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This is probably one of the most delicate conversation topic of all times. Men can easily talk about it between themselves, because it`s cool but most women have a little voice in their head saying everyone will think bad of them if they are even associated with something related to the erotica – quite a troublesome effect of the double-standards.

But we all are curious about this subject and anyway, after watching erotic movies, who says we have to go confess it to the world?

In the beginning there was the French film

If you have seen the Valley of the Dolls you might remember the moment when Jennifer was gossiped about staring in French art films, which was no more, no less than the official name of soft-core pornographic movies at that time.

Valley of the Dolls is actually a film version of a novel and it was even nominated for an Oscar. Go ahead and read some reviews on the film and other interesting details on IMDB

Nowadays, nudity has become something mundane, but that wasn`t the case at the beginning of the 19th century. Eroticism has been with us since the beginning of time but we decided to swipe it under the rug and brand it taboo. However, the invention of the motion picture created opportunity for a large variety of directors to explore different domains.

It was two Frenchmen directors that broke the ice with their 7-minute long film, Le Coucher de la Mariee (check it out here), which depicts a striptease scene. We can`t really expect much clarity from a 1896 film, but it represented a breakthrough which other filmmakers exploited as well, when they realized how much financial potential this risqué type of film had.

Thankfully for us, the film industry has come a long way and the things they can accomplish with just one touch of a button far exceed our wildest imaginations.

Information is power

You`d probably never heard these words used in this kind of topic before, but let`s face it, it`s better to look into stuff in advance and be prepared rather to blindly jump into action. You might feel skeptical and say life isn`t anything like the movies which is true, but why are movies here, if not to entertain and feed our imagination.

Why you should watch erotic movies? For the fun. If you`re just at the beginning, they could give you some ideas and if you have a more vast experience it can be a quiz on your memory – “have we tried this before?”.

What`s the point? Just to encourage you to make an opinion for yourself. If you comply to the unspoken censure of society, you will end up missing out on a lot of things and bottom line, regretting you didn`t do a certain thing just because you were worried about public opinion weights more heavily than regretting you did something. We won`t tell, if you won`t!

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10th: The Story of O

When a movie is made out of a book that caused immediate scandal and uproar, you can expect something different. The Story of O could be characterized in many ways, but subtle won`t be one of them.

It contains a quite extreme one sided view on femininity, but thanks to its seductive side, it successfully avoids being too offensive. “Story of O” is definitely a more luxuriant movie than we`re used to and it tells a hard story, but does so in a gentle way, so despite the heavy S&M content, bottom line the story could be categorized as a romance.

What`s the story?

The film is about a young girl called O and her quest to become the woman a certain man wants and needs, that is a practitioner of S&M. The philosophy behind the lines here is that women find ecstasy only by submitting to men – something feminists nowadays would bite your head off for claiming out loud.

Here is an extensive article by The Guardian about the book “The Story of O” and the author behind the book, click on the link and start reading

So she falls in love with a man that believes in this doctrine and is willing to undergo any training in order to satisfy him – it sounds almost romantic, doesn`t it? The tables eventually turn in O`s favor, as she conquers the affections of Sir Stephen, who initially views women as no more important than a pebble found on the beach.

What if I’m not into S&M?

This movie doesn`t strictly address to S&M fans and practitioners. It`s more valuable for its psychological approach on love than the BDSM stuff.

The idea that this movie promotes about love is that if you truly love someone or want to love someone, you should be willing to do everything for him, even change yourself to such degree that you might not recognize yourself.


It`s like the proof of true love. But this kind of gets into conflict with the idea that if you really love someone, you accept them the way they are and not want to change them? So which one of these is the right path? Probably the right answer is: the one that makes you happy.

Story of O gathers together some of the worst possible stereotypes and proofs of inequality between men and women, but despite that it`s still a beautiful movie to watch.

That is no doubt thanks to the exotic atmosphere of the setting, the peculiar rustic elegance of the manor where O is initiated in this lifestyle, and also to Corinne Clery’s beauty and sensuality, not to mention her alluring body as well.

Check out Connie Clery on IMDB, you might want to watch some of her other movies as well

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9th: Original Sin

Further on, we are moving closer to our days, which will probably make us all feel relieved, since now if you google some actress you like, you dont have to go through the whole “oh my god its been 30 years since the movie” shock.

Having reunited two titans of contemporary actors, this movie has been inexplicably avoided. Maybe it was because it didn`t quite fit into the typical Hollywood hype machine of that time or it simply didn`t match the viewers` demand for Romance and Drama, but should you truly grant this movie the time it deserves, you will find out that it`s nearly impossible to walk away from.

