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Top Ten Sexiest Scenes from Game of Thrones 3rd-1st place

3rd: Robb and Talisa love scene

[formatp]With their first meeting on the battlefield, Robb and Talisa were two characters that fell in love at the wrong time. While she was helping the victims of the war, Robb was eager to kill his way to King’s Landing. Robb was promised to a lady of House Frey in order to get their help to win the throne. [/formatp]

What got in the way was a little bit of love and a little bit of lust for Talisa. We all know that what is forbidden gets even more attractive and that is what happened with Robb and Talisa when they stopped the flirt and started getting psychical in a dirty and sexy sex match on the floor.

Tensed situation

They started with just glances from away, knowing each other’s status. He is the King of the North promised to another woman and she is a nurse. With military triumph against the Lannisters, Talisa from Volantis comes along the way to heal the wounded and right about then the two fall in love.

lovebirds Robb and Talisa

Unfortunately for them, Walter Frey holds an important area of strategy and for an alliance to be made, Frey request that Robb marries one of his many daughters. Unhappy with the conditions, Robb comes to Talisa and tell her what he has to do and she claims she understands for there is no other way. The two find themselves in a tensed situation and they both cave into a long desired kiss which quickly transforms into a love scene.

Best sex scenes

One of the best sex scenes that can actually be called a love scene. While Talisa tells the story of her past, to Robb is getting clear that she is the woman he loves and confesses to her that he doesn’t want to marry the Frey girl. Next we see the two lovers grabbing on to each other’s clothes and almost ripping them apart they get caught in a frenzy that they are finally touching each other’s naked bodies.

The lovebirds fall in love in a sincere and lovely way that makes their fans rooting for their success. But as we know so far it doesn’t end that way. Needless to say that “The Red Wedding” is one of the worst parts from the show where our heroes, Robb’s mother, his dire wolf and the couple’s awaited child, all die along with them.

2nd: Littlefinger’s sexy background confession

[formatp]There is a certain scene in season when in the attempt of perfectioning the services that his brothel offers, Lord Baelish teaches Ros and another girl how to sound when making love to his clients. One of the most pornographic scenes of Game of Thrones has two lovely ladies featured with the wish of learning how to sound like professionals.[/formatp]



Fake pleasure

Littlefinger has a reputation to keep and in order for his clients to keep coming, he does whatever it needs to acquire his status. Ros is one of his finest and unexperienced whores from the North and she has just arrived to Petyr Baelish’s infamous brothel. While Ros fingers and fucks another whore, Lord Baelish is not happy with what he hears and interrupts them because they sound ridiculous to him.

pleasure girls, Ros and ArmecaThe girls fool around in order to gain experience on how to fake pleasure for future clients but Lord Baelish out of the sudden stops them by yelling at them. He then tells them that they need to “ease into it” and starts a rough yet lyrical preach, explaining to the girls what the world they have entered is about.

His motivation is given by the fact that if the new girls want to succeed in his brothel they have to give more than just sound effects. The girls listen to his advice and ease a bit and they’re moaning make Littlefinger’s speech sound actually seductive. He encourages the girls and instructs them as they get deeper into their performance.

The best scene

What is yet to notice is the confession that Petyr Baelish lets it slide. He confesses his love for Catelyn Stark that he is been holding on to for almost all his life. If you don’t remember this, don’t worry, it is understandable that the background kept you preoccupied. [quote text=”Most pornographic scenes of GOT” align=”right”]

The master of the whorehouse has his way around words and this scene is one of the best one that captures this feature of Baelish. Ros is not a character that you will find in the novels, but she sure fitted just perfectly in the series and managed to stay alive for three seasons which is more than many other crucial characters.

While Littlefinger comes clean about Eddard Stark and the love he carries for his wife, his two new recruits give a steamy performance of how they understood Lord Baelish’s instructions for the perfect fake sex. And from what we can tell, they got the idea because the sexual positions and moaning sure got us fooled and blushing.

1st: Jon Snow’s Sex Scene

[formatp]For all Jon Snow’s fans we know how long you’ve waited for Jon to give his V card, therefor season three provided us with the heartwarming scene in which Jon breaks his Knight’s Watch vow and starts a steamy scene with wildling Ygritte. Although they appear only covered up in furs for the whole season the magical moment unleashes the two of their coverings and Jon of his vow. We don’t mine, we actually think it was about time it happened.[/formatp]

Charming scene

It’s no wonder Jon Snow kept building up so much sexual tension when he looks the way he looks and has to keep such a serious vow of not having sex with the redhead Ygritte around teasing him and taunting him. The charming scene is even greater because the initially were enemies and kind of still are until the end but the passion that rose between them is natural and sweet.

sweet couple, Jon and YgretteYgritte is a strong and fearless hunter that sees in Jon Snow just another lost boy that “knows nothing”. And she taunts him until Jon, a charismatic and skilled warrior, gives in to his feelings. I think the best sexual scenes are the ones who keep you on your toes until you, as a viewer, can no longer wait for the couple to get together.

In the attempt of showing Ygritte that he indeed betrayed his fellow Night Watchers’ Jon agrees to have sex with Ygritte and break his vow. The perky redhead lures him into a cave where Ygritte strips naked so that Jon won’t stand a chance of resisting her. Without even remembering how the Watch’s vows sounded like, he joins her into a natural hot tub and caves upon his so-long temptation.

Final test

[outgoing link=”” text=”Sexiest Game of Thrones Characters” align=”right”]Jon Snow’s plan slips along the way but in the end is accomplished. The reason why he joined the Wildlings is that he was found by them far away from the Wall. In that moment, Jon decides to play along and say he wanted to join their cause and further evidence is needed. After killing his own men from the Watch in order not to break character, Jon wins their trust.

A final test is given by Ygritte that also rewards him. After they have sex in a steamy bubbly scene, Jon returns to the Wall and Ygritte is profoundly shaken and she even attempts to kill him but unfortunately for Jon who had genuine feelings for Ygritte, he witness how his lover dies on the battlefield under his eyes.

The scene is more of a sweet sex match than a wild and nasty one as we will notice further on the list. What is worth mentioning is the utterly perfect scenery where Jon loses his virginity and the funny, sarcastic and tense relationship that was built up until moment 0. Their sex is tasteful, sweet, passionate and long expected.

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