9 Popular Videos With Brandi Love

If her name ain’t brandy, that ain’t Brandi Love. Just stop reading for a moment to appreciate this veteran babe for being with us for years and years, full of enjoyment, arousal, and horniness. She has a heck of a career and life generally. It had its twists and turns, doing this at the moment, later doing something else but all in all, Brandi sure did have a lot of fun throughout her whole career and still it isn’t even close to being over!

That’s what we love about her! There’s no obstacle which can’t be overcome by this gal. She took her time and made an enormous effort to push the porn industry to the top, and she’s still doing it, from 2006 until this very day. Since then, Brandi Love hard sex has became a classic in porn!

Brandi Love top RealityKings porn star

Besides giving porn a good name with her performances, she’s also a co-owner and CEO of No Rivals Media porn company, as well as the founder of “Parents in Adult”. “Parents in Adult” is an organization where people gather and discuss the parents in the porn business. It’s a supportive organization for them, providing them parenting resources and many other forms of help.

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In 2006, Brandi and her husband, along with Hugh Hefner and his girls,(I don’t even need to mention who he is, everyone knows him) have appeared on a show where they debated about monogamous marriages and similar topics. I’m telling you this as an argument for my statement about Brandi. Legal issues, I guess, right? Besides the talk show, she’s been dedicated to other types of awarenesses which you won’t find more about from me.

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We’re moving onto our point, and that’s Brandi’s porn career! On March 29, she’s turning 44, and yet there’s no sniff about her retirement. 1973 was the year of her birth, and now it seems so far, far away! She was born in North Carolina, but she grew up in Detroit where she also attended college. A fine mix of German and some English descent while some famous roots are something more known of her. Her spouse is Chris Potoski whom she married in 1994.

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I think that Brandi is among the first porn stars who had their own porn site. She created her own (you should definitely check it out) porn site in June 2004! Her actual start in porn isn’t acquired precisely, but the year 2006 is considered as her debut year because she started collaborating with porn sites then.

2008 was the year when she filmed for LA companies, and 2011 was when she performed for the porn companies which are music to our ears, such as Brazzers, Hustler, Wicked Pictures and our other favorite studios. So, years 2011-2017, are the ones which will be under our supervision, we’ll leave the rest, earlier years for the people who are interested in those fields of her life and want to write something about it.

We got carried away a little here, but let’s quickly describe her looks. She’s a blonde MILF with green eyes which she uses to give you the “sexy” look. Despite being… aged, her body is in a shape of a 25-year-old! It’s amazing and very athletic! Her humongous fake tits and her fine ass are the things which decorate her body even more! Standing at 5’7 (170 cm), and considering her looks, she’s a spitting image of a typical mom! Who we love to fuck, right?

If you want a list of the porn movies she performed in, it’s always a good idea to check out her IMDB profile

And a shoutout to her humble awards and nominations:

2013 – 2 nominations from AVN; Won NightMoves Best Cougar/MILF Performer, and nominated for Best Ass; Web Star of the Year nomination by XBIZ

2014 – NightMoves: Best MILF Performer nomination

2015 – 2 nominations from AVN; 2 nominations from XBIZ

 Brandi Love’s real name is Tracey Lynn Livermore, and the roots which we’ve been talking about are associated with her great grandfather Jesse Livermore (read more about him on Wiki) who’s been a famous stock trader.

9. My Friend’s Hot Mom with Damon Dice

Brandi said in her interview with Naughty America, how they’ve tried to contact her for a year and a half until she signed with them, and I don’t know how to process it. Is it an insult or something, I just can’t get in my head. It doesn’t even matter, but what I’m trying to say, how much she missed out for that time. She could have starred in 5 more titles at least! An unspoken tragedy.