“Not a love-story, but a story about love”

It is probably the plot that the audience didn`t consider worth the time, and it has become their loss. The story is set in Cuba in the late 19th Century. Luis Vargas, a wealthy Hispanic businessman comes to meet up with his mail-order bride, Julia Russell. You can probably imagined why they didn`t consider it too romantic.

Now their marriage starts off as a convenience alliance but Luis soon finds himself in love with his beautiful bride. However, when his bride suddenly goes missing, he finds out he ordered more than he could possibly handle.

Check out what Rotten Tomatoes thinks about Original Sin

This is not going to be an amusing pursuit after love like you might have seen in The Bounty Hunter (read more about it Here); it`s intense, it`s full of suspense and it will keep you on pins and needles waiting for the outcome.


What do I mean by titans?

So earlier the word “titan” has been mentioned and you might be able to recognize from the cover of the movie who the word refers to. Banderas and Jolie have never been more glamorous and gritty; their intertwining in the movie is what gives the story sense. Often Banderas` talents are grossly underrated, pretty much like this movie all together.

You can clearly see Vargas` love and passion surrounding him like a fog. And who would`ve been fitter to stir this kind of emotions into our Latin lover than Angelina Jolie and her mysterious, sensual mail-ordered character.

Angelina Jolie told ABC News what she thinks about her intercourse with Antonio Banderas in Original Sin, click on the link and start reading

Our fulsome-lipped goddess managed to successfully bring out every aspect of Bonnie`s struggle to achieve what she desired. When you watch those two together, you believe it all. You believe they are truly in love and that they`d be able to do anything in order to be together. It`s simply and utterly fabulous.

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8th: Lolita

What is clear from the start about this movie is that its not something easy for everyone to watch. The content of the story kind of puts off a lot of prospective viewers, but what you should keep in mind is that the story doesnt take any sides in it, it simply narrates the actions of the male protagonist.

Adrian Lyne has created a much better movie adaptation of Lolita than the 1962 version, following the original plot closely and with little change. Mesmerizing, obsessive, erotic, beautiful, this is the Lolita Lyne chose to show us.

Let’s talk about the story

The movie is mainly made out of flashbacks, first portraying Humbert as a teenager and his first love, Annabel and his getting his heart broken. Years later, when he first sees Lolita, he feels taken back into his past and comes to consider Lolita the reincarnation of his past love.

It becomes clear from the start that Humbert`s intention are anything but good. He even goes as far as to marry the mother, in order to keep the daughter close to him. Everything about this story screams pedophilia, but the movie, just like the novel does not promote this kind of relationships.

The book simply tells the story and the movie adaptation brings it to life under our eyes. Seeing his intoxication take over his mind is what makes it so fascinating, and Irons` version of Humbert is heartbreaking.

Here is the full review of Vladimir Nabokov’s book Lolita by the New York Times, take a break and read it now

He is tortured and helpless, constantly trying to buy her affection. Throughout the movie, the essential questions remain the same: “Who was in control of the situation? Humbert or Lolita? Who is guiltier for the affair?


Here is why you should watch it

It`s hard to promote a movie that treats a delicate subject such as this, but sometimes we should feel encouraged to watch something not for the plot, but for the actors playing in it. The painful struggle if beautifully rendered by its actors.

You`ve already heard a few details about Jeremy Irons` adaptation of a vulnerable, weak-minded father. He makes it look almost as if he was the victim to Lolita’s wit.

Dominique Swain was devastating in her role and she delivers a truly impressive performance, visit her IMDB page and check out her list of movies

To wrap the whole matter up, if you have prepared stones to throw at this movie, please take a moment to read until the end and spare your screen a most dreadful late. When filming, they had taken Swain being underage into consideration and an adult double replaced her in all of the “hot” scenes.

The book remains still of upmost controversy and it`s only natural that movie should spark up as much argument.

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7th: Nine 1/2 Weeks

Thirty years before Fifty Shades of Grey made rampage on the female population, there was another risqué love story that shocked the audiences. Now, if you watch and compare them, you`ll notice a couple of details that are quite similar.

Starting from the beginning, we know there`s is a “trial period”. In 50 Shades there was a contract for this, but Nine 1/2 Weeks has a more direct approach.

However, if you need some sex advices from 50 shades of grey, check out the Best Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Advices on 6Toplists

The title refers to the duration of the relationship between John Gray – what were the odds of a name coincidence? – and Elizabeth McGraw. He works on Wall Street and she is an art gallery employee. This Gray might not be as rich and eccentric as the current one, but he is still just as interesting to watch.

