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The 8 Best Porn Stars with Big Lips

8. Angelina Valentine

Angelina Valentine is considered one of the hottest porn stars in the adult film industry. She started her career 7 years ago, and she demonstrated to the audience that she has a lot of skills. Her wild sex scenes are very appreciated by the viewers due to the fact she is energetic, transforming a sex scene into an astonishing performance. The provocative porn star has declared that she grew up on a farm, remembering she was different than the other children.

She describes herself as a bad ass, and she remembers that when she was at school, she was starting a lot of fights. This was the reason she was expelled. Angelina Valentine has declared that she was a lesbian during high school, mentioning she didn’t like boys at that point. Another appealing detail of Angelina’s life is that she fucked only with two men before she started her porn career. The exciting porn star admits she likes rough sex, being very aggressive when she makes sex.

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This aspect made a lot of men running away from her. Angelina Valentine’s lips are astonishing, triggering many dirty fantasies in her fans’ minds. This gorgeous woman has declared that she acts naturally when she films because she cannot be fake. She has also mentioned all the orgasms are real and she enjoys all the sex scenes she is involved in. Angelina Valentine has a different style and this fact made her one of the most appreciated figures in the porn industry.

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7. Amy Anderssen

This busty porn star has attracted a lot of fans because of her exciting shapes. Her big tits are astonishing and the audience likes to see how Amy Andersen uses them. The beautiful porn star lost her virginity at 20 years old. She decided to enter the porn industry after she saw an ad. For sure, she took the right decision because she is very talented and her videos are intense. The hot brunette has declared that she had made sex only two times before she filmed her first porn video.

This detail has intrigued a lot of fans and many viewers became curious to find out more about this sexy actress. For one year, the gorgeous woman had worked in London, England as a contract girl for a big company named Bluebird Films. At that time, her nickname was Amy Azurra. Her attractive lips are another feature that feeds many fantasies among the audience. After her interesting experience in England, Amy Anderssen went back to Canada , where she has worked as an escort and dancer.

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In the same period she has appeared in different Canadian hardcore scenes. In March 2012 the sexy porn star launched her official webpage. She succeeded to attract a lot of viewers and she started to become an important figure in the porn industry. She mentioned that she has a lot to show and she will get herself involved in a lot of hardcore productions.

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6. Lela Star

Lela Star, one of the most famous porn stars, was born in Florida on June 13, 1985. Her career is productive, and she has appeared in more than 100 porn videos. BangBros was the company that launched this sexy woman in the adult film industry. In order to be more provocative, the sensual porn star got breast implants, increasing her tits’ size from 34C to 36C. The first porn video of this gorgeous girl was Lela Undone. She managed to create a good impression, becoming gradually one of the hottest porn actresses from the industry.

Lela Star disappointed her fans in 2011 when she announced she will retire because she will get married. She didn’t manage to stay far from this profession, filming again in 2014. The viewers were thrilled when they found out that their favorite porn star is back in business. The sexy brunette has won many prizes including Best Latin Starlet, Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene and Best Group Sex Scene.

According to this article by Metro, Lela Star is considered as a Kim Kardashian lookalike

These distinctions prove the fact that she is a professional and she gives all her best. Her blowjobs are breathtaking due to the fact that she has amazing lips. She knows how to use it, creating intense scenes.  Lela Star has mentioned she loves to get fucked, transforming her hobby into a job.

lela star big booty and tattoos

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5. Lolly Ink

This hot blonde, full of tattoos, is like a magnet for the audience. Her perfect body transformed Lolly Ink into one of the most popular porn stars. Her attractive face and her big tits represent the perfect ingredients for a successful porn video. The blonde has appeared in hardcore videos, surprising everyone with her different style. In an interview, she has declared that her first job was at a film rental place named Super Star Video.

The provocative star mentioned that she receives support from her family, but some of her friends don’t know she works in the porn industry. Lolly Ink admits she didn’t find that special guy who is able to offer her affection, attention and loyalty. The blonde said that Coroa Del Mar was the most beautiful location where she has ever filmed. Lolly Ink loves tattoos and she says that all of them are connected to a story or an experience of her life.

