8 Pornstars with Crazy On Set Stories

Every workplace has ups and downs and you probably know this. For sure, unpredictable situations happened while you were at work. The porn stars have an exciting job, but also in this industry, odd situations can occur. Although, at first sight, to be a porn star doesn’t seem too difficult, this career can hide very strange and unusual moments. A lot of porn stars agreed to share some odd and funny stories.

From lost dildos, strange smells, accidental creampie, the adult film actors revealed the truth behind the scenes. One of the most interesting aspect is that the actors were opened and they didn’t hesitate when we have asked them to tell us funny stories from filming. A lot of accidents can happen on a porn set and, apparently, to be a porn star it is not such an easy job. One of the most difficult parts in the porn industry is to act natural.

It can be very hard for a porn actor or actress to have no inhibitions and forget about all those persons behind the cameras who are watching everything. Sometimes this job can be exhausting because it takes a lot of time until a good scene is filmed. In this article you can find out which are the funniest stories from the porn sets. The most famous porn stars agreed to share us some spicy stories.

8. Tasha Reign

Tasha Reign is a beautiful hot blonde from California. She has an amazing body and she doesn’t have mind-sets. The hot blonde danced in a strip club and she has always wanted to be a nude model. Tasha has become very popular after her appearance in Playboy. The sensual porn star told that her mother supports her and she doesn’t have any problem with her career. Tasha Reign believes that every woman has the right to do anything she wants with her body and her sexuality.

Tasha mentioned the fact that in her first porn video she was a little bit shy and she had to learn how to transform a sex scene in a good performance. The hot blonde said that she likes to hook up with older men and her last boyfriend was 50 years old. Tasha Reign enjoys meeting different types of guys. She is not a size queen and she likes to have sex with normal guys.

When you are a famous pornstar, of course, unusual things happen. The beautiful blonde shared some funny stories behind the scenes. With the smile on her face, Tasha Reign admitted that one time she got stoned because she had eaten chocolate with marijuana. She was about to film a girl-on-girl porn video but she started to act very strange. She went to the makeup room, sat down on the floor, put on clothes and she did other odd things.

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She repeated this over and over again. The producers even wanted to take her to a hospital but she refused. The hot porn star remembers that she felt very dizzy like she was on “another planet”. After this experience Tasha Reign didn’t smoke or eat marijuana again. The majority of her fans asked her why did she act so strange in that particular porn video. The answer is so simple: because she was high.

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7. Jillian Janson

Jillian Janson is a hot pornstar who was born and raised in Minnesota. When she was 16, she wanted to help her family and got a job at McDonald’s. Before entering in the porn industry, the attractive brunette, had worked as a webcam model. Three months after she turned 18, she was spotted by an important agent who helped her film the first porn scene. As a teenager, Jillian Janson was independent and she enjoyed going to parties and hanging with a lot of boys.

When it comes to family, the pornstar confesses that she has a good relation with her mother, while her father disowned her. Jillian Janson was forced to quit high school because everybody heard about what she was doing and some of her colleagues were bullying her. An important detail about Jillian is that she started her sexual life when she was 13 and she was attracted by porn videos since her childhood.

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During filming, it’s not always as it should and this beautiful porn star gave us some information. While she was filming a sex scene on a farm in Florida, something bizarre occurred. The producers asked her to look and act like an Amish. She enjoyed this part due to the fact that she likes to play different characters. She and her sex partner were having sex on a haystack when the flies started to attack them and the straws were hurting her back. We can say that Jillian Janson experienced multiple penetrations and she received more than what she expected.

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6. Tanya Tate

The hot cougar Tanya Tate is one of the most popular porn stars. She has an amazing body and she managed to attract a lot of fans with her appealing porn videos. The beautiful milf stated that she likes foreplay and she doesn’t really appreciate hardcore sex. She prefers kissing, touching and licking more than wild sex.

Tanya Tate likes women and when she sees a big ass and nice boobs she gets excited. The appealing porn star doesn’t regret anything and she would choose the same career. Tanya is very involved in the porn industry being at the same time a porn actress and a producer. The hot milf has managed to attract a lot of fans because of her perfect body and her original attitude. Her performances are very provocative and breathtaking. Tanya Tate can be set apart from the other porn figures because she acts naturally and she is joyful.

Tanya agreed to discuss about some interesting and funny moments that happened during filming. The mature pornstar enjoys her job, but she admits that from time to time crazy things may happen. Tanya was directing a girl on girl porn video when a funny situation took place. Two girls were filming a lesbian scene and one pornstar was licking the other’s girl asshole. Suddenly, the one who was doing the licking stopped and she looked surprised.

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Everyone was curious to see what happened and they interrupted the filming. When Tanya asked the girl if she was ok she said that she felt a little bit of poop while she was licking the other’s pornstar asshole. The most interesting and funny aspect is that after a short mouthwash she continued to film like nothing had happened.

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5. Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake was born in 1974 and she has become one of the most successful porn stars. The hot blonde is considered the beauty of the porn industry. The gorgeous pornstar is from Texas and she was a strip dancer before filming porn videos. In 2000, after a conversation with some friends who were working in this industry, she decided to give a try. In the same year, she filmed her first porn scene and she had a huge success.

When she was at school she describes herself as a nerdy girl who was bullied all the time by her colleagues. Jessica Drake said that she was a shy skinny girl, without any shape and flat chest. The appealing blonde has declared that she didn’t receive sexual tips from her parents although she was very interested about this topic. Jessica Drake lost her virginity when she was 16 with a high school boyfriend.

This experienced woman has seen a lot and she told us that crazy situations can happen during filming. She was the main figure in a lot of popular porn videos but she will always remember a particular porn scene. The strangest role that she had was a blue alien called Uhora. The producers painted all her body, but the pornstar didn’t know the paint was water resistant. After filming this porn scene Jessica went to shower, realising that the paint won’t be removed so easily.