What makes this movie so great is the story that is so simple, so dramatic and visual; it constantly offers you close ups on the lovers, but at the same time it doesn`t seem intrusive or vulgar.

Spot the differences

John and Elisabeth first come into contact into a grocery shop and later on again in a street market, nothing to fancy isn`t it? John wins her heart when he gifts her an expensive scarf she desired very badly but couldn`t afford.

Shortly after that they start dating and Elisabeth gets subjected to some of John`s sexual peculiarities, but she finds him rather loving and playful, compared to Anastasia`s constant struggle to determine what kind of character her boyfriend had.

Here are the Best Anastasia Steele moments from Fifty Shades of Grey, check it out

But this isn`t a fairytale type of S&M love relationship; Elisabeth soon gets confused by John`s refusal to meet her friends. The mystery doesn`t solve any easier in this case either for Elisabeth, since not even rummaging through his stuff can clarify the situation for her.

And taking into consideration that no naughty deed goes unpunished, when John confronts her about what she did, he declares he will punish her – how familiar does this sound?


What`s so good about it?

It’s incredibly thought-provoking. It shows off a different type of sexual relationship, one that not everyone is familiar with. Compared to today`s standards this movie will most probably be considered mild, but it contains a certain touch of mystique.

The movie lacks in the dialogue department, but that only strengths it by allowing you to make what you will of it. It provokes our imagination to explore our own inner desires.

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6th: Last Tango in Paris

It`s time to experience something different, and Last Tango is one of the most emotionally gratifying movies you will ever have the chance of seeing. Why is that? Simple because it can touch your heart, make you wonder and dream of a love above the ordinary, and most of all of Paris, one of the most romantic cities of the world.

The movie is above brilliance. You have in full view the naked souls, and bodies, of the lovers – she is young and curious, soon to be married and he is disillusioned and tormented by the loss of his wife; they are the very edge of opposite worlds, but when they find themselves alone in the hotel room, they were unable to resist the strangely intense lust they felt for each other.


marlon brando, Last Tango in Paris

We already have a few details about the characters, Paul is a recent widower and Jeanne was engaged to be married. So here they are, two lovers having one last fling before submitting to a commitment of their own. There is no love involved between them, only tumultuous and uninhibited sex, the perfect arrangement between two strangers who wanted only one last shot at freedom.

But such things are rarely meant to last and it all takes a turn for the complicated when Jeanne decides to leave and Paul comes to the conclusion that he might really be in love and decide to pursue her to stay, a complete 180 degrees turn from his original wish of not even wanting to exchange names, even less their life stories. However, how willing will Jeanne be to agree to this new arrangement?

Why should you watch it?

For some people who have read the complete synopsis of the movie before watching it or might be familiar with its notorious reputation, this movie might seem like a poor choice, but every viewer should look past the controversy and bad reviews. Last Tango isn`t merely just another sex movie, the scenes weren`t slapped in there to bring extra pocket money for the producers, that`s not what attracts the people to it.

It`s true that the sex is passionate and intensified by the anonymity and the temptation of the forbidden fruit, but on top of that, we`re assaulted by the reality of their relationship, which we can recognize beyond the film and into the world around us. If you judge a good movie by its ability to make you live within it, you have found the perfect subject to test this theory on.

5th: Jamón Jamón

Prepare yourself to be shrouded by this masterpiece of the Spanish cinema. If youre tempted to see a hilariously satirical film spiced up with a touch of eroticism, look no further. Jamón Jamón is like a roller-coaster of dark comedy and lust that will have you hold your breath in expectance so you dont miss a thing.


Bigas Luna obviously didn`t create this movie to make it easy for us to follow. He took the basics of a soap opera, lulling you into a false sense of security, and then twists it around so badly until you are not able to understand your own emotions. There`s drama that makes us laugh, absurd scenes that make our jaws to drop while we nod our head in denial and lots of passion cruelly playing with the characters. It`s a fatal combination to our senses but still, an experience we shouldn`t avoid.

Recipe to a soap opera

Naturally, there are the two love birds, Silvia and José Luis, and the issue that sets everything into motion, their intention of getting married. However, when his mother hears the news, happy is the last way you`d describe her as being. Now, you were probably expecting all this drama and just to complete the recipe, there is added the final piece to the puzzle, Raul.

José Luis`s mother, Conchita, hires him to seduce Silvia out of a marriage with her son but at the same time, she is not immune to her employee`s charms herself. Silvia resists Raul`s attempts to seduce her but only until some point and in the end there`s a whole scandal going on. Every characters constantly switches sides until you have no idea who wants what, and probably even they have no idea what they want. In the end, it`s just like a game of 3 cups and one ball. If you take your eyes away from the objective for one moment, you risk losing yourself into the ocean of plot twists.

