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Timeline of Lena Headey Sex Scenes

Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister season 5 finale scene The Walk of Shame wasn’t walked by Lena Headey, but by her double, the young Rebecca Van Cleave. One of the reasons she needed a double is because she is pregnant and therefore couldn’t show up naked on the series.

If you want to quickly review Lana Headey’s filmography and biography, check out her IMDB profile!

Althought she didn’t appear nude in this epic scene of GOT, Lena has previously acted nude in numerous movies and here we bring you the most amazing nude scenes with Headey.

Waterland (1992)

This actress first nude act is in her first movie role in the 1992 movie Waterland. In this movie she has a couple of nude scenes. Lena first shows her breasts in this movie where she has sex with a guy in a moving train car. The next nude scene with Lena in this movie is on the floor of an abandoned building where she chats with a guy while being totally naked.

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In this scene she gets on top of him and they begin to have sex. Waterland is a great film that is a complex intricate at sexuality, history, Freud and superstition all based in the living metaphor of England’s marshes.

Mrs Dalloway (1997)

We can also see Lena Headey naked in the romance, drama movie Mrs. Dalloway set in the early 20 century. In this movie we can see her standing in front of a mirror nude behind Natascha McElhone and in this shot is shown her ass and briefly there is a frontal shot.

Aberdeen (2000)

In the movie Aberdeen Lena can be seen nude in 4 scenes. One of the scenes is Lena riding a guy during a sex scene filmed in slow motion. The other 3 scenes are with Lena taking a shower, talking on the phone topless and stripping on a shore.

300 (2006)

Then Lena appears on the movie Ripley’s Game where she is having sex with a guy in a bed and also in a couple of other scenes. She also appears nude in the mega popular movie 300 where she is sitting up in bed with a guy while topless and then she moves to kiss him and they have sex in a few different positions.

300 has a pretty good score now on IMDB, check it out here!

The broken (2008)

In the mystical, thriller, horror, The broken Lena is naked in a bathtub scene and in another scene where she is sitting up in bed naked and then she walks nude through another room showing her bare butt through a window and then her breasts again as she walks toward the camera.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008–2009)

Lena’s most famous role apart from Game of Thrones is in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In this movie there is a nude scene where she is standing naked and covering her breasts with her hands and arms while several men in Hazmat suits hose her down with water.

Lena Headey - Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Tell Tale (2009)

Her last nude scene before Game of Thrones is in the movie Tell Tale where she is making out with a guy and having him pull her pants off and reveal her red panties while on their back. Then she rolls on top of him in a red bra, riding the guy as she pulls down the bra and almost exposing her breasts, which he squeezes as they have sex.

Tell Tale is a movie by Michael Cuesta, read more about it on IMDB!



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