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The blonde remembers with amusement that everybody from the set was struggling to wash off her blue paint. It took almost three days until she managed to remove the paint. Jessica Drake can say that is was a colorful porn video. The milf states that she enjoys her job and she doesn’t regret the decisions she made.

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4. Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert is a young porn star who has received positive feedback from the audience. One of the most interesting aspects of her life is that she graduated “magna cum laude” the University of Florida. The provocative girl entered in the adult industry in 2012 and she has become a professional pornstar.

Casey Calvert is very appreciated by the producers and fans due to her astonishing anal scenes. Some admirers who watched her in action, even call her “the anal queen”. When she was a young teenager she remembers that she was shy and she enjoyed doing sports.

This delightful girl said that she wanted to explore her sexuality, doing fetish and art modeling. From this point until an outstanding career in porn industry it was just a small step. Casey Calvert lost her virginity when she was 21. Her first sex partner was a black truck driver. Another spicy detail is that the pornstar did a lot of anal before she started vaginal sex.

The hot brunette is well known for her anal scenes and she accepted to share a funny moment with us. One time, while she was filming an anal porn video with her partner, an odd situation occured. The two porn actors were fucking and shooting the porn scene. Everything was fine and they were enjoying the moment. A photographer who wanted to find a perfect angle to take pictures came a little bit closer than he should.

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During the anal sex scene, Casey Calvert felt that her partner’s dick popped out from her ass and a small ball formed by lube and mucus hit the photographer right in his eye. Casey Calvert remembers that everybody started to laugh. For sure this is a moment that won’t disappear from her mind. Apparently, the photographer, saw more than  he was expecting.

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3. Richelle Ryan

This sexy porstar was born in New York and she remembers that at school she was a naughty girl. The persons who know her, say that she is a wild woman (but in a positive way).  Richelle Ryan has big tits, round ass and a nice face, so we can say that she is “equipped” with everything is necessary in order to be an appreciated porn star. The hot woman admitted that she was interested in sex even from her childhood and she lost her virginity when she was 16. Richelle remembers that she shoot her first porn scene on 11th  July, 2006.

The memory is still fresh in her mind because she reminds everything happened that day. The most interesting aspect is that Richelle Ryan wasn’t nervous at all when she filmed her first porn video. She even was relaxed and felt comfortable. The hot woman stated that she was an exotic dancer before she entered in the porn industry and she was used to be naked in front of different people.

Richelle Ryan is that kind of porn star who has seen and lived a lot of things since she has entered in this industry. Like any other porn star, she also recalls some funny moments. While she was filming a sex scene with her partner, she asked the man to pull her hair. This wouldn’t be an unusual thing, but the porn star forgot about her clip-in hair extensions.

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Richelle Ryan remembers that she felt a little bit embarrassed when her sex partner remained with a bunch o hair in his hands. Another odd situation was that the man  threw the hair to another part of the room and he continued. The hot porn star confesses that she loves her job and she wouldn’t do anything else for the moment.

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2. Alison Tyler

Alison Tyler is a beautiful porn star and she managed to create a good image in porn industry. This provocative porn star lost her virginity when she was 16 and she remembers that she was a tomboy during high school. An interesting detail about her sex life is that she had been with 4 guys before she entered in porn industry.

Another fascinating fact is that she lost her virginity with a girl. Before finding her path, the gorgeous girl had worked for a company which made gears for Lockheed and Boeing. Alison Tyler declared that she had a friend who was already working in porn industry. They had several discussions and she was introduced to an agent.

Not long after this moment, she became a porn actress. The sensual pornstar stated that she wasn’t really nervous when she filmed her first sex scene. The situation had a wrong turn when Alison shoot her second porn video. She became a little bit unsecure when she saw all those people who were in the crew. For a split second she thought that she won’t be able do it.

A good sex scene requires a lot of time. Alison Tyler likes to discuss about a funny moment that occurred during filming. The provocative porn star declared that during a sex scene, she and her male performer were completely covered with coconut oil. The funniest part is that they were so slippery they couldn’t even stay in the same spot. The situation got more ridiculous because they were struggling to introduce the man’s dick in her pussy.

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Alison Tyler said that everyone was laughing and it was the funniest moment in her life. Being a porn star is not as easy as many persons think, but funny situations like this, can make the day pass quicker.

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1. Mercedes Carrera

Mercedes Carrera is one of the most popular porn stars of the moment because of her  attitude and breathtaking shapes. Even from the beginning, the hot porn star was positively received by the audience. She was a fashion model and she got in the adult industry pretty late. The sensual woman has studied Engineering and Technology. Before becoming a porn star she has worked in Aerospace for a period, then as a Technical Trainer in Telecommunications.

At the beginning she started with erotic nude modeling and shortly after, she was introduced to some porn producers. After she filmed her first sex scene she realized that she loves it and she consider her pussy is made for this. She confessed that her agenda is full and from time to time she takes a brake in order for her pussy “to breath” a little bit. Mercedes Carrera enjoys what she does because she considers that a person who has this job is always free and you can be yourself.

Like the other porn stars, Mercedes carrera shared some unusual stories. She remembers that it was a period when she was hit by bad luck during filming. Mercedes admitted that she loves cum but it was a two-week period when every single cum shoot hit her straight in the eye.

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The hot pornstar mentioned that cum is acid and she got her eyes irritated. It is normal to get through this kind of moments when you are a porn star, but if this awkard thing happen in a row, karma has an important role. In the last period things seem to have returned to normal and this gorgeous porn star hopes that she won’t have the same problem again. Maybe it is a matter of time until the destiny will hit again.

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