Top 10 Greatest Potential sites of Naughty America


Under given circumstances, I had to come up with another article for Naughty America, since it’s a huge network consisted of over 20 sites. Top X Lists, which not include a vast majority of them, neglect porn sites that really aren’t pre-conceived bad, its just that they didn’t make it to the top list article, due to excellent competition between Naughty America’s addictive porn sites.

What’s pretensively ruling over NA is the incompleteness of content. A low number of videos, by ‘low’, which is a number that’s an arbitrarily made up of a census, relies on the two other factors of our rating. Meaning, if a site isn’t well-organized whilst the models aren’t that stunning, the proper number of video material is based on these two values I relayed just now, so if the ratings of site’s concept and models is below 80% for an example, that means that it’s just enough for that unpromising site to have a lower number of videos.

Kinda like, if you’re bad at something, the less you do it, the better. It’s odd, but this method truly gives more real ratings. Of course, there’s a downside to this, and you’ll see an example where a site with a great concept and smoking hot porn stars have an extremely small rating because we expected more from it. The key is to find a porn site that’s both entertaining and addictive, without suffering the consequences of resource scarcity.

A good site is the one that’s needed but not enough, with 2 of 3 factors that have a high score, and a great site is the one that has all of 3 rating factors high, and he’s both needed and enough, since if you’re an interested membership buyer, you kinda want these 2 things to go along. This is a Top List featuring the sites which don’t have all 3 very well ranked, however, they do have a potential to be needed and enough to fill the buyer’s desires.

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10. Lesbian Girl on Girl

I kicked out Amateurs Raw, and replaced the displace with a new 10th place – Lesbian Girl on Girl! The only true reason is that Lesbian Girl on Girl has lots of more models, and not only that, but their choice who to start in a role is a wise choice indeed. Long story short, the model rating is so high that it would’ve been a waste if we hadn’t brought up LGoG.

The site destroyer was video material, the common blame for a site’s boner. Haha, boner. Anyway, Lesbian Girl on Girl didn’t update since of April this year, and not only the updates are an exhaust, but the total video number is awful, about 15 videos in total! You’re now all like ‘Why the fuck is this even listed anywhere?’, but you forgot the fact that I listed potentials here, so check your privileges and criteria before bursting fire.

On top of everything said, when you compare the models from LGoG and some other NA’s bonus site, you’ll find just a couple of girls who played on both of them. LGoG has unique lesbian models which are very exclusive, and that won’t get away with a reward like this! 10th Spot!

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9. College Sugar Babes

Funny thing is, College Sugar Babes and MILF Sugar Babes have almost the same ratings, but that’s why I secretly put a decimal digit after one of the ratings just to make sure the nuance is visible. However, this may be counter-intuitive, plus a contradiction to what I said, but College Sugar Babes has one-third of 1% more than its sister rival, but in what world would you place MILFs below College girls?

MILFs are always going to be the reigning category of this porn world because they are the leaders of the industry, the icons, and guides. Without them, College Girls would just be close-minded bookworms who are just sticking it in their studies, vice to be willing to stick a cock into a pussy better. The world is just that g(r)ay.

Enough of my offensive slur language against some independent groups, even though I’m just expressing my foul humor, I’ll better be off if I deducted it from my own account, right? I just wanted to say that you’re able to see lesbians on College Sugar Babes as well, because, what’s a better time to experiment forbidden pleasures than when you’re in College?!

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8. MILF Sugar Babes

Sugar Babes surely isn’t fixed there without a reason, but I’m not quite sure what the reason is. I mean, it’s like a pleonasm used in a sentence, where you add the adjective ‘Sugar’ to the noun MILF, which already contains godlike attributes standing on its own, without further explaining it using adjectives.

As I said in the review, it’s sad to see a creamy site filled with butterscotch which implies on the MILFs, go die out like that because of too little video quantity. This one has 35+ movies, which at least have a decent duration, but who watches a whole porn video, from the very first second to the ending sequence?

Within 10 minutes into Naughty Americ and chill, you’d probably be deep in your profound leisure time. It doesn’t take you long to do the essential deed which even got you in this porn waters. Nevertheless, nothing new has bloomed from this review, same old problems the sites are facing, really tend to exhaust people.

More information about MILF Sugar Babes memberships and the site overall are available on PornCodex, check it out


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7. Mrs. Creampie

Final Summation of this review explained the whole site in one short paragraph, but I’ll indicate the transient points of this site, both the good and the bad. In view of the bad side, you’re more than qualified to estimate the outcome of what will come out bad, just shake your head a couple of times and it will come to you spontaneously.

The concept of baking a delicious cream pie in a girls pussy is quite appealing for me, however, I just couldn’t give it a better score since it doesn’t mean that the popular demand says the same as well. It’s a bit of a fetish if you think about it more, and fetish loving doesn’t apply to the general audience.

What’s definitely the greatest thing regarding Mrs. Creampie are the girls found here, who look sweeter than the creampie made inside them. I’d take lick of them rather than the sticky substance which comes out after a good pussy pummeling, and I’m not talking about the auto-juices, it is the foreign bodies that do the damage!

So, is it worth becoming a member? Check out this PornCodex review about Mrs. Creampie to find it out


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6. Asian 1 on 1

You thought that I was going to leave Naughty America hanging without even mentioning the name of Asians? Of course, Asa Akira will be inducted everywhere, what kind of a writer I’d be if victimized her as a top priority porn star ’cause of my ruthless demeanor?!

One individual can make a huge impact in the world, and the sooner you establish this in your minds the better for you because Asa Akira solely gave Asian 1 on 1 a boost in terms of Model Rating for the site. As soon as I saw her lurking on the giant thumbnails of, I had it coming that this is going to be a promising site.