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This scene is Christmas themed, and it’s all about gifting and giving. It turns out it’s more of a giving, but we’ll get to that soon. Brandi wants to buy her son a Christmas gift and she is so stressed out about it. She can’t seem to find the perfect present, so she calls his buddy over for help. Not even his buddy can’t help poor Brandi in a dilemma, but what he can actually do is quite effective as well. He fucks her brains out, so she doesn’t stress out anymore! Pure logic! The guy gave her the full Brandy Love hard sex experience.

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8. Hustler – This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX

As you can suppose, it’s a porn parody of Game of Thrones series, and they’ve ripped it off pretty well, it’s like an evil twin brother of the real series. She’s imitating the lead female character from the beginning, the wife of the king, and she sucks off her loyal servant of some sort. Sorry for my bad knowledge of Game of Thrones, but I try hard. At least this porn parody doesn’t include incest! Take that Mr. Martin!

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It’s a good remake of the original series and for those who love Game of Thrones (like most of the world). You will find joy in this porn parody since they probably even watch the show because of the sex acts in it. They basically filled it up with some real Brandy Love hard sex. Now they don’t have to hide their sexual desires and watch our girl Brandi Love directly, without secretly having a wank when a brother fucks his sister or some sick shit like that.

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7. Nubiles Porn – Caught With Your Pants Down

It’s noob teaching time! Brandi, can you come out for a moment, and show this young girl the proper way to suck and fuck a dick! Seth is here to visit Kiera Winters‘ mom because he needs help with his studies and also help with her stepdaughter. Yeah, her mom knew that they have started dating, so she wants to open Seth’s eyes up a bit.

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When she took a picture of a book page for his study, she went to the phone gallery to check if the picture isn’t blurry, and she stumbles upon his dick pics! Secretly swiping to see more and later locking the screen, she didn’t want to mention the minor unpleasantness. In fact, she wants to show him how to please a woman, especially when it comes to her stepdaughter because it will be their first time.

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She starts sucking him off, and while she was going right at it, Kiera came in with a short skirt, when Brandi calmly responded to her appearance, something like don’t worry, I just want to make sure you two do the right thing. That greedy mom! She wanted Seth’s cock all by herself! But, they end up having a threesome, and Seth was the jackpot winner of the Brandi Love hard sex package!

Hot threesome with Brandi Love

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6. Big Tit Cream Pie – Sexy Mom Gets Cum in Her

Cum again? Bangbros with a strange title! That’s impossible. It’s like they haven’t even finished the sentence. But I’ll give them a break. They were probably excited to have experienced Brandi Love, who’s age is greater than the entire Bangbros crew. She shows a little bit of herself to the immature younglings, and they seem fascinated by her fine tits and pussy.

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Who wouldn’t be? If you squint and focus to her diaphragm, you can see that she has abs! Slight abs. The ones which you hardly tell from. But her ripped legs… That’s “to die for”, how the bro explains it. He dives into her ass to get some of her juices and she just holds his head against her. Then some titty fuck, and later on the real deal until they blow a load in her! I’d give a million bucks for some Brandi Love hard sex.

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5. Moms Bang Teens – Mrs. Conduct

Brandi is having the uncomfortable talk about sex or the misunderstood sex talk with her neighbor Natalia Starr, asking her if there’s any boy in her life. Natalia tells her neighborhood MILF about Xander and about how they’ve been texting each other for quite a time. However, she doesn’t seem to get his attention the way she wanted, so Brandi came up with a brilliant idea.

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They agreed to call Xander over to their address, and the deal is that Xander must answer the door himself, letting himself in, while Brandi is waiting by the pool for his arrival, and Natalia monitors the situation. Brandi was skinny dipping, and the plan turned out the way they wanted. Xander came by the pool, surprised by the fact he’s seeing Brandi Love naked, so they went inside for a small talk.

The talk made a wrong turn and it ended up being a fuck session at Brandi’s. Meanwhile, Natalia came in, so things were beginning to be quite tense! Who knows what will happen next! Reality Kings always does an awesome job with them scenes! Now they introduced us to some true Brandi Love hard sex!

