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Best Erotic Movies 6th-4th place

6th: Last Tango in Paris

[formatp]It`s time to experience something different, and Last Tango is one of the most emotionally gratifying movies you will ever have the chance of seeing. Why is that? Simple because it can touch your heart, make you wonder and dream of a love above the ordinary, and most of all of Paris, one of the most romantic cities of the world. [/formatp]

The movie is above brilliance. You have in full view the naked souls, and bodies, of the lovers – she is young and curious, soon to be married and he is disillusioned and tormented by the loss of his wife; they are the very edge of opposite worlds, but when they find themselves alone in the hotel room, they were unable to resist the strangely intense lust they felt for each other.


We already have a few details about the characters, Paul is a recent widower and Jeanne was engaged to be married. So here they are, two lovers having one last fling before submitting to a commitment of their own. There is no love involved between them, only tumultuous and uninhibited sex, the perfect arrangement between two strangers who wanted only one last shot at freedom.marlon brando, Last Tango in Paris

But such things are rarely meant to last and it all takes a turn for the complicated when Jeanne decides to leave and Paul comes to the conclusion that he might really be in love and decide to pursue her to stay, a complete 180 degrees turn from his original wish of not even wanting to exchange names, even less their life stories. However, how willing will Jeanne be to agree to this new arrangement?

Why should you watch it?

For some people who have read the complete synopsis of the movie before watching it or might be familiar with its notorious reputation, this movie might seem like a poor choice, but every viewer should look past the controversy and bad reviews. Last Tango isn`t merely just another sex movie, the scenes weren`t slapped in there to bring extra pocket money for the producers, that`s not what attracts the people to it.

It`s true that the sex is passionate and intensified by the anonymity and the temptation of the forbidden fruit, but on top of that, we`re assaulted by the reality of their relationship, which we can recognize beyond the film and into the world around us. If you judge a good movie by its ability to make you live within it, you have found the perfect subject to test this theory on.

5th: Jamón Jamón

[formatp]Prepare yourself to be shrouded by this masterpiece of the Spanish cinema. If you`re tempted to see a hilariously satirical film spiced up with a touch of eroticism, look no further. Jamón Jamón is like a roller-coaster of dark comedy and lust that will have you hold your breath in expectance so you don`t miss a thing.[/formatp]

Bigas Luna obviously didn`t create this movie to make it easy for us to follow. He took the basics of a soap opera, lulling you into a false sense of security, and then twists it around so badly until you are not able to understand your own emotions. There`s drama that makes us laugh, absurd scenes that make our jaws to drop while we nod our head in denial and lots of passion cruelly playing with the characters. It`s a fatal combination to our senses but still, an experience we shouldn`t avoid.jamon

Recipe to a soap opera

Naturally, there are the two love birds, Silvia and José Luis, and the issue that sets everything into motion, their intention of getting married. However, when his mother hears the news, happy is the last way you`d describe her as being. Now, you were probably expecting all this drama and just to complete the recipe, there is added the final piece to the puzzle, Raul.

José Luis`s mother, Conchita, hires him to seduce Silvia out of a marriage with her son but at the same time, she is not immune to her employee`s charms herself. Silvia resists Raul`s attempts to seduce her but only until some point and in the end there`s a whole scandal going on. Every characters constantly switches sides until you have no idea who wants what, and probably even they have no idea what they want. In the end, it`s just like a game of 3 cups and one ball. If you take your eyes away from the objective for one moment, you risk losing yourself into the ocean of plot twists.[quote text=”It`s a fatal combination to our senses” align=”right”]

Why should you give it a try?

Given what`s written just a bit higher up, for the thrill, to test your ability to catch onto every detail and to foil the whole plot. But if this puzzle challenge isn`t enough to convince you, the movie tempts you on a different level. They have maliciously made use of two most excellent actors to lure you into the story.Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are just bursting with sexual energy tangled up with elements of a romantic relationship.

According to her biography, this was Penelope`s second movie only, but it`s obvious she had no inhibitions to show in her portrait of the young and passionate Silvia. Could you resist seeing her handle both of her equally hungry lovers? If the answer is yes, you might want the chance to change your mind about it.

4th: Lie with me

[formatp]This is one of those movies you really wouldn`t like being busted while watching. It`s a great representation of contemporary urban relationships. Lie with me is at the borderline of being tagged as a romantic drama rather than an erotic movie, but even if it is a drama, it`s a very explicit one so we can`t really complain. [/formatp]

Sex isn`t really the main theme of this movie, but on the other hand, they made sure the passionate scenes are long and incredibly nice captured. The female lead is able to enjoy sexual pleasure and at the same time maintain an innocently young appearance, wiping the “dirty” out of this movie. There isn`t a single wasted scene in the whole movie.

Love storylie with me, erotic movie

Bottom line, this movie does depict a love story, just not the typical one where everything is perfect and easy and they are just waltzing towards their happy ending. It`s a very realistic representation of nowadays relationships. She is a young girl freely exploring her sexuality while at the same time not giving out her hear, and he is a man who was already involved with another girl, but falls deeply in love with this stranger about whom he only knows her first name, Leila.

He thought nothing else matters now that he found his true love, but when she leaves without a trace, there is no fairy godmother to tell him where to look for her. This movie makes it very easy for the audience to identify themselves with the characters and just live the story side by side.[outgoing link=”” text=”Best Romantic movies” align=”right”]

Does sex mean love?

Lie with me seems the perfect way to answer to this question. Everyone who`s in a relationship worries over the love element in their lives – is it real or is it just the great sex that makes me believe it`s real? To help with this uncertainty, we have come across this movie. The movie does a nice job portraying the gentle weaving of a new love between the two leading characters. It`s not painful and it`s not violent like so many examples in recent cinema.

The whole process develops slow, steady and you can almost describe it as fun. The love their share becomes their dream, because, honestly speaking, what does one know when they`re in their twenties? This movie promotes a very romantic idea of how love and sex should be connected into a relationship and it`s not afraid to show it. To simply put it, there is no way for sex without love, and definitely no love without sex.

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