After a good suck, it was all left up to Chris to pummel her pussy and show her the true face of the porn industry! Quite a high start for a debutant girl! She’s promising! Who knows where will she be in a few years! Maybe at Sex Top Lists future studio? No one knows what will future bring… All we do know is that Naomi’s pussy has to be deeper than the Grand Canyon.


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