Best Erotic Movies

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    This is probably one of the most delicate conversation topic of all times. Men can easily talk about it between themselves, because it`s cool but most women have a little voice in their head saying everyone will think bad of them if they are even associated with something related to the erotica – quite a troublesome effect of the double-standards.

    But we all are curious about this subject and anyway, after watching erotic movies, who says we have to go confess it to the world?

    In the beginning there was the French film

    If you have seen the Valley of the Dolls you might remember the moment when Jennifer was gossiped about staring in French art films, which was no more, no less than the official name of soft-core pornographic movies at that time.

    Nowadays, nudity has become something mundane, but that wasn`t the case at the beginning of the 19th century. Eroticism has been with us since the beginning of time but we decided to swipe it under the rug and brand it taboo. However, the invention of the motion picture created opportunity for a large variety of directors to explore different domains.

    It was two Frenchmen directors that broke the ice with their 7-minute long film, Le Coucher de la Mariee (check it out here), which depicts a striptease scene. We can`t really expect much clarity from a 1896 film, but it represented a breakthrough which other filmmakers exploited as well, when they realized how much financial potential this risqué type of film had.

    Thankfully for us, the film industry has come a long way and the things they can accomplish with just one touch of a button far exceed our wildest imaginations.

    Information is power

    You`d probably never heard these words used in this kind of topic before, but let`s face it, it`s better to look into stuff in advance and be prepared rather to blindly jump into action. You might feel skeptical and say life isn`t anything like the movies which is true, but why are movies here, if not to entertain and feed our imagination.

    Why you should watch erotic movies? For the fun. If you`re just at the beginning, they could give you some ideas and if you have a more vast experience it can be a quiz on your memory – “have we tried this before?”.

    What`s the point? Just to encourage you to make an opinion for yourself. If you comply to the unspoken censure of society, you will end up missing out on a lot of things and bottom line, regretting you didn`t do a certain thing just because you were worried about public opinion weights more heavily than regretting you did something. We won`t tell, if you won`t!

    Let’s see the 10 movies in order:

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