Why should you give it a try?

Given what`s written just a bit higher up, for the thrill, to test your ability to catch onto every detail and to foil the whole plot. But if this puzzle challenge isn`t enough to convince you, the movie tempts you on a different level. They have maliciously made use of two most excellent actors to lure you into the story.Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are just bursting with sexual energy tangled up with elements of a romantic relationship.

According to her biography, this was Penelope`s second movie only, but it`s obvious she had no inhibitions to show in her portrait of the young and passionate Silvia. Could you resist seeing her handle both of her equally hungry lovers? If the answer is yes, you might want the chance to change your mind about it.

4th: Lie with me

This is one of those movies you really wouldnt like being busted while watching. Its a great representation of contemporary urban relationships. Lie with me is at the borderline of being tagged as a romantic drama rather than an erotic movie, but even if it is a drama, its a very explicit one so we cant really complain.

Sex isn`t really the main theme of this movie, but on the other hand, they made sure the passionate scenes are long and incredibly nice captured. The female lead is able to enjoy sexual pleasure and at the same time maintain an innocently young appearance, wiping the “dirty” out of this movie. There isn`t a single wasted scene in the whole movie.

Love story
lie with me, erotic movie

Bottom line, this movie does depict a love story, just not the typical one where everything is perfect and easy and they are just waltzing towards their happy ending. It`s a very realistic representation of nowadays relationships. She is a young girl freely exploring her sexuality while at the same time not giving out her hear, and he is a man who was already involved with another girl, but falls deeply in love with this stranger about whom he only knows her first name, Leila.

He thought nothing else matters now that he found his true love, but when she leaves without a trace, there is no fairy godmother to tell him where to look for her. This movie makes it very easy for the audience to identify themselves with the characters and just live the story side by side.

Does sex mean love?

Lie with me seems the perfect way to answer to this question. Everyone who`s in a relationship worries over the love element in their lives – is it real or is it just the great sex that makes me believe it`s real? To help with this uncertainty, we have come across this movie. The movie does a nice job portraying the gentle weaving of a new love between the two leading characters. It`s not painful and it`s not violent like so many examples in recent cinema.

The whole process develops slow, steady and you can almost describe it as fun. The love their share becomes their dream, because, honestly speaking, what does one know when they`re in their twenties? This movie promotes a very romantic idea of how love and sex should be connected into a relationship and it`s not afraid to show it. To simply put it, there is no way for sex without love, and definitely no love without sex.

3rd: The Postman Always Rings Twice

This has such a resonant tune to it, that even if you havent seen the movie yet, you still feel like you know what it is all about, after all, we are all familiar with the postman jokes. How many of you would be curious enough, to get to the root of them? Considering this movie is also a film noir, you dont have to worry about getting bored.

The movie we`re talking about here could be called the second edition of “The Postman Always Rings Twice”. It had already achieved success as a book and a movie by 1964, and luckily, Bob Rafelson saw potential of reviving the plot, but this time in the age of colour movie and less constrained censorship.

Visit Rotten Tomatoes to read more about The Postman Always Rings Twice’s story and you can find plenty of user reviews as well

The result is a more rough and explicit version of this captivating story of lust, adultery and murder.

A unique storyline

This movie might leave you off with a bugging sense of déjà-vu. A married rich woman falls in love with the scruffy poor guy and she wants to have it all together so she plots with her lover to make the troublesome husband disappear from the picture. This sounds like the age old story but even spelt out like this, the plot still has an alluring ring to it.

Frank Chambers is a drifter that happens to stop at a rural restaurant one night, a dinner operated by the young and beautiful Cora Smith and owned by her (obviously) much older husband. Being offered a job by the latter, he decides to linger around a while longer, long enough for him to start a steamy affair with the young wife.

After spending years married to a man she didn`t love, Cora decides to take her fate into her own hands, wanting to keep at the same time both her newly found love, as well as the dinner she wanted ardently to personally own. They eventually succeed with their plan to dispose of her husband, but since there is rarely such thing as a perfect crime, Cora soon gets is put on trial for murder.


At this point you might expect them to get caught and the movie to end with them being taken away in a police car, as it so often happens with detective movies, but feel encouraged to give this movie a chance to surprise you, and it will be worth your time!

The old one versus the new one

When there are two versions of the same movie, you can expect a bloodshed. But this movie makes it a bit easier for you to decide in whose favor to vote. Rafelson did a splendid job in his adaptation of the plot, giving a special focus to the characters and their relationship. Lana Turner was absolutely beautiful in the older version, but Jessica Lange topped that and delivered a performance that is to kill for.

