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Sexiest Game of Thrones Characters 10th-7th place

10th: Melisandre

[formatp]The beautiful redheaded priestess of R’hllor who convinced Stannis Baratheon he is the reborn “Azor Ahai” is taken new interest in Jon Snow, probably sensing some fire in him too. This insanely beautiful women has convinced a kingdom that the Lord of Fire exists and pretty much dictates everything for Stannis while she never misses an occasion in showing us a naked Melisandre. Her gorgeous body kind of convinces us too there is a lord of whatever she wants.[/formatp]

The non shy girl

Coming from Asshai, the also referred “Red Woman”, has prophetic visions and magical abilities. She seduces Stannis through her beauty and voluptuous body that most definitely exudes a supernatural power over men and women, Stannis’s wife not only does not mind that her husband has sex with this mystical women but she encourages him too, being deeply lost in the prophecy that Melisandre is talking about.

Carice van Houten’s boobs show up a lot in the series, not feeling shy in showing her entire naked body from time to time. We are nothing but delighted to see Melisandre’s perky boobs but there is something more than just weird about this women. She is genuinely attractive, no doubt but the way she pursues everyone around her to get the Lord of Fire what he wants, gives you goose bumps every time she strangely appears in the scene.GOT Melisandre, Carice van Houten

Major part

Melisandre is so convinced of her God’s power that convinces even kings, with a serene look she takes everything she needs. She often bathes revealing her naked body and although she is Stannis’s uncrowned queen she attempt to other men’s lust when she wants to find information or to obtain something. Ambitious, intelligent, shadowy and very sexual, Melisandre plays a major part in season five, already getting under Jon Snow’s skin.

Carice van Houten is a Dutch actress who appeared in many mainstream Dutch movies like “Black Book” and “Suzy Q” for which she was rewarded five time for “Best Actress” at the Golden Calf Awards. This red beauty is truly as her character demands her to be. Mysterious, powerful, evil, seductive with a soothing voice. She is basically temptation in human form.

9th: Robb Stark

[formatp]Another assignee of House Stark, Robb Stark, is a clearly handsome men and like his father and brother bastard, Jon Snow, has great leader assets. What can we say, the Starks know the way to women’s heart. He’s Eddard Stark’s eldest son and is really close to Jon and to Theon Greyjoy. He fights with honor, stands for justice and falls in love. What could Winterfell seek more in their new Lord? Probably a different fate.[/formatp]

Lord of Winterfell

After his father leaves Winterfell and joins King’s Landing to become King Robert Baratheon’s Hand, Robb is made the new Lord of Winterfell as expected. Robb takes a series of responsabilities seriously especially after his father is arrested for treason. He forms an army and marches south with the attempt to free his father. In his journey he meets Talisa Maegyr and falls in love, wanting to marry her instead of Lord Walder Frey’s daughter.

Richard Madden, Robb StarkTalisa is a nurse that catches Robb’s eye when she takes care of his wounds. Talisa fells soon in love with Robb no standing a chance to his smile and kindness. If it’s one thing the Starks have in common is good looks. Obviously besides their kind-hearted personalities. Robb appears very determined when he has to take over his army’s attributes and turns from a boy to a man who is admired all over the Seven Kingdoms.

Series of misfortunes

A series of misfortunes came along the way. Theon Greyjoy betrays him, the Frey sets them a trap by allying with the Lannisters. While Robb’s uncle is forced to marry one of Walter Frey’s daughters, they attend what is yet to be called “The Red Wedding” where everything turns into a blood bath and every beating heart, including Robb, Talisa, Catelyn and Robb’s wolf dies, leaving the North with no successor. Luckily for Richard Madden, this is nor the last time he will be seen, being set to appear in the movie “Cinderella” in 2015.

8th: Khal Drogo

[formatp]Khal Drogo is an imposing character that hasn’t escaped our radar although he isn’t among currently characters from season five. Jason Momoa is a combination of Conan the Barbarian and Prince Charming. And guess what? He actually played Conan the Barbarian in 2011. [/formatp]

He represents the ultimate masculine hunk: full of muscles, pumped up, tall as a mountain and with a fearless attitude. Khal Drogo gives you the impression that if you aren’t his girl he will crush you if you do him wrong. The idea that caught every female fan’s attention was that he appears so big and strong that is overwhelming. He is rough, cruel to his enemies and tender with his wife. A symbol of the ancient male hero.Jason Momoa, Khal Drogo, GOT

The fearful warrior

The warlord of Dothraki is usually as quiet as he can get. Sometimes even growling more than talking. He appears in almost every scene shirtless with a piece of cloth around his junk. With a copper skin to match his dark hair and dark eyes, the leader of the Dothraki people moves graciously among his men as he commands and encourages them to fight with honor.

The fearful warrior always appears determined to conquer the Seven Kingdoms and with his queen of Dragons by his side nothing seemed a treat. Except for an old bitter woman who flaunts with black magic and betrays Daenerys and kills Khal.

Gentle lover

[outgoing link=”” text=”Top 10 Popular TV Series” align=”right”] Although the warlord appears as the scariest man Daenerys has ever seen, he turns up to be a gentle lover and a kind man. In the day of their wedding, Daenerys who has been abused by her brother all her life is witnessing Dothraki wedding traditions that involves deadly fights and men and women having sex in the open ceremony and thinks there would be no way this man won’t rape her.

They don’t share a common language but Khal understands the menaing of “no” and when Daenerys is ready she takes the lead and gains her husband’s respect. When he finds out Khaleesi is pregnant he is thrilled with joy and promises his boy will be the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Unfortunately his son dies along with him. All we have now is some great scenes of Jason Momoa’s perfect body to dream about.

7th: Jon Snow

[formatp]Jon Snow may know nothing but we know he belongs in this list since season one. The bastard son of Ned Stark has had an amazing transformation since he was just a boy at his daddy’s castle. Inspired by his father’s bravery and kindness, Jon proved many times he is worthy of his newly title of Lord Commander of the Wall. [/formatp]

Since he joined the Night’s Watch he has been nothing but faithful and trustworthy. Except that one time when he had sex with Ygritte and broke his vows. But all has been forgiven and forgotten because, honestly, how can you stay mad at this (too) serious and handsome man?

Butt doublekit harrington, GOT

The new Lord Commander of the Wall fights for the good of the people. His feelings are genuine sincere and works hard to gain respect of his men. And his looks gives that romantic feeling kind of guy. We have a shirtless and a naked Jon Snow, when he takes a bath with Ygritte. Apparently for the scene where he appears nude, a Kit Harington ass is not what it seems.

Jon Snow had a butt double but if that disappoints you then you should take a look back at season one when the three Starks we’re shirtless and shaving their beards. Jon is a favorite when it comes to female fans, being one of the most attractive men on Game of Thrones. Strong arms and a six pack to go with? Yes, please. And that lost puppy face is the cherry on top.

The heartthrob [quote text=”The most attractive men on GOT” align=”right”]

Kit has many fans that ask for a sex scene even from season one. I think I speak for all the fans when I say the Lord Commander can do better than a butt double. He has the body for it and he conquered the hearts of many girls fully clothed for winter and we don’t see any reason why they should hide anymore Jon’s sexy body.

Kit Harington is a common face if you’ve seen the movie “Pompeii” where he played the lead role of “Milo” but he’s debut was through the movie “Silent Hill: The Revelation” from 2012. For 2015 he has offered us two more movies to hold onto his performance, “Seventh Son” alongside Jeff Bridges and in the short film “7 Days of Hell”.

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