Well, the last part didn’t come out as true, but at least it’s ranked 6th by potential, and it would’ve been on higher places if it weren’t for the meddling 90 HD videos that ruined their hopes and dreams. Naughty America must’ve not marked off their free time as a small price to pay to get a gigantic Asian site in return!

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5. My Girl Loves Anal

Every time you see my philosophy stunts, know that afterward, I’ve said wise things, I’ll be the first one to break it, quite soon, that it even happened in the same article. I called the act of ‘creampie’ a fetish, labeled it with a negative notion, now I’m witnessing the drawbacks of my own statements. What is Anal then, if not a fetish?

Well, that’s why I made sure that anal isn’t considered as a fetish since it’s more of a crucial category in porn, more widespread than cumming inside a poor porn star who doesn’t even like kids. Anal not only is safe, but it’s extremely fun like you’re putting your dick in a different hole, and from the girl’s view, like she is in control of another pussy!

At least I think it is like this, judging by the looks that the girls from My Girl Loves Anal show. I haven’t seen more pleased faces than here, with a pinch of pain, by the way, that gives it the required spice for it to be viral!

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4. Ass Masterpiece

Wait! Don’t just go like that yet! We’ve got more ass to export! If we had as many workers as we seen arcing buttcheeks today, we’d build a city by now! How could such a curvy line be a mind possesses, a mean of manipulation of the man across the world! 145+ of videos in total, with at least one chick on it, results in over 400 buttcheeks just on Ass Masterpiece!

That number is too shocking, that I’m barely withstanding not to erase everything I wrote as an attributing review to the main review (which is linked below every enumeration, forgot to mention that again). 400 of workers turns out to be an ordinary leverage to focus the labor on building that city. So, if Ass Masterpiece was a city, it’d be deserted like Sahara.

I’m tired of writing stuff for Naughty America I swear, the oncoming numbers don’t differ that much from the other, every one of them pulling bitterness because I conceived Naughty America as a serious porn network. I’m waiting on a review when I’ll be full of their nonsense, I’ll hire myself to be their moderator, updater, or even a porn star for Pete’s sake, just to make that wheel turning once and for all!

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3. Diary of a MILF

Finally a site worthy of my review! You know something, I award every site with an appraisal only when I see that they’re putting work in it. Diary of a MILF features women cougars who write diaries whenever an important life event occurs. Because they are women who devour on cock and that’s their lifetime turning point alone.

At least we’re not seeing any more of that stupid porn logic being interpreted by networks like they’re dealing with idiots. I spoke too soon because Naughty America is a network based on utopian understanding, where everything exposed here is a white lie used as a boner machine so that you can jack it off furiously!

Julia Ann and company properly fit here, and she’s the first one that comes to my mind when I recall my memories of watching Diary of a MILF with quality content. Nowadays, they’re making 4K videos available for Virtual Reality display, but all going by the cost of solid screenplays that are replaced with stupid conversations between actors. Wow, dude, I need to chill the fuck out, I’m starting to express repulsive vibes the further we roll on these rails with our rollercoaster of emotions fast ride!

More information about Diary of a MILF memberships and the site overall are available on PornCodex, check it out


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2. Diary of a Nanny

Right next to the site with a mainly same plot, is Diary of a Nanny, a slightly better version of the previous site, which doesn’t infuriate me as much, and that’s the decisive thing that pushes me to give a more unbiased conclusion. I just realized that I made I mistake by ranking this site higher without argumentative facts. It has below 100 of videos, and it has a greater score than sites which have similar amounts.

A huge apology on my behalf, but the compensation immediately comes by the sites concept and model rating. It’s better to watch a youthful pussy that’s doing honest work by keeping children in order while their parents are gone. That way, the girls express their caring natures, therefore our opinions of them escalate to huge levels!

Maybe it’s a natural thing that man finds a nurturing girl more appealing than those who are eager to get penetrated by cock using a preservative so that she doesn’t have to deal with children after 9 months. But, when you see a Nanny sitting on comfy sofa and chilling out after all the hard work of putting children to sleep is done, you have a better view of them as person.

Especially when the male parent employer comes earlier from work, obviating the arrival of his spouse, catching the opportunity to lay his balls deep inside a young pussy which is left untouched at his home, ready to get pounced on!

Check out Diary of a Nanny on PornCodex for more details


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1. American Daydreams

Hard to believe that the site I just indirectly cussed moments before is now number one! Just a reminder: IT HAS THE MOST POTENTIAL TO BECOME A DECENT SITE, NO MORE NO LESS THAN THAT. Okay? Okay.

Of all those fantasies I talked about that have the stereotype ‘My Someone’s Something’ are all containing in one dream porn site, American Daydreams! No matter what your relation is to the girl you’re dreaming about, all that matters is for you to lay down, calm your nerves and let them slip away from your control as you enter R.E.M. mode!

That way, you’ll unleash the full powers of your brain to perceive something that you couldn’t even imagine, like fucking your secretary at work, fucking your teacher right in the middle of a tuition, or anything that’s notorious for our current social norms, standards, and constructs in general.

Oh yeah, but before you go to sleep, make sure you’re under huge impressions, whether good or bad, so that they have a huge influence on your brain, kinda like taking psychedelic pills to blur your reality, a.k.a. drugs. However, this type of drugs aren’t poisonous neither deadly nor most importantly – illegal! It’s a natural cause, and based on NA’s American Daydreams, you’re able to recreate the whole thing in your mind, even if you’re away from internet and your computer – utilities that make sure you wank pleasedly!

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