The Top 8 Videos of Sasha Grey


Sasha Grey, sound familiar to you? Heck it does! Such a huge transition it is when you review a one hit wonder like Mia Khalifa, who’s short career span left a tremendeous mark, and switch back to Sasha Grey. She’s the closest thing to Mia Khalifa before Mia even turned legal.

Unlike her, Sasha kept her career firm to the ground for years. She was born in March 14th, 1988 in Sacramento, given name Marina Ann Hantzis if you were deceived into thinking that Sasha’s her real name. The beginning was kinda similiar to her out-of-date rival Mia.

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Sasha also appeared on numerous commercials, seen on TV, mainstream media, magazines, etc. Yet at young age, she clarified her ambitions of becoming a porn star one day, so it was promising from her creation. I’m not sure if it was during her active years, but I remember when a famous rapper’s music video came out, featuring Sasha Grey in it.

It was quite a pleasant surprise seeing her again! Sasha inherited a mixture of descent from her mother and father. Some Greek ancestry from her dad and Polish, English and Irish from her mom’s side. That explains her specific, unique look! She started in 2006 as soon as she was legally able to do so, and retired in 2011.

For 6 years, she performed in 328 movies and directed 2, in conclusion. There’s lots of interesting things about Sasha Grey, other than porn, but like always, everyone knows for what we came for! Literally! Keep our eyes on the prize! Speaking of Prizes, since 2007 until 2010, she won 13 awards, which is an achievement to live for, ask any other porn star!

If you just tuned in for some porn to watch and really don’t care about Sasha’s personal bio and other, the main thing is – she’s a brunette, 5’6 (167cm) tall, has a nice pair of tits, 32B, a pink trimmed innie pussy, a phat ass not to extraordinary, just right shape and size.

Oh yeah, and she’s considered as a Deep Throat Queen. No I’m not exaggarating anymore, she’s renown for her larynx stunts! That’s about it for everyone who’s been tidbit wondering who’s Sasha Grey, something personal about her, something about her career, etc.

That’s all irrelevant. For us, she’s a damn dick-spinning goddess! Sex Top Lists ranked and listed her top 8 scenes all-time and if you don’t get jizzy at the first sentence of the first review, you’ve probably CAME to the wrong article!!!

8. Devils Films – Porn’s Most Wanted Whores

Well, no doubt that Sasha the filthy whore is invited to this white trash party. I said white? I meant she is shook by a black monster cock, she still feels it inside to this day, guaranteed! Amy Raid, Mason Moore, Sasha Grey, Lisa Ann, Flower Tucci, Giana Michaels.

I’m trembling from the moment I heard Amy Raid, no lie. Not 1, 2, 3,… but 6 greatest whores of all time, just at the right place, at the right time! 2010 is remembered as a great year for porn, when all these foxy babes were still active and loaded like WW3 magazines! Too soon?

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Their dynamite so to say – nuclear! Sasha’s part is great as the rest of these gals! An interracial scene, not to mention hardcore, and every single gaping hole on her body is involved! Just like she likes it! Her striking impression she leaves on us that she’s a screamer!

Moaning is too soft of a word! She’s like at the edgy of crying when that dicks enters her private parts! Yep, anal canal and pussy canal – the black guy’s boat has sailed these waters through rough tempest!

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7. Evil Angel – Sasha Grey Expose

Wow this is precious antiquity! Some of you probably recall the old Evil Angel DVD logo, back when CD’s were on their death bed, however, still usable in the household. That feeling you have when you insert a brand new disc and that smell from the hard plastic or whatever heavy metals it’s made of!

Just kidding, who actually bought the stuff?! Pft, Piracy exists from the birth of Christ, it’s just that we aren’t aware of it. Someone from your family bought it, and while you were a curious young adult, stumbling on your uncle’s porn set “by accident” lead you to a whole ‘nother world!