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The provocative woman doesn’t really like fancy sex toys, but if she had to make a decision, she would choose a plain vibrator. This appealing blonde knows how to satisfy a man with her big and sexy lips. Another detail from Lolly’s private life is that she is a BMW Fan and her dream car is  the 650I BMW. The hot blonde says that her career is only at the beginning and she will release new and exciting videos.

lolly ink big tits tattoos

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4. Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Of course, this affirmation is a solid one and her body will convince you about it. The most interesting story about her life is that she entered the porn industry to revenge on her boyfriend. She decided to make a career because of the amazing sex. Her impressive performances were appreciated by the porn industry, so she won the AVN Award for Female Foreign Performer of the year in 2010.

Another important prize she won, was The Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production. Aletta Ocean’s performances demonstrate that she likes her job and she does it with style. The gorgeous brunette stated that she enjoys anal sex and she does it a lot in her private life. Anal and double vag make Aletta Ocean cum. She wasn’t afraid to admit it and for sure the fans will be happy to hear this. Aletta Ocean adores gang bangs because she feels good.

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The maximum number of guys she fucked with in the same scene was 5, but she wants to break her own record. The brunette likes her job because she works only with professionals and everybody knows what to do.

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3. Juelz Ventura

Juelz Ventura debuted in the porn industry in 2008 when she was twenty-one. She has an amazing career and she has appeared in more than 200 porn scenes. The porn parodies she performed in, had a lot of success and the most popular were Captain America XXX, This Ain’t Terminator XXX (2013), Xena XXX, An Extreme Comixxx Parody (2011), Avengers XXX 2. In order to be sexier, Juelz Ventura had breast enhancement surgery.

The result was astonishing, transforming her into one of the most popular porn stars from the adult industry. The hot blonde obtained a lot of important titles, including Best Oral Sex Scene and Most Outrageous Sex Scene. These prizes helped her to be in the top, becoming and important figure in this domain. Her oral sex scenes are impressive because of her perfect lips. Juelz Ventura declared that she hadn’t liked sex before entering the porn industry and she had a kinky attitude towards it.

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For this sexy girl, porn was like a release because it offered her the possibility to be herself and be open regarding her sexuality. Juelz Ventura decided to film porn videos because she had found in her husband’s computer videos of him fucking other women. At that moment she wanted to revenge and starting filming porn videos seemed to be a good idea. The porn star likes to be respected and considers that she is a professional when it comes about her career.

juelz ventura hairy pussy and big tits

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2. Veronica Avluv

Veronica Avluv is one of the porn stars who admits she likes to fuck and she enjoys her profession. The superb brunette is considered very charming because of her beautiful face. The porn star has a strong personality, being in touch with everyone who knows her. She is also open-minded and honest. The fact that she has an incredible body is the element that makes her one of the most appealing figures in the adult film industry.

Before entering the porn industry, Veronica Avluv had worked in a mall doing make-ups. The exciting brunette decided to step forward and to film porn scenes because she wanted to support her family. Veronica Avluv has declared that she enjoys normal sex, but she prefers anal. This detail will attract for sure more fans. The gorgeous porn star considers that sex is also mental. She prefers to have a mental connection with her partner and she also likes good kissers.

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Veronica describes herself as a volcanic and energetic woman, confessing that she enjoys doing gangbangs and hardcore. This is one of the reasons she managed to become one of the most appreciated porn figures. The hot woman declared that sex helps her to release tension and stress, mentioning it is the best way for her to relax. The oral scenes are very appealing due to her sensual and perfect lips. Veronica Avluv is working to new hot and provocative videos.

veronica avluv big lips milf

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1. Audrey Bitoni

The gorgeous Audrey Bitoni was born on 16th August, 1986 and she became one of the most attractive porn stars from the industry. The brunette has worked as a model while she was studying at Arizona State University. Her career has changed when she got a phone call from the notorious Playboy magazine. It was about a college newsstand edition and she accepted to shoot for them. Not long after this moment, the provocative girl started to film in adult productions.

She has received a positive feedback that motivated her to continue. Audery Bitoni’s lips were immediately noticed by the viewers and her blowjobs are very exciting. The performances of this hot girl were appreciated since her debut and in 2008 she was nominated for the AVN Award for The Best New Starlet. Audrey Bitoni has a perfect body and this detail launched her up to the top. She has big tits and a big round ass. Audrey’s measurement is 34D-23-33.

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She weighs 99 Ibs and her height is 5ft. 3 inches. Another spicy aspect is that she is bisexual and her performances with other important porn stars are astonishing. Audrey has mentioned that she doesn’t use to watch her videos because she is the very critical with herself and she would see only the negative parts of the production.

audrey bitoni stockings doggystyle

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