Worst scammers in Vienna

Rules in the paysex market

The pay6 can be an expensive hobby. And since we’re dealing with real people and not objects, there are many things that can go wrong when two people, the punter and the sexworker, meet.

There are, of course, certain rules and norms and even rituals sometimes that we go by or have to follow. But at the end of the day, or after a paysex session, it all comes down to the question if the chemistry was there or not. Sex sessions can be amazing for one guy and sheer catastrophic for the next one.

You simply never know what you will get. This is the way of life, and even more so in the pay sex business.

Types of scams and prostitutes scams

However, there are certain kinds of prostitutes who are different and do not follow any sort of rules, ethics or norms. They are simply in this business to make money in any way possible. More often than not, they will not shy away from doing or saying anything to make you spend more money with the least amount of effort from their side.

There are also other types of scams.

  • Using fake photos on the girl’s portfolio, to attract more clients to their brothel.
  • Sending the wrong girl on escort dates, to hide the fact that the original one was busy or simply unavailable.
  • Taxi scams, which means that brothels are paying up to 50€ for clients brought in by taxis. The taxi drivers are at fault too, because they might try to get you away from the good places and divert you to the places that pay higher.

However, leaving those other scams aside, in our SexToplist of Worst Scammers in Vienna we will list you the sexworkers and bitches that we call scammers and that you have to watch out for:

1. Lady Tatjana in 1110 Vienna, Zippererstrasse 11

  • Started her work as early as 1986.
  • She used to charge 2000 Austrian Schilling or even more, which is the equivalent of 150€.
  • She was short, blonde and long hair and a bit fat.
  • Lured people in with newspaper ads that sounded tempting (S.O.Z. magazine and daily newspapers).
  • Now, she owns a studio for herself, Studio Hauffstraße.

Lady Tatjana is very much talked about in the ErotikForum and everyone old enough knows her from his own horror experience.

Back then, in the 90s, punters couldn’t really call the police for being scammed because it was not really legal to pay for sex and because of the shame it might bring them.

What she did was that she brought you in her room and started to blow (or even just a handjob) with the condom on, for a short time. But, all of a sudden she would stop and say that she will come back in a moment. Instead of her returning to you, her bodyguard would come in 5 minutes or so to tell you to get dressed and leave right away.

With the money that she scammed from the punters, she made a fortune and bought Studio Hauffstraße. Here is the link to Tatjana’s Studio: http://www.sexwuensche.at/home.php.

Although we don’t have any experience yet with this Ingrid, we warn you that the owner is not ethical and a scammer of the highest degree so it would be best to simply avoid that studio.

Nowadays, these types of scams are almost impossible, however, this didn’t stop our number 2. and 3. on the list from scamming, in their own way.

2. Yvette in Laufhaus Juchgasse

  • Has a pretty hot body.
  • Doesn’t seem to like sex or anything related, even though she works in the paysex business.
  • She changed her name, due to another bad review on her.

The thing is that by looking at her photos you will want nothing but to have her. We all felt that way, we all fell in her trap.

By looking at her service description, you would think that you will make your wishes come true. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. She will try to avoid having sexual contact with you, even make you jerk off right next to her. This is a waste of money, for you at least. For her, it’s “high-quality services”.

She is currently not at Juchgasse. For more information on how her scam worked, check this review.

Make sure you don’t fall into the same trap as many have before you.

3. Luiza from Studio Intim

There might not be enough details on her scams, but what she does is enough to put her on our 3rd spot of the SexToplist Worst Scammers in Vienna.

4. Becky from Studio Wolfganggasse

  • All of her photos are not real (using fake photos is something uncharacteristic for this studio)
  • There is a similar girl in the studio, but definitely not the one in the photos
  • She looks great, silicone with clearly visible scars, blown up lips.
  • Sex is very mechanical

This is from a report from the Erotikforum, but it sounds believable enough: After 5 minutes of sex in 1 positions, she wants you to finish. No extended touching, kissing, licking, nothing was wanted. She even got angry that the guy needed longer to finish and almost forced him to cum.

Regardless of how unbelievable this experience sounds, he booked her half an hour for 50€. A clear example that buying cheap sometimes really is expensive.

Studio Wolfganggasse often has pretty girls but the service is just as often mediocre.

What to do to avoid scams

Sometimes, the scamming girls change their name to not be identified that easily and to make it harder to keep track of them.

A piece of advice for all fellow punters out there: Make your research beforehand so that you won’t go through the same thing as other scammed clients.

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