Jake Malone directed and Evil Angel released this bondage/BDSM proof that Sasha Grey and Jennifer Dark are two dirty sluts who like being chained and tamed like beasts! Ah, the sodomy! Sasha’s collar is way fancier and shinier than her team-mate Jenni from the block.

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In this Expose, you have a collection of Sasha’s most extreme performances, with additional porn stars in the DVD, in case you aren’t fully satisfied with just one girl! I’m heedful for our polygamous guys, so I keep that in mind. Either way, every bonus makes the scene infinite times better!

This is a hideous, lurid, bizzare, disruptive, and I don’t know what else to call this scene. Manuel Ferrara slaps the tits off Sasha while he’s banging her pussy with a vast frequence, Hertz would be envious of him. Later, a girl takes some enema or whatever it is, dump directly into Sasha’s whore mouth for her to have a drink!

I am convinced that Sasha Grey is the dirtiest female porn star of all-time. There’s no competition here. She does all kinds of dirty jobs, and that’s why she’s one of the best porn stars ever!

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6. Naughty America – Naughty Bookworms with Herschel Savage – Remastered

Don’t think that Naughty America was left out when Sasha was conquering lands. Naughty America was also privileged to have her in their studio. Since Sex Top Lists is always there where huge manifestations are being held, confronting places and people and challenges.

Naughty America has recently remastered this scene, and now it looks like it was filmed yesterday! That my boys, is technology! Take a bow and admire it! It’s the same old same old script and location – school! Sasha’s been a naughty girl, like she always is (she did change 4 high schools in her personal life, though, maybe this is some kind of a sign), and she was nowhere near being a grade A student this time.

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The pressure is killing her, because she’s a perfectionist, however, professor Vega won’t budge from his stalled criteria. Sasha is looking for quick answers, so she heads to the person with higher authority in school – the counselor. He’s a reasonable man, and besides, he is so damn hot and handsome – a true stallion!

He’ll advise his dick as a prescription to her problem, and Sasha obeys the man with full attention, an A is an A! And she’s ready to do anything in her power to get it! Even if it means pouncing on the school counselor’s thickness!!!
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5. Hustler – This Ain’t Star Trek XXX

Porn parodies are simply marvelous! They’re even better than those official satiric parodies which intentions are just to mock the contemporary society, it’s films and culture, customs, etc. Star Trekk is a legendary movie, but this porn parody overlaps it. It maybe even raises the original to a higher level!

Think about it, Sulu, Captain Kirk, Spock – all naked! Makes you really contemplate over it making you spontaneously love it even more than before! The scenario is so well-done, that I’m kinda denouncing the Oscars ’cause it hadn’t been nominated for something.

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Tony De Sergio plays as the Spock, who’s finally molesting sexy Vulcan, played by Sasha. She looks so cute with those sharp ears, shiny make-up and grey dress. Looks good on her, to be honest. Spock grabs her tits from behind and starts kneading them like flour, until he goes down on Vulcan’s warm, intergallactic pussy!

I love Sasha’s cut-glass, fully-aroused nipples, I just wanna suck them so hard until they’re left desertedly dry! This scene is absolutely great, and if it weren’t for the X-rated label, it’d would of echoed even loader in the porn industry and beyond that!


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4. Reality Kings – 2 Is Better Than 1

Or like Naughty America likes to call it, 2 Chicks Same Time. Damn, mission failed. I included Naughty America’s patent on a Reality Kings review!!! The porn world is going to end! Mike from Reality Kings vintage had Lexi Love and Sasha Grey in his bed, and he’s one heck of a lucker! And lurker!

However, it isn’t his fault that these faulty bitches came over for a lick festival! Sasha Grey was the host, of course, licking off her friend Lexi like she’s a bowl of maple syrup. This would’ve been funny if Sasha was actually Canadian. Anyways, they started off with their sapphic connection between them, eating off each others bushy pussies until they got completely wet, ready and set for Mike!

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He hardly waited for conductor Sasha to finish her performance, and when he seized his golden minutes, and it can easily convert to hours, he fucked the 2 intelligent brains out of this quite misleading, polite girls! His dick spinned faster than any fidget spinner, making that circual motion while he threw it in every directions, aiming at their sluttery heads!

And they gave him head back! Deep throat queen featuring her assistant! This is more like it! But this headline isn’t for sale Reality Kings, you and your “2 Is Better Than 1” can take a hike! I’m the master of titles, Bangbros approves of it!


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3. Evil Angel – Black Cock Addiction

It’s kinda empty and silent without the Bros and their huge titles, don’t you think? Too bad for them, I haven’t found a top 8 worthy scene starring Sasha Grey. That’s when Evil Angel comes in and takes their place. Their all for these devilish, freakish-sided girls. We go by the years, step by step, year by year, and now we’re at 2012.

“How come when she retired 2011?” You dare question the almighty porn queen Sasha Grey? And me? You fools!… You… are actually right. I don’t have a clue what’s going on, but like always, we’ll go with the flow! Black guys Jon Jon and Jean-Claude the hell he isn’t Van Damme – Batiste are the lucky gifted fellas with dicks the size of Thor’s mallet! Sasha was playing tennis at this big mansion, and I’m sure she knew that later she’ll be playing with a penis.

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Too bad these two words don’t rhyme in the English language. He partner in crime is Kaylynn, but that’s not the point. Even that curved-ass Lea Luv is part of the cast, however scene number 2 is dedicated to Sasha solely! There’s a truck-load of other well-known porn stars packed with explosive dynamite!

Sasha’s the greatest dick-rider of them all! Mark my words! You have to see it all and extract a conclusion from it, but has my ascertainment ever betrayed you? Exactly! Enjoy while you can, this scene is gold!

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2. Anal Acrobats – Anal Acrobats 1, Scene 1

Some say that this branch of Evil Angel started because of Sasha Grey. It’s titled Anal Acrobats 1, Scene 1, so put your hand where your heart is and speak the truth, once in your lives! Sasha Grey is a cute kitty and she says Hello to Dana DeArmond’s ass gaping hole!

By the way, Sasha’s tits look like they were awkwardly attached to her breasts posteriorly. Speaking of attaching, Buttman Magazine picked this scene as their favorite choice, and really – it’s all justified. Sasha’s invading her beloved friend’s asshole with balls, beads, dreads, dildoes, anything that you can put in a person’s anal canal!

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Kinky stuff we have here. Only for the fetish lovers! Ah, who am I lying, everyone has this fetish in common. These 2 girls look like the vintage covers of bubble gum commericals. Except for bubblegum, their enclosing toys in asses. I was fascinated how a human’s ass muscles can be trained that much!

It could lift weights! At least Dana’s muscles, haha. I think that the spheres they inserted in their digestive system has the diameter you can barely hold in your hand. I’m not joking. I don’t know how that didn’t hurt the girls’ butts! Well, a good lubrication could easily do the trick! Ain’t that right, Sasha Grey? Since self-satisfaction isn’t enough for her, they had to bring out the best cocks to cover that profound of a throat of Sasha’s!

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1. Hustler – I wanna Bang Your Sister

Hustler always fill our excpectations, and so far so good – this scene hasn’t disappointed us neither. James Deen’s girlfriend, which happens to be Sasha’s sister, doesn’t please her man enough anymore, so he started seeking out for girls competent for his caliber. Luckily, it was right infront of him!

Sasha Grey hardly waited things to turn like this, as her pussy was drousing for a hot fuck with her sister’s bf. Deen finally had the opportunity for expressing his repressed sexual feelings and tension he nurtured towards Sasha. He pounded her pussy intensively, Sasha couldn’t grab a moment for some air as a break!

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Serves her sister right for not being a disarable girlfriend! This is a lesson for all of you girls who fuck their beloved men on a schedule! Beware and fear Sasha Grey!


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