Guy eating MILF pussy on Moms Bang Teens

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4. Nubiles Porn – Eager To Learn

Let’s get back to Nubiles Porn, since other than having younger girls acting, there’s always a MILF who’s there to help them out with their intercourse, and the perfect teacher is Brandi Love!

Yet again, Brandi’s having a sex talk with someone, and this time it’s her stepdaughter Dakota Skye. Dakota wanted to ask her mom about her vagina, like is it supposed to look like that or something, so both of them stripped naked to make it feel more natural. Brandi told her daughter that her pussy is good just the way it is, because her clit isn’t hard to find, just like hers.

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She proceeds with the gentle touches towards her daughter, and this scene looks very odd to me. I don’t know why, but it does. Possibly because these two girls act pretty well, so I’m convinced like they’re real mother and daughter. Anyway, Brandi is helping her daughter masturbate, and while they were at it, Tyler walked in and caught them in the act!

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Brandi was surprised with the bad MILF look and invited him over, so Tyler quickly pulled out his cock to play along and he inserted it in Brandi’s young step daughter’s pussy! What a player, he wasn’t even ready and within a blink of an eye, he’s fucking 2 chicks! Brandi Love hot sex in many positions!

Nubiles Porn MILF threesome

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3. My First Sex Teacher with Nicole Aniston and Ryan Driller

We haven’t had a duo like this for a long time! Nicole Aniston and Brandi together gathered decades of experience and fucking skills and it just can’t get any better than this. They both are amazing performers, and Naughty America, besides having the hottest porn stars, always spices up things more with their fantasy titles.

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Ryan Driller has been drilling two of his teachers at school, each of them not knowing that he’s fucking the other one, until one day they’ve found out. Instead of being mad at Ryan for seeing other teachers, they figure – why not call it a threesome! And eventually, it happened! Imagine if you fucked two of your sexiest teachers in school, at the same time! It’s impossible. That’s why it’s a fantasy title, duh. This one’s my favorite Brandi Love hard sex scene, and top 5 favorite Nicole Aniston scene as well. 10/10.

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2. Porn Star Spa – Hot MILF Gets Her Pussy Pounded

Brandi’s having problems with her lower back, and she’s expecting her masseuse Johnny to come over at any moment. He’s a strong, young fellow, with big palms, and he’ll get the pain away in no time! Brandi gets naked for him, so he can easily find her troublesome spots, and because of the aesthetic reasons. She lies on the massage table and just lets the relaxation commence!

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He just does it so well that when he got comfortable, he squeezes Brandi’s nice ass, oiling it up previously for more effect and everything looks just so damn good. She then turns on her back and Johnny proceeds to apply oil on her tits, when he starts to shuffle her cans!

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Then he sucks on those nipples, and it all became a Nuru massage with a happy ending, more like! Maybe this way Brandi Love will get more out of this massage. There’s nothing a hard dick can’t cure! Brandi Love hard sex expert is there to help!

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1. MILF Hunter – Peeking At Brandi

Brandi Love’s housing around her garden, wearing a light, pink top with denim shorts when Codey and Robby were passing by, catching up to her and dropping their jaws on the floor! They were heading to play football, however, maybe their plans will get interrupted with more important things. They came across when she was leaning and pointing out her giant ass, so they just couldn’t pass on it like it’s nothing!

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She told them to play ball in her yard while she’s out to take a shower, and they’ve abused her kindness! Codey’s ball hit the glass door, while she was changing, so he took a quick glance at Brandi’s body, but don’t fear, she’s not naive.

She came up to him asking him in a punishing voice what’s he doing, so he took him to her house and fucked him! Poor Robby, he was standing out watching his friend Codey have a fuck of a lifetime with their local MILF. At least he played ball, while Brandi was playing with his! This is the absolute best Brandi Love hard sex scene you are looking for!

Brandi Love round ass RealityKings

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