Make sure to check out some of the other popular movies of Bob Rafelson as well on his IMDB page

The momentous hot chemistry between her and Jack Nicholson offered us a peak into one of the most explicit sex scenes ever represented in a mainstream film. The purely raw sensuality will just make your world spin.

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2nd: Body Heat

You can tell from the title, that this movie isnt known for concealing information from its viewers, but its more than just the torrid love affair that will take your breath away while watching this movie. You might be expecting a simple erotic movie, but at the same time Body Heat is one of the greatest homage to film-noir ever.

Kasdan, the mind behind this masterpiece, claimed he “wanted this film to have the intricate structure of a dream, the density of a good novel, and the texture of recognizable people in extraordinary circumstances.” Did he succeed? Most definitely yes.

Even the New York Times wrote a review about Body Heat that is definitely worth reading

He manages to keep us distracted from the pretty rudimentary plot and with each time you re-view this movie, you`ll notice more and more details that he hid for us. There couldn`t have been a pick for this job than him, a man who is just madly in love with telling the story.

Into the world of noir

The atmosphere created is terrific. A small town in Florida, ravaged by a summer heat wave ; you can imagine how this type of weather takes its tolls on the community. We have a scruffy lawyer, Ned Racine, who has fallen into the bad habit of not being able to keep his hands off his female clients and the beautiful brunette he runs across one night, Matty Walker.

Since she refuses him, it`s not hard to imagine just how motivational this is for Ned, and his efforts pay off soon enough, when they begin a steamy and deeply erotic affair. Now what could stand in the way of their happy ending?


Nothing more or less than Matty`s husband. She wanted to keep both her new found lover as well as her husband`s money and what better way to do it than to get rid of the inconvenient husband?

Reasons why you should watch it

We`re all familiar with the crime of passions and what happens next : corruption, suspicion, betrayal and so on. But the core of the whole movie is the relationship between William Hurt and Kathleen Turner, or as we know them, Ned and Matty.

There isn`t anything but eroticism between those two and what better way to prove it than one of the highest parts of this movie, when Ned is so unable to control his desire and lust for her, he takes a chair and breaks the window that was separating them just to be able to touch her.

This is just about as sexy as it can go, in a very alpha approach of it. And despite all the erotic sex scenes, you`re not going to watch it for its dirtiness.

This was Kathleen Turner`s debut in the cinema and she had clearly stolen the show. By using jazz and showing off her palpable sensuality, this movie impairs all your senses, and you won`t even be bothered by it. What better way for her to step into the spotlight was there, than performing one of the most Machiavellian female fatales of the cinema history?

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1st: Betty Blue

What better way to walk into this top than a French movie? After all, we must always give credit, where credit is due. However, don`t think this movie made it to the top just for its origins.

It depicts love just like we all want to imagine it – passionate, intense, sensuality burning right under our skin, and best of all, the actors have given it the polished outlook of authenticity that is so hard to come across in erotic movies.

If you are looking for an extensive review about the film, go ahead and check out this article by Roobla

You have to admit it, most of the times it looks either fake or a remake of the same old story. This movie, despite being old, totally captures the sense of freedom and enjoyment of the characters, with the honest doze of nudity that is expected.

A quite versatile story

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Betty Blue is so vivid that it isn`t just one of those movies you watch and forget the minute after. The story contains a bit of everything – humor, romance, a pinch of tragedy, and is able to make an impression on you right from the first scene. However, what the surprise is, it is up to you to find out.

What can we say about the main characters? Their passion simply consumes them – and we can see it all too clearly, without any moment of it looking fraudulent. Betty and Zorg are two lovers sharing a shack by the beach, at least for the start.

When she discovers a series of notebooks in which Zorg had tried out his writing skills, she comes to the conclusion that this could be their major breakthrough. But her dreams are held back by Zorg`s stubbornness to be content with living on as a simple handworker.


Soon enough, they are offered the chance, or rather Betty creates the chance for herself, to move into the city where she continues to encourage her boyfriend to follow up on his secret talent.

You should definitely watch it, this is why

While it`s true the movie is quite old, there are hardly enough movies to replace it. Probably the word “haunting” is the best way to describe it. Betty Blue is heartrending, passionate and deep, without being too overloaded with details.

The mood is perfect, the nudity delicious and natural, and the intimate scenes take your breath away. Jean Hugues Anglade (Zorg) and Beatrice Dalle (Betty) show us a truly satisfying chemistry and they made a success out of